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Full Version: Deck The Halls With....brains And Blood? O.o
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"Um? What?" He asked, very very very confused.

"Thinking done?" He asked. He wasn't eager to get into a fight, but he had never been Challenged before.
"I'm not saying it twice!"

Kari hissed blushing beet red,clearly embarrassed,while rubbing her sore tail and Hiei just had to look at him to say a flat

"It defeats the point to fight you when your only going to regenerate.So no."
"Wow! Can you break the 4th wall too? Also, f**k you." He said in the same excited tone of his question on the 4th wall.
"Nope.And so I've heard."

Hiei said simply and Kari said attempting to hug her brother only to have him hold her away from him comically

"Niiiiiiiiiiiiii-chan~Hug me better!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YESSSSSSSSSS~" "NOOOOOOOOO!"

((XD I gotta go,it's bed time for me.))
"'Nii-chan' never hugs me..I think that he dosen't like me." He said.

And finally Hades came down with two tubs of galleon ice cream and the twins immediately shut up and sat down on the couch eating they're ice cream quietly and Hades said sweat dropping

"Thank God for ice cream."
"Hades...where did you get that ice cream...?" Asked L. He didn't see him walk in with any ice cream so that only meant that...
"Though many people might say I'm the weakest of the bunch we have here (*coughJackalcough* XD) I would simply not be an Axeloake if I couldn't do one of the simplest things of getting ice cream from seemingly thin air."

Hades said calmly,it was amazing how much he could be calm when he could freak out like he did earlier,as he watched the twins eat they're ice cream quietly while TV surfing.
"Whats an Ax-" But he was intterupted by a clocked figure walking through the door.

"Hello there, Kari-chan...Who is your friend over there?" Asked the familiar face, noting Hiei.
"My twin brother."

Kari said simply while Hiei didn't even ask and Hades said answering L's half question while sitting down in a chair and grabbing the newspaper

"My full name is Hades Axeloake,well.The name Kari-sama gave me anyway was Hades. And Zanguine-sama's last name was Axeloake.Get the picture L-sama?"
"Hm...Well then. Speak up. Tell me a bit about yourself." Said Jackal, leaning in towards the group, speaking to Hiei.

"Hm. Axeolopoloke? What? How do you pronounce that?" Asked Armagus.
"Axel as in a wheel axel and Loake as in er I dunno...Soak with an L?"

Hades said sweat dropping and sweat dropped even more when Hiei said very bluntly while not looking up from his ice cream

"I could burn you to nothing,I could torture your mind in many many ways,I could make you do the most humiliating things in the universe,or I could always do the fun slice you up into sushi."
"A man after my own heart. I've been wanting to make your sister my prey, But I think you'll do better." Said a very interested Jackal. He was also very amused.

"Oh...Hey, could you tell me whats up that Hiei guy's a$$?" He asked
"That's what we've been wondering for years."

Hades said with a snort as Hiei said plainly while eating his chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

"Not after you in particular,just warning you of things I COULD do if you piss me off,like say try to kill my sister that actually knows is my sister?Very irritating I must tell you."
"Really? I'm afraid your a bit too late actually. I'm out to murder your sister over there, so why your not pissed off it beyond me." He said.

"You never threatened me! And to think I took the time to read your wikipedia page." Said Armagus, behind Hiei.
"You couldn't hurt a fly."

Hiei said to Armagus flatly and added simply to Jackal while finishing the rest of his ice cream and through it,as if it was a basketball,at Jackal making it land perfectly on his head

"Because your not doing it in front of me....And 2 points!"
"I could hurt a fly, I could hurt you, I could hurt just about anyone. I make my living killing people." Armagus informed.

