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well i would say that the .hack franchise is the hardest manga to understand. i really love it and need to know if any one else does.

All of .hack// franchise manga series that are out so far (as of Oct. 15, 2010) are listed below: smile.gif

.hack//Legend of the Twilight (黄昏の腕輪伝説, Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu, a.k.a. Legend of the Twilight Bracelet in U.S. version)
(This series was released under Project .hack. )
It tells the story of two player characters Shugo and Rena, as they win a mysterious contest that earns them chibi character models of the legendary .hackers Kite and BlackRose (from the .hack PlayStation 2 games).

(Source: wiki .hack//Legend of the Twilight)
A science fiction manga series written by Tatsuya Hamazaki and drawn by Rei Izumi.
The twenty-two chapters of .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet appeared as a serial in the Japanese magazine Comptiq, and published in three tankōbon by Kadokawa Shoten from July 2002 to April 2004.
Set in a fictional MMORPG, The World, the series focuses on a pair of twins, Rena and Shugo, who receive chibi avatars in the design of the legendary .hackers known as Kite and BlackRose.
After Shugo is given the Twilight Bracelet by a mysterious girl, the two embark on a quest to find Aura and unravel the mystery of the Twilight Bracelet.

Tokyopop licensed the manga series for an English-language release in North America. It published the three volumes from September 2003 to April 2004. The word "Bracelet" in the title was removed in North America, shortening the title to .hack//Legend of the Twilight.
(Chars: Aura, Balmung, Helba, Hotaru, Kamu, Kazu, Kite, Komiyan III, Luke, Magi, Mireille, Ouki, Reki, Rena, Shugo, Wiseman, Zefie)

Genre Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Written by Tatsuya Hamazaki
Illustrated by Rei Izumi
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher Canada, United States, United Kingdom: Tokyopop Australia, New Zealand: Madman Entertainment Singapore: Chuang Yi
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Comptiq
Original run July 30, 2002 April 3, 2004
Volumes 3


.hack//XXXX (read as "dot hack X-Fourth") 1, 2 (This series was released under the .hack Conglomerate project.)
The manga adapts the four original .hack// video games.

(Source: wiki .hack//XXXX)
A manga serialized in the monthly magazine .hack//G.U.: The World and first released in September 2006.
This manga is based on the original concept of Hiroshi Matsuyama and written/illustrated by Megane Kikuya.
.hack//XXXX has various events that differ from the original versions of the first four .hack games, so it is consider non-canonical in keeping with the overall storyline of .hack.

The manga retells the story of the MMORPG simulating .hack// videogame series. is based on the original PS2 .hack series, .hack//Infection Expansion (Vol.1), .hack//Malignant Mutation (Vol.2), .hack//Erosion Pollution (Vol.3), & .hack//Absolute Encirclement (Vol.4)....) However, it deviates greatly from the original story, with things like Aura defeating Tarvos on her own and Cubia having a human avatar.

The manga shows the events within The World from the point of view of the hero Kite, as he ventures through The World to find a cure for his friend Orca, who has fallen into a coma after being Data Drained by Skeith.
(Chars: Aura, Balmung, BlackRose, Cubia, Elk, Fidchell, Helba, Innis, Kite, Lios, Magus, Mia, Mistral, Natsume, Orca, Piros, Skeith)

Genre Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Written by Original concept by Hiroshi Matsuyama, adapted by Megane Kikuya
Illustrated by Megane Kikuya
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher United States: Tokyopop
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine .hack//G.U.: The World
Original run September 2006 ???
Volumes 2


.hack//GnU (Pronounced "Gu Nyuu.") (It's a humorous manga series released under the .hack Conglomerate project.)
It revolves around a male Blade Brandier called Raid and the seventh division of the Moon Tree guild.

(Source: MangaFox)
.hack//GnU is a sidestory of .hack//G.U. featured in .hack//G.U. The World magazine, and it's a story about regular players in The World R:2. It features new characters who are members of the Moon Tree guild.

Raid, a newbie Edge Punisher in The World R:2 decides to sell all of his gear and items in order to buy a rare sword.
Unfortunately the sword draws the attention of a group of PKers who decide to kill him and steal the sword for themselves.
Dead, naked, and penniless it seems that it's all over for Raid, when he is suddenly saved by a group of players from the Seventh Division of the guild Moon Tree. Raid's adventures with these players compose most of GnU's story.
(Chars: Bordeaux, Furufuru, Haseo, Infini, Jinrai, Kate, Matsu, Negimaru, Ovan, Raid, Senpuu, Tenzan...)

Years of Released: 2005
Status: Completed
Author: Takashi Tanegashima
Artist: Azuka Kawa
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Publishing Magazine: .hack//G.U.: The World
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Volume: 1


.hack//Alcor (.hack//Alcor 破軍の序曲, .hack//Alcor -Benetnasch Overture-, .hack//Alcor -Battle Overture-)
(This series was released under the .hack Conglomerate project.)
It focuses on a girl called Nanase, who is quite fond of Silabus, as well as on Alkaid during her days as empress of the Demon Palace.

