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Dr. Wily
Are there any summaries of what goes on in each chapter anywhere? I can't find any.

<The following was added by Tombow>

Currently seeking volunteer Wrietrs:
* To write chapter summaries, to be used on various FMA manga info threads on our board. (you can write as many chapters or as few chapters, but if possible, for consistency please try to write chapter summaries for one whole volume. smile.gif )

* Also, holders of Vol. 1 ~ Vol. 19, North American English version of chapter books... to double check English chapter titles for chap 1 ~ chap 78

What you will get for volunteering:

Mostly just appreciations from other FMA fans. XD Your written chapter summary will be added to corresponding chapter discussion thread and other info threads on our board with the credit for the summary given to you.

Please post and let us know if you can help!! ^^


Chapter 100
Chapter 99
Chapter 98
Chapter 97: Two Philosophers (tentative title)
Chapter 96: The Two Heroines, 二人の女傑
Volume 23:
Chapter 95: Beyond the Raging Fire, 烈火の先に
Chapter 94: The Flames of Revenge, 復讐の炎
Chapter 93: Archenemy, 不倶戴天の敵
Chapter 92: Everyone's Power, 皆の力
Volume 22:
Chapter 91: The Philosopher's Revival, 賢者の再会
Chapter 90: An Invincible Army, 不死の軍団
Chapter 89: Return of the Warrior, 戦士の旗艦
Chapter 88: The Love of a Parent and Child, 親子の情
Volume 21:
Chapter 87: Oath in the Underground Tunnel, 地下道の誓い
Chapter 86: Emissary of Darkness, 闇の使者
Chapter 85: Empty Box, 空の箱
Chapter 84: The Shadow of the Pursuer, 追跡者の影
Volume 20:
Chapter 83: The Promised Day, 約束の日
Chapter 82: The Soul's Family, 魂の家族
Chapter 81: Tearing Full-Throttle, バリバリの全開
Chapter 80: A Vision of Father, 瞼の父
Chapter 79: An Ant Biting a Human, 蟻のひと噛み
Volume 19:
Chapter 78: The Seven Sins, 七つの罪
Chapter 77: Reverse Transmutation Circle, 逆転の錬成陣
Chapter 76: The Form of a Person - The Form of a Stone, 人の形 石の形
Chapter 75: The Final Day of Xerxes, クセルクセス最期の日
Chapter 74: Homunculus, フラスコの中の小人
Volume 18:
Chapter 73: A Daydream, 白昼の夢
Chapter 72: A Chain of Negativity, a Pebble of Goodness, 負の連鎖 正の一石
Chapter 71: In the Grip of the Red Lotus, 紅蓮の男
Chapter 70: The First Homunculus: 始まりのホムンクルス
Volume 17:
Chapter 69: The Foundation of Briggs, ブリッグズの礎(ishizuki)
Chapter 68: Portrait of a Family, 家族の肖像
Chapter 67: Burgeoning Borders, この国のかたち
Chapter 66: The Snow Queen, 雪の女王
Volume 16:
Chapter 65: The Ironclad Rule, 鉄の掟
Chapter 64: The Northern Wall of Briggs, ブリッグズの北壁
Chapter 63: The Promise Made for 520 Cenz, 520センズの約束
Chapter 62: Beyond the Dream, 夢の先
Volume 15:
Chapter 61: The Hero of Ishbal, イシュヴァールの英雄
Chapter 60: In the Absence of God, 神の不在
Chapter 59: The Immoral Alchemist, 背徳の錬金術師
Chapter 58: The Footsteps of Ruin, 破滅の足音
Volume 14:
Chapter 57: Scars of Ishbal, イシュヴァールの傷
Chapter 56: The Lion of the Round Table, 円卓の獅子
Chapter 55: The Avarice of Two, 二人の強欲
Chapter 54: The Fool's Struggle, 愚者の足掻き
Volume 13:
