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Sorry I haven't been helping for a while guys, school has arrived with a pile of homework D: Luckily I actually have some free time today laugh.gif

So, welcome new writers! biggrin.gif Here's the updated list of editor-writer assignments:

kkg22104: Elle-chan, Forsaken Love, Queen Tiria
Rain-Alchemist: Broken Chouchou, Sal_san, S.F. Thunder
Backfired: Dearheart, YourViolentStalker
Broken Chouchou: Aribelle, Radadinator
Neopuff: Causmicfire, Rosicrucian
YourViolentStalker: Neopuff, Rain-Alchemist
Causmicfire: DistantBlue, DoxyWings
DistantBlue: hand-made-city, Illuminating-Darkness
So, I'm working on writing chapter 21, and have been caught up twice at roadblocks (which is why it's taking me so long)

I'm writing in third person, but there are two parts where Ed narrates time passing in flashbacks. I'm not sure if I should incorporate his narrations into third person, or if I should make a break and write it out as if he's speaking to Izumi.

I'm leaning more towards incorporating it into third person, because it had a better flow, but I'd really like to get opinions on the matter.

Here are my trouble spots:


S.F. Thunder
Perhaps you could turn it into third person by translating it as the brothers' feelings rather than their spoken words?
Hmm...I like the idea of making Ed's narration breaks in the flashback, but I think that would break the flow, like you said. I think either would be good.
Thanks for the input S.F. Thunder and Aribelle!

Another thing, I know we're trying to keep the language a bit less colorful then that we've seen/heard from Ed, the one word I want to know about is damn, is it too much or seems to be one of Ed's favorite words.
I think it's long as we stick to a T rating it should be okay.
Broken Chouchou
QUOTE (Causmicfire @ Sep 29 2009, 11:33 PM) *
Thanks for the input S.F. Thunder and Aribelle!

Another thing, I know we're trying to keep the language a bit less colorful then that we've seen/heard from Ed, the one word I want to know about is damn, is it too much or seems to be one of Ed's favorite words.

About that, have we really heard that colorful language? I've seen the f and c-word a few times in fanlations, yes, but in Viz's translations I don't recall seeing anything worse than "hell" and "damn". Is that due to censoring, or is it in fact the fans who use more rude language then necessary? Anyway, I think bad language is fine, as long as it doesn't take away credability from the story or make it seem like it's not serious. Sometimes bad language can even add to the atmosphere, both as a comic relief in funny situations or as to make the characters seem more real. Because honestly, who doesn't curse with all their might from time to time? ^

(This said, EXCESSIVE use of bad language is just distasteful, as well as use of EXCESSIVELY bad words. So I think we should all try and keep the EXCESSIVITY to a minimum lol)

Anyways, what I really meant to do by visiting this thread was to ask a couple of questions.

1. Per definition, would you guys say that the red thing Edward is wearing is a coat or a cloak?

2. When writing military titles, should we write out the whole thing or just the short forms?

Example: Second Lieutenant Hawkeye, or 2:nd Lt. Hawkeye?
Example 2: Seargeant Brosh or Sgt. Brosh?

Personally I think both ways of spelling out titles can be appropriate for different situations. If you keep writing the whole thing during a conversation between two military officers of different grade for an example, it might get a bit repetitive, both for the writer and the reader. So perhaps it'd be better to use abbreviations at time like this. What do you guys think?
I'd personally call Ed's thing a coat...but that's just me, I think in this situation either are acceptable.

I'd spell out Second Lieutenant, or at the very least Second as opposed to 2nd. I think Sgt. should be okay though...if it were me writing it I'd probably spell it out, but the abbreviation seems like it'd be fine. I don't know the specific grammatical rules for these sort of if anyone else does please chime in ^^;
1) yes and yes
2) writer
3) nope but i think this looks like a lot of fun laugh.gif
Well, gee, I'd love to join in on this action. If you're looking for good writing, I've got a real natural gift for it, trust me. Just tell me what it is that needs written, and I'm on it.
Welcome to both of you! Thanks for joining \o/
just tell me wut u want me write biggrin.gif
@spazyfangirl816: Welcome! biggrin.gif You can use this thread to claim chapters.

I'll be back soon to assign editors again XD
alright thanks!! ^^
Hello all~

I'm bored and sick today, and so I made some banners etc...





