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Full Version: Plot Summaries For Popular Anime
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Carnal Malefactor
Inspired by this:


ELFEN LIED: College student molests mentally challenged girl.

INUYASHA: Elderly man with anger management issues develops romantic relationship with under-aged girl.

AZUMANGA DAIOH: Teenaged lesbians harassed by pedophile teacher.

RAHXEPHON: Teenager plays loud music; destroys world.

HARUHI SUZUMIYA: Mentally ill teenage girl molests classmates.

BLEACH: Revolutionary subverts oppressive government bureaucracy.

WOLF'S RAIN: Destruction of the world initiated by religious zealot.

FLCL: Young children assaulted, molested and impregnanted by insane illegal immigrant.

DENNOU COIL: Obsessive nerds terrorize each other, abuse their pets.

PARANOIA AGENT: Talented young athlete inspires people to change their lives.

SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN: Young outcast becomes popular overnight.

EUREKA SEVEN: Fugitive pedophile abducts, assaults young runaway.

MONSTER: Charismatic young man harassed by stalker

EXCEL SAGA: Gaudily dressed schizophrenic finds gainful employment.

DEATH NOTE: Attractive young couple stalked by obsessed, socially awkward diabetics.

NOIR: Lesbian couple murders religious leader and her adopted daughter.

BLACK LAGOON: Bored businessman finds adventure in a tropical paradise.

LAST EXILE: Special needs child abducted by terrorist group.

and finally... FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: Drag queen repeatedly abuses his handicapped half-brother.
Strike Witches: Child soldiers can't afford pants

Astro Fighter Sunred; Unemployed man harassed by gang
Little Washu
Pokemon: Children capture monsters in their balls.
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE (Little Washu @ May 13 2009, 08:39 AM) *
Pokemon: Children capture monsters in their balls.


Never send a child to do a grown-up's work.

POKEMON: Young couple repeatedly assaulted by group of obsessive drifters and their out-of-control pets.

MUSHI-SHI: Deformed drifter trespasses on private property.
Pokemon: Dog fighting with genetic abominations

Digimon: Kids get lured into the dark side of the internet.

Higurashi: Highschool violence in a rural village.

Hajime no Ippo; Young man inflicts sever brain damage upon himself.

Diebuster: A mentally handicapped girl is shot into space as a sacrifice to space bugs.

Elfen Lied: Civil Rights movement as seen by Japan.
Carnal Malefactor
BERSERK: Young athlete enters ambiguously gay relationship with albino; has life ruined.

HIGURASHI: Young man mistakes friends' heads for baseballs; hilarity ensues.
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Incestuous siblings sexually assault various high schoolers and force them into secret fighting ring.

Ergo Proxy: Antisocial grown man spends too much time alone with a child robot; is suspiciously monitored by overbearing policewoman.

Outlaw star: Criminal illegally transports 3 women and one young boy over state lines in stolen vehicle.

Rurouni Kenshin: Murderer acts cute; lives with underage girl, does laundry.

Ouran: Flamboyant teenage boys sell themselves to affluent classmates.

Mononoke: Drug dealer sees ghosts.


Princess Mononoke: Reclusive eco-terrorist attempts to destroy successful entrepreneur.
Carnal Malefactor
SAMURAI CHAMPLOO: Transients go on cross-country killing spree with underaged orphan in tow.

FINAL FANTASY VII: Terrorists murder decorated veteran.
Ouran: Flamboyant teenage boys sell themselves to affluent classmates.

Ouran: Wealthy Highschool ignores slavery practice.
Carnal Malefactor
GHOST IN THE SHELL: Bulldyke harasses computer nerds.

QUOTE (Toby-Chan @ May 13 2009, 02:24 PM) *
Ergo Proxy: Antisocial grown man spends too much time alone with a child robot; is suspiciously monitored by overbearing policewoman.

Alternately: Utopian society shattered by bureaucratic nepotism.

And now for some Disney favorites...

ALADDIN: Arab terrorist abducts head of state's daughter.

THE LITTLE MERMAID: Illegal immigrant lies her way into high society.

MULAN: Transvestite joins military under false pretenses.

THE LION KING: Upper-class kid runs away from home; shacks up with interracial gay couple; murders uncle.

LADY AND THE TRAMP: Major American metropolitan area struggles with animal control issues.

PETER PAN: Out-of-control youths harass handicapped man.
Aw, my post from last night was deleted.

Lessee if I can remember it all.

Ouran: Shy transvestite blackmailed by gang of rich kids.

Fruits Basket: Perky runaway gets into everybody's business.

Gravitation: Spirited young man is insulted, verbally abused, periodically raped by cynical douchebag; calls it love.

Death Note: Western religious imagery dies a horrible campy death.

Chobits: Loser develops feelings for sentient sex doll.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Troubled teen's estranged stepmother wants to get to know him better.
Nodame: College Peers overlook students spousal abuse
d.n.angel: 14 year old is blackmailed by family curse to be gay or else

negima: boy pervert lies his way to be enchanted school teacher. notice the word "enchanted"

Carnal Malefactor
MIDORI'S DAYS: Chronic masturbator's life-long fantasy comes true.
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