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Full Version: Deck The Halls With....brains And Blood? O.o
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Then, a younger looking Wesker appeared on the screen.

"Part 1When I first visited that place, I was 18 and it was summer. Twenty years ago. I still remember the smell when the helicopter landed and the rotar caused the wind to stir. From the air, the mansion seemed normal but from ground level, something was different. Birkin, who was 2 years younger than I, seemed only interested in the research files he had as usual........

1978 July 31(Monday)
Two days ago, the two of us were assigned to that place. Everything could have been planned out from the beginning or it could have all been a coincidence. The only person to know the truth is most likely, Spencer. Spencer at that time was using the Arklay labs for the research on the t-virus.

As soon as we got off the helicopter, the president of the lab stood in front of the elevator. I don't remember the guy's name. It didn't matter what was said officially, from that day on that lab was ours. We were assigned to be chief researchers at the facility. This of course, was Spencer's will. We were the chosen ones. The two of us ignored the president as we entered the elevator. We had already been briefed about the layout of the area as well as Birkin's, and with no bad intentions we ignored everyone as usual.

Usually, when someone sees our actions, they would react quickly. But the president didn't react at all.

At the time, I was only a youngster so it didn't bother the president. The president understood what Spencer was thinking and didn't take notice of someone like me.

While the three of us were on the elevator, Birkin kept his eyes on the research files. The files contained information about a new firo-virus found 2 years ago in Africa called Ebora. Even now there are thousands of people researching the Ebora. But the people are always divided in half -- one group dedicated to saving people from the virus, and the other to kill people with it.

It is known if a person is infected with the Ebora, that the chance of dying is 90%. It has the quality to destroy the physical structure within 10 days and even now, a cure hasn't been found. If used as a bio-weapon it would display incredible destruction.

But because making a bio-weapon is against the law we would not use the virus as a weapon. But I'm certain that someone out there would use this as a weapon. So to prepare for a case of that nature it is good to do research on it now. But the line between finding a cure and making a bio-weapon is thin. This is because the actual research conducted do not differ at all between the two. So one could say that they are researching for a cure and be making a bio-weapon.

But Birkin was not interested in either cause. He just wanted to research the Ebora itself. There was little known about the virus at the time. They did not know that the virus would die within a few days by itself, and would die instantly when hit by sunlight. They were also unaware of the speed that it would kill its host. It kills the host so quickly that there is virtually no time for the virus to infect another person. The virus has to physically touch another person in order to infect them and therefore can easily be quarantined. But that brings me to the following thought...

What if a person that was infected with the Ebora virus could stand up and walk around? That infected person would have a disrupted chain of thought, and what if they could infect others that weren't infected? What if the DNA of the Ebora and the RNA had a direct impact on the DNA of a human? Due to those factors, would the person be harder to kill? The person would be dead from a human's point of view, but would still act as a bio-weapon spreading the virus.

It is forunate that the Ebora had features like this. We would be the only ones to possess this knowledge.

Umbrella, with Spencer as the head was a organization created to do research on viruses with these qualities. As a cover they tell the world that they are a company researching cures for these viruses. But the truth was that they are a bio-weapon development organization.

The finding of the original virus which restructures the human DNA was the start of everything. Using the original virus as a base, an enhanced virus would be made to be a bio-weapon. This was the T-virus plan.

The original virus was an RNA virus and would cause abnormalities that would enhance a person. Birkin planned on combining the two viruses to make an enhanced virus. The sample of the Ebora had already been brought to this research facility.

We had gone through many elevators and had finally reached the destination. Upon entering, even Birkin was impressed by the sight. This was our first encounter with that woman.

We were not told anything about that woman. Everything relating to her was kept top secret and the data was not to be leaked to the outside. Information obtained from records showed that she had been here since this lab was created.

She was 25 years old at that time. But what her name is and why she is here is a mystery. She was a test subject for the research on the T-virus. The research began on November 10, 1967.

For 11 years, she had gone through the tests with many viruses.