Feel free to use/not use as you credit required.
Broken Chouchou
I really like the second and the last of the sigs ^^ Hope you're feeling better, by the way.
Katya Martin
I'd like to join!
Awesome! It's great to have you ^^

Also, I just wanted to kind of check in with everyone working on something for volume is everything going?
Ooh... thanks for reminding me Aribelle... I have a chapter to write and some other chapters to edit... O.O I better start on that...
I'd like to help out wherever possible. Writing, editing, proof reading, art what ever it is you need doing just yell.
I'm interested in joining! I'd help with art or writing. I don't know how often I'll be able to contribute, because I'm really busy, but I would like to do what I can.
@Rain-Alchemist - haha, don't worry, I think everyone's been busy with school/holidays/whatnot (myself included ^^; )

@mellulah and heartwing713 - Thanks for joining! We don't really have any deadlines or whatever because there's already enough stress in the world lol, so yeah, whenever you can contribute is great smile.gif
^ Aha, thanks. happy.gif I've finally gotten started on editing some chapters, and hopefully I'll be finished with chapter 20 by the end of winter break. wink.gif
This sounds interesting. I love to write and I need a new project. So count me in smile.gif
Ooh, interesting. I've been thinking whether or not to join this team for a while. I've been considering homework, theatre, and other teenager-related distractions against the pride and joy of working on this project, not to mention having that improvement in writing... so I've decided I will join you guys, if you'll have me.

1) Would you like to participate now or in the future?
I'll go for it now; Be warned though, I get pretty busy sometimes with homework and theatre, like I said. But when I come home, I like to come home to FMA, and I think Project FMA is a good way to enjoy doing something you love and getting things done.

2) How would you like to contribute? Currently we're looking for writers.
I can write, no problem. I have an ff.n account, but I'm insanely shy/modest about my work, so until my confidence has a sudden boost, then I'll keep my profile under wraps. tongue.gif. I'm also a grammar nazi, especially when it comes to formal, more professional writing. Here on the forums, without a doubt I consider myself pretty lax with my n00b-ish "O rly"s and the like, but don't worry, my inner grammar nazi is everpresent in what I do. I'm also hardcore for spelling... Yes, so I think I'd make a decent editor/beta- whatever is available. I'm also a pretty good sketcher. I work best with Mustang and Pride, but my weaknesses are defintely drawing women. I'm a girl, but I draw guys. But I don't think you guys are looking for illustrators at the moment, so... yeah.

To sum it up: Writer, editor, sketcher (as a last resort... and don't make me do anything involving coloring. I can color on photoshop, but that takes forever, IMO, since then I get all OCD on it).

3) Do you have any suggestions/concerns about the way things are organized? Are there things you'd like me or anyone else to clarify?
You guys are amazing at the organization of all this. I love how it's all done and the way you guys appear to cooperate with anoter and whatnot but I'd like to point out a little suggestion, if you will. In the first post it read writers were going in 1st Person POV, but as I continued reading the thread, I realized you guys switched over to 3rd person. I really, really, really didn't mean to be picky about it, but I thought it would keep things simple if someone didn't read the thread and just started writing then went " guys decided on going to 3rd person and I didn't know." Sorry, for attacking that...

And sorry for the unnecessarily long post... unsure.gif happy.gif

EDIT: And what about the usage of onomatopoeias? Encouraged? Discouraged? Writer's choice?
Sorry for my delayed reply ^^;

But thanks for joining smile.gif as far as first or third person POV goes, it's up to the writer to decide which they'd rather use...if I'm contradicting what I said in an earlier post I apologize (it's late and my internet is going in and out *rage*)

Onomatopoeias are fine with me...writers can write however they feel most comfortable. The only things that need to be consistent are good spelling and decent grammar. But then again, that's why we have editors <3

/has terrible grammar
Hello all,

Due to life being hectic I'm not going to be around much in the near future - so please direct any questions to Broken Chouchou in my absence. Everything related to this project will continue as usual - I know things have slowed but should they pick up all of the lists/reservations/claims will still be updated and kept track of.

