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Full Version: Deck The Halls With....brains And Blood? O.o
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Well,after much Mountain Dew over dose I'm glad to present this new RP~ XD

Basically,it's that time of year again.Christmas.So while everybody in Central is cheery and happy while their putting up the decorations and the Santa's are out for collections and kids are being good and writing their lists.....Our favorite sole little cat chimera is the scrooge of the scrooges (Second only to Wesker) so of course people are wondering,WHY!?Let alone the fact that her birthday is rumored to be Christmas day....And then there's this new serial killer taking brains out of people?What's to come?

We shall see.


-No God-Mod,PLEASE.
-Not too many characters people,it'll hurt our brains.
-PG 13 Gore/violence ect please,we got young people here XD

Characters for me:
Name:Kari Rika Heartnet
Personality:Hot tempered,r@ndom,motherly,a child,over protective,blunt,rude,obnoxious
Good points:Loyal,a good listener,powerful,kind to an extent
Bad points:Doesn't trust much,bad temper,has little control over her powers,hyper,foul mouth
Powers/Skills:Can use electric cells from her body to use electric based attacks;Ex. electrocuting somebody by
punching them,can use electricity through her gun to enhance her bullets,can make lights explode and shatter.
Extremely good gunsman,can hit any mark without even trying,good with swords as well but hates using them and won't unless she needs too.Also can make strings,that can seem invisible in the right lighting,out of her fingers.Yes,like Spiderman.Cept these are electrical strings,not web.
Looks: Like this more or less XD
Bio:Alright,it all starts with being born half cat chimera half human.Her mother was poor and homeless and died during the birthing,her father had no idea she was alive and she had no clue who he was either.The ladies who helped her mother birth her put her up for adoption,she got adopted by nice loving parents at the age of 3 and everything was fine until Zanguine Axeloake came into her life.Zanguine was a highly skilled assassin sent to kill her adopted parents of currently unknown reasons,but the man did have morals.He refused to kill kids or young couples with kids.His employer had 'conveniently' forgotten to tell him about Kari so he took her in.Her deep hatred for the man who killed the people who had finally took her in as a normal child fueled her vengeance so he taught her HOW to kill him during a harsh 4 months of nonstop training.We're not sure why,but a few people think that the way he wanted to die was by her as repentance for what he's done.Most of her now odd quirks are from him (drinking milk,sitting funny,being extremely short tempered and violent ect) and he sort of became her adoptive father.Albeit,the one who shot at her if she ever stopped doing her push ups.But one day after she came home from getting the groceries she found him covered in blood and half dead so he told her as his last words leaving her all alone again "Guess it's my turn to join the weak and defenseless...Remember,Refuse to die no matter what.And become stronger than everyone else!" So after a year of training and mourning,and cursing him in the afterlife,she joined Chronos as an eraser.Number 13,the Black Cat. She became feared and well known in the Underworld before she quit and everybody had thought that the cold blooded cat had died and passed on,however.She only quit Chronos thanks to Minatsuki Saya,a bounty hunter who taught her right and wrong and how to smile again.However....She ended up dieing as well from protecting children,Kari appears to know who the killer is though.She won't say who, but it's probably why she's in the intelligence department.So she's currently 23,a head technician,a detective of sorts,and a State Alchemist Lt.Colonel 'The Black Cat' of the military.
Alchemy:Doesn't use much since she's a living battery/lightening rod but does carry around gloves with transmutation circles just in case.
Theme song(s):Iris (Goo Goo's),Time Of Dying (Three Days Grace),Time Is Running Out (Muse),The Kill (30 Seconds To Mars),I Miss You (Blink 182),Tears Don't Fall (Bullet For My Valentine),So Cold (Crossfade),Hero (Nickelback) and for her psycho homicidal kitty moments?Getting Away With Murder-Papa Roach and Fake It-Seether
Her odd phobia?Thunder.She's fine with lightening just the thunder XDDD