Then a J appeared on Kari's chest. It was moderately deep, But they would soon find the bucket collapse into shreds. "Now I am."
However,there was no J.Instead there was Hiei's sword in front of Kari which the knife bounced off and landed in the floor and he said in bright sarcasm

"Oh really?I never would of guessed." "....Hiei,you've gotten worse." "I know,lovely isn't it?" "Definitely funny.But quit pissing off coyote over here,I'm not in the mood to have his freaky J's in my body." "You heal in under 10 seconds." "Doesn't mean it doesn't freak me out."
"As it should. You were off by exactly 0.7 seconds then I thought you'd be. I'd rate you about an...8.7 on my scale from the initial attack. I can't say that your worth it." Said Jackal. Then Armagus was behind Hiei.

"Listen you a$$hole. I can teleport inside your body and use you as a meat suit, or send you into an alternate dimension filled with Gravy if I want to. Make another comment about me, and I'll be compelled to do that." Said Armagus. Then Jackal began laughing.

"Alright then. If you manage to defeat this idiot over here, I'll reconsider. If you don't then I kill your sister." Said Jackal
"Hiei....You knows as well as I do the guy can regenerate.We're better off getting Youko to use the freaky parasite plant."

Kari said sweat dropping as Hiei's eye twitched as he said as Armagus suddenly was seemingly in flames from the inside out

"Leave me the hell alone."
"Ah! Jesus! Hot!" He yelled. Then a hole opened up in the middle of the room- A hole to a place with a large storm brewing, that extinguished the fire easily. At the same time, it began to suck Hiei among other people inside. Then they would notice something- It was the insides of a very large creature, And the floor was gigantic stomach acid. Armagus got behind the hole, so he would not be sucked it.

Jackal clapped. "I'll give you a pointer. I've been reading up on this person, and he seems to have difficulty regenerating severed limbs. Maybe use that to your advantage?"
Hiei quirked an eye brow at Jackal but made no comment as he effortlessly pulled him and his sister off the couch and away from the thing and when he landed it seemingly looked like the slashed and lack of arms of Armagus came out of nowhere,Hiei didn't even seem to draw his sword.
(??? I'll just assume sliced at him.)

Armagus was a bit surprised. "Wow. Generally people don't make it that far." He said as he dodged and kicked Hiei in the face and then drew his two glowing swords in a defensive position. "Your move." He said.
((XD yes he sliced at him,but Hiei is reallllllllllllllllly fast.So people don't notice he did until they see the marks,if you watched the anime you would know this XD))

"I really don't care.Plus I remembered I gotta drag this brat and Mr. Panda over here to the Makai Christmas party since her great great great great great grandfather wants to see her and her new boyfriend.And since he's the strongest of the three King's he gets what he wants." "YOUR TELLING ME THIS NOW YOU JERK!?" "If I told you earlier you would of ran." "THAT'S THE POINT!!!"

Hiei sweat dropped and simply hauled L over his other shoulder and pulled out his own cell phone saying simply as a portal of swirling green and black appeared to the 'Makai' apparently

"Got 'em."
"What? Running away?" He asked, less of a mocking thing, and more of a question.

"Ending it? Why? I was having so much fu-"
"MY HOUSE!!" Yelled L, as he began shaking Hiei by the coat. "WHY DID YOU SEE IT FIT TO DESTROY MY HOME!?" He yell/asked
"I didn't do it,he did."

Hiei said innocently while pointing to Armagus and added with a shrug before walking into the portal dragging his sister and L with him

"And off to see King Raizen we go."

And when they came out,a few seconds later,it looked like a desert but covered in snow with a giant medieval looking castle with demons and imps and every other monster kids are afraid of you can imagine walking in happily since there was apparently a party.
"King Rasin?" Asked Armagus behind them, another one of those intra-dimensional portals behind him. It shut abruptly. He appearently never left anyone alone, and quickly got over his anger at Hiei.
"Rai.Zen.Not raisin."

Hiei said sweat dropping as Kari moaned,in her taller hippie long haired form again,anime depressed as she got up and said panicked chibi

"But L-kun isn't even my boyfriend dammit! And how the hell would he even know to think that?!" "Koenma." "THAT B@STARD OF A BABY!!!"

