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YAY!! I'm so glad you like it, Aribelle!! biggrin.gif

Wow, co-manager...I can't guarantee how long I can commit to that; but for now, I'd love to! I'll do my best to help in any way I can!

And hey, you guys are totally in charge, and whatever you need or want me to do with the site, I'll do it. Nothing over there is set in stone at all, and I'm more than willing to modify it as needed. It's really more for promotion than anything else right now; still in the early, experimental stages. And wherever you want the chapters to be officially posted, that's where I'll link to. I just thought it'd be easier for writers and readers alike to have our own site/forum/home-base-thingy instead of juggling a whole bunch of threads over here. (I'm not saying we should exclude this site by any means; just wanted to try and lighten the load a bit. But again, it's completely up to you guys. I'm even willing to take my site down if it causes too much trouble for you.)

I agree with everything you've suggested, Aribelle; especially the schedule/deadline thing. As much as I hate 'em, they do help to kick lazy butts like mine into gear and hold people accountable. However, I think having some sort of "grace period" would be good, too. Dunno, just thinking out loud here...

My brain just tied itself into a whole bunch of knots. I'll come back once I've untied them all and can think a little more clearly.

Oh the PM, and I'm definitely still on board for everything. Obviously. tongue.gif
Thanks everyone for the replies!! Glad to have people still on board and for those that have to leave, no hard feelings and of course you're welcome back any time.

Right now let's just concentrate on seeing who is still with us. After that we will probably have to do some restructuring, so it would be unwise to plan a lot of things just to find out that we have nowhere near the manpower we did when starting out.

After that, we can discuss the future of this project and the direction we'd like to go in.

While I sincerely appreciate all the efforts that have gone into promoting this project, for now I'll ask everyone to please refrain from linking to or promoting offsite sources. We don't want to anyone to get in trouble!

So let's sit tight and wait to see where we stand! (As a reminder, people have two weeks to respond to their PMs). Again, thank you all for being so patient with me and with this project smile.gif
Sitting tight and crossing my fingers! And no worries; I'm keeping quiet about the site until further notice. Only a couple friends and fanartists know about it so far, and I'm only using it to record our progress and organize the forum for now. (It'd be a bit awkward to do all this big, promising, promoting stuff without having anything to promote FOR yet, lol.) xD

No worries, and no rushing. We've got plenty of time to think and plan this out, and every baby step counts. smile.gif

Oh, before I forget...Aribelle, you mentioned "manpower". There's a few really good fanfic authors I'm acquainted with, and I think this is something they might like to be a part of. Would it be alright for me to ask around and see if they're interested and/or willing to commit to the project? Or would it be better to wait on that until things get more organized?
It might be better to wait until we have more concrete things to tell people...but thanks for wanting to spread the word, and once we figure everything out I think we'll definitely need to ask all our artistic friends and get all the help we can smile.gif
ohmy.gif I thought I posted here...

Anyway, I got the PM, and yes, I'm still incredibly interested in helping out with this project. biggrin.gif
Dearheart, the site you made is just wonderful. I joined the forums there, too.
And as for deadlines; yes. v_v I need a deadline to get my lazy butt into gear.
Basically agreeing with everything everyone before me has said.
*sits tight and keeps fingers crossed*
All right everyone, the two weeks have come and gone. I updated our list and removed the names of people that either told me they couldn't continue with us or that didn't respond at all.

As you can see, our numbers are now quite few.

So, let's take this one step at a time. The first issue up for discussion is whether or not we want to remain at this forum or move to the one Dearheart set up.

Should we decide to move, here is an offer Tombow suggested to me for how it would work:

For example, how about .....we give it a month of "moving period" and say, at the end of January we'll close down the project threads here??

If we do this way, during this transition period you guys can contact the operation participants through our PM, or our "email through board" system, and "notice" on the project threads to inform the participants of the project's new home.

But, one thing I have to ask you guys for during this period, and in the future also, (as you know) is to refrain from conducting any recruiting activities for the new participants for the project, and advertisements of the project site. Yeah, sorry! sad.gif
For example, you can post "notice" of moving and the address of the new site on the Project FMA threads, but please refrain from posting comments such as "Oh BTW, the Project FMA is moving to a new site!! Hope you guys can visit us at ....." etc. on other threads in the forums, or sending PM messages to prospect members (who are not current Project participants) asking them to join the project or visit the new site, etc.
I'm not going to say anything one way or another on whether or not we should move. Arguing for or against the new website/forum feels too weird to me. xD

However, I will say that IF you guys decide to move over to the new place, I like Tombow's suggestion. A "moving month" sounds like a good idea to me, and it would give people plenty of time and warning. And I agree with holding back on the advertising for a bit longer.

