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Full Version: Should I Watch FMA-1 Or FMA:B First?
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I felt like the Manga didn't translate well into Brotherhood. If you want my opinion, watch FMA-1. If you want the original FMA story just read the manga. Although the fight scenes in Brotherhood are amazing so if you like the action scenes in the manga, Brotherhood pulls it off flawlessly.
(Just got through reading a bit of the manga)
I don't think you would have the patience to watch FMA 1 after FMA:B... I know I don't have the patience to watch the first one, anymore.

But do watch all the versions, cause they deserve it. ^^
None Other!
Hey gang!

Just discovered this board a couple days ago, and I thought I'd join up! I've probably got a different view point from most people on this forum as I am completely new to the FMA universe (not new to anime though, don't know how I've managed to miss FMA over the years....).

I've decided to start with FMA: Brotherhood. I'm watching the english dubs, so I'm basically just waiting for each volume to come out on dvd. I've got the first 3 thus far, so I'm basically just a few episodes into the Briggs stuff.

I'm LOVING the series so far. It's quickly become one of my all time favorite shows. I don't know how it stands up to the manga and/or first series, but I've had an easy time following it, and as I first time viewer, I don't find it rushes at all. If I had to be really nitpicky, I'd say the animation quality on a couple of episodes is a little lower than others which is a tad unfortunate, but overall, I'm very happy with the series. And the work they put into the english dub is REALLY good (granted, I havn't watched with the japanese VO's yet to compare)

As for favorite characters, I pretty much love them all, but if I had to narrow it down, I'd say (in no particular order) Ling, Armstrong, Mustang, Envy & Al. Can't narrow it much more than that, lol.

Anyways, nice to come to the site, I'll probably peruse lightly for now until the rest of Brotherhood releases so that I don't spoil anything for myself, but so far it's fantastic.

PS - Probably gonna read the manga after Brotherhood is over & then give the first anime a go. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
^Hello, None Other! A great big welcome to the board! I'm glad you could join us! You can pop to the welcome thread to say hello or if you're stuck, take a look at the Guide to the Forum; and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask! Also, if you want to, take a look at this thread if you haven't and would like to see the trailer for upcoming part 4 --it's really intense and will get you even more pumped up for what happens next!

I'm glad you like Brotherhood so much; I love it too (especially the dub, so I don't think you're going wrong by watching them, heheh!)

This is a difficult one for me because I watched the first series before reading the manga and obviously watching Brotherhood, so the first series is what got me into Fullmetal Alchemist in the first place.

Despite that, I think that if you want to get the true essence of FMA, I'd be the awkward one on the thread who'd say read the manga before watching any of two of the anime. After that, watch the anime in any order you want. laugh.gif
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