Hiei couldn't help but snicker and said teasingly while pushing her behind a small wall of rocks with a backpack while pushing L behind a different set of rocks with a different backpack

"Shut up and get dressed you two, Princess over here has to introduce you to Grand-Dad." "I HATE YOU!!!" "Yeah I know." "AND TO THINK I HAD A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOU!" "You'll end up giving it to me eventually." "SHUT UP!"
"Where....Am I?" L asked, with swirly eyes.

"Do I get to dress up all pretty too?" He asked behind his gas mask.
"The demon world,there's the human world,spirit world,and demon world. And if you can get your own clothes than feel free to play dress up."

Hiei said answering both of they're questions as Kari said pouting coming from behind the wall of rocks in this dress (and the shoes XD) looking annoyed as she pulled her hip length hair out of her eyes with the traditional Mazoku head band

"I still don't like you.But at least you didn't give me something pink to wear." "That would look....Wrong." "Exactly."

((L's outfit since Mai's turned me into a fashion freak too >>))
"Ha. I knew it. Behind that cold-a$$ emo-ness you have a sense of humor." He said, chuckling.

"Kari-sama...I don't like it." He said, biting at his shirt sleeves.

(DAMN YOU!!! also, mimicked the picture.)
"And you think I like being in heels?Let alone being here in the first place?"

Kari asked sweat dropping and added rolling her eyes while managing to walk over to him without tripping and killing herself and started fixing his tie for him

"You'll live,well.Hopefully."

((XD nice,and I'm sorry!!!! T.T SHE DID IT TO ME!!!!))
"Oi! Kari. You mind if I bring a friend?" Asked Armagus.
"Depends on who you bring."

Kari said rolling her eyes and added sighing as Hiei appeared from the 'rock changing room' in a simple tuxedo (shall get a piccy momentarily XD) while grabbing L's hand

"Stay close and try not to get too close to people.The stories of demon's eating humans are true...And not all the people at Gramp's parties are veggie's like me and Hiei are and Gramp's is."
Then suddenly, a portal opened and a suit wareing man came out. He was very familiar.
"Gentlemen...Sorry to pop in un-announced." Said the one and only- Spy.

Behind him was a less familiar face. The Crazied Gunman at the Creed Estate that had vanished as soon as he appeared. "Ten-HUT!" He said, saluting the group. "People, this is The Spy, and this is the Soldier AKA Sgt. Hartmen."
"....You bring the weirdest people to my birthday party."

Kari said to Armagus sweat dropping but rolled her eyes as she walked in,half dragging L with her XD,and she said amused seeing all the old style ball room dancing and laughing and eating,and then there was the high table looking all with chairs missing but there was three noticable people.

A man with long,as long as Kari's was,white hair,reddish black eyes,and the same tattoo's on him while he was in dress pants and a t-shirt. (clearly he hated getting dressed up too) sitting in a way that clearly said 'I'm the boss so I don't give a damn on what you think of me' way.

Then there was a woman with the whole left side of her covered and she had orangish hair.

Then there was a man with 6 ears that appeared to be blind with long black hair.

"Take a guess as to who my ancestor is."
"The one with clothes o-"
"ALLLLLRIGHT you MAGGOTS! Make way!" He yelled to the imposing crowd of demons and the like.
"Oh...verde not again..." Said the Spy, doing a facepalm.
"....Ya know,if it wasn't for the fact you guys are with me he'd been eaten by now."

Kari said sweat dropping as the demons and the like death glared him but didn't make any moves since the 'princess' was here and she mumbled keeping her head down clearly embarrassed

"And this is why I hate parties.Especially my birthday party which they hold every year even though I don't come!!!"
"I'd Incourage it...Wait? Where is the Fatman?"
"Hm? You mean the Heavy?"
"Yeah. The Medic is missing as wel-"
Then a large man, carring a Mini-gun in his hand lumbered through the door. He put his gun down on a table, causeing then entire place to shake. "I am Heavy Weapons Guy. And my Weapon." He introduced.
Nobody seemed to have moved even from the quake and Kari said face palming while fairly red in the face

"He's got nothing on Jiji's stomach growls...And Spy-san!!! KEEP YOUR FRIENDS IN LINE PLEASE! IT'S RUDE!"

