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Little Washu
With the release (or rather, future release) of HeartGold and SoulSilver (still pissed no Crystal remake >_>) I feel the need to roleplay Pokemon, since I'm too old to play with my figurines, and I'd have no one to play with >:



Recently, in all the regions, Pokemon have began mutating, into horrendous creatures. The Professors have all banned together, but even they can't decipher the cause. You job is to try to discover, define, and defeat it.
(We'll just make up something better as we go along ;P)



Okay, so, you can start at ANY region. That's Kanto (first), Jhoto (second), Hoenn (third), and now Sinnoh (fourth). But, your OC can come from any town, village, city, ect. But here's a list of the "starter towns" for each region, the professor, and the usual Pokemon to choose from:

Kanto : Pallet Town : Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu (on occasion) : Professor Oak

Jhoto : New Bark Town (<333) : Chikorita (<3), Totodile, Cyndaquil : Professor Elm (<3)

Hoenn : Littleroot Town : Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic : Professor Birch

Sinnoh : Twinleaf Town : Treecko, Piplup, Chimchar : Professor Rowan

Orre : ??? : ??? : ???

(And Professor Ivy, she's in the Orange Islands)

But you can come from other towns as well, but know the kind of towns they are (i.e. Cerulean is water based, Lavender is like a cemetery, ect)



Like I said above, those are the usual starters. But, fell free to choose from any starter. But be sensible. Don't start with a legendary, or an Eevee, or something. You can HAVE a legendary, but don't make it noted as your starter. And don't try to have too many (2 or 3).



Who said you had to be a usual trainer? You can choose to be a normal trainer, a breeder, a ranger, or on a team(Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, ect.)



You can use an OC, or a character from the series. I would use the game series, since those characters don't have a definite personality :P But, if you do choose a character from the anime./manga/game, NO ONE ELSE CAN USE THAT CHARACTER('S DESIGN).

So, I'll be playing as Kris from generation two. So provide the following info:

Name: Kris
Region: Jhoto, New Bark Town
Starter: Chikorita
Journey: Kris started in Jhoto, traveling through Kanto, Hoenn, and eventually Sinnoh, and now posses 32 badges. While she doesn't use a specific type, she prefers grass, fire and psychic, but loves all Pokemon, obtaining many, even a legendary or two.
Personality: Energetic and smart, she usually comes out on top in battles.
Pokemon on team:
Meganium - Female - Level 80 - "Meganium was her first Pokemon, obtained as a Chikorita, from Prof. Elm"
Suicune - Female(I assume) - Level 75 - "Suicune was her first legendary, caught in the Tin Tower"
Arcanine - Male - Level 54 - "Caught as a Growlithe, occasionally traveled upon"
Mightyena - Male - Level 60 - "Caught as Poochyena, first Hoenn Pokemon"
Flygon - Male - Level 50 - "Caught to teach fly, have gotten close"
Flaaffy - Female - Level 20 - "Most recent catch"

(For appearance, if you use some r@ndom picture you found on photobucket, I WILL kill you.)

Basic stuff like that. So, let's get crackin'!
(waits for no one to get involved)
((....I remember trying to do sort of the same thing when it didn't work out. I'll join if you don't mind. XD))

Name: Mat-Mat
Apperance: Will put up later. XD
Region: Hoenn, Littleroot Town
Starter: Mudkip
Journey: Mat-Mat started in the Hoenn region, went to Kanto, Johto, and is now in Sinnoh. She currently has thirty badges. She prefers all types of pokemon, but loves water, grass, and electric type pokemon.
Personality: Quiet, smart, very tactical.
Pokemon on team:
Swampert - Male - Lv. 85 "First ever pokemon she received. Very strong connection to Mat-Mat, and very friendly."
Raichu - Male - Lv. 50 "First pokemon she saw in the Kanto region as a Pikachu. Very, VERY jittery."
Flygon - Female - Lv. 78 "Only flying type. Met as a Trapinch. Smaller than ordinary Flygon."
Lucario - Female - Lv. 45 "Was given its egg when traveling with a man named Riley recently. Met as a Riolu (or egg to be specific XD)"
Leafeon - Male - Lv. 45 "Most recent pokemon. Met as an Eevee, and evolved in Eterna Forest."
Latias - Female - Lv. 80 "Only legendary pokemon Mat-Mat has."
Little Washu
^Latias is always a female wink.gif
(Latios is her brother)

Yay! A reply ;w;

I'll wait for more people to join before the start~
Thanks for that. Edited it now. XD
I'll join X3

