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Full Version: Bleach Metal Alchemist Omake
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I've been getting all excited about FMA again, now that Brotherhood is out, and I remembered an old omake idea I had back when I was obsessed with FMA 1 and Bleach featuring Ed and Hitsugaya Toushiro, our favorite prodigy shorties. Lol. So, to celebrate, I drew this omake:

Please check it out at

XD I especially love the last panel
edo little kid
I love that !!!

wonderful work \^_^/
Haha! That is neat!

I love Ed and Hitsugaya so it's perfect! hehe =D

Good work!

Like Causmicfire, i love the last panel too ^w^
great job on this. i think alot of us found the same voice actors did these roles though. good stuff
hahahaha, I laugh with it.

Really nice draws *---*
LOL.."bankai"!!! I love it!! laugh.gif Nicely done!!
Welcome to the board, and thanks for sharing these with us!! biggrin.gif
Thanks for all the feedback! It's nice returning to FMA fandom after a short hiatus. tongue.gif I'd want to do a Royai omake next, I think...
Ahaha, that was funny! Nice job smile.gif
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