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Full Version: Necromancer Girl
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Rain pounds down on the gloomy forest. Animals of all sorts find places to hide from the down pour. A lone girl who looks to be eleven walks on the path that would lead her out of the forest and to the Mill Forest Inn. Her green cloak fits her figure despite the rain drenching it. A black glove is worn on her left hand with a necromatic symbol showing. She wears a comfortable shirt and a knee lengt skirt. Her eyes are black with a crimson iris. The rain touches her tan skin but she feels nothing from it. Her feet drag her up the path to the inn. A russtling noise stops her. Thunder sounds after the lighting lits up the night sky. Two bandits weilding clubs appear infront of her in a attempt to block her path.

"What a fine little girl this one is. She would sell big in Grimsburg." says the taller one of the two.
"Aye, I smell the scent of a maiden on her. What a shame a nice looking girl like herself hasn't witness a man's touch before."

The two men laugh disregarding the empty stare the girl gives them. She knows Grimsburg is where slaves of young ages and of both gender go to be sold for pleasure. The two men finish their laughing and turn their attention back to the girl. Thunder sounds and lighting flashes in the ebony sky. With clubs raised high they plan on knocking her out. The first blow lands but no reaction from the girl. A second hit and still nothing, not even a bruise. The little girl stands there in a perfect postion blow after blow. Her gaze is not on them but on the path ahead the two men decided to block. The taller man slams his club down on the girl but only for her to catch it with her right hand. Before any of the men can react to this new development, she quickly slams her left palm into the man's stomach.

"Feed my hunger." is all she says in a hush tone.

Her hand emits a strange aura that turns into a purple vapor. The purple vapor then proceeds to leak into the man's skin and throughout his entire body. The second man is too shocked and horrified to help his friend from the horrible situation they have gotten themselves into. The taller man's skin melts off and his muscles explode in a violent reaction to the vapor. The girl's hand is off the man and she points a finger at the other man. The skeleton infront of her turns around and advances to his old friend who stands still with shock and horror written on his face. The skeleton raises the club in his hand high in the air. Bash after bash the skeleton is stain with blood. The girl walks over to her creation with her left hand raised. The skeleton turns to her and falls into a pile of bone. The girl walks up the path to her destination. Rain still hitting her and her not feeling anything. Her right hand clenching a locket that hangs from her neck.

End of Chapter One-Thunder and Lighting
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