I heard Birkin whisper something. Whether those words were cursing/swearing or praising I do not know. We had come to a place we could never leave.

We didn't know whether we were to take the research to its completion or if we would end up like her. For us we, only had one choice. The woman who lied on the pipebed had moved something within both of our minds. Is this also a part of Spencer's plan? " He spoke. Then the CD stopped and it said 'End of Part 1.'
((Holy crap that was LONG O.O))

Kari blinked and said thoughtfully while pressing 'next' on the remote

"Hmmmm I was 4 back then,so gotta remember..."
"Part 2On this day, a ten-year old girl was deployed to Umbrella's Arctic facility as a Head Researcher. Her name was Alexia Ashford. At that time, I was twenty-one and Birkin was nineteen. Ruefully, the rumor of "Alexia in the Arctic" occupied our topics at the Arklay Facility.

The Ashford House was a legend among long-time employees.

Whenever our research didn't go well, the unskilled old researchers would say, "If only Professor Edward were still alive..." Certainly, Edward Ashford was one of the founders of the "starting virus" and might be the greatest scientist ever since he established the T-virus plan.

However, Edward died soon after Umbrella was founded. It has been thirteen years since his death. After all that time, I wondered what we expected from Ashford House.

To tell the truth, the Arctic Facility that his son established, had not developed anything for thirteen years since Edward's death. His granddaugter Alexia's brain might not be good enough.

However, after that day, our useless older scientists began to say instead "if only Alexia were here..." I believed these old men didn't have any future because they judged people solely on the name of their family or their blood. That's why they could not work without any direction and could not ever get promoted when they were old enough to have one leg in the coffin. However, I remained sensible.

If I was too hot about this issue as a manager, the Arkley Facility's T-virus development would run late. Under these circumstances, if we didn't judge the situation calmly, we would not succeed.

At that time, I thought that if I used these old men well, the results of our research would show progress. I also thought the scientists were suitable for the very dangerous experiments because they were so old. After all, If I didn't use my workers efficiently, I wouldn't be such a higher manager.

However, Birkin was now a problem. His reaction to the Alexia rumors were miserable.

Although Birkin would never admit it, he was proud of becoming the youngest manager at sixteen. However, a ten-year-old girl had just broken his pride completely. It was the first time Birkin had ever been defeated. He couldn't admit that a young girl from a famous family had defeated him.

Indeed, he was just a child. Although Birkin had an immature mind we needed him to get over it, because our research had been in the second phase for three years.

At this point of the T-virus development, the production of the "Human biological weapon" the so called "Zombie" was stable. There was not 100% virus infection to DNA. There are so many kinds of chemical differences among people.

If a group of people reveived the infection from a "Zombie", ten percent of them would not get infected. We can't change this result even though we continuously studied the DNA. If 90% of people got the infection, this would be enough to be a weapon. However, Spencer's opinion was different. Our boss wanted an independent weapon that killed 100% of the people. However, for what?

Originally, the advantage of biochemical weapons was that they were cheap to develop. However, our research into the "Human biological weapon" was getting expensive.

If Spencer wanted to get money the ordinary way, he would not have chosen such a method. If he used this as an ordinary weapon system, he would get enough money. However, if he continued to study it as an independent weapon, it would be too expensive.

Why does he continue this research even though it costs so much? I would understand if he aimed at a monopoly of all military industry to change the general idea of war. So I still don't know Spencer's real intention.

Apart from Spencer's real intention, what Birkin considered an ideal "Human biological weapon" was what he attached as a weapons importance to the battle field of that time. He tried to create that weapon by not only changing the T-virus DNA but also incorporating other creature's DNA information.

He devised a Human biological weapon for battle that destroys people who are armored or received a vaccination for the virus. This experiment was called the "Hunter" in later times. However, that experiment had to stop for a while to protect our main experiment.

Birkin felt it meaningless to compete against Alexia. He began to act like losing was standard behavior. He stayed at the facility twenty-four hours a day and continuously experimented on casual ideas with no plan.