I am curious, though...when will we start recruiting new members? I'm not feeling impatient at all (on the contrary, I think it's good we're taking time to plan everything out and get organized); like I said, I'm just curious. (Sorry if it's a stupid question...)
S.F. Thunder
I think most people wouldn't have too much trouble operating on this project with or without the move, so long as everyone is properly informed on what is going on. I know I wouldn't have a problem working here or another site. Either way, I look forward to starting this again.
Just logged in for the first time in a month.....I only just noticed the PM, Aribelle! Sorry it's taken me so long, but I just wanted to pop in and say I would love to get involved in the project again. :-)

Also, I looked at the site for P:FMA (it looks great, btw) and I just wanted to tell you all that we have at least 4-5 covers that are done or nearly done, so if I am able to touch base with the other artists, I will finish the ones we have and make them available to post. I recently finished taking my finals (as in my last two finals were yesterday lmao!) so I should have a little more time to write and etc.

edit: just noticed Tombow's message so yeah, the second part is irrelevent for now lol
Okay, great! Glad to still have you have with us ^^

@Dearheart, the first thing we need to do is decide whether to stay here or not. After that, I would like to re-work the framework for the way this project is set up (there are some changes I'd like to make that I think would prevent us from getting bogged down like we did last time). Once that's all settled I think then it would be appropriate to start recruiting new members.

So, yeah, we must come to a decision about our future home. Let me list some pros and cons of each:

Staying on this board:

-familiarity of staff and members
-access to a large FMA fanbase and FMA resources

-less organization in terms of managing threads
-less flexibility if we want to make changes with the structure of the project

Moving to the newly created forum

-more organization in terms of managing threads and implementing changes to the project
-more space to work around in and complete control over rules/etc

-we would no longer be able to do anything for the project based out of this site. Read my previous post for more details.
-we wouldn't have the advantage of being in an FMA environment.

Personally, I feel that a space just for this project would make things much easier in terms of organization (and it might be easier on the staff here as well).

Please let me know what you think! We can't move on until we've decided this. I don't want to run the risk of getting ahead of ourselves like we did before (which is one of the reasons I think this came to a halt) so I'm reeeally taking things one step at a time lol.
Well personally I think it would be a lot easier and better to move to our own site with our own rules/format/etc since is a biggish and unique project. However, I definitely agree it will be a disadvantage to no longer be in an FMA-centered environment. But yeah, just my two cents.
Thanks for your feedback! smile.gif

We'll just wait to hear from other members...if no one posts in a couple days I'll poke them via PM xD I only have a week left until life gets busy again so ideally I'd like to have it decided and be starting to implement some changes it by then.
-waves- Hello there! I just came across this accidentally, and it seems really interesting and fun (not to mention a secret dream I've harbored). If you're open to some more writers, I'd be glad to lend whatever writing skills I have. =)
great! we're glad to have you. if you read over the last couple pages you can catch up to speed on the things we've been discussing and add your input smile.gif

I sent PMs out about a week and a half ago to people that were still interested asking them to come by but I haven't heard from anyone. I guess people are busy with school/life in general; I know I am O_e so hopefully we'll hear from them when they get a free moment.
Eep! Sorry I've been kind of gone. >> Though I am still interested in this. biggrin.gif
When you first started this project, I remember you assigned different writers to certain editors. Are you going to keep doing this? :> Or are we maybe going to use the forums for editing and feedback?
Kind of a mixture of both. I'd still like to have people designated as editors but instead of assigning writers to editors there would be a subforum for people to post their chapters and the editors can just give feedback then and there.
Aribelle: You asked for input, but school held me up a little while, sorry about that. =) Anyway, if you don't mind the opinion of a newcomer, I think moving the project to its own site would make things a lot easier when it comes to organization, as a single board would end up getting a bit cluttered. But there's also an advantage to staying here, so whatever you guys want to do, you do it.
no worries. school has been keeping me very busy as well. thanks for your input smile.gif

from the feedback I'm getting it seems like people are wanting to move. Since it would be easier to get everyone on board with a move when people are more active we may have to wait a few months until people are on semester break and aren't quite so distracted.
Sorry I haven't been posting, I've been busy with school and such. ^^ Should we keep writing our chapters when we can? Or do you think you will be assigning new chapters, since so many of our writers have disappeared?
No worries! Go ahead everyone and keep working on assigned chapters, I only de-assigned the ones that people signed up for and then either stepped down or didn't respond to my mass PM a few months ago.
Sorry for my hiatus. I've had lots of crazy irl stuffs going on(which finally settled down for good), but I'd like to jump back on board!
Hi, I'm new, and I just stumbled across this, but it sounds really fun, and I'd love to help in any way.

By the way, are you planning to do the omakes as well?
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