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Full Version: And Now Introducing The Roleplay Community's Brand New: Fight Club
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That One Dude
Arena style battles with some drama on the side.

Kinda like WWE, lol *smacked*

Anyways, yeah... rules are the same as ever for the roleplay, with the addition of 'fight fair or you are out of the arena (though, maybe not the RP *shrugs*).'

Well, n-joy!

XDDDD This is interesting,reminds me of the Dark Tornoment in Yu Yu Hakusho *smacked* OW! Anyways!I'm in,gotta do all the 'fun' stuff that is making the char first XDDD
I of course use my Catalina and Alexander to start there a limit on characters?
That One Dude

And, no, not really @_@ Use as many as you please.
mine as well you start then...go on as you please XD Ill introduce along the way
That One Dude
Well, I'm gonna start off with a handful of characters that is probably gonna get bigger as I go along...

Nathaniel (No, she's not a self-insert *mumble grumble*)
Female, 16, 4' 8", Brown hair, silver eyes. Her build is slim, and she's rather agile.

Male, 18, 6' 4", Brown hair, green eyes. His build is rather bulky and muscular, maybe a bit slow.

Male, Age Unknown, 6' 3", Silver hair, red/brown eyes. His build is somewhat sturdy, but slim.

Male, 17, 5' 7", Blonde hair, blue eyes. His build is slim, lacking in any muscle at all.

That's a lot of 'el's XD
Uh yeah?XD

Name:Kari (no self insert here either! *grumble grumble*
Hair:Jet/Raven black and down to her shoulder blades and looks like somebody hacked it off with a sword,natural
Eyes:Just as black,also natural XD
Build:Slim but with definite muscel
Age:Seems to be 15ish,but could easily pass as a 10 year old.
Height: 4"9
Extra:Has very....feline characteristics,also rumored to use electricity?How could that be?XD

Name:Hiei Jaganashi (squeee~)
Age:God only knows but as old as his twin sister Kari
Hair:Black and stands up naturally
Eyes:Blood red
Build:Fairly muscular,but very fast.
Extra:A swordsman but is very strong,and always keeps his left (right?O.o) arm bandaged and has a bandanna around his forehead for some odd reason.Very cranky too XD
Female, 15, 4"9, red hair, purple left eye green right, small and slim.

male,25,6"4, black hair, red eyes, big bulky.

male,19,6"0, black/white hair, blue eyes, tall yet slender

might add more later
Um... well... i'll give it a try...

Name: Morty

Hair: black and emo-like

Eyes: Blue

Build: Rather slim, but agile and fast

height: 6''3

Extra: has way too many knives. uses all possible dirty tricks.
(I'll give it a try.

Name: Fatman

Hair: None

Eyes: Green

Build: Very Very heavy.

Age: 37

Height: 6"2

Extra: Scars all across his head. And bombs. Lots and lots of bombs.

Maybe more later, maybe not)
That One Dude
(Yay, well, I'll start ^^)

About an age ago, a group of Tibetan fighting monks--

The man who was speaking was interrupted by his pupil, Nathaniel, who feigned a rather loud snore. "Who cares about monks? Just cut the 'once upon a time' crap and get to the good stuff!"

Michael sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I heard some hotshot millionaire started to rebuild an old arena to host some sort of tournament for this 'amazing' grand prize."

Nathaniel raised an eyebrow and slumped next to her bulky, much larger brother, Uriel. "So... what's the prize?"

Michael shook his head. "Honestly, I have no idea, but the flier said that details were going to be given once you get there..."

"Cool! Could you warp us there, then?" Gabriel spoke out excitedly.

Michael sighed. "For the last time... I can't control time and space, I'm just a vampire."

