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Come on, they don't have Photoshop in the FMA world!
QUOTE (penguintruth @ Apr 10 2010, 10:49 PM) *
Come on, they don't have Photoshop in the FMA world!

You can transmute anything. If Ed can pull a detailed spear out of the ground, then why not?

Al had perfect reason to have doubts at the time.
Bag of Magic Food
QUOTE (hawkflame @ Apr 10 2010, 10:38 PM) *
QUOTE (penguintruth @ Apr 11 2010, 12:36 AM) *
I always liked that scene added for this episode where the boy is playing with the toy robot, but wait, how do they know about robots in the FMA world?

Maybe it's a toy of a full body automail. smile.gif

Heh yeah, I was gonna say, they already have robotic limbs... Not that big a stretch then for people to imagine full automatons and merchandise toys of them.
Alchemy silly. He could have created the pictures.

Anyways. I thought it was a good episode. It felt fast to me though sad.gif
-Maxey had some good delivering bits. Some parts were a bit.. eh. And then other parts she's just so spot on it makes you cry with joy that that is Alphonse talking... But overall, Good Alphonse filled episode biggrin.gif
-Caitlin actually did really well. She's doing something different and I like it. I actually FELT the emotion when she was smacking Al over and over. But then again, when she first hit him it wasn't how it should have sounded. The yell had no emotion. That was my only complaint the "Al you MORON" line.
-Vic had some intersting moments... the flash back to him crying. Emotionally, I didn't feel it. Nothing. Which made me mad. I'm sorry. He could have done his !angst!whisper and that would have been better.
-Elicia wasn't as baby talk. Which made it all goood.
-Sonny was awesome
-Same with Sabat biggrin.gif Those two are flawless.
-Tatums Scar is working for me. smile.gif And yay Scar Dream!
-What's his face that does Kimblee is still really hard to get used to. But it didn't feel like "mad bomber" in this episode. Which made me happy. It was moving more towards the Smooth Criminal that we know and love.
Bag of Magic Food
Well, he is a mad bomber. He's just supposed to be better at keeping it bottled up this time around.
Can't find the dub... T__T

But while we're talking about it...I have mixed feelings about both versions of Al's identity crisis. I think it was a lot better developed in the first series, when it started off as a tiny seed of doubt... "Why can't I remember my friends? Is there something wrong with me?" And then it grew over time, little by little, until it turned into fear and paranoia when Barry challenged his existence and he remembered what Ed had hinted at. That whole process made it feel a lot more believable to me. I didn't like how he ran off in the first series, though...felt a bit melodramatic. (Would work well if it was a movie, though...)

In the manga/Brotherhood, I never got that sense of believability. It was too sudden, so it didn't make as much sense. One moment he's peachy keen, and the next he's all OMG I'M NOT REEEEAAAALLL...come on. Questioning your very existence takes a little more time and thought than THAT. >__>

As for how the whole situation got resolved...I like that in the first anime, Ed actually opened up and admitted his fear to Al. It helped tie up that loose end and you really got the sense that they loved and trusted each other on a whole new level because of it. In the manga/Brotherhood, I like that Winry was the one who brought the brothers back together. I like how Ed gently prodded his brother's common sense back into place by bringing up all their childhood memories and asking if he really believed it was all a lie. And I liked how they renewed their promise to each other to get stronger and persevere. But I don't like the fact that that's ALL they said to each other.

I mean, Al's just caught a glimpse of his brother's deepest fear and vulnerability, and Ed just realized that keeping his fear bottled up hasn't only caused him to's also caused Al to stumble. I really, really wish that Ed had spoken up about it, or that Al had done something to reassure him that he doesn't blame him. They never once talked it out, and so much was left unsaid. I never felt satisfied with that.

And I STILL can't find the dub... T__T
^ I agree, first anime handled it very well.

I hated how it ended with Al and Ed fighting. It was as if nothing happened..
I know! It's all like "RAWR let's be a couple of shounen testosterone junkies, have a fight scene, swear to get EVEN BUFFER afterwards and then pretend like this whole family crisis NEVER HAPPENED. Screw brotherly fluff." dry.gif Oy.

If I could, I'd combine the emotion, smooth storytelling and brotherly fluff of the first series with the artwork, stronger storyline and EdWin love of the second series to make the perfect FMA adaptation. But alas, I have not the shiny magic powers to do so. *sigh*
^I agree about Al's identity crisis being better first time around, it seemed more natural and progressive like you said, it developed his character more. I can't find the dub either! Might have to wait until tomorrow or tonight.
QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Apr 10 2010, 11:34 PM) *
The scene with Ed, Al, and Winry was very emotional, more so than the first anime. I applaud Catlin's emotion except her first line when she smacked Al with the wrench (hated the delivery). When I watched her shed tears, it didn't sound sappy at all; it sounded fluid and I FELT her emotions with her.