I tried to use other researchers to extract as many biological samples as possible before the experiment bodies died. However, I could not catch up with the speed of Birkin's experiments.

The facility head supplied new experiment bodies and acted like nothing was wrong. However, those bodies were dying continuously. That place was like hell.

However, the "woman experiment's" body was the only one who survived that hell.

She was already twenty-eight. That is, she has been in this facility for fourteen years. She might not have any thinking ability as a human since getting the "Starting virus". If she had her mind, her only hope would be death.

However, she survived. I wondered why she was the only one who survived for such a long time because the data of her experiment was not any different from the other bodies we experimented on. Until we solved this mystery, we needed more time." Said He once more. The Words 'End of Part 2' appeared

(I spent like a day typeing all this...)
((Somehow,that's not surprising O.O that would take even me,the typing Queen,like an hour or two to type all at once.))

Kari sweat dropped and said

"A ten year old?Nice."
"Part 3. 1983 December 31

It has been the 6th winter since I worked at this Arklay facility.

During the last two years, we had made no real progress with our research and time passed by. But this had come to an end. We had received word that Alexia had died. The reason was the virus that Alexia herself created, the (T-Veronica virus). It seemed like the 12 year old Alexia was too young for such dangerous research.

I had heard rumours that Alexia had injected the T-veronica virus in herself but this I could not believe. She probably couldn't handle her father's death one year ago and made a simple error in her research.

Later, the research at the Antarctica facility was continued by Alexia's twin brother, but no one had expected anything from him. In the end, the Ashford family couldn't bring any results and would crumble down.

Like I had stated earlier, the Ashford family was a legend and will stay as a legend only.

With Alexia's death, Birkin had changed back to what he was before. Now there was no one who could surpass him, and all the researchers had to acknowledge him. But it was still a taboo to talk about Alexia infront of him. Even when I tried to get a sample of the T-veronica virus, he had strongly objected.

I had to put aside finding out about the research that Alexia had done for now. Ihad come to realize Birkin had not changed at all, when everything around him had changed.

But I had a much bigger problem on my hands.

Our facility was located in a very dense forest. I went out walking into the woods many times but because this facility was in the near center of the forest, we would never encounter any other humans. The only way to get here was by a helicopter. It was a needed precaution dealing with a bio-weapon. Since if by chance, the virus is leaked out, it would prevent the chances of spreading. But a bio-weapon isn't so simple. The virus can also affect non-human beings as well.

A virus isn't always limited to affecting only one kind of organism. For example, the Influenza virus not only affects humans, but birds, pigs, horses and even seals. In each of these species, not all who come in contact with the virus are affected. Seagulls and chickens are, but all other birds are not. Also, the same virus may have different effects on different species.

The problem lies in how the T-virus can affect many different life forms.

During the time when Birkin made himself useless, I had done my own research on the T-virus. I had discovered that the T-virus can affect most life forms out there. Not only mammals but plants, bugs, and fish can also be affected.

Everytime I walked in the woods, I always thought to myself, why did Spencer choose this place?

There are many different forms of life in these woods. What would happen if the virus were to leak out? If only an insect were infected, it is small in size and probably would not go through a big mutation. But insects could spread the virus at an incredible rate. If this were to happen, how far would the T-virus spread?

If it were a plant that was infected, the plant itself could not move and would seem safe. But what about the seeds the plants give out?

It would be very dangerous for such a case to happen. Now that I think about it, it was a smart move for the Ashfords to locate their facility in Antarctica. But here it almost seems like someone wants the virus to spread. But that could not be possible. What is Spencer trying to make us do?

This issue was far too great and I could not discuss this with any other researcher. The only one who I could talk to was Birkin, but he probably wouldn't be interested.

I need more information. I had started to realize my limits as a simple researcher. To find out what Spencer was truly thinking, I needed to get to a position where I could obtain more information.

For that I would throw away all my current positions. But I cannot do this quickly. I could not let Spencer notice my plans for if so, everything would be over.

