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Full Version: If They Fight, Who Would Win? Edward Elric Or Edward Cullen?
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I was always wondering who would win: Edward from FMA or Edward from Twilight?
Im rooting for Ed Elric. My friends think that Edward Cullen would win...

Please tell us your theory on this fight, your analysis of how the fight would/might go, and who would win based on your analysis of their abilities and fighting skills. biggrin.gif
I don't know . . . A glittering vampire: Elric might be immobilize from laughing too hard.

Then again, I haven't seen/read the movie/book so I can't say how ridiculous the idea is. I do think since vampires are immortal and Twilight's vampires are obviously not effected by things that normal vampires would be I think Elric wouldn't stand much of a chance.
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Hi MewRingo-Nya1,

It's an interesting question. biggrin.gif
However, this Debate district is set up for more serious issues that call for REAL debate, and as such, IMO, not quite suited for this thread.
Hence, I'm moving this thread from Debate District to General Video forum, where somewhat similar type of thread (though not exactly the same XD) such as "Futurama or Family guy?" and others are located. smile.gif

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Ok thats cool with me biggrin.gif
Forgive me if I'm out of place but . . .

It might help to post why you think Elric would win, then if someone disagreed they would have a little bit more to go on and to make a proper argument. Or possibly pick apart my argument if you really think EE would win.

Just saying, it may pick up the pace.
Little Washu
Elric. Obviously. Cullen is too much of a homo pansy to win. I could beat him.
Elric obviously. dry.gif
He'd win out of sheer awesomeness. :3

Sparkly vampires fail, as does Twilight.
Elric wins by default of not sucking.
Hagane no Baka
I've read a little from Twilight and if I remember correctly, the skin of the wamps is like marble material or something so Ed could do a similar thing with Cullen like he did with Greed. If I am mistaken, than like already said by Rain-Alchemist, Elric would win out of sheer awesomeness. Either way the outcome is the same! xD

Is somebody else bothered by the fact that the Fullmetal Alchemist has to share his name with sparkly wampire?
Little Washu
QUOTE (Hagane no Baka @ Apr 27 2009, 10:33 AM) *
Is somebody else bothered by the fact that the Fullmetal Alchemist has to share his name with sparkly wampire?

I am. But it's not as bad as being a huge .hack// fan like myself and talking about .hack// things such as:

The Twilight Bracelet
The Key of The Twilight
The Legend of The Twilight
The Epitaph of Twilight

and so on and so forth.
Wow... this is really intresting concept... iv read all of the twilight books and seen all of FMA. i'm not quite sure who would win, i mean, obviously i would want elric to win but from what i have read it would be pretty hard for elic to top cullen smile.gif

Although, i dont think it would be hard for elric to just use the ground to transmute some huge spike into him, seems a bit lame and un-imagnitive but it would probably work biggrin.gif



QUOTE (Hagane no Baka @ Apr 27 2009, 09:33 AM) *
Is somebody else bothered by the fact that the Fullmetal Alchemist has to share his name with sparkly wampire?

YES!!! It's not just bothering... it's disturbing.

Twilight has ruined both the name "Edward" and anything with vampires. sad.gif
I'd like to point out, that the badge that states Alchemists don't have to compensate by sparkling never met Alex Louis Armstrong.

Anyway, Mr Elric would win, because I'd personally kill Cullen myself, as I would Meyer should we ever meet.
i have to say that edward elric will win the fight. happy.gif
I for one actually have read all four books of the Twilight series (they weren't bad) and saw the movie (horrible IMO). Anyway, Cullen, because he's a sparkling vampire, has the special ability to read minds, so he would probably be able to tell what Ed (Elric) was going to do next. Despite that, I still say Ed's alchemy would win in the end ^^ (Or maybe Ed could just borrow Winry's wrench and bash Cullen in the head tongue.gif)
I would have to be Elric.
Though to be honest it would be a tough match. but I'm sure Elric will pull through in the end biggrin.gif
Elric, definitely.

because a vampire cannot beat the awesomeness of alchemy. biggrin.gif

(but the question actually is.. are they fighting in our world or in Amestris?

