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Full Version: Thoughts On TVB's Cantonese Dub Of FMA: Brotherhood
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This thread is for those who are watching the Cantonese dub of "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" airing on TVB's anime specialty channel J2 and TVB-Jade. Any thoughts on the voice actors of this Cantonese dub? Please share.

(By the way, I'm relieved they actually got a decent voice actor for Roy Mustang. Ed and Al remain the same.)

And just to let you all know, TVB has aired up to Episode 2 at this point. They're not too far behind the Japanese broadcast. They didn't replace the theme song like they did last time either! So far, so good!
AA battery
It is indeed dubbed in both Japanese and Cantonese. If your Hong Kong television supports the different audio channel function, you can switch the Cantonese audio into Japanese audio instead. They have the subtitle up for both version anyway, so...

I loved Ed's voice actor ever since I was a little kid, so I am really happy that TVB didn't change the dubbing cast. =3

<Thank you, tinlunlau and AA battery!! I took out the posts on Hong Kong broadcasting info from this thread and moved them to Where to watch FMA Brotherhood. ^^ ~ Tombow>
(Please feel free to delete this note after you read. ^^)
Bridget Poon
Do they still air it now? And if so, when?? I really wanna watch it!!
Bridget Poon - if you have a look at our Where/How to Watch FMA: Brotherhood it should tell you what you need to know.
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