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Full Version: Which Web Browser/operating System Do You Use? Which One Is The Best In Your Opinion?
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Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 3
Safari 4
Opera 9.5
Flock 2 (beta)
Google Chrome (beta)

These are the only recent web browsers I've heard of. I've looked up reviews for all of them, but of course, they all varied, so it was difficult to determine which is best. So, I turn to all of you for insight =]

I've only had experience with IE, FF, GC, and Safari, but not with all the updated versions. I'm currently using Google Chrome for Windows and it has been running far. On my Mac is an older version of Safari, and I'm not sure if I should just go with Safari 4 or try something completely new and go with Opera or Flock.

Which one is the fastest? Which one is most compatible with Mac? Windows? Linux?

Share your experiences, por favor :]]
the one that i use the most is Firefox. i like that one the best.
I've only used IE, Firefox, and Safari before. I'm most used to IE, even though it sucks sometimes. I've heard from numerous people that Firefox is really good, and it worked well when I used it. Never liked Safari though.

How's Google Chrome going? I was thinking about downloading it, but didn't bother to tongue.gif
I used IE, Opera and Firefox, and I have to admit, the latter is the best. I'm totally not used to IE, but when I was (older version), it lacked many options that rivarly browsers had. When it comes to Opera, I overally don't like the interface, using it isn't instinctional like in ff. Clear vote.
Welcome back, ~FMAgurl~!

IMO, generally speaking, for both Windows and Mac, Firefox is faster than IE and Safari. My experience with Safari was mostly meh. It doesn't work well on some sites, and it crushes often.
IE has a wide variety of features and add-ons, but the combination of Windows + IE is just so unsecure, and IE is generally slow, and takes up resources, and in my case when memory gets maxed out IE automatically closes down the browser, rregardless of what I'm doing at the site at that moment, and that poses some problems.
Opera is kind of archaic for me, even with the latest version, and has some trouble on some sites sometimes. I haven't tried Chrome yet, and I would love to hear everyone's opinions. And, I don't know anything about Flock. tongue.gif
I mostly use FireFox on Windows, or FireFox on Ubuntu when I'm off Windows.
I liked Chrome's memory management system and how they used tabs but it still felt clunky in places and lack features I've grown used to like clicking the scroll wheel for scrolling. If you can live with that then by all means go for it.

FF and Opera both are the best current choices though from what I've experienced. Internet Explorer is stuck behind the times. Not used Safari but I here it's decent and I've never heard if flock.
Kale Mustang
I prefer using Chrome on my work PC (which I'm using right now) simply because it's much faster, I like that you can drag the tabs around and out, and the overall clean look of it. I'll also use Opera and/or Firefox if its available on the PC I'm using.

As for my Mac, I use Camino, which is essentially Firefox for the Mac - without it being Firefox. Actual Firefox on a Mac is quite the resource hog and a bit more sluggish, so I stick with Camino. Safari I use once in a while - mostly if something acts up in Camino (which is rare) - but with the new version out, I may try it out more.
Thanks Tombow =]]
And everyone else for their input!

I personally just don't like IE. Too many chances to get viruses and whatnot >.< I liked Firefox, but never imagine it would be the most highly recommended web browser (so far). I just look for speed and compatibility with different sites, so Chrome has worked the best for me.

For anyone that has used it, I read that Opera is good for older computers. Is this true? In that sense I mean does it run faster than other web browsers, does it have problems many sites, etc . More or less I'm not picky about how it looks.

Thank you zombie happy.gif
My preference is Opera > Firefox > IE8 > Lynx > Safari > Chrome.

Opera: very fast and has a clean interface
Firefox: slower than Opera but has a few nice add ons (No Script/Adblock Plus)
IE8: No complaints to be honest.
Lynx: fastest browser ever...also text based
Chrome: auto-updates without asking, separate background process for the application when the application is not running. usage being tracked/monitored by google. no thanks.
I prefer IE8, but I also like Firefox. I like IE because it has fewer memory leaks, the browser takes up very little screen space, it looks nice, each tab is its own process, and a few other reasons. Also, most jobs require you to use IE for security reasons. I like Firefox because of its customizability and add-ons. I used Chrome back when it first came out, but it had a lot of bugs and security issues so I stopped using it. I have heard that most of these have been fixed and it's a lot better now so maybe I'll download it again just to try it out.
im only using firefox3 and IE8..xD
Hmmmm.... I must say that Google Chrome and Mozilla tops my list.

Internet Explorer lags a lot.... sad.gif
I only use two IE and Firefox.

But seeing that IE has updated itself to IE8 and no longer works I guess Firefox 3 wins happy.gif
Internet Explorer

Ever since I started getting on the computer, I have always used FireFox. On occasion I would use Internet Explorer. When I had my laptop I used Opera. (The best so far)
Firefox 3.5
Flock (Strongly Recommended)
Internet Explorer 8
~ Which Operating System Do You Use? ~

I'd like to know.

BTW I use Linux Ubuntu
@I-luv-FMA - Would you like to add your opinion of Ubuntu, i.e. how do you like it, etc.?
Or, how about pros and cons of using Ubuntu (vs using, say... Windows 7) in your opinion, etc.?
That would be probably more interesting than just having members listing which OS they use, I think. biggrin.gif

By the way, we'll be merging this thread to Which Web Browser/Operating System Do You Use? Which One is the Best in Your Opinion? thread in a while since both threads are of similar discussion topics. ^^ Meantime, everyone, please feel free to add your reply posts here. smile.gif

ETA: Merged threads
Katya Martin
Whatever's in front of me. My laptop's currently running Windows 7, which is actually a pretty sweet OS-- keeps things in order, doesn't do random ridiculous things like Vista did. I'm probably going to set up dualbooting at some point, and run Ubuntu as well (Linux is nice, free, secure, and generally good for programmers). I'd also get a Mac if I had random money lying around, as I like Mac OS a little better than Windows for using art programs and such (also Mac security, while not Linux-level, is still pretty great). It really depends on what I'm working on at the time, I guess.

So I like all three big OS's nearly equally, I guess. In general if a couple of my friends start up the Windows/Mac argument, I'll be the one who randomly sticks her head in, yells "Linux!" and runs away. biggrin.gif

Since this is going to end up in the browser thread, I'll throw in Firefox and Chrome. Firefox for research or high-load surfing, Chrome for quick surfing (each tab is a separate process, so Chrome can rack up a lot of memory usage...)
Considering that I've only been exposed to Windows XP, I'd say that once since I have that on my laptop, netbook and work computer. I actually wouldn't mind using Mac OS or Windows 7, but for the time being I'll have to stick with these wink.gif

As for the browser, Firefox and Chrome, but I'm more into Firefox. The one I totally dislike is IE6 which I have to use at work since I can't get anything else installed... *sigh*
Broken Chouchou
I use Windows XP and Windows 7.
I have used XP for years, but I recently got a new computer with Windows 7.

I'm shocked at how unwieldy it is. Maybe it's because I'm used to XP, but it seems really obtuse and difficult to do basic things I want to do on 7.

Not to mention the ugly taskbar. It's way too big. [/nitpick]
Delta Δ
the Linux distro Ubuntu 10 Lucid Lynx

I'm actually dual booting Mac Leopard and Ubuntu 10.04
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
I use Windows XP and I have for about 4 years now smile.gif

When using the computers at school, I use Vista. But it's really weird sad.gif
Nuclear Alchemist
I'm using WinXP Pro since March 2009 (a XP Home failure in January 2nd, 2009 at ~2am.)
The original XP Home was preinstalled - my parents bought my computer (only for me) in June 2007.
I use Google Chrome; I love it!
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