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So...I have a lot of extra sigs and avas that I've made that are just sitting on my computer doing nothing, so I thought I'd share some of the ones that aren't too embarrassingly bad with everyone laugh.gif

I'm very new at this stuff sooo any critiques are highly appreciated :>

If you want to use any of these feel free to take them. I can add your name upon request if you want.

If you choose to use any credit would be nice, but I won't hunt you down if you don't lol. However, if I gave credit to someone else you do have to credit them.

Umm...I can take requests if you'd like, I'm not very experienced but I'll try my best :>

I heart Code Geass!

-credit nami-chan for the Euphy render/vector

Lucky Star <3




Cool, you're showing off your sigs and avas!! biggrin.gif I still say they're amazing, better than what I could do anyway laugh.gif
wow they are so cool. keep up the good work. lol
Thank you both ^^

Trying out a new style~

Again, feel free to take for your own personal use...just read the first post smile.gif

(C.C. from Code Geass)

(Ed from FMA)

and a bigger one:
(Lelouch from Code Geass)
They are awesome^^ You has skillz happy.gif
@Aribelle - Ohh, I like those new style!! They look very nice!! ^^

BTW, I added your sig shop to our FM-A Board Sig Shop Directory. biggrin.gif
ohmy.gif awesome! Thanks all ^^

A couple more (I've been having fun with tutorials XD)

(Kanda from DGM)

(Riza from FMA...not sure about this one :/)

Edit: adding a bunch of FMA sigs \o/

Most of these were developed to promote the FMA Novel Project that myself and Broken Chouchou are trying to get moving, which you can read about/join in the fanfics section (woohoo!) but I've taken the text away so that you can use them for whatever. HOWEVER, if you want to wear one to promote the project, PM me/request it in this thread and I'll hook you up with that version of the sig ^^

(concept by Broken Chouchou)

(concept by Broken Chouchou)

These are tiny banners that you can also wear to promote the project. If you'd like me to remove the text and put your name instead PM me/ask in this thread and it shall be done (or if you want one with another picture/character ask as well) ^^

You do not need to credit if you use these.

I'm going to add the forum code for if you want to have it also serve as a link back to the project.






edo little kid
Awwwwii ~

great job !!!! \^o^/

So.. how do we change our avatars and sigs? my profile doesnt have any options for that yet.. or is there a waiting period?
QUOTE (Satupt @ Aug 26 2009, 10:24 AM) *
So.. how do we change our avatars and sigs? my profile doesnt have any options for that yet.. or is there a waiting period?

@Satupt - You can add your avatar and/or sig right now. Go to the upper part of this page, and click on My Controls, then on the left side menu go to Personal Profile., and you'll see both options, a menu for adding avatar and a menu for adding signature. Please make sure that your signature (overall size) is less than 500 pix wide and less than 300 pix high, and of appropriate material for PG13 board. And, for longer explanations on "how to", please read this post. smile.gif

If anyone has more "how to" questions about the board please post on Question thread in our Site Support forum. I'll move these posts there later. smile.gif
A bunch more:

(there can never be enough Geass!)


Name can be changed per request...ímuchas gracias!
Nice work Aribelle! I really love the Kanda and Hawkeye ones with the black and white image, it's nice contrast to the color, and puts focus on the character (and text in the case of the Kanda one)
Thank you ^^

Here are some sets I used recently that I've removed the names from.

Lenalee from DGM:

Twins from TRC:

Sookie Stackhouse and the logo from True Blood (the avatar is 150 x 150):
I'm procrastinating something fierce (and Mei was so epic in the last chapter) so I made a lot of Please forgive the crude coloring and excessive use of pink/purple :<

And one of Olivier:

love the Olivier one XD, great job on all of them!
@Causmicfire - thanks!

I've been trying to get better at coloring lately, so I've colored some panels from the most recent DGM for fun (and change the text around lol).

If you're not familiar with the series, in the last chapter the mangaka changed her style a little (as she often does) and everyone came out looking about five years younger and fifteen pounds heavier D:

There are some messy spots because I'm lazy/not good at coloring in the first place. I really don't like the first one lol. But I thought I'd share anyway :3


ETA: Dec. 20, 2009
I made a couple Christmas tags...the non Code Geass one was more or less by accident DX

and...Pokemon sprite tags! \o/

Oh! And I forgot about this one. I was bored and made a lot of sprite tags lol :>

and this one, for which I have no idea where the render is from, but I saw it and really wanted to use it :3 I tried to be all vector-y and the flow is kinda all over the place buuut...whatevs biggrin.gif

I am continuing my quest to not suck at coloring. Don't think I'm there yet lol. But maybe someday.



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