(Source: .hack//wiki .hack//Alcor)
The manga focuses on a Twin Blade named Nanase who falls in love with Silabus.
Alkaid is also an important character in it as it takes place during her days as champion of the Arena.

Nanase joins Canard in order to spend more time with Silabus. After watching Alkaid become the Emperor of the Demon Palace Arena, she becomes jealous of how much praise Alkaid receives from Silabus and swears to be better than Alkaid so that Silabus will finally notice her.

Nanase is constantly a target of the PK, Bordeaux, and it's revealed that Nanase was formally a member of Kestrel but left and joined Canard. In order to catch her, Bordeaux sends a fake e-mail to Silabus who doesn't hesitate to help out.
However, Nanase chickens out, afraid of meeting up with Bordeaux and leaves Gaspard to get Silabus on his own.
After Alkaid hears that Silabus and Gaspard were Pked by members of Nanase's former guild, she grows a distaste for Nanase and believes that she set Silabus up to hurt him. In a field alone, pondering over herself in real life, she is attacked by a monster but saved by Kuhn who coaxes Nanase into confessing her feelings.
(Chars: Alkaid, Bordeaux, Endranc, Gaspard, Grein, Kuhn, Nanase, Negimaru, Pi, Sakubo, Silabus)

Volume: 1
Author: Kanami Amou
Artist: Rena Izumibara
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Publishing Magazine .hack//G.U.: The World
Status: Completed
Japanese Release Date March 26, 2007
US Release Date December 1, 2009
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen

Summary (Source: MangaFox)
.hack//Alcor takes place in the online game 'The World'. Nanase is a shy and naive girl belonging to the newbie helping guild 'Canard'. All she wants is to be with Silabus, the guild master whom she has deep admiration for. However, when the guild members are targeted by player killers (or PKs) from the guild Kestrel, will Nanase be able to brave the situation?


.hack//G.U. + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (This manga series was released under the .hack Conglomerate project.)
This manga is an adaptation of the three .hack//G.U. video games

(Source: .hackwiki .hack//G.U.+)
Similar to the relationship between the original 4 .hack games and the .hack//XXXX manga., this manga follows an alternate version of the events of the 3 .hack//G.U. games: .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth that takes place in The World R:2, .hack//G.U. Vol. 2//Reminisce that takes place in The World, & .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption game that takes place in The World R:2.
The first twelve chapters were serialized in the .hack//G.U. The World magazine and as of April 2007, in Comptiq magazine.
(Chars: Alkaid, Asta, Atoli, Bordeaux, Endrance, Grein, Haseo, Iyoten, Kazumi, Kuhn, Negimaru, Ovan, Pi, Sakaki, Sakubo, Shino, Tri-Edge, Yata)

Taking place seven years after the events of .hack//QUARANTINE, this manga follows the player Haseo, a powerful PKKer known as "The Terror of Death." Haseo is obsessed with an infamous PKer known only as "Tri-Edge" who attacked a close friend of his, Shino sometime in the past. The manga details Haseo's search for Tri-Edge, and his eventual inclusion in a mysterious group known as "G.U."

Volumes: 5
Author: Tatsuya Hamazaki
Artist : Yuzuka Morita
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Publishing Magazine: .hack//G.U.: The World, Comptiq magazine
Demographic: Shōnen
Japanese Release Date: June 23, 2006 - March 26, 2009
US Release Date: February 12, 2008 - September 1, 2009
Status: Completed
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Supernatural


.hack//Link (hack//LINK Twilight Knights, .hack//LINK 黄昏の騎士団, a.k.a .hack//link in English version)
(This manga was released under the .hack Conglomerate project.)

(Source: wiki .hack//link)
It occurs three years after the end of .hack//G.U. in a new version of The World called The World R:X.
It focuses on a player named Tokio and a mysterious exchange student named Saika.

The story takes place in the year 2020, three years after the events of .hack//G.U..
The story will take place not only in the new version of "The World" known as "The World R:X" but in the real world as well.
The lead character is a middle school student named Tokio Kuryuu. He lives a normal life as a gamer until a mysterious girl named Saika Amagi transfers to his school. She takes Tokio to the school rooftop one day and sends his consciousness and real body into The World R:X, where Tokio begins to discover that time for some characters, and even the history of The World itself, are going haywire; for instance, Tsukasa is turning back into his previous cold mannerisms, and Haseo is being cold-hearted and obsessive about finding and killing Tri-Edge.