Name:Kari Heartnett
Appearance:Later since I can't figure out something XD
Region:Kanto,Pallet Town
Journey:So far Kari's gone around Kanto,Johto,and Honen and is taking a break before going to Sinnoh and currently has 24 badges and breeds Pokemon whenever she's at home.Loves all pokemon but Bug type,they just freak her out.Enjoys using Electricity,fire,and wind the most.
Personality:Pretty bi-polar,can be cheery and energetic one minute and mopey and depressed the next.Short tempered and tends to get prettttty loud when she's mad.Very tactical when it comes to Poke type advantages.
Pokemon on team:
Pikachu,female,level 78.Nicknamed Chu,her starter Pokemon and is usually around her shoulders unless it's sleeping,then it lays down on her head.
Vulpix,male,level 72,Nicknamed Kurama,one of her favorite Pokemon and is more serious than her other ones.
Umbreon,male,level 81,Nicknamed Midnight.Is a very calm and quiet pokemon and is pretty nocturnal and is very cranky during the day,which can be helpful in a battle and not so helpful everywhere else.
Aipom,female,level 68.Nicknamed Pom-Pom,is a very energetic pokemon,even for an Aipom,and is pretty hyper and gets on her last nerves a lot.
Dragonite,female,level 56.One of her more recent catches,she's pretty fond of it since she can actually go flying now.
Absol,male,level 80.Is very loyal to Kari for helping it escape from Team Rocket,not Jessie and James,so it started following her around and she kept it.
Currently doesn't have legendary Pokemon.
Little Washu
Awesome-possum :3

(and remember that your trainer can have more Pokemon in those PCs, which is where Kris will keep her ect. Pokemon (Like Leafeon, Hoppip, ect.))

But we can't rp with just three people! Invite more or something XD *shot*
Yeah.I don't think anybody else is gonna join,there isn't a lot of RPers to begin with.
Little Washu
*late reply is late*

Okay, so I know that the rp forums(or, general forums) have sort of...died. So, since I can't start these for my life, someone else start. We can have a battle XDDD
*coughs to make the announcer voice* XD *shot*

It was a nice simple Thursday afternoon,not too sunny not too cloudy with a light breeze.And one of our heroes was currently enjoying her day by relaxing under the shade of a big old willow with her Pikachu on top of her head sleeping and her Absol laying down across her lap as she read a book calmly.

((Piccie,that's Kari and no I did not just pick a r@ndom picture off of photobucket XD *shot* and that's what her Umbreon looks like whenever it's awake,and it has another circle on it's back.))
Little Washu

(Lesse' now...)

"Another one down!" Kris said happily as a Hoothoot fainted. "With all these experience points you'll evolve in no time!" She said, patting her winner, Flaaffy, on the head affectionately.
Kari looked up seeing the Flaaffy and it's trainer and blinked and grinned a little and got up,making her Absol wake up with a start,and ran over there cheerfully and asked grinning ear to ear

"Hey,your a trainer right?Wanna have a battle?"
Little Washu
"An actual trainer battle huh? Should be more fun than this. Sure, you're on!" She agreed, quickly spraying Flaaffy with a potion.
"Alright,one on one match?Best out of three?"

Kari asked taking an Ultraball from her belt and tossed it up and down in her hair smiling
Little Washu
"Sounds good to me, we've needed the training anyhow."
"Ah,okay.Come on out Dragonite!"

Kari said happily while tossing it up in the air letting her large Dragonite out of it's Ultraball and caught it and asked grinning ear to ear

"Flip a coin to see who goes first?"
Little Washu
"Alright, come out Arcanine!" The large dog appeared from the ball with a roar. "All right, flip the coin."
"Okay,I call heads!"

Kari said taking her Pokemon coin,one side had a Pikachu the other had a Pokeball,and flipped it and caught it and said with a shrug not really bothered while putting it back into her pocket

About fifty feet away from them, Mat-Mat was walking up from the forest with her Raichu by her side and running around everywhere. She spotted the two trainers and decided to get a good view to watch the match. She found a tree near by, sat down underneath it, and said as her Raichu sat down next to her with his tail moving, "We're lucky they haven't started."
Little Washu
"Alright then, we'll start out strong, flamethrower!"

The dog Pokemon unleashes a stream of fire hot enough to melt even the strongest of steel at the dragon Pokemon.

((Lol, we could REALLY have these battles if either of you have Wi-Fi since I just found out that I have it XD...and have had it without knowing it... for a year or two >w>;...

Though, I don't think Mat-Mat does since it's wireless internet...))
"Wow...nice flamethrower."

Mat-Mat said in amazement as her Raichu started running around and jumping to see the attack.

((...I can't help it that I have dial-up....X'C *goes in depressed corner*))

Kari yelled having the large Dragon take a deep breath and unleash the beam and meet it with the flame and they started going back and forth,almost equally matched.
"The Arcanine is going to'll see."

Mat-Mat said with her eyes closed and a smile as the dog's flamethrower started to go foward against the dragon's hyperbeam.
"C'mon Dragonite!Max power!"

Kari urged making the Dragon make a roar and shove the Arcanine's flame completely back against it
"Seems I've under-estimated this dragon. However, I can see the fire inside both of them, and the pup's got a little bit more power."

Mat-Mat said with a smile again as her Raichu ran up closer to get a better view...which sort of looked like that he was refereeing the fight.
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