Carry on~
Errr, hi guys ^^

I know things have kind of stopped lately, and that's probably in part due to the business of life/school/the excitement of the final chapter, but how are people feeling about this? That is, are people still interested? If I could have some feedback on where we are maybe we can regroup and try to get things going again, perhaps try to set some goals? No time like the present :D
Broken Chouchou
I'm afraid I haven't gotten much done lately, and I feel I might have to drop some of the chapters that I said I'd do. I'll probably never be able to get them done. I will submit my first chapter though, as soon as it's ready. I know it's been ages, and I'm sorry >.< The chapter's been done for a pretty long time, but I've never gotten around to touch it up. Currently I THINK (ahem, Rinny?) it's in the process - a slightly irregular and maybe not so prioritised one - of being proofread, and once I get my feedback I'll probably edit it a bit before I submit it.

So, you will get it. It's just a question of when really.
I have a humble request and I apologize if it sounds stupid...but do we have all the chapters of volume 1 done yet? And if so, could we get them posted? I think if people could see the progress and read each other's work, it would help wake things up and get us some fresh motivation. Or at least, it would for me. xD (I also have some grandparents I've been DYING to introduce to FMA and I'd love to give them the first few chapters of the novel sometime.) I mean, we all love writing and FMA, right? And we all want this to be amazing. Maybe if we could do more to work with each other as a community or meet up for a writer's group every week or something, it would help. I know nothing gives me more motivation as a writer than the critique and encouragement of other writers.

And I haven't given up on my chapters. I'm still trying to wrap up the Nina one and I've put some good dents into the other ones. I had to push them to the backburner for a while, but now that it's summer, I have more time to focus on all my gazillions of writing projects. biggrin.gif So I'll try to catch up as fast as I can.
Broken Chouchou
I was to cover chapter 1 and 2. I'm 90 % done with chapter 1, but I very much doubt I'll be able to finish chapter 2. So, my humble request would be if anyone could cover for me and take over? I feel pretty bad for asking this, especially so late. But I can't see myself finishing it anytime soon, if at all. I think I may have overestimated my writing abilities D; I'm sowwy.
I'll take it! I like that one! biggrin.gif (Though I don't know if I should when I haven't even finished my other chapters, lol...)
Broken Chouchou
Really? Oh that'd be great! What a relief ^^;;; Thank you!
As long as I don't take up anymore chapters, I'm fine with this still. I've handed in chp. 11 I think, I need to get a move on with the others sorry - its taken a backseat (along with the rest of my life) because of my exams :S
Just to give added incentive/motivation (maybe? ^^) personally I think this is an awesome project, and I believe in you guys' ability to keep on and complete the project sometime, and once done, I'd hope to have the whole completed story permanently/prominently displayed on our board, with the credit to all of the chapter authors' names of course, as a part of what I dubbed "operation FMA shrine" (it's a kind of FMA content improvement project for our board that's in planning for the immediate future for our board.) biggrin.gif
Oh Tombow you're so good to us. biggrin.gif

I had forgotten about Project FMA for a while when I wasn't receiving email alerts, but once all 300 of them flooded my inbox, I remembered. lol! I do have a few cover pictures finished, so I'll write the chapters as soon as I can!
Thanks Tombow, that sounds awesome! =D

No worries at all about not working on chapters or anything; I had a really busy year school-wise so I had to step back as well. I'll PM all the people signed up for various things on volume one to make sure they're still on board, and we can go from there.

For now I think it would be best to just focus on finishing one volume at a time as we (hopefully) get moving again, so I'm going to temporarily halt the chapter claiming thread until we can get sort of caught up.

Also, for future reference, how do you all want to approach the final chapter? Want to divide it up or just have one person do it?
Hey, sorry to bump up such an old thread. :c
But I was just wondering; is this still happening? I may have been a failed writer, but I know that people put a lot of work into this, and I wouldn't want to see that go to waste. It doesn't look like anything has been happening with this project for quite a while, but I'd just like you to know that if you want to keep going with this, I would be more than willing to help out and get it going again. smile.gif
I don't think the project is DEAD exactly, just...sleeping? On hiatus? I'd personally be heartbroken if we gave up on it altogether... sad.gif

I've only just gotten a break from my online college classes (this whole year has been insane for me), so I've got more time to focus on my Nina chapter. Hopefully I'll be able to submit something soon...
Yeah, I was hoping the project didn't just die. :c Who else is still working on it/willing to work on it? D:
Oh, and I need to write chapter 20. >> I'll be sure to get on it, and hopefully have it done by the end of winter break.
Okay...I'm in brainstorming mode. You know what we need?