I had continued to do research with Birkin so that no one would detect my intentions. During that time, that 'woman test subject' was forgotten. A "failure" that just lived on. Until that day, 5 years later....... " It said. 'End of Part 3.'
"Jesus this takes forever....Wait,forest and mutations......Nah."

Kari said thoughtfully than pushed the thought out of her brain
"Boooring" Anthony mumbled as he ate some popcorn "It feels like a history class...but more boring and more repetitive" Roxanne said as she looked at the jewels they had stolen. Yes, they had been there since the start of the video, one could only wonder how.
"As boring as it is,it gives good information *yawn* Hades your taking notes right?" "Right."

Kari yawned sleepily while resting her head against L's shoulder,who was trying out popcorn XD,to KO and then suddenly woke up making Hades jump and then go outside


((XDDD I just remembered that myself))
"Yes. Yes you did." said a rather annoyed Jackal, who had been behind her the past 10 minutes. His marks had healed. "I was hit in the back of the head with a I tryed to murder someone..." Explained Jackal.

Then Weskers Picture began to speak.

"At this point, Roxanne and Anthony should be behind you. However, I know things they do not, as well as things they don't want you to know. So just sit back and relax, as I disclose information. Of course, I would like it if you didn't shoot the tape, just yet. It's a while until I do that." Said the young Wesker.

"Part 4. The 11th summer had come since we started working at this facility. I was 28 at the time. Birkin had become a father to a 2 year old girl. The wife was a also a researcher at the facility. It was natural that people who conducted research at the same facility fall in love and have children. But a normal person would not be able to continue research at this place. Everyone who is still here is crazy.

We had gone into phase three of our plan in the ten years. A programmed life, to be used a soldier, a bio-weapon for combat. This bio-weapon was to be called the "Tyrant". But this project had a huge problem from the start. Finding a test subject for this Tyrant was easier said than done. There were very few who were qualified enough to become the Tyrant.

This was due to the nature of the T-virus. Any human could be used to make a zombie or a hunter but their intelligence would be lost in the process. A certain amount of intelligence was needed to create a Tyrant. Birkin had created a different way of creating the Tyrant to compensate for this problem. But only a very small amount of people could be used for this different way. In the simulation, only 1 out of 100,000,000 mutated into a Tyrant, the rest became zombies.

If our research continued, we could create a different kind of T-virus that was compatible with far more people. But for this to happen we needed another test subject. But even if we searched through all of America, we would only find ten or so people that were compatible.

Other research facilities had encountered the same problem. We ran into a wall even before our research began.

But we had received word that the Europe facility had devised a plan to conquer this problem in phase 3. This was the Nemesis project. I had urged Birkin to get a sample of the project to further our own research. Although Birkin had strongly opposed, I convinced him otherwise. Until we found a compatible host our research would not proceed forward, and Birkin had to accept this.

We had received the package a few days later with a number of precautions written on it. The package brought to heliport was in a small box labeled "Nemesis Project". To gain this sample from the France facility required quite there effort, and credit for this accomplishment went to Spencer for backing us up. Birkin took no interest in the package till the end but had at least admitted to tests. The sample was new and was for test purposes.

A biological life form created by manipualting DNA. That was the what the Nemesis was. The intelligence was the only thing enhanced and this lifeform alone, could not do anything. But once it finds a host, it becomes a parasite and would take over that host and would cause it to have incredible combat ability.

The host for the weapon and the parasite would be made separately and later the intelligence of the parasite and the body of the host would be combined to create a bio-weapon. If this were to succeed it would overcome the problem of the intelligence and we could create a bio-weapon. But the problem was when the parasite takes over the host.

In the research files, the only information recorded was the death of each host once taken over by the parasite sample. Within 5 minutes of the parasite taking over, the host would die. But we were already aware of the danger that lied in the prototype.

If we could prolong the time the host would survive, we would gain the credit to the "Nemesis project". That was my plan. The host would be that women test subject.

Her incredible life rate could survive longer against the Nemesis prototype. And even if it failed, nothing would change on our side.

