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Full Version: Waiting For The Next Fma Manga Chapter!
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<ETA: Chapter 95 is out. Changing the thread title for generic "next chapter" ~Tombow>

While we're waiting for the FMA chapter 95, lets play a game! It's called "How to keep yourself occupied while waiting for the new chapter to come out!" Ya, long title!

List all of the things that you could possibly do to kill time until the scans show up! Me, I've been listening to music, watching the new FMA episode, drawing some more fanart and re-reading some of the omake from the manga. It's almost working. XD

Okay, you don't have to. >_< lol!
I think Riza's gonna shoot Roy. I really think that Riza is going to shoot Roy IN THE BACK. Because Royai is obsessed with BACKS. He gave her permission to shoot him back when he was non-loco. I think it was supposed to be for-shadowing. I don't think Roy will die, but if he does die, that will be how. I hope I can call this one, I've got a good feeling about it.

Also, something to do while waiting for the new chapter to come out.
1) Go over old chapters, and refresh your already re-refreshed memory
2) Twittle your thumbs
3) Get irritated with your Mother, who's actually expecting you to be excited about Mom's Day, and not the new episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. (The nerve, right?)
4) Do a dance
5) Try to remember your birth
6) Try to invent a new ice cream flavor
7) Watch an infomercial. Not because your interested in the product, just because your already up at 3 am because of the anxiety and just to say, "Wow, you really CAN make delicious healthy smoothies in 2 seconds!" and then move on.
8) Pet your dog. When was the last time you spent some good time with your dog? Think about it.
9) Draw a picture.
10) Spend 2 minutes trying to come up with lists
I know I don't have to, but I will anyway. I can see this activity being theraputic, and distracting me from the huge void in my heart caused by the terrible anticipation this chapter has caused.

Let's see, I could:

1. Do that homework that needs to get done.
2. Clean my room.
3. Scrounge around my house for some food.
4. Read "Tess of the D'Urbervilles".
5. Start reading "Moonshine" when "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" starts to depress me too much.
6. Do the homework that does not need to be done.
7. Break out that journal I haven't written in in months.
8. Re-read volume 15 of the FMA manga.
9. Order season 3 of "Angel"
10. Make lists.
11. Listen to music.
12. Add to my door collage.

Just the fact that there are all these things I could be doing rather sitting here, waiting for more news of chapter 95 tells me that this chapter has way to much power over me. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Dark_Fishie @ May 10 2009, 09:38 PM) *
Unhappy to report that googling FMA 95 in simplified and traditional Chinese still gives no scanlations sad.gif

i tried that failed. where did the people who first mentioned it see it???

anyway, adding my list to the game:

1. making a list
2. playing pet society on facebook
3. listening to the celebrity apprentice which is on the tv downstairs
4. review for my bio test on tuesday
5. reread fav chaps of fma
6. pray for raws of chap 95
My list:

- Talk with your friends in messenger.
- Eat a chocolate!
- Check if you have homework for tomorrow.
(if you have, do it, helps in the pass-time topic).
- Go read the other chapters from FMA.
- Going grazy elaborating theorys about why this chapter is taking so long to come out.
- See a movie.
- See a anime.
- Go post in the forum, in other topics.
- I don't know, make a list like this. I'm making biggrin.gif
1| Stare at the RAWs. D:
2| Reread the last chapter. biggrin.gif
3| Stare at the RAWs.
4| Get excited because of the RAWs.
5| Hope that Riza DOESN'T kill Roy because, you know, I'd probably die.
6| Hope she doesn't kill HERSELF.
7| Scream at Izumi's healthiness!
8| Wonder about Hoho, Father, Ranfan, and Greeling.
Moved posts here from chapter 95 discussion thread in FMA manga forum. smile.gif

Here we can go on with games. tongue.gif
I love this <3

- refresh the page every 30 seconds until the RAW scans show up.
- moan in disappointment when they don't.
- think about how you SHOULD be doing your homework, but because the RAWs might show up any second, decide that they can wait another hour, day...week...
- try drawing something for Royai Day, then crumple up the paper and moan in frustration because I can't seem to draw anything right now...
- search up the latest news in whatever it is you're interested in at the moment
- ...come back to check if the RAWs have showed up
- which they haven't...T_T
Well...I think I will join the game ^o^...