Name:Hades Axeloake
Age:Looks about 17
Looks:Just past shoulder length black and gold hair,the 'XIII' mark on his forehead,wears a black t-shirt and jeans,and has gold slitted eyes.In his human form,we should all know his gun form by now.
Bio:He's well....Kari's gun and her 'one hell of a butler'.Basically,Zanguine somehow managed to do human transmutation which resulted in his 'children' Hades,Rebellion,and Ebony and Ivory.How he made the body was simple,but how did he do the souls?That's what everybody seems to wonder but never ask.
All right, I’m tempted to enter. I’ll enter with these two, my Allen and Kanda. XDDD

Name: Allen Wheeler
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Generally calm, temper does go off with his twin brother, intelligent, friendly yet can be serious in a blink of the eye.
Bad points: Not really the strongest tool in the shed, always trying to make peace instead of fighting when fighting is actually necessary.
Powers/Skills: Can transform into a wolf at any given time, fast, and if tackled can turn his fur into spikes…sort of like a porcupine. XD
Looks: About 5’ 4” with blonde hair just a half an inch above his shoulders, kind of pale, russet wolf ears on top of his head, usually wears a curious band T-shirt and jeans, though considering the weather he’ll wear a black hoodie with a white shirt underneath and some jeans and converses.
Bio: Allen was born along with his twin brother, Kanda, back sixteen years ago. However, when his mom realized that he might be a runt of his litter, she abandoned him to die. He was taken into an orphanage, but he eventually left when he was twelve to train and learn how to fight on his own. He joined a pack when he was thirteen, but left when he realized that their methods were all wrong by just killing the people who defied them in any way. Allen made his own pack a few weeks later with all his friends, and eventually met his own brother that he never got to know. Now Allen and Kanda just go around doing curious things and getting themselves in more trouble.
Theme song(s): Mama and House of Wolves (My Chemical Romance), Golden (Fall Out Boy), and Hysteria (Muse)

Name: Kanda Wheeler
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Hot-headed, goofy, very serious, likes to trick people and play with their little heads.
Bad points: Not too bright, loses his temper way too quickly, likes to suddenly…well, attack everything in sight.
Powers/Skills: Basically everything like Allen’s except he’s stronger and not as fast.
Looks: 6’ 2” with the same blonde hair cut as Allen’s, except he generally doesn’t wear much except a white t-shirt and jeans, even in the blistering cold, much tanner than his brother.
Bio: Kanda is considered the younger of the brothers (by two minutes), and he was the lucky one that got to live and enjoy life. He was raised by the traditional wolf pack tribe rules, and learned how to master his powers with the help of his family. However, when his mother died when he was thirteen, he was left on his own to find a pack. And who would have figured that the first pack he chose would be his long lost brother’s pack? Anyway, now he lives with Allen and does whatever they get themselves dragged into.
Theme songs: Same as Allen’s.
Alright. I'll Join. And Yes, as always, I am the Serial Killer.

Name: Gabriel Grey

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearence: About 5'11, he has short Black hair with a 5 o'clock shadow. He wears a Black suit jacket with a black shirt under as well as - you guessed it- Black Pants. He also has a Broken Watch that stopped seven minutes before midnight.

Powers: Iniptive Apptitude

Gabriel Gray's overbearing mother pressed on him the notion that he was "special" and meant for more than his family's middle-class existence. When he failed to live up to expectations, he fell into the family trade as a watchmaker and grew increasingly frustrated with his life.

When he began manifesting abilities, he realized he could use them to fulfill his deep-seated desire to be "special" and thus prove his worth to his demanding mother. However, infusion of foreign DNA into Sylar's genome has corrupted his mind and moral compass. He began seeing himself as vastly superior to average people, which gave him—in his mind—the moral authority to kill at will. He became sociopath and singularly focused on gaining more abilities. If still alive with his powers intact, his desire to be increasingly "special" will surely compel him to seek out additional victims.

Rorschach, Jackal, L, and (Maybe) Wesker will join as well.
Oh, well...
Wonder if I can join ^^. What happened to everybody gets a troubled past?