Chapter 53: Signpost of the Soul, 魂の道標
Chapter 52: Lord of the Demon's Lair, 魔窟の王
Chapter 51: A Portal in the Darkness, 闇の扉
Chapter 50: In the Belly of the Beast, 腹の中
Volume 12:
Chapter 49: A Monster Among Men, 人中の化け物
Chapter 48: A Promise Made by Those Who Wait, 待ち人の約束
Chapter 47: A Girl in the Grip of Battles Past and Present, 戦場の少女
Chapter 46: The Distant Image of Their Backs, 遠くの背中
Volume 11:
Chapter 45: Scar's Return, 傷の男再び
Chapter 44: The Unnamed Grave, 名前の無い墓
Chapter 43: River of Mud, 泥の河
Chapter 42: The Father Standing Before a Grave, 墓前の父
Volume 10:
Chapter 41: On the Palm of an Arrogant Human Being, 小さな人間の傲慢な掌
Chapter 40: Philosopher from the West, 西の賢者
Chapter 39: Complications at Central, 錯綜(sakusou)のセントラル
Chapter 38: Signal to Strike, 反撃ののろし
Volume 9:
Chapter 37: The Body of a Criminal, 咎人(toganin) の肉体
Chapter 36: Alchemist in Distress, 苦渋の錬金術師
Chapter 35: The Sacrificial Lamb, 生け贄(ikenie)の羊
Chapter 34: The Footsteps of a War Comrade, 戦友の足跡
Volume 8:
Gaiden: Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel, 鋼の錬金術師 翔べない天使
Chapter 33: Showdown in Rush Valley, ラッシュバレーの攻防
Chapter 32: Emissary From the East, 東方の使者
Chapter 31: The Snake That Eats Its Own Tail, 己の尾を噛む蛇
Chapter 30: The Truth Inside the Armor, 鎧の中 真理の奧
Volume 7:
Gaiden: The Second Lieutenant Goes to Battle!, 戦う 少尉さん
Chapter 29: The Eye of the King, 王の眼
Chapter 28: A Fool's Courage, 匹夫 (Hippu) の勇
Chapter 27: The Beasts of Dublith, ダブリスの獣たち
Chapter 26: To Meet the Master, 主の元へ
Volume 6:
Chapter 25: Master and Apprentice, 師弟のけじめ,
Chapter 24: Fullmetal Alchemist, 鋼の錬金術師
Chapter 23: Knocking on Heaven's Door, 叩け 天国の扉
Chapter 22: The Masked Man, 仮面の男
Volume 5:
Chapter 21: The Brothers' Secret, 二人だけの秘密
Chapter 20: The Terror of the Teacher: 師匠の恐怖
Chapter 19: I'll Do It for You Guys!, あんた達のかわりに
Chapter 18: The Value of Sincerity, 誠意の価値
Chapter 17: The Boomtown of the Broken Down, にわか景気の谷
Volume 4:
Gaiden: Dog of the Military, 軍の犬
Chapter 16: Separate Paths, それぞれの行く先
Chapter 15: Fullmetal Heart, 鋼のこころ
Chapter 14: An Only Child's Feelings, ひとりっ子の気持ち
Chapter 13: Fullmetal Body, 鋼のからだ
Volume 3:
Gaiden: The Military Festival, 軍部の祭り
Chapter 12: The Definition of Human,「人間」の定義
Chapter 11: The Two Guardians, 二人の守護者
Chapter 10: The Philosopher's Stone, 賢者の石
Chapter .9: A Home with a Family Waiting, 家族の待つ家
Volume 2:
Chapter 8: The Road of Hope, 希望の道
Chapter 7: After the Rain, 雨の後
Chapter 6: The Right Hand of Destruction, 破壊の右手
Chapter 5: The Alchemist's Suffering, 錬金術師の苦悩
Volume 1: By kkg22104
Chapter 4: Battle on the Train: 車上の戦い
Chapter 3: The Mining Town, 炭鉱の街 By kkg22104, Seeking Fact check
Chapter 2: The Price of Life, 命の代価 By kkg22104, Seeking Fact check
Chapter 1: The Two Alchemists, 二人の錬金術師 By kkg22104, Seeking Fact check

Thank you!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Dr. Wily @ Jul 14 2009, 01:07 AM) *
Are there any summaries of what goes on in each chapter anywhere? I can't find any.