1.-Do some homework
2.-Study because you have a test tomorrow morning (OMG that's me!!!T_T)
3.-Draw some ROYAI
4.-Go and find some royai images
5.-Dance and sing for your mother
6.-Go and buy a present for her
7.-Go and play with your dog...although he would probably be mad at you because you don't spend enough time with him/her
8.-Try to sleep...maybe the Raw might be there when you wake up ...n_n
1. Keep on refreshing this page
2. Play Bubble Spinner
3. Try to study for my last final
4. Wonder why people in my dorm aren't being yelled at for playing basketball in the hallway at 11 pm and when it is suppose to be 24/7 quiet hours
5. Go to bed and hope that the RAW is out in the morning after 8 am final is done at 10.
1. Whatch for the nth time the sixth episode of fma
2. talk to my friends in messenger
3. reread the chapter 94
4. wander
5. cry while waiting for the raw
6. refresh the site every 10 seconds
7. cry again
8. make this list

QUOTE (Tombow @ May 10 2009, 10:18 PM) *
Moved posts here from chapter 95 discussion thread in FMA manga forum. smile.gif

Here we can go on with games. tongue.gif

Haha ahh... first time posting on this board and I already caused trouble. Sorry for that! I meant the game as a joke, which is why I wrote "you don't have to" in my post... but well, people liked the idea and it sort of escalated! Thank you for moving the posts...
@hand-made-city - Haha, no problem!! ^^
It worked out well by giving us something to do while waiting. tongue.gif
Welcome to our board!! biggrin.gif
1) Not my homework
2) Watch Grey's Anatomy
3) Check Mangahelpers
4) Check Facebook
5) Not study for finals
6) Listen to music while playing Bubble Spinner
7) Freak out to my friend about how FMA isn't out yet
8) Check Facebook more
9) Clean my room
10) Repeat.

QUOTE (Tombow @ May 11 2009, 12:18 AM) *
@hand-made-city - Haha, no problem!! ^^
It worked out well by giving us something to do while waiting. tongue.gif
Welcome to our board!! biggrin.gif

biggrin.gif Thank you very much!!
How about chapt. 95 english translation? XD

If so, then...

1) Not sleeping (which I should be doing now)
2) Refreshing 'onemanga' Recent Updates page until said chapter is listed
3) Reading previous FMA chapters/manga volumes
4) Watching 'Brotherhood' anime online
5) Watching old FMA anime
~ February Fan ~

Why? Less days in a month = less days to wait for the next chapter!
Maybe I'm just being dense, but what is the goal of this topic?
QUOTE (Gimpyhair @ Mar 1 2010, 12:22 PM) *
Less days in a month = less days to wait for the next chapter!

Or, less chance to read the current chapter... T.T
I'm getting panicked.. I haven't had a chance to sit down and enjoy the last chapter yet. >.<

Anyway... in a short while, I'm going to move this to "Waiting for the next FMA manga chapter!" thread. ^^

ETA: Oops, I didn't see Chiyo posted before me... Sorry! My Net connection is being slooooow again at the moment. >.<

ETA: March 3, 2010, merged The thread. ^^
when does chapter 105 come out?
I'd expect something about it to pop up this weekend, on the 6th or around.
QUOTE (Vlyse @ Mar 2 2010, 10:02 PM) *
I'd expect something about it to pop up this weekend, on the 6th or around.

ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

Moment of truth for the fate of Amestris

Get it? tongue.gif Truth
I'm expecting stuff to pop up tomorrow. (6th) actually.
That's how it was last month anyways.

I'm not even getting on my computer tomorrow. Possibly not even the day after that.
I'm not even going to risk running into a spoiler.
Last month I was being careful and still hit into "omg winry dies" I, of course, didn't believe it. I didn't see how it would fit into the plot, with all the baddies being in Central. The only plausible way for that to happen was unless Father activated the transmutation circle.. when I thought that I actually said outloud "yeah right" >_>
Then I read the chapter, realized what was happening, and face palmed.
looking forward to the chapter 105!!!!
Has the chapter 105 came out? ?
^ Most likely we will get spoilers and pages today, tomorrow, or the day after that. We've been lucky and have been getting everything on the 6th, and hopefully we will get some stuff for tis month today as well. I have searched everywhere I can access and found nothing, but I'm sure something will pop up eventually.

Deleted your double post for you smile.gif - Chi
I have the feeling that this'll be a one-time that we'll have to wait more than usual...

But getting a little bit nervous myself at the moment tongue.gif
^I hope not! Those kind of waits are torture ha ha.