Nathaniel smiled cheerily and whacked Gabriel in the back. "Don't worry; we'll hike."
((..where are we supposed to be O.o? confuzzling))
That One Dude
(Just start wherever you want to ._. Maybe finding a flier to the tournament, maybe... appearing in the arena magically? *waves hands in the air* If you need to know, though I think I made it pretty obvious, the arena would be in Tibet. Don't ask me why Tibet o.o;)
((tibets fine but you gave no indication to where your characters are lounging about XD))

Catalina sat on the park bench twirling a lock of red hair in her fingers "how boring, seamstress, shop keeper, farmer...are there any interesting jobs..." she whined

Alexander peered over her brushing his hair behind his back "hmmmm...Tournament...prize to be announced"

"if we dont know what the hell the prize is why would we join" Aleck smacked her on the head for the language
Kari sweat dropped as a flier hit her in the face mid-step and she grumbled annoyed before reading the fine print with her twin over her shoulder

"Jesus what the...Oh!Hiei look!A tournament,we can get some of your experience back in after you went to D level from getting your eye in!" "....Yeah." "LET'S GO!" She said happy chibi while dragging her brother along
Fatman rolled along the floors near by Kari and Hiei. His Rollar Blades made dust as he halted to prevent running them over. "Did my ears hear your Particular Rythem? Will I have a companion to Tibet?" asked the overweight frame.
That One Dude
Nathaniel, tired -meaning she had her eyes closed- and cocky -meaning she had a bit of a crazy beat to her step- whacked herself right into a pole, near where Catalina and Aleck were. "Ow..." she growled.

Gabriel giggled stupidly at this, thus leading to Michael smacking him over the head.

Uriel, obviously being caring of his sister, grabbed her like she was a little doll and slung her over his shoulder with not so much as a word.
Catalina simply stared "its like a mirror...into our past.."

"into 5 minutes ago more like it" Alexander commented

"yup you crash into poles alot.." she said and Aleck smacked her over the head in a yeah right sort of way
"Yeah,so?What's it to you?"

The two twins said in unison as they kept going with the weird Faty kept following along.
Morty was bored. he saw two kids and a fat man. They looked... irregular. That was interesting. He started to follow them. He was careful not to be seen so he kept his distance.
That One Dude
Nathaniel glanced at Aleck and Catalina. "Wha... what are you two emo-goth-witch-cult people staring at?"

Uriel blinked at them. "She's cranky."

Gabriel tilted his head. "They do wear a lot of black, though..." he murmured.

Michael made a grab for Gabriel's hair and shook his head. "The both of you are incredibly rude."
"At least I dont look like a dumb@** b****" Catalina scream at them "and Im nto one of those emos that chop their wrist up!!" she said, she was wearing a purple dress that was simply lined with black lace

Aleck sighed 'here we go again' he thought
That One Dude
Nathaniel started to giggle rather insanely, sliding off of her large brother. They way she was dressed, with a white button up shirt and loosely hanging black pants held up by a leather belt, she actually looked like an incredibly short boy. "You're hilarious. I guess you listen to a lot of Mr. Manson, hehe."

Uriel furrowed his brow, looking at his sister coldly through his spectacles.

Michael sighed, shaking his head. Any other man would be happy to see a cat-fight, but seeing as he'd already gotten a good enough view of Nathaniel's body, it was something he wasn't too excited to see. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't feminine. That and, she was his pupil, and it would be rather sick for a teacher to enjoy seeing his student b*tch around.

Gabriel, on the other hand, wanted to see Catalina get out of her dress so badly he couldn't stop staring.
Kari and Hiei sweat dropped as they saw the two groups of people and Kari somehow walked into the pole,that everybody seemed to be walking into,and Hiei sweat dropped and said picking up his sister back on her feet

"Baka Onna,watch your head." "Hai hai...Sorry Hiei."
she simply stared "oh never mind..your just transgendered"

Aleck chuckled a bit at this
That One Dude
Nathaniel lifted up her arms. "Hey, my disguise worked!" she chirped.

Uriel grunted and shook his head.

Gabriel snorted. "Yeah, like it's that difficult for a dwarf like you to be mistaken for a prepubescent boy, Miss A-cup."

Nathaniel glanced at Gabriel. "When you're not looking, I'm gonna throw a brick at you, egg-head."