We need to give this awesome project some extra kick. We need an official Project FMA writer's group! A time where we can all regularly get together, share and offer feedback on each other's work, keep track of our progress, and just get each other inspired and excited again. Doesn't matter if it's weekly or monthly; any activity - anything - would help a lot. Maybe the reason why things have been so quiet is because we haven't really been connecting as writers or seen a lot of real progress. I know there are few things more motivating to me as a writer than getting encouragement and critique from other people who are just as crazy as I am. biggrin.gif

Just thought I'd throw the idea out there, anyway. What do you guys think? smile.gif
@Dearheart & Rainshine - Glad to see you guys are willing to help out in keeping this project going! ^^
From what I see, the project is not dead but simply "forgotten" and I think it can use some "reminders" to all the participating writers to get them going with the writing for this project again, it seems. smile.gif

Could any of you contact the project administrator-manager, Aribelle and find out what stage the project is at now, how far along it's been going, if any of the chapters are finished and ready to be published on the board, and (should any of you be willing to help Aribelle with the organizing part of the project) whether she would like to have some extra help organizing and pushing the project forward, etc.

And, should Aribelle agree, please go ahead and help her with sending out inquiries to the writers who have "reserved" the chapters, and ask whether she/he would still want to write that chapter, and if not then assign that chapter to someone willing to actually write the chapter, setting new time frame/schedule and informing writers, and keep reminding writers till the chapter is written and the completed work is submitted, etc. etc. etc. ?? (just as examples ^^) But first, please consult Aribelle and find out what exactly she would need in terms of administrative assistances. smile.gif

As you know, organizing and managing this kind of project takes lots of work, and I'm very grateful that Aribelle had conceived this project and done awesome job of organizing it so far, and if she needs some extra help managing it and moving it forward, and if you guys can help her out in managing and completing this project, I'd appreciate that very much because quite a few members, including yours truly, have been looking forward to, and patiently awaiting for the chance to read the completed story. ^^
Dearheart- Ooh, I like that idea. biggrin.gif The only problem I think would be trying to get everyone together. There are time zone differences, and people have school and work and plans, so that might not work. But maybe we could make our own forum. Nothing special or very fancy, just something exclusively for the people working on Project FMA, and we could use it for checkups and critique and motivation, like you said. And maybe we could post chapters there, and other members could give feedback. And yeah, I agree, people need to start communicating with each other again, or this project really isn't going anywhere. XD

Tombow- Thanks! I can send out PMs to the writers to see if they still want to do this, but not now. Once I find the time. ;D
I'm really excited that other people (well okay. two. XD) want to see this project go on, and I'd love to someday see this submitted and up on the forums. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Rainshine @ Dec 26 2010, 03:44 PM) *
Tombow- Thanks! I can send out PMs to the writers to see if they still want to do this, but not now. Once I find the time. ;D

@Rainshine - That would be great. ^^ But first, please make sure to contact Aribelle and find out her current plan for the project, and ask her if this would help the running/organising of the project. smile.gif

QUOTE (Rainshine @ Dec 26 2010, 03:44 PM) *
Dearheart- Ooh, I like that idea. biggrin.gif The only problem I think would be trying to get everyone together. There are time zone differences, and people have school and work and plans, so that might not work. But maybe we could make our own forum. Nothing special or very fancy, just something exclusively for the people working on Project FMA, and we could use it for checkups and critique and motivation, like you said. And maybe we could post chapters there, and other members could give feedback. And yeah, I agree, people need to start communicating with each other again, or this project really isn't going anywhere. XD

This is where the board could, possibly, help. We may be able to provide with the sub-forum for the project, should Aribelle and the board decide that that might be beneficial for the project, but this will involve additional discussions between her and the board. smile.gif
Again, please contact Aribelle and ask her to contact me if she is interested in considering this option. smile.gif
<Double posting with justice. This post will be merged shortly. ^^>

@Dearheart, Rainshine, and everyone who is kindly taking interest in helping out revitalising of this project....

I realized that you guys may not know Aribelle personally and hence might by hesitant to contact her personally. So, I took the liberty of going ahead and contacting her and asking her to come on board. biggrin.gif

She kindly responded immediately and she is here now, and I think she may have some plans of her own for the project also (maybe.. I'm just guessing xd) Anyway, please wait for her post, and find out her current plans for the project, etc.. ^^ Then, after her post, please use this thread for discussions about the ways to help her out in revitalizing this awesome project. biggrin.gif
Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for disappearing x_x I hadn't realized people were still interested in this!