It has also been revealed from a hidden poem on CyberConnect2's website that Kite from the original four .hack// games and Haseo from .hack//G.U. will be returning.
According to the group picture set along side the logo on the home page of the official site, other characters such as Azure Kite, Atoli, Tabby, and Ovan will also make appearance.
(Chars: Alkaid, Azure Flame Kite, Cello, Commentator, Fluegel, Gaspard, Geist, Haseo, Kite, Klarinette, Metronom, Mrs. Kuryuu, Orgel, Posaune, Saburou, Saika Amagi, Shopkeeper, Silabus, Silver Knight, Subaru, Tokio, Trommel, Tsukasa)

Genre Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Author Cyberconnect2
Artist Megane Kikuya
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher United States Tokyopop
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Kerokero Ace
Original run October 26, 2007 ongoing
Volumes 3


A manga series which throws a little humor into both .hack and .hack//G.U. alike.

(Source: .hack//wiki .hack//4koma)
.hack//4koma is a Project .hack and .hack Conglomerate parody featured in the .hack//G.U. The World magazine and later produced as a "Joke Companion" to .hack//G.U. It parodies many aspect of the G.U. series.

It follows the traditional yonkoma format (four vertical panels) with non-canon meetings between characters from both universes.

The first few comics have mostly .hack//Games humor, but the majority of 4koma explores the idea of inserting Kite and his friends into the .hack//G.U. storyline. Most of the humor comes from Kite's altered personality or the exaggerated personalities of other characters, mainly Atoli.

Volume 1
Author Sumimaru Koichi, Inumaru, Keena Aruto, & Sumihito
Artist Sumimaru Koichi, Inumaru, Keena Aruto, & Sumihito
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Publishing Magazine .hack//G.U.: The World
Demographic Young Adult
Status Ongoing
Japanese Release Date March 26, 2007
US Release Date March 30, 2010
Genre Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Little Washu
QUOTE (Lunneth elric @ Jul 8 2009, 11:03 AM) *
well i would say that the hack franchise is the hardest manga to understand. i really love it and need to know if any one else does.

.hack// is a game, anime, novel and manga series. To understand it, you need to read/watch/play it in this order:

.hack//SIGN (anime 1)
.hack//ZERO (novel)
.hack//A.I. BUSTER 1 (Novel)
.hack//A.I. BUSTER 2 (Novel)
.hack//OUTBREAK (game 1)
.hack//LIMINALITY (episode 1)
.hack//MUTATION (game 2)
.hack//LIMINALITY (episode 2)
.hack//OUTBREAK (game 3)
.hack//LIMINALITY (episode 3)
.hack//QUARANTINE (game 4)
.hack//LIMINALITY (episode 4)
.hack//UNISON (OVA)
.hack//ROOTS (anime 2)
.hack//G.U. REbirth (game 5)
.hack//G.U. REminisce (game 6)
.hack//G.U. REdemption (game 7)
.hack//ROOTS OVA
.hack//CELL (Novel)

And then there's:
.hack//ANOTHER BIRTH 1, 2, 3, 4 (novel, BlackRose's P.O.V. throughout the first game's saga)
.hack//XXXX 1, 2 (manga, retelling of first game series)
.hack//G.U. + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(manga, retelling of G.U. games series)
.hack//ALCOR (Manga, another story)
.hack//LINK TWILIGHT KNIGHTS (manga, new game is based on it)
.hack//G.U. (novel, story of G.U. games)

But .hack//THE END OF THE WORLD is the replacement for the first game series, and .hack//G.U. TRILOGY is the replacement for the 2nd game series, if you're a lazy arse and would rather watch than play.

I, of course, have done it all ( Good luck to you though), which gives me the title of this forum's .hacker//, since I doubt no one else has. I've been a .hack// fan since it first came out, it was one of my first series. (Oh, and before you ask, .hack//Legend Of The Twilight is a filler. It's not really part of the timeline.)

Also, it's not hack. It's pronounced "dot hack."
(re-reads washu's post)
thats actually how i began to get into anime and manga.
Little Washu
^.hack// not .hack. Remember the two slashes.

IMO .hack//LOTT was THE WORST .hack// series EVER.
It killed the wonderful art that the series had, and put too much humor into it.
And, broke the rules of .hack//.
* First, they're still in The World R:1, so they can only have 3 members in a party, but they had up to 5.
* And then Rena (who killed poor BlackRose's image, as Shugo killed Kite's image, and Mirielle killed Mistral's), used a Speed Charm in a Root Town, which isn't allowed unless an event is going on within that certain server Root Town.
* And, Ouka's class of Werewolf was fake. There is no werewolf class.

i do prefer gu and roots. me and my bro came up with an idea that .hack// roots was the ocean, lott was the shore and sign was the throth on the end of the waves.
yeah i do see where your coming from but were kite and blackrose in any of the others? i don't really know.
Little Washu
Kite and BlackRose are two of the main characters of the whole .hack// series.

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