Name: Morty
Height: Slightly over the average.
Age: ~20
Personality: easygoing, but realistic. Morality and laws is nothing he cares about but he dislikes killing people, and enjoys stealing a bit. Likes bars and everything associated with them. Alcohol, darts, fights. Well, has kind of an obsession about his knives. Carries always a LOT with him, and also a revolver but with only one bullet. No family. No close friends. A couple of enemies. He don't remember who they are or why they dislike him. Probably he kicked some butts that he shouldn't have. Lives in some crappy apartment. He is almost never there.
Alignment: Probably Chaotic neutral.
I'm in!! And I didnt find it!!! T-T

Name: Roxanne Angelina Laforet (aka. Fuchsia)
Age: 21
Occupation: Thief/Fortune Teller (Con artist)
Personality: Roxanne is confident, independent and eccentric girl who lacks respect for authority. Though charming, she is outspoken and unconsciously childish. She prefers to live for the moment but ironically she always has time to plot the future. Has a sharp mind and can be very intelligent when she so chooses. Despite she always tries to put a nonchalant facade she can be really hyper and she tends to get distracted easily (90% by shiny objects). When she is not teasing or playing pranks of other she can be a really nice and sweet girl. She loves expensive/shiny things and even when she’ll never accept it, she LOVES bunnies.
Good points: Cunning, smart, fast, charming, knows everything there has to be known about the underworld, extend knowledge in alchemy, her tarot readings have proved to be really accurate (even tough ironically she doesn’t believe in them)
Faults: Greedy (loves money and expensive things) gets distracted and daydreams easily, love to tease people, she is really bossy and she tends to be quite evil and curious/nosy.
Skills: Her primary ability is the manipulation of kinetic energy, being able to charge matter resulting in the violent and powerful explosion of said matter through touch. The objects that she charges explode with a force somewhat proportional to the size of the object, though a playing card (her trademark attack) is as powerful as a hand grenade in her hands, she uses a metal staff as her weapon witch she usually transmutes into a scythe. Whever she has a special type of alchemy remains unknown, the alchemy she has been using is pretty basic.
History: Unknown
Weapons: Her metal/staff and her explosive cards, she always carries 2 decks of cards, the regular ones and the tarot ones.
Curious Facts: Despite her cute appearance she in fact an expert gambler (her forte are cards) but there are many reasons to believe she uses alchemy cause so far she hasn’t lost, there also many reasons to believe she has connection with several important thugs. Noah has been her childhood friend since she can remember; they are as close as siblings but neither of them accepts it. She always claims she is just waiting the moment he’ll no longer be of use to dispose him. They are often found robbing stores and pick pocketing tourists and cops but once in a while they are also found in their “legal jobs”. She always carries a bunny charm hidden in her pocket. So far no one has found the reason of why she is a fortuneteller, with her being an alchemist is quite contradictory “Isn’t life a big irony after all?” is what she says.

Name: Anthony “Noah” Russo (aka. Ashes)
Age: 24
Occupation: Thief/Street Violinist (Con artist)

Personality: Noah is an extroverted and outgoing guy. He isn't afraid of drawing attention to himself and he doesn't worry about what other people think of him. He tends to be relaxed and laid back about most things, quicker to joke than to stress. One of the bigger flaws in his personality is his tendency to lack tact or manners. Though there doesn't appear to be much going on in his head, he is very bright, yet he applies this mostly towards schemes and pranks. He has the ability to be very charming when he wants to, and his dazzling charisma gets him out of trouble on many occasions. Despite his easygoing attitude, he is afraid of being alone and attaches himself to those he cares for. He explains his nickname by claiming it alludes to his chain smoking (even when he has never even smoked and he just carries the cigarettes in his pocket) but it is actually in reference to his tendency to burn down things.
Strengths: Powerful, charming, sly, can win people’s hearts easily, impossible to find someone as good with bombs as him.
Faults: Has pyromaniac tendencies (He loves things going “boom”) he tends to be really lazy and he is too promiscuous for his own good sake: he has found himself several times with angry fathers and big brothers dying to beat the crap out of him.
Skills: He is really good in hand-to-hand combat with both agility and strength. But his forte will always be bombs; he can even build a bomb with his eye closed, he makes top-notch explosives. Just as a way of precaution he carries a gun with him (Blacktail) He knows the basic of alchemy but isn’t really fond of it.
History: Unknown
Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat plus his bombs and his handgun (Blacktail)