@Dr. Wily - Short answer: Not yet on our board. For the whole 97 chapters, anyway.
Though, I think it was suggested by some members, and also for some chapters I've already posted chapter summaries, and I've been working on compiling chapter-by-chapter info, including chapter summaries. smile.gif

BTW, I know we have many good writers on our board. If anyone is interested in writing chapter summaries for FMA manga, please help. ^^
Dr. Wily
Oh... okay. I'll just keep on reading, then. I just wanted chapter summaries so I could skip to parts where there are certain characters I'm researching. Thanks for the response, and I hope you do well with that.
I think Wikipedia has some summaries up, but it's by volume and not chapter, and it's very general. I'd be really bad at writing summaries because I always like to include too many details tongue.gif If you want to skip to certain characters or places in the plot, you could always ask on the Scene Search thread. Hope this helps smile.gif
QUOTE (kkg22104 @ Jul 14 2009, 02:02 AM) *
I'd be really bad at writing summaries because I always like to include too many details tongue.gif

@kkg22104 - Actually, IMO I think long summary is more useful than the one that's too short. ^^ If you feel like it, please go ahead and write some. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Tombow @ Jul 14 2009, 08:41 AM) *
QUOTE (kkg22104 @ Jul 14 2009, 02:02 AM) *
I'd be really bad at writing summaries because I always like to include too many details tongue.gif

@kkg22104 - Actually, IMO I think long summary is more useful than the one that's too short. ^^ If you feel like it, please go ahead and write some. biggrin.gif

Weeeell...I guess I could give it a shot. I don't have tons of free time so it'll take a while to get to chapter 97 tongue.gif *goes to reread chapter 1*

ETA: Annnd, here you go ~~

Chapter 1: The Two Alchemists

Two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, are in a city called Lior searching for something. They hear about the religion of Letoism and Founder Cornello, who is said to have the "power of miracles." Alphonse demonstrates his alchemy when he fixes a broken radio and is mistaken for the Fullmetal Alchemist when the real Fullmetal is his older brother Edward. They meet a young woman named Rose who is a devout follower of Letoism and works hard in hopes that Cornello can bring back her dead boyfriend. Ed and Al run into Rose again in the church where Ed tells Rose briefly about alchemists.

The next time they meet is at one of Cornello's public ceremonies where he performs his "miracle powers" in front of a huge crowd. Ed and Al observe his powers and decide he's a fake because he's obviously using alchemy but somehow bypassing the law of Equivalent Exchange. Ed thinks he may have found what they're looking for, so he asks Rose to help them get an interview with Cornello. When Cornello hears that the Elric brothers want an interview, he recognizes the name and knows that Edward is a State Alchemist. He doesn't want the military to find out about his plan and has his men try to kill the brothers, but they fail. It is revealed that Alphonse's armor is hollow and that the brothers committed a sin.

Ed and Al confront Cornello and ask about his ring, which Ed suspects is the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary object that can amplify alchemy powers and allow him to ignore the laws. Cornello reveals that his plan is to create a religion and form make an army that doesn't fear death to take over the country. Ed demands that he hand over the Stone and threatens to tell the city about Cornello's true intentions. Cornello scoffs that no one would listen to him, but then Al opens his armor to show Rose hiding inside. Even though she heard everything, Rose still walks to Cornello's side because of the possibility that her boyfriend may come back.

Cornello then pulls a lever and releases a chimera with a lion's head and a lizard's tail. Ed claps his hands and transmutes a spear from the ground without drawing a transmutation circle. The chimera breaks his spear and then bites his right arm, but can't seem to bite into it. Ed kicks it away and tears off his jacket, revealing that his right arm and left leg are made of automail, hence the name "Fullmetal Alchemist."

(WOW that was long. I hope it's all accurate...Give me feedback on if it's good or not, and I'll try to fix things before I do the next chapters happy.gif)
@kkg22104 - Nice job!! Thank ou!! biggrin.gif
(I didn't do the fact check, but the writing is very nice!! ^^)
Please keep going!! happy.gif
QUOTE (Tombow @ Jul 15 2009, 09:35 AM) *
@kkg22104 - Nice job!! Thank ou!! biggrin.gif
(I didn't do the fact check, but the writing is very nice!! ^^)
Please keep going!! happy.gif

Thanks, glad to know someone appreciates my writing wink.gif Anyway, since it's late over here, I won't have time to do one today but I'm going to attempt to do one a day if I have enough time smile.gif


Chapter 2: The Price of Life

A flashback to Ed and Al's childhood shows that they believed that they could use human transmutation to bring their mother back to life. However, the transmutation failed, costing Ed his left leg while Al lost his entire body. Ed then sacrificed his right arm to bring Al's soul back and attach it to a suit of armor. Back in the present, Ed says that they want to Stone to get their original bodies back. Cornello laughs and uses the Stone to transmute his walking stick into a machine gun and shoots at the brothers. Ed transmutes a wall to block the bullets, then Al picks up Rose and they escape as Ed makes a door in the wall.

