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Full Version: Email Notifications Not Working/working/not Working Again
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I think I'm not the only one with this problem at the moment but, this evening, email notifications related to Profile Messages and PMs stopped arriving.

Just to let you know about the issue and checking whether it'll be back to normal soon smile.gif


EDIT: Seems situation is back to normal now smile.gif Thanks anyway!

EDIT 2: Nope it's messing up again +P
@amestris_star - Thank you for the report!! Yes, that's because of the incident of spambot that was sending PMs to our members and we're working on taking care of it now, but meantime sorry for the inconveniences. sad.gif

ETA: This bot incident has been taken care of. Please see Bots Sending Spam Pms With Advertisement Link That Is Diguised As New Forum Rule thread for more details. smile.gif
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