But the test had created a result I had not expected. The Nemesis prototype that tried to enter her brain had disappeared. At first, we could not tell what had happened. We did not expect her to consume the Nemesis.

That was the beginning. Something was happenning inside that failed experiment. We had decided to start research on her from scratch.

In the past ten years, we had conducted every bit of research possible on her, but we had decided to throw all those files away. Within the 21 years that she lived, something was beginning to show.

Only Birkin had begun to notice the change. Indeed, something had begun to change inside her.

But that was something totally different from the T-virus project. Something new and would bring a new idea to us.

The project which changed our destiny, the 'G-virus project.'"
Kari sweat dropped and said after Wesker was done speaking while turning around and offering popcorn

".....I made sure Wesker didn't blow your brains out when you were KO?Which is why I kinda left you in the snow for your own sakes?"
"Wesker?" Asked Jackal then Wesker's video began to speak.

"I am about to show you the last part of the video that Anthony and Roxanne would like. After part 5, comes the Wesker Report on the manshion incident, not before-hand as it has been so far." Informed Wesker.
"Alright,better pause it for when the thieves get here."

Kari said simply while pressing pause on the TV and said sleepily while getting up and stretching,not noticing that she was a good half a foot taller than Jackal quite yet

"Yeah,I wanted to get you to help me save Mr.Damsel in Distress over here from the guy who hit you in the head with the shovel but I ended up having to tackle him,which HURT I might add,and kick his gun out of his hand so he wouldn't shoot your brains out."
"No. It wasn't Wesker. Some other guy. Had almost as much blood on his hands as me." Said Jackal. L was passed out on the couch.
"Yes that was Gabriell Sylar,me and Wesker kicked his [All hail lord Xenu] to save L.Wesker however wanted to shoot your brains out when we found you."

Kari said exasperated while rubbing her temples than blinked and said with an eviiiiiiiil Cheshire cat grin while poking Jackal's forehead comically

Jackal then punched her. "You are the worst savior to humanity ever." he informed, as he stood up, haveing sat down the entre time, reminding Kari, that he was stilla foot taller then her.

(Jackal is supposed to be tall...really really really tall lol.)
(XDDD but Kari's like UBER tall right now since she's at around 70% power now)

"Sorry for being a sorry excuse for a super hero."

Kari said sarcastically while rolling her eyes and added pouting while sitting down and started eating the birthday cake L had given her

"And at least I'm sorta taller now....I'm not up to your waist like before at least."
"Hm..well, what did you get from the video?" He asked.
"That when Wesker tapes himself he talks a LOT?"

Kari joked only to get hit again and she said anime crying and eating more cake while looking for Hades who was in the kitchen

"OW!I was kidding geez!!! And uh....Hades!!!! What did we get from the movie again!?"

Somebody had a short attention span.

((I got lost -____-U))
(What? In the stuff I wrote? I was hopeing to IC discuss it...)
((Lol I just kinda got lost with information over load after awhile....Just gimmie a small summary for Kari to tell Jackal so she won't be condemned as a 'BAKA' for the rest of her life XDDD))
(Just re-read it. It dosen't take that long. 3 minutes at the MOST. Or at least, thats how long it took me.)
(But it gives me a headache!!!! T.T And I've already read ENOUGH stuff for today at work. I'll end up reading it later...Just gimmie mini summary for now or drop the subject XD)
(Basicly it details Wesker and Birkins early carrer in Umbrella, from Wesker's point of view, giving information on Umbrella and telling you about Spencer, the leader of umbrella.)

Then, the paused picture began to move. "This recording has been programmed to move after 3 minutes of being paused. When this occurs, It shows you a video. A video of my...RE-birth..." Said Wesker. Then the screen changed. A video flashed.