After punching their way through a group of Cornello's men, Ed, Al, and Rose run past Cornello's broadcast room and Ed gets an evil smile. Al steals the bell and explains to Rose the principle of Equivalent Exchange and warns her to give up on resurrecting her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ed waits in the broadcast room for Cornello and tempts him into revealing his plans. The whole city hears because the microphone was pointing at his feet, turned on, and Al had changed the bell into a loudspeaker.

Cornello angrily transmutes another gun, but Ed slices it apart after transmuting his automail arm into a blade. Cornello then uses the Stone for another transmutation, but a rebound mutates his arm together with the gun. The Philosopher's Stone on his ring then falls off and breaks, revealing that it was fake all along. Out of frustration, Ed transmutes a giant statue of Leto and makes it punch Cornello. Before they leave, Rose asks the brothers to tell her how to live without a religion to rely on. Ed tells her to figure it out on her own since she has two perfect legs to stand on.

With angry townspeople banging on the doors of the church, Cornello goes back into the room to find a fat man (Gluttony) munching on the dead chimera and a busty woman (Lust) sitting on his shoulders. Lust states that they never intended to give him a real Philosopher's Stone, revealing that they were merely using him. One of her fingers extends into a spear that pierces Cornello through the forehead, killing him. The chapter ends as Gluttony begins to eat Cornello.

(*NOTE: Okay, it seems like these summaries aren't going to get any shorter. It'd be nice to have someone working with me on this, to help make sure things are accurate and check for typos. Any volunteers out there? Pleeeease? *puppy eyes* smile.gif)

EDIT: Ooh, nice. Thanks for adding all that stuff at the beginning Tombow! biggrin.gif
@kkg22104 - Thank YOU for writing awesome summaries!! ^^ Yeah, I kind of shaped this into a project, and added the Beta/fact checker to the volunteer service list. Hopefully someone can volunteer to help. ^^ Also, at any point, somehow if you get overwhelmed by the prospect of writing summaries for the whole series and you'd like to have someone to write summaries for some of the volumes in the series, that would be fine, too. (some of the chapter discussion threads have the sort of summaries posted by me... I will double check and I can add these to the list on the first post later if needed ^^) Or, if you feel fine for writing the summaries for the whole series, that would be awesome, and in that case please please write summaries for the whole series!! You're doing great jobs, and I appreciate it very much!! Let me know if you need any other help. ^^
@Tombow: You're welcome smile.gif I really wish people would volunteer to help check my work because I'm human after all and I make mistakes tongue.gif Oh, and I'm using Onemanga scanlations because I don't have the Viz books right now (still hanging out in China) so some names might be spelled differently.

Chapter 3: The Mining Town

Ed and Al arrive at the mining town of Youswell by train, noting that it seems rather empty. They meet a young boy named Kayal, whose family owns a bar and inn. The price for one night's stay is so expensive that Ed finds he doesn't have enough money. He whispers to Al if they should illegally transmute gold, and Kayal overhears that they're alchemists. He tells his dad, who has Ed fix some things and gives him a discount. However, as soon as he hears Ed's full name, he realizes that he's a State Alchemist and kicks him out, while Al gets to stay because he's not part of the army.

Kayal and the other bar customers explain to Al why they hate military people so much. First Lieutenant Yoki, who owns the coal mine, is extremely greedy for money and power. He lowers the coal miners' salaries and collects high taxes to bribe the higher ups and increase his rank. So, the whole town also hates Ed for joining the military.

After Al sneaks Ed some food, Yoki and his men show up at the inn. Yoki threatens to lower the miners' salaries again and Kayal gets angry and throws a wet rag at his face. One of his men raises his sword to hit Kayal, but Ed blocks it with his automail arm, breaking it in half. Ed shows Yoki his silver watch which proves that he's a State Alchemist, and Yoki invites him to stay at his place. During dinner, Yoki gives Ed a small bag of money in hopes that Ed has connections with important people.

