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So fast O.O

But at this point I'm kinda like meh, let's get to the manga only stuff! So I'm okay with the rushing granted it slows down to a reasonable pace after Greed.

Loved the part with the growing taller with lighter automail laugh.gif Romi Paku always does such a great job wub.gif
At first I was like.. "WHOA! Too fast!" But then, after I saw the episode a second and third time, it was easier to process. (I watched the RAW and then the subbed, and then the subbed again. happy.gif )
Anyhoo, I liked the voice acting of Satera in this episode! Did anyone else like the bursts of pain and suffering that she let out during her child's delivery? I did! biggrin.gif (Now, we all know that's not what I meant....)
QUOTE (Tezrath @ Jun 16 2009, 08:22 PM) *
QUOTE (edxwinryfan @ Jun 16 2009, 05:16 PM) *
It will be good because Winry is in it (unlike the manga)

......ummm Winry IS in the manga during these events. Why do you think she isn't? wink.gif

Perhaps she meant unlike the first anime and was just a little excited? lol This is a manga adaptation after all. tongue.gif

As for me, I liked the episode but they left too much out and made it entirely too fast paced. I mean the EdxWin scenes made up for it. They were sweet and cute but the whole part with the bridge. I hated they left that out because as a poster above me said, it expressed Ed's determination to help, and not only that but his desperation at not being able to help but wanting to. I also really wish they hadn't kept out the big chase between Ed and Paninya or the arm wrestling match. I would've liked to of seen those things animated but I suppose I can understand why they did. That being said it was an alright ep, not one of my favorites though.
QUOTE (Tezrath @ Jun 16 2009, 09:22 PM) *
QUOTE (edxwinryfan @ Jun 16 2009, 05:16 PM) *
It will be good because Winry is in it (unlike the manga)

......ummm Winry IS in the manga during these events. Why do you think she isn't? wink.gif

I meant that Winry is CURRENTLY not in the manga (chapter 96)
i've got to say that i agree with your comment about it going to fast.
Please add FMA:B English dubbed episode 11 (on CN on Adult Swim) talk-back/discussions here. smile.gif
11 has never been a favorite. But I still like it smile.gif
It's got just a tad bit too much chibi for my taste. But some of the jokes make up for it. I love love love when Ed and Al slide past Winry and Paninya and Al's head bounces across screen. I don't know why, but I love it. That and the "Bay" joke.

11 to 13 always felt like the first 3 episodes to me. Good, but really bad. Never liked Rush Valley either - the whole desert city automail thing just wasn't for me.

I thought Paninya sounded different at times - like Black Star from Soul Eater. But I checked ANN and it says it's the old VA.

I never understood why Dominic refused to take on Winry. Even if it had to do with being related to Pinako like in the first series (which wasn't established here), Winry did not properly introduce herself, as I recall, so he wouldn't know who she was.
I thought the VA for Paninya was really good!

Good episode. Very well dubbed! This episode always made me laugh. I was tired and started to fall asleep at the end, though. lol
I can't see the episode until later tonight, so can anyone tell me how they translated the "uma" joke? I heard it was "bay" but why would there be a horse then?
Because a bay is a type of horse, or rather a color actually, but still people refer to their horses that colors as 'my bay or that bay' a lot. Hence the joke about a bay being a type of horse.
Awww, can't seems to find the dub verison ;A; Do anyone know where it is?
A Pierrot's Aria
I quite liked the episode! I thought the voice acting was great. But I wasn't too impressed with the voice acting of the pregnant lady, who I forget the name of. When she was about to have the baby the 'pain' sounded a little too forced and it ended up not sounding like she was in pain at all. She sounded like she was trying to squeeze something out--but not a baby. Constipation, perhaps? xD *Slapped*

Ed was just totally adorable in this episode too. xD

Bag of Magic Food
I think I see a new pattern emerging in the translation of on-screen text. When it's within some kind of boundary shape, like these "SWARM"s and "JOSTLE"s:

this "SQUEEZE":

and this "Unable to Stand":

they get translated.
But any free-form writing gets blanked out, like "Ping!" (but not the light bulbs)...



"Hm, hm, hm, hm"...

"Ha ha ha"...


"Rub" and "Eep" (including the little streamers around them)...

"Badger" and "Awesome! He's huge!"...

and "Gasp".

Hey, it's the return of the 5-notch grill from the original Alphonse armor! It's even in the Adult Swim video still! How did they miss that? It's big, it lingers a second, and anyway, I thought SD faces were supposed to remove detail, not bring it back.

Another definite 5-notch grill slipped into a couple of frames of Al's running cycle at the end, but since you can't really see it in motion, it's quite excusable.

I also wondered if the wide space between the middle notches in this scene was originally a fifth notch that got colored over without changing the rest, but maybe they were just more focused on getting the angle of the shadow on there than on keeping the spacing even.
I would never notice so many details tongue.gif Good job.
This episode doesn't seem to be anywhere near the favorite for us fans, unless you like Winry very much (character development, EdxWin and pretty, pretty close-ups!). Now, I'm not a huge fan of her, but I really, really like this episode! I feel a bit of an outsider...
What made it golden, in my opinion, though, was all the awesome lines and fantastic delivery in this episode! (I'm currently being contantly amazed by how great it is with dubs)
I loved Ed's "awesome"'s and Paniņa was great; nearly nothing she said sounded fake, forced or read from a script!! Like " stumps always get achy." sounded so cute! And "Eh, roger!"
And Winry's squees!! biggrin.gif "I wanna take it apart and put it back together again! *Uhi Uhi*"
Although the intro: "Maes Hughes is dead." kinda bummed me!
But Al's sinister "I've been waiting for you..." just had me choking!
Randomly like Ed's gasp after he realises he can grow taller with lighter automail.
And "...a little flee...a little flee...he called me a flee..." also made me chuckle!!
Al's "once upon a time" seemed awkward, though...
And when they were freaking out about the baby's coming, Al's mouth were open - I wonder how that would look like in not chibi-style. I've been wondering why he doesn't open his mounth, except that it's hard and unessesary to draw and animate.
"occupational hazard" - I now have a fancy term for when I go and collect mosses and liverwarts to look at...yes...and fern...and pine cones...
"It's private...An addmonition to myself." -- Gave me goosebumps!

Tha fact that Al could feel the baby in her stomache irritated me, but I forgave them because of Al's oh so übercute face!! *3*

(this post belongs in this thread because it had to do with lines rather than VA...I hope...)
Broken Chouchou
I still think this episode (along with quite a few others of the early stages of Brotherhood) is crap. The pacing is insane. And they cut and changed a lot of stuff just to make these chapters fit into a single episode, not doing the source material justice (in fact, they're more like doing it horrible injustice).

Some episodes really do feel like postcards. The settings are pretty, but feel like little more than stage props. They make Rush Valley feel like a background, and not a city.
For anyone missed this episode, it will be on Adult Swim again tonight. biggrin.gif
For anyone missed this episode, it will be on Adult Swim (U.S.) again tonight. biggrin.gif
For anyone missed this episode, it will be on Adult Swim (U.S.) again tonight. smile.gif
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