Curious Facts: He has extensive scarring on his left shoulder from an accident with his homemade explosives when he was a child, he never talks about it and Roxanne is the only one that knows about it. Just as his childhood friend he is a really good at gambling but his forte are dices. He always carries cigarettes in his pocket but Roxanne never allows him to smoke. As his trademark attack he makes tiny bombs with great strength in the shape of dices, he calls them “Demons Dices” His motto is "I steal only what I cant afford" (And that would be everything!! XDXD)
Alright. Now we wait for Kari to start it.
T.T I'm sorry for making everybody wait!!!! My mom went psycho mom on me -___-U

Kari sighed as she looked out onto the city streets from her 'perch' up on the roof while she was pondering if she should start popping the Christmas lights. Now,everybody seemed to know now that Kari was well.....The Grinch.Nobody knew if it was from her head not being screwed on quite right,or her shoes were too tight,or the more believable answer....Her heart had shrank 10 times too small and turned as black as her hair and eyes during this happy time of year.
Morty sat in a scabby bar. He was rather drunk. He used to spend every Christmas that way. Drinking himself unconscious. This day, the bars were empty. Days like this, he envied people with wives, kids and other family. He remembered last Christmas with his father. Morty got a swiss army knife, that he always carries with him, that day. It was one his happiest memories. But two weeks later, his father was gone. "Ah, well, enough of the past" he thought.
"Can I get another beer?", he asked the Barman. "Or wait, maybe I am drunk enough. Go home to your family." Morty paid for his drinks and gave the barman really big tips. He walked outside, swaying.
A man in black slowly walked in a dark alley way. He had little idea where he was, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He looked at a list in his pocket. "Preta Ghoul...Instant Decomposition...Am I in the right place?" he asked himself. He then smelled the sound of decay near by. He knocked on the door several times. "Preta Ghoul?" He asked as he knocked.

Jackal was bored. And he hadn't seen Kari in quite a while. So he walked slowly towards her abode. He would then appear behind her. "Hello there...Kari-chan..." He said in a creepy way.
"....Jackal.You have 5 seconds to back off without being thrown off the roof and having your body turned into a creepy Christmas light."

Kari said in a monotone but clearly not in the mood to deal with his usual attitude.

Petra groaned and said annoyed while opening the door and stopping mid sentence in confusion

"Creed for the love of God I told you it's not gonna be do-....Your not Creed."
Christmas was always a bussy time for the two tricksters, lots of tourits came to the city with pockets full of money and with all the "peace and love" atmosphere floating around the air a lot of people went out and left their houses unattended.
Anthony and Roxanne ran happily down the street.
"No, you won't fool the children of the revolution
No, you won't fool the children of the revolution...
No, you won't fool the children of the revolution
No, you won't fool the children of the revolution"
They sang, suddenly there was some screams and curses behind them, they both cursed and started running away from the cops.
After a while of running they blended in with the giant crowd around the stores, they sat down next to the fountain and set up their "legal workplaces". Anthony took out his violin and started tunning it, Roxanne put a small table infront of her and set up her tarot cards, everybody looked at them curiously.
The man smiled. "I know." He said. Then she was flung into a wall by and invisable force and held their. "This is usually part, where they start screaming." he informed with a smile as suddenly, the invisable force began slowly cutting part of her scalp off. "By the way. My name is Sylar." The man said with a grin.


"Hm? Threatening me? I'm impressed. So what has your ears in a knot?" he asked
"It's Christmas time."

Kari said bluntly with her eye twitching,which was vague all in itself.

And of course Petra started screaming (he's a dude!!!! XD) before of course he was dead with his brains out.
"And Whats so bad about that?" Ask Jackal.


Sylar smiled. He left the ally several minutes later, with a full stomach and a new power, when he heard footsteps. Sylar looked at the body, and it suddenly melted into a pile of goo, and Sylars appearence turned to match Ghoul's. He waited until he got a full view of what he hoped to be one of Ghoul's friends.
Roxanne eyes narrowed as she looked at the cards infront of her, Anthony was too busy with his violin playing Nocturne. The woman who Roxanne was reading the cards to blinked in confusion "Something is wrong?" The woman asked, suddenly Roxanne grabbed Anthony's arm and pulled him up "We gotta go" She said, Anthony was about to complain but when he looked at Roxanne he decided it was a bad idea, Roxanne grabbed his cards and her bag, Anthony put his violin in his case "My advice for you? Stop cheating on your husband, he's gonna find out" Roxanne said to the woman before they ran away.
"Lots of things."