That night, Yoki burns down the inn because he heard that men gathered there to complain. Kayal's family is devastated. Kayal asks Ed to transmute some gold to help them, but Ed refuses, saying that the gold would be taken away as taxes anyway and that they should leave and get jobs elsewhere. Kayal's father tells him they can't because "This is our home, and our coffin."

This motivates Ed to help the town. He illegally transmutes several huge piles of gold and takes them to Yoki, asking to buy the deed to the coal mine. He requests that Yoki write a note that says the deed was given free of charge to hide the illegal gold transmutation. Yoki happily agrees. Ed and Al go visit Kayal's family and the other miners and sell the deed to them in exchange for the night's stay. Just then, Yoki shows up holding a bunch of rocks because the gold had turned back into its original form. He wants his gold back, but Ed points to the deed where it says that the transaction was free. Yoki's men are beaten up by the miners and Yoki has no choice but to admit defeat. The miners celebrate with food and beer, and Ed falls asleep with his stomach exposed.

(Eh? This one turned out even longer?? Am I including too many details?)

ETA: Aug. 3, 2009
Hey Tombow-san, I'm really sorry but I think I'm going to be dropping this project, at least for now. Nobody else seems to be interested in volunteering to help, and in the meantime I'm going to work with Aribelle on the FMA novelization project smile.gif
@kkg22104 - Oh, all right. Good luck with the FMA novelization project!! And, thank you for writing the summaries for chapters 1, 2, & 3!! ^^


So... back to square one. tongue.gif
Any volunteers who would like to help out and write chapter summaries for FMA manga, to be used in various info threads on our board??

Please post here and volunteer!! biggrin.gif
Forsaken Love
this looks fun =3 can i post random chapter summerys or do i have to do them in order from where the last person left off or do a whole volume or something?
QUOTE (Forsaken Love @ Aug 3 2009, 03:16 PM) *
this looks fun =3 can i post random chapter summarys or do i have to do them in order from where the last person left off or do a whole volume or something?

@Forsaken Love - Nop, you can pick and choose to write any chapter.. But... for consistency, if you can, try to write the summaries for the chapters in one whole volume. smile.gif

Hehe, this is hilarious, I just now saw this thread... I have actually already written long summaries of the first 65 chapters... entirely for my own purposes... I've had them for months in a 70-page MS Word Document. O_O

Not only that, but I also made note of all character introductions and deaths and capitalized important words to catch the eye (my screenwriting training kicking in).

I guess I have no real reason not to share my work, LOL!!! XD Once I add more chapters, I'll add the additional summaries. Will probably be a while, not a priority right now. When I originally wrote these, it was when the English volumes had been published up through #17 (easier to flip through than a scanlation). I'll get around to 18 and 19 sometime. smile.gif

@kkg22104 - BTW, what is the FMA Novelization Project?? O_o *curious*

Cheers! biggrin.gif
<If you have ONLY off-topic content for your post, then please avoid making that as a post, and please use PM instead. smile.gif ~ Board Staff>

QUOTE (allykatty1 @ Aug 9 2009, 05:24 AM) *
@kkg22104 - BTW, what is the FMA Novelization Project?? O_o *curious*

It's exactly what it sounds like laugh.gif We're attempting to make FMA into a novel! Click on the picture of Ed in my sig and it'll take you to the right thread biggrin.gif (Fanworks-->Fanfics-->Project FMA) We're always looking for new people, so join if you're interested happy.gif
QUOTE (allykatty1 @ Aug 9 2009, 05:24 AM) *
... I guess I have no real reason not to share my work, LOL!!! XD Once I add more chapters, I'll add the additional summaries. Will probably be a while, not a priority right now. When I originally wrote these, it was when the English volumes had been published up through #17 (easier to flip through than a scanlation). I'll get around to 18 and 19 sometime. smile.gif


@allykatty1 - Greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! (Can't download right now because I'm having a terrible net connection, but I will dl the file later. ^^)
@Claude - That's awesome!! Greatly appreciated! happy.gif
Oh, and welcome to our board! ^^
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