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well anyone else like them. ever been to see them. seen any of them in person.
Little Washu
Been my favorite band since 2000, seen every concert I could by them, and own every song they've ever produced.

Currently, my lifelong dream is to hug Tim McLlrath.

As for favorite albums, The Sufferer And The Witness was good, but I really like Siren Song Of The Counter Culture and The Unraveling. And their cover of "Making Christmas" is the only NMBC song I'll ever like.
i really didn't expect that. sorry i don't want to sound rude. i think collapse is an awsome song. one of their best. i haven't heard many others though. savoir and re-education are also danm good. how many albums have they made anyway?
Little Washu
What do you mean by "Didn't expect that"?

The ones you all mentioned are from their newest album. (Also, it's called "Re-Education (Through Labor)", not "Re-education", and it's "Collapse (Post-Amerika)" not "Collapse".)

They've made quite a few. There's "The Unraveling", "Siren Song Of The Counter Culture", "Revolutions Per Minute", "The Sufferer And The Witness", and now the new one, "Appeal To Reason".

They've been around since 2000. They've been my favorite band forever~ I like their album "Siren Song Of The Counter Culture" quite a bit, but "The Unraveling" is very good as well. As far as songs go, there are very few that I dislike. Ones I like especially...almost all of them.
btw i did know about those titles. i'm just lazy. plus the reason i said that was because rise against are classed as either rock or alternative. sorry it was a stupid thing to say. i do that alot.
Little Washu
Rise Against is Hard Punk. Not Alternative. Alternative are freak bands like Linkin Park and MCR or other things emos listen to. And everyone knows that emos are this planet's lowest of the low.

What kind of music did you assume I was into?

And laziness is no excuse.

And fix the topic too. It's "To the sound of a heartbeat pounding away", not "From the sound of a heartbeat pounding away".

Also, you can't say "Collapse (Post-Amerika)" is "one of their best" if you haven't heard many others. In fact, "Collapse (Post-Amerika)" is just okay compared to a lot of their others.
oh my bad. i can't agree witht the emo thing. i would say its chavs(but lets not get into that cause i really don't want to make anyone angry). and besides i thought they were alternative because itunes said so but to be honest the said breaking benjamin was pop, so its kinda understandable. what other good songs by them would you recomend
Little Washu
Other songs I would recommend (from earliest to latest):

Album: Revolutions Per Minute

Dead Ringer
Like The Angel
Blood Red, White and Blue

Album: Siren Song Of The Counter Culture

State Of The Union
Blood to Bleed
To Them These Streets Belong
Tip The Scales
Give It All

Album: The Unraveling

Alive and Well
My Life Inside Your Heart
1000 Good Intentions

Album: The Sufferer And The Witness

Chamber the Cartridge
Prayer of The Refugee
The Approaching Curve
Behind Closed Doors
The Good Left Undone

Album: Appeal To Reason

Collapse (Post-Amerika)
Re-Education (Through Labor)
Kotov Syndrome
From Heads Unworthy
Whereabouts Unknown

But being this sites biggest Rise Against fan, you should know that It's hard for me to choose a song I don't like.
lol. thats alot. well i might aswell just listen to all of them. thanks. i might ask if i can so one of their gigs
Little Washu
Of course it's a lot. Haven't you been listening? I'm this sites biggest Rise Against fan. Choosing a few is impossible.

I know their American tour is almost over, so you might want to book a flight, unless you live near one of their next shows.
Okay this is turning in to a discussion between two people so could we carry it on via PM's? Thank-you
ah crud. well i don't live anywhere near america so...yeah. they prolly won't be anywhere near me either. maybe the n.e.c if i'm lucky. sorry chiyo. if you want you can close this.
Little Washu
You see why I never made a RA topic before, they're not as popular as some other bands. In any case, I don't think closing the thread is necessary, since it's remained on topic (for the most part) and is in the right section. Just sort of ignore it until other people get turned onto the magnificence that is Rise Against, and post.
I won't close it for the moment, as Washu said give it time and we'll see if other fans crop up.

I know it's not much consolation Lunneth, but I have a friend who is mad about Rise Against and just as frustrated as you that they don't come to the U.K.

They aren't really my taste but he requested I do an image of deviantart based on one of their songs and it was okay *checks Washu's post* ah The Good Left Undone, that was it.
thanks chiyo.
And Sidekick comes in to save the day!!

Hi! I am also a Rise Against fan, but nowhere near as a hardcore fan as Washu is. I've started listening to them when I first heard "Give It All" awhile back, and I've been steadily keeping up with them since. Yup. -nodnod-
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