My complaint about the end was how the issue between Ed and Al was resolved. It was like nothing happened. Overall, it wasn't a spectacular episode, but by no means was it terrible. 8/10

I absolutely agree with this; Caitlin really had it going on in this episode. Her deliverance in all of her lines was executed so well. I just love hearing her as Winry again. I can't imagine anybody else playing Winry but Caitlin when it comes to english voice overs. Of course Vic rocked Ed as always! I loved it. Tbh I have mixed feelings about both Al situations. In the first anime it was done very well and quite emotional but also extremely dragged out and the angst got a little tiring. I like the fact that manga/Brotherhood Ed isn't a little angst monster like the first anime Ed was. I liked the fact that Al didn't run off like a big baby and join some random Ishvalan kids, and I like the fact that Ed kicked his a$$ and then they laid there and talked about all the times they fought and Ed made him realize that all those memories weren't just fake, that he really existed as a little boy once. I loved Hughes picking on Ed too about Winry. xD You gotta love his denial only to see what happens later on between the two haha. xD Gotta love it. Anyway it was great! I gotta admit I did miss Aaron's voice for Al's in this one. When Al was having his freakout, he just sounded a bit too girly for my liking tbh. But still, it was an excellent episode and everybody had it going on! It's great hearing them all again. I missed it, especially Caitlin.
Eh, I never really thought that the brotherhood stuff in the first anime was natural. It started off okay, but then it turned into something weird. Ed controlled like, ninety percent of their relationship, when in the manga and Brotherhood, it's a square 50/50. And they fight and squabble all the time like real brothers would.

So I get that Ed would want to fight Al. Ed's probably a little ticked off at Al's lack of faith. And Al was more scared and confused than outright defiant about his whole identity thing. It makes sense that some sparring and some words from Ed would bring him back.

So I like how subtle the brotherly love is in Brotherhood. But you can still tell that it's there. Makes it much stronger and more believable.

The first anime was a fail in characterizing Al right. Seriously, it made want to chuck rocks at his head.

Also, English dub Winry improved. Man, what's next in the list of impossibilities?
Since when do teenaged boys like to sit around talking about their feelings anyway? While I get that the some of the audience may prefer they talk and actually deal with it all so we can understand the character's every thought and motive; that just isn't real. The over emotional plays they did in FMA1 got to me (irritated me) because of that.

Its like Huges says in this same episode. They expect things to be understood without needing to say it.

... and really, haven't you ever seen boys fight; then say 'I'll beat you next time' and then be even better friends then before? lol

I thought the episode was great... but I still think Lil Ed shouldnt be played by Vic, but aw well. And for those wondering, Kimbley is played by Eric Vale, im sure when Kimpley's big entrance comes Eric will be great smile.gif. He's one of my fav voice actors and for good reason...

I heard you had a pretty blonde girl service you! =D"

I contest that line from the episode be the best one from the show.
^^ That line was halarious! LOLLL It made the episode for me haha!
You cant forget the "Oh so you saduced your mechanic" LOL!
I wonder whats for dinner..

I love Hughes. Him and his kidnappings.
Bag of Magic Food
QUOTE (deet-tastic @ Apr 12 2010, 10:18 PM) *
I wonder whats for dinner.

Didn't you see the birthday party? They had all sorts of things for dinner! XD

Wow, looks like they totally messed up the shape of the hospital bed and Ed's form underneath the sheet the first time around.

It appears that everything in this scene was redrawn too, just to make sure it all fit together properly.

Just imagine what jumbo legs Edward must have had to make those shapes in the Japanese broadcast!

I thought I liked the position of the head of the bed better in the original, but that may be because I know nothing about perspective.

Now be aware I didn't get absolutely every frame of animation this time, just the ones that lingered.

I stopped the video again just to look at a point where the camera angle was the same as that first change, and flipping back, I caught another change. In this animation only Ross has been redrawn to look a tad less burly. (Maybe the original animator cheated a little and copied Brosh's figure too closely?)

Also her rear pouch now attaches higher on the strap.

Bag of Magic Food
(split into new post, to bump the topic)

Here's something else I only noticed because I've been paying attention to it since last episode. They goofed again! You can't see the whole thing this time, but there's enough to tell that Al's throat-piece was given 5 notches at first rather than the new Brotherhood standard of 4. (What is that part of the armor really called, anyway? And how is it attached to anything if we can see black space all around it?)

Finally, here's something I can't really demonstrate with stills as it's a speed issue, but I took screenshots anyway so you can see what I'm talking about. When Winry hits Al hard, the six little Al heads now fly apart much faster/sooner.

I guess they wanted more of the heads flying apart and less of them in a clump.
For anyone who had missed this episode, we can watch it again on Adult Swim (U.S.) tonight. smile.gif
For anyone who had missed this episode, we can watch it again on Adult Swim (U.S.) tonight. biggrin.gif
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