This is kind of where I am now -

As far as how I'd like to proceed with the project, what I really think would be best would be just for someone or a few people to have access to organizing things other than just myself. My next semester begins again on January 24th, and as I'll be graduating this May I anticipate being really, really busy. I'm currently in nursing school and I have to take two huge tests to graduate and get my RN license, so most of my energy will be go into studying once school starts back up. During that time it would be great to kind of hand things over to someone else while I deal with that.

So, if people would like to take on the role of "submanager" let me know and we can talk about how that's going to work. We also need to contact other members - editors, artists, etc that agreed to contribute and see where they stand and, if they aren't able to continue on, redistribute the workload and/or modify things.

Right now I'm about to run out of the house but please post your ideas and sorry again for being such a flake ><
YAY ARIBELLE'S NOT DEAD!! *rejoices* xD And believe me, I understand. College is...bleh. >.< I also think it would be a good idea if we all pitched in with the organizing. Coordinating and juggling all this stuff is an awful lot for one person to take on anyway, let alone college on top of that.

On another note...umm...I was bored with nothing to do yesterday, and I was brainstorming about Project FMA again, and um, well...this is what came out of it.

Merry late Christmas, I guess. xD It's still very much a work-in-progress (like everything else, lol), and I haven't finished organizing the forum, and I'm not expecting this to be anything HUGE for a while,'s a start, right? At the very least, I'm hoping it'll help fire us up again. biggrin.gif Let me know what you think! And if anyone has any suggestions for making the site better, please let me know! (I've never made a website before and I'm nervous...) >.<
Uh... just a note from the board ^^

Thank you, Dearheart for taking the initiative and creating the off-site forum for this project, except, that might create some problem because of this project being on our board and hence certain site policies I'm bound to adhere .... that was part of the discussions Aribelle and I had before this peoject was premiered on our board. But, personally I admire all the work Aribelle put into this project so far and I'd like to support whatever she thinks is the best for the project. smile.gif
OH MY GOSH, that website is AMAZING! You did a fantastic job! This definitely gives me some inspiration. /registers

Dearheart I think that needless to say you should definitely be a co-manager, since you've been so enthusiastic and helpful and you got that awesome site up and running. That is, if you want to do it smile.gif

Oh goodness, how to get this thing moving again. Here's what I'd like to do, and please feel free to veto any of this

First thing's first - we need to know who's still on board. PMs are currently being sent to everyone who said they might be interested in contributing or who signed up to do something. I'll give people two weeks to respond (I realize that it's the holidays and people are busy and whatnot but that should be plenty of time), and after that we'll have to just crack down and give up the roles of those who haven't responded.

Along those lines I also think that things definitely need to be more structured and...I hate to say it, but I think we need to have deadlines if we really want to get chapters out. Once we get commitments for the first few volumes (which we theoretically already have, just need to check with people to see if they're still willing to do it) we can come out with a release schedule and a deadline for people to submit their work to be reviewed by an editor.

As for the editors, I really do think that it's important for chapters to be reviewed just to make sure things stick to canon and there are no glaring grammatical/spelling/format errors.

We can also make this bigger - reach out to other communities such as DeviantArt and LiveJournal to recruit artists, writers, and editors.

I really like the forum Dearheart made and I think that it would be a good idea to have that or something similar as a home base where we can have more organized topics and discussions. But, I definitely want this board to be a huge part of the project, since this is where it started and since everyone here has been so supportive. I'm not really sure how this would be achieved, though...

/edit, Tombow posted before I finished my post ^^" but yeah, what he mentioned is what I meant by ^ paragraph. If we start doing a lot of offsite things then there could be some issues. I'd like to come to a happy medium though, if possible, since having everything in one topic might be a little confusing, especially if a lot more people join up.

But let's take this one step at a time and see how many people we even still have on board.

//edit 2: PMs have all been sent out. Within the next 2 weeks we'll know where we stand on members and can go from there.

So, thoughts on all that?
Ah, just got the PM from Aribelle, so just here to say: of course I'd be glad to continue working on this project. smile.gif
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