((XD you gotta feel bad for Kari))
"I assure you, I am trying. On moment. DOCTOR! We require assistance!" He yelled. Then a man with black hair, spectacles, and a large pack on his back walked through. "Da?" He asked, sighing. "DOCTOR!" Yelled the Heavy, hugging the man. "Aiiii..." "Kari-san, May I introduce to you my old team. Fortress. The Medic, aka Hans Davids, The Heavy Weapons Guy, aka, Nicolai Gurlukovic, The Soldier, aka Sgt. Hartmen, The Spy (we never knew his real name) and The Engineee...Hey, where's Engie?" "Zick. Da flu. I zearly couldn't make zit." "Oh...thats too bad...Oh. And theres me. I WAS called The Scout, aka Armagus aka...Well, I'm not gonna tell you my real name just yet." He said.

Kari said sarcastically while pointing to the three at the high table

"The one with the hippie hair is Grandpa Raizen,rai as in lightening,the girl is Makuro-sama and the dude with the 6 ears is Yomi.And uh...The guy over there with the silver hair and fox ears is Youko,me and Hiei's self proclaimed adopted father."

((Here's all the three kings since I couldn't find a Makuro piccy >>))
"Ugh...Couldn't they have worn something that didn't make them look like little girls?" He asked as he walked around in the room. "Where is the food?" Asked the large man. "Aiii..."
"....My grandfather isn't even wearing a shirt?And the food is over there but don't be surprised if something's moving."

Kari said pointing to the food table and then asked L sweat dropping and raising an eye brow

"Your the genius,you tell me why people keep thinking we're dating."
"Well for one, we live together." He said trying to wiggle out of his dress clothes.

"Exactly! Real mean should be wearing shirts, screaming, or defending hills for Nazis!" Yelled the Soldier.
"Soldier. Quit that before these quintisental monsters decide to use you as a toothpick."
"Sir, yes Sir!" Yelled he.

"Doctor! Where are da sandwiches?"
"I told you...zere would not be any.."
"What!? No Sanviches?!?"
"Aii...zon't vorry...I came prepared.." He said as he handed the large behemoth a sandwich.

"So...what is there to do exactly?" Asked a Bored Armagus to Hiei.
"That's only because your a panda in distress and there's not any apartments available around. Next theory."

Kari said rolling her eyes while giving him a small smack on the hand that clearly said 'quit it' but let him untuck his shirt and loosen his tie and she said amused

"Somebody not comfy without they're jeans and t-shirt?"

Hiei chuckled and handed Armagus a glass of wine from a waitress with bunny ears and a tail

"For the normal guests to this there's generally dancing,eating,drinking and such but since your human....You just get to watch the drama and laugh."
"And we are very alike I suppose." He said.

"Hello? Anything working up there? Fine. Maybe I'll talk to that one guy with 600 ears or whatever." He asked.
"L,other than the fact me and you can pass as better twins then me and my other brother we have pretty much nothing else in common.Next theory."

Kari said amused as Hiei grabbed Armagus from the back of his shirt collar holding him back and Hiei said calmly while pulling him back into his chair

"He's not a vegetarian and even though he's blind he could still use you as a toothpick.Be patient,the real fun will start soon.Trust me,there's always some sort of riot by the end of these things."
"My My Hiei, haven't you learnt yet? I am the Walrus. I can't be touched." He said. "And what is it with you people and violence?"

"I would think that we provide a good counter for one another perhaps?" He asked.
"You mean as in your Mr justice and anti-killing while I'm literally a cold hearted killer of a demon?"

Kari asked raising her eye brows while Hiei rolled his eyes and said drinking root beer

"It's not the violence that's interesting,it's the why and how behind the violence."
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