Michael sighed. "I'm surrounded by idiots..." he rolled his eyes.
"I know your pain."

Hiei said to Michael sweat dropping as he saw his sister twirling around with swirly eyes saying how pretty the stars and birdies were before KOing on the side walk while picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder
Morty kept following, now the much bigger group. He decided to appear in the middle of the crowd.
"Hi" he said "Where are you going?"
That One Dude
Nathaniel drew back a moment. "Wow... a passed out chick and... someone... who's... a little too happy..."

Uriel blinked and extended his hand for... anyone to shake.

Michael sighed and nodded. "Yeah... hey, who are you?" He spoke to Hiei.
catalina stood up throwing the pamphlet in the trash "nevermind Im going back to the theatre and getting a job there"

Alexander grabbed her by the collar "hold it...a nice trip to tibet sounds nice doesnt it..whether or not we participate..."
"Jaganashi Hiei,you?"

Hiei said raising an eye brow,ignoring the man who just appeared out of nowhere,while poking his sister's cheek in an attempt to wake her up.
Catalina peered at Kari "strange..I think i had a dream about someone like you...then we all got blown up with that must have been someone else...nevermind.." she said dozingly pleading for aleck to pick her up like a child, he ignored her
Morty repeated his question.who were those guys?
That One Dude
"Tibet, weirdo!" Nathaniel patted Morty on the shoulder. "We're gonna win a big prize! I hope..."

Michael looked at Hiei. "I'm Michael. Pleased to meet you," he muttered.

Uriel blinked, keeping his hand stretched for someone, anyone, to shake it.
Prize... It sounded interesting.
"I want a prize too."
"as if...if...IF we so choose to compete a bunch of losers like you cant possibly win over us.." Cat said sarcasticly

Aleck sighed "your such a lovely and accepting person"

"you raised me." she responded bluntly
"Well, probably, you're right... But I can steal the prize from you after the contest." Morty said with a confident smile.
That One Dude
Nathaniel snickered. "Hah, right, like any of 'em would beat me," she muttered to herself, flexing what very little muscle she had. "I rock, haw~<3!"

Uriel grunted softly and lowered his hand as a blob of sweat went down his forehead. Even he had to wonder how someone so big could be so easily ignored. "Should I wear a sign?" He grumbled.
"well, when does the contest start? And... what is the prize?"
"Money to my knoledge small knee-biter. As to this over-convident a$$ over here, you stand a better chance of winning then I do of loseing 150 pounds. In all actuality, there are several a$$e$ here. But I digress." said the Large man on the roller-blades.
Catalina simply looked at the man "and i hope you realize your included then." she said bluntly

Aleck sighed looking at Uriel "its allright i get it all the time"
Morty ignored the irritated tone of the roller-blades-man. He smiled. "Oh... money? I guess there is a lot of it? It... sounds promising. Well... I'll follow you there, if no one have any objections. "
That One Dude
Nathaniel rubbed her own nose, looking at the large man. "I'm not as scrawny as you believe, Fatso. And if all else fails, I can have that guy fight for me." She signaled at Uriel. "He may not be... wide like you, but I've seen him lift cars."

Uriel looked at Aleck and quietly let a small emotear slip from his eye.

Michael cleared his throat then. "Well then... we should get going." He muttered, grabbing both Nathaniel and Gabriel by the collars of their shirts and dragging them away.
"I was simply insinuating that we all have an equal chance...statistically speaking. Just don't assume you'll win just yet. As for the Fatso comment, you weren't far off. Allow me an introduction. I am Fatman. I am the greatest Humanity has to offer, and the lowest." Said he. He turned to the smaller man. "Of course I don't mind providing transportation my little ankle biter. I haven't traveled with a companion for a long time." said Fatman.
Morty smiled: "Finally someone polite! I am no one special, but say anything, and I'll steal it for you! Nice to meet you! Oh, well, I am English too."
"Stealing is something I do not need my petite street-urchin. The thought is appreciated though." He said.
"are you totally sure? Ah, well, tell me if you need anything" Morty smiled.
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