Kari said simply while frowning a bit,who was screaming and why did it sound vaguely familiar?
"Like?" Asked Jackal.

(I was hoping Duster or another Taoist would be a walkin' through the alley...)
(do you really think it'd be THAT easy for him?XD we're just getting started.Give it time.)

"Nothing of your concern."

Kari said with her eye twitching,how did he get more and more annoying every time she saw him?That was her question.
"Someone was just screaming. Should you do something heroic right about now? Save a Cheerleader or something?" he asked

"I hate cheerleaders.They're annoying.And I'm the ANTI-HERO remember?The Dark Knight gosh."

Kari said rolling her eyes and added shrugging her shoulders

"And I know I can't save EVERYONE so what's the point?"

Somebody's a lil' out of character today....
"God damn, your the closest thing to a Protaginist that a know. Now go down and spread Christmas joy as well as electric bullets." said Jackal sighing, in a mock-serious tone.
"Why are we running??" Anthony asked as Roxanne dragged him trough the crowd "You dont want to know" She said as she pushed him into an alley and then started running up the stairs and toward the roof of an old building.
Allen and Kanda were walking down the street casually, not really caring for the Christmas scenery. They had already had their Christmas fun, run around until they were bored and eat a few pieces of candy fruit, they were happy and calm now.

"Want to destroy a few Christmas lights?"

Kanda asked staring at someone's lights with an evil grin.


Allen said with a sigh dragging him away by his ear comically.

"Oh...can we visit Neko-chan then?" "Sure, why not?"
"I hate Christmas,and if you hadn't noticed Hades isn't even with me.If he was the electric bullets would be spread to you."

Kari said with her eye twitching,must not kill Jackal must not kill Jackal must not kill Jackal.That was her current mental mantra.
Sylar just so happened to be in the street under her home. "Maybe the neighbors will know more people..." he muttered to himself. He changed his appearence once more, back into Sylar. Then he slowly hovered to the top of Kari's building when he saw her and Jackal. "Hello." He said as he landed.
"Ouch, not having much Christmas joy, aren't you Grinch-chan?"

Kanda said suddenly appearing about ten feet away from her. "Spread good-will, fortune, and happiness...oh crap, I sound like Allen."


Allen said rolling his eyes.
"Well aren't you two backwards today?And don't call me Grinch-chan!"

Kari said throwing a shoe at Kanda and added blinking looking at Petra

".....Ah.I know you.You tried to kill me and then I put you in jail......." and then she screamed for Hades while it rang all over the city.
Sylar cursed for a moment. "Oh. I'm not him. I'm far worse." said 'Preta' as he turned into Sylar. He thought he had changed already. He supposed that power wasn't working properly.
"Dang, loud enough for you?"

Kanda said as both of them flattened their ears cringing.

"We can't help the Christmas weirdness. I'm not a fan of the holiday, and Kanda just enjoys it because he gets to destroy things."

Allen said with a small grin.

"After that, we're back to normal."
"Right....Psychopath floating....With clearly more than one power....We might wanna get outta here."

Kari said with a gulp before running off away from Sylar,okay.Kari was definetly not herself,RUNNING AWAY from the enemy?!
Roxanne sat down in the floor, she poked her own forehead "I cant belive this ...." She cursed "Dont you think explaining all of this...." He was saying but stopped "Hey...isnt that...Kari and the psycho?" He asked, Roxanne got up and turn around, her eyes narrowed in frustration and a colorfull word escaped from her lips.
"...Is she feeling ok?"

Kanda asked confused running away from Sylar with Kari.

"I don't know...Christmas is one of the craziest holidays in the entire calendar."