Then, after a pause, another video played
Kari sweat dropped again and re winded it and stopped it (not daring to take it out in case of a Mission Impossible moment with it blowing up/being wiped) and said to Jackal annoyed chibi while eating her cake

"Sides,me and L-kun aren't even dating....We're freakin black and white for one thing,and for another...It kinda helps to be the same SPECIES."
"Hm. Well to tell the truth, I could care less for your love life." Said Jackal bluntly.
"Your the one who keeps bringing it up."

Kari said throwing popcorn at him in response
"'Because it's obvious. Your attracted to him, and you know it." Said Jackal, impaleing the popcorn on a scalpel and then eating it.
"Well clearly it's not obvious for the justice obsessed baby."

Kari said with her eye twitching and added rubbing her temples while eating more cake

"Sides,he's well.....Everything I'm not. He's a good person,so there's no point in telling him.But even then I'll still get to stay by his side,one of the few great things about being a good friend."
"Hm. Your a very stupid person." Said Jackal sighing.

"So I've been told."

Kari said with her eye twitching while throwing more popcorn at him

((Noooooo~ T.T))
"So. You never told me what you gathered from the tapes." Said Jackal. "Maybe we can use it to take Wesker down." he suggested
Kari sweat dropped and Hades sighed and opened an eye,he was meditating,and the usual strange glowing black energy surrounded his note book making it fly over and fall on Kari's lap making her say looking at Hades' loopy but neat hand writing

"Mmm....Basically it's about Wesky's and Birkin's early career in Umbrella from Wesky's POV...And it's also about his boss Spencer?"
"Why are you asking me? I didn't see the tapes. And what dose POV stand for?" Asked a confused Jackal.
"Point Of View. And feel free to watch it."

Kari said with a shrug while tossing Hades his note book back and said yawning while picking L up and going upstairs

"I'll take him to his bed,you two should go to sleep too."
"I don't live here." Reminded Jackal, sighing.

When Kari would reach her room, Wesker would be standing in it, looking out a window. "I take it you saw the tapes...?" he asked
"Most of it."

Kari said yawning while having put L down in his room and added sleepily while rubbing her eyes

"And am I the only one who actually wants to TRY to get some sleep at 3 in the morning?"
"You'll live." Said Wesker. Then he sat down on the bed.
"Yes I'll live but I'll probably end up having to drown myself in coffee....And your not gonna let me sleep are you?"

Kari asked annoyed when he sat down on her bed
"It's a possibilty." Said Wesker. Then he walked past Kari and closed the door. Then he took out his silenced gun, and shoot out the window.
".....Why the hell did you just shoot my window?"

Kari asked after a minute while blinking in confusion
"Just my exit. Now, I am going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer truthfully." He said
"You could just open the win-Never mind. Ask away."

Kari said sighing and rubbing her temples as she sat down on her bed and started taking her shoes off
Then he took off his sunglasses, a very rare event, and his glowing red eyes look directly at hers. "Am I...a bad person?"
"Define bad person."

Kari said blinking a little,that wasn't a normal Wesker question,while staring at his glowing red eyes with her own seemingly glowing black ones
"You've given me all I need." Said Wesker in a slightly dissapointed tone. He put on his sunglasses, and procided to walk towards the window.
Kari frowned a bit and grabbed the back of his coat and said truthfully before letting him go and do whatever

"Your not a bad person per say.Just somebody with some issues,everybody has them.Do YOU think I'M a bad person?"
"Define Issues..." said Wesker, with a cocked Eyebrow.
"Do you really think a NORMAL person would join Umbrella without a reason?Let alone help make things to kill people?You were what 14 when you joined?Something must of happened to trigger it.If it hadn't you'd probably be a normal person,just a slap of fate to make you who you are today Wesky,there's always more than one road in life.And there's really no definitive to good or evil,since to each other their just as bad."

Kari said calmly while sitting down on her bed
"Hm...I'd say that your very intitive. Do you know why I am pursueing Spencer?" He asked, with a slight grin on his face
"Probably took somebody or something very important to you away."

Kari said blinking and added giving him a big smile since it was the truth

"And for the record,I do think your a really good person.Just a little troubled and confused with how you want to get your goal done."
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