My personal gut feeling is that it's going to come late today or early tomorrow. Not saying that its right, but that's just what I am feelin'. Ha ha
Too long of wait. I guess we're going too have too make up for February being a short month.
Haha, that's right, I remember.
We got spoiled the last times. I bet this time we will get it at the 12th? Lol, just joking. It should be around the 10th.
I'm certain the short month has something to do with when we see the next chapter. Who usually does the scans anyway?

I envision someone who either works at a manga store (is that what it's called?) or runs in, gets it, runs home, scans it, uploads it and gets many thanks! smile.gif Is that about right?
Now after seeing the new Gangan cover and the artwork as a commercial during the new ep... the wait's actually worse off now... gah.
amestris - please tell us more! You can't tease like that.

This has certainly been one of the longest feeling waits for the new chapter. Part of me though doesn't want them to come either has I know the end is near.
So, there was Ed on the cover of the Gangan, pretty nice artwork too!

And then, there was, I think it was a spread, of sexy-pose new-Father on his kinda throne (it actually reminded me of that artwork piece of smirking Ed on a throne). I wish I could have screenshots to show ya of that.

And Chiyo, that's exactly what I'm feeling.
I took screenshots : smile.gif

This wait is killing me.
Oh I'm having a happy enough time imagining it, and I'll see them soon no doubt, thanks for the information! I think I know the image you mean of Ed on a throne...most interesting.

Edit - much love for that Michiyo, and yes amestris it does look a lot like that Ed image, even got his legs crossed the same way so hawt
Ha! Thanks Michiyo, at least my description wasn't that bad I suppose...

And I hope we get new news soon!

(And yeah, it's the one of Ed on a kinda Roman looking throne)
QUOTE (Michiyo- @ Mar 7 2010, 02:07 AM) *
I took screenshots : smile.gif

This wait is killing me.

thats one sexy father LOL
Thanks, Michiyo- for the screen-shot of the commercial from the FMA:B ep!!!! biggrin.gif

Yes, I agree with mandymtt that the guy in the bottom pic is likely to be Father?
And, the top pic, the cover of this month's Young GanGan has a caption for Ed saying, "Leave it to me!" ^^
Wow, thanks for the info Tombow!

And yeah, I'm pretty sure it's HIM.
Better quality of this pic with Father:

Erm... Was he supposed to look like Ed after all? He really looks like Ed on this one. He seems to have little different face, smaller eyes, but... The hair. :F maybe it's like, erm, older Ed?
He kinda looks like a cross between older Ed and Al...
wow. father is really extremely hot *drools* oh yeah he's the evil guy lol... in the end everyone's related to everyone anyway lol like the 1st anime. while waiting for the new chaps i was rereading the manga when i saw:

top: FMA HITLER LOLZ discussing the ishbalan annihilation campaign naturally

(sorry about including the full page...couldn't insert my own image)
QUOTE (amestris_star @ Mar 7 2010, 10:24 AM) *
He kinda looks like a cross between older Ed and Al...

Like he could be their Father...right? tongue.gif

Maybe we were meant to assume he was just younger Hoho-clone but IS Ed instead, perhaps the whole point of releasing this pic was to get us debating again.

BUT before we head off topic, this thread is meant to be for what we do while waiting, not debating/discussing content. Keep that for FMA Manga Ending
QUOTE (Michiyo- @ Mar 7 2010, 04:07 PM) *
I took screenshots : smile.gif

omg what's with the nice pose there? xD. i kind of disappointed, because when i first saw it in keyhole, i thought that it's ed, kissing his automail or something. =_________=
father lacks of abs.
I doubt that February's length has something to do with the lack of spoilers. I think we were extremely lucky last time to see them on 6th. Gangan comes out on 12th anyway, regardless differences in days' number. Then again I bet we'll be spoiled by Monday's morning / Tuesday's evening.
Literally killing me.

I cannot wait. I seriously can't. Between FMA dubs and new FMA episodes and THIS

gah Y_Y
To tell you the truth, I'm keeping an eye on this:
^I'm doing the same. And every other places where spoilers might appear, but still nothing. I really hope it'll be out tomnorrow.
I don't understand Japanese xD What's on this page, guys?
Katya Martin
It's in Chinese, and near as I can tell it's a forum-type page, keeping track of FMA spoilers among other things. Unfortunately my reading skills are pretty lousy and Google Translate's not exactly great, so I'm not getting much out of it... there are a few mentions of "105" there, but I'll wait for raws and a translation done by a human to look into that...
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