Allen said with a simple shrug easily staying with them.
Morty saw the group of people running. It must be something dangerous pursuing them, he thought. Or maybe not. Maybe running like that is some crazy Christmas ritual. Well, they were screaming too. Maybe it was something dangerous... The best thing he could do, was to ask them. Worst case scenario he could imagine was ruining their ´Christmas tradition. Oh, well, fun enough. He screamed:
"Hey, why are you all running. Looks fun. Can I join you?!"
Then an Invisable fist slammed aganist the small man as Sylar past by, floating slowly towards Kari and friends. She would be stopped dead in her tracks by a hand movement and swiftly floated to Sylar. "...Hm..So your Kari Neko...Electronic Minupulation, correct?" He asked with a grin, as an invisable force slowly began drilling into her forehead. He killed the last one too quickly. No conversations went on. He had little idea even how to use the power.
"Is this....what we were running from?" Anthony whispered, Roxanne nooded "Yes...we were running from this...but we got dragged into it" She mumbled, he looked at her "Roxie....we...gotta do something" He said, she nooded "I know" She mumbled, they looked at eachother, nooded in agreement and almost at the same time hurled a card and a dice toward Sylar, enough to distract him but not strong enough to hurt someone.
Without even looking at them, the cards were frozen in mid air. "Oh? More?" He muttered to himself. Then they would feel and invisable force grab them. "And what do you do, I wonder?" he asked with a grin.
"A lot of things...we even entretain parties....wanna see something cool?" Anthony asked sarcastically as he smirked evilly and then kicked Sylar right on his face, Roxanne grabbed 3 cards and hurled them toward Sylar.
Then, they too stopped in mid air. Then they flew right into the wonder twins. "You are...named Russo...correct?" he asked
Roxanne caught all the cards with a swift movement, the kinetic energy the cards were surronded with dissapeard the exact second the cards touched Roxanne's fingers. "Depends" He mumbled as he shrughed "You are the serial killer with a mania of "eating" people's brains right?" Roxanne asked.
"Yes. That would be me. Your my next victim. Or at least, one of them in the near future." He said. Then his eyes turned pure white as they would notice their clothing turning into solid gold.
"Belive me, you have no future" She said calmly, both Anthony and Roxanne looked at their clothes "You gotta be jocking" They both mumbled as they shighed softly, suddenly there was a big explotion, when the smoke cleared out they were standing there completly unharmed "Question....who told you we were siblings?" Anthony asked as he snickered softly.
"Your head. The one that I'll be taking. Soon." He said. Then Kari was flung aganist a wall and slowly walked towards the twins. As he walked, the grass began to decay with every step.
"First, we are not siblings, please dont insult me" Roxanne mumbled as she shook her head "Second, you actually plan to scare us with the "everything-around-me-is-dying" act?? That's lame, you should try harder" Anthony mumbled calmly while chewing on a toothpick.
Morty was watching the act, now not so funny anymore. He took a sign from a shop and started to run to the evil man. But he was so drunk, that before he could reach the psycho, he fell down and started to roll towards him. He lied on his back staring on the man's face.
"Oh ****" he said and smiled. "Whats your name? Wanna take a drink together? Maybe throw some darts?"
Kari had swirly eyes,the cut on her forehead healing fairly fast as she groaned landing on her hands and flipped over looking for her butler

"Ow....That hurt.And people wonder why I'm trying to STOP saving everybody."
Then, a force flung Morty into the dynatmic duo of Anthony and Roxanne. "To tell you the truth, I just got that one. I don't know how to use it that well." he said as the force grabbed Kari. " should i get first."
"Excuse me,but I'm gonna have to ask you to put my master down."

Said Hades,finally,while appearing out of thin air on Saylar's shoulder with his usual innocent smile while Kari kept squirming
"And Why would I do that?" he asked with a grin.
"Because if you didn't notice,I don't decay.And it'd be against my contract not to save her."

Hades said calmly and added looking at his very annoyed master "That's the orders right Kari-sama?" "YES DAMMIT!"

And with that the 'XIII' mark on Hades' forehead and on Kari's collar bone burned bright white as Hades' eyes turned bright black,to the point where it was glowing,while Kari's turned gold along with her hair and with one very well aimed punch,his hand covered in Orichalum no less,Hades sent Saylar a good foot away in the air before kicking him down into the ground while catching Kari as he fell down gracefully onto his feet.
"Note to self, never get involved with Kari's life to the point of where you are dealing with bad guys."

Kanda said blinking with a happy grin.
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