Since well... Alchemy doesn't work on this world, does it?
Forsaken Love
like ed elric would get beat by a sparkly vampire dry.gif elric owns enough said XD
Edward Elric. it's obvious, a vampire vs a alchemist.
no doubt. elric will win!^_^
Elric. It's alchemy & automail over a vampire, Edo has to win.
It'd be Elric! I mean c'mon,no doubt Cullen would call Edward short or something of the sort and Ed would kick his butt XDDD
...Do we really have to have this competition? Elric, no questions asked.
WTF eric would kill that motherf*!@ing vamptramp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

then roy mustang walks in lights the vamptramp on frire the kicks elrics [All hail lord Xenu] but biggrin.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif wink.gif tongue.gif happy.gif huh.gif mellow.gif biggrin.gif
well, Elric would win because FMA is awesome and Twilight is mediocre. Simple.
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well, Elric would win because FMA is awesome and Twilight is mediocre. Simple.
(Intentionally omitted the post source info because that is not important in this instance.)

Umm... assuming FMA is awesome and Twilight is mediocre, how does that make Elric win the fight? IMO no correlation between FMA being awesome and Elric's ability to win here. tongue.gif

WTF eric would kill that motherf*!@ing vamptramp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

then roy mustang walks in lights the vamptramp on frire the kicks elrics [All hail lord Xenu] but <10 emoticons in a row here>
(Intentionally omitted the post source info because that is not important in this instance.)

You didn't give us WHY Ed will win. Could you tell us your reasoning of why/how you think Ed would win? smile.gif

Hmm.... Everyone, please READ the thread title and the first post on what this thread is about.

This thread is NOT "who do you like better, Edward Elric or Edward Cullen?" Or "which character do you think is cooler/hotter/awesome/etc.??" Let alone, "which one is the better show, Twilight or FMA?" XD

This thread is "if they fight, who would win?" Yes, FIGHT, actual physical fight with each character using their known skills and abilities, and I think we are supposed to post our logical reasoning, logical analysis of their fighting abilities and show how we come to the conclusion based on the analysis.

Yes, it takes some thinking to come up with your analysis and it may take some time to come up with good post for this thread. Someone, please do, and please give us some posts with some smart/funny/interesting/amusing/compelling analysis that makeas us feel that it's worth keeping this thread open. Please? smile.gif
I really don't think anyone wins in a fight like that...
Hmm not sure this needs to be kept open, for the very reasons Tombow highlighted.

The way I see it, you have a vampire who avoids violence and is concerned by his own strength against an alchemist with a Napoleon complex. You do have to respect too that Elric is used to creatures that sparkle...but still fears them. Not sure either have the motivation/need to fight one another. Elric can die easier than Cullen, but he has more to fight for.

Get Ed Norton to kidnap Bella and maybe we'll have something interesting happen.
Oh ho ho, that's not even fair. Elric would win with a blind fold on, and his hands taped together so he couldn't use alchemy... and Cullen could have alchemy and a flame thrower along with all his other powers. And he could have 6 lives, even. That would be like that boss in a video game that you're SUPPOSED to lose to to move on in the story. That's how ridiculous this match is. Hahaha... Elric vs. Cullen that cracks me up.
EniviD EiraM
Edward cullen ...

first of all, Cullen is for real
second, he is immortal
third, vampires are both powerful and fast
fourth, vampires are gorgeous(what's the connetion huh??)
fifth, vampires do not sleep so Cullen could attack a sleeping Ed Elric
and most of all,

There's no equivalent exchange in Cullen's world ! biggrin.gif
Whoa I am the only one who voted that it'll going to be a tie!
Anyways I have some reasons
Cullen - Elric
Runs fast - can use transmutation
Can bite - can raise spirits up to death ,
Well there are much much more other reasons but I think it is going to be a draw . . . c:
Katya Martin
Oh, this is amusing.

Even assuming you got Cullen mad enough to actually fight with the intent of killing a human, he'd rely mainly on his super strength, speed, supposed invulnerability, and mind reading. He's a four-trick pony. The rest of his brain is devoted to stalking Bella.

Fullmetal, however, is inventive. Sparkleboy, while vampiric, is made of the same base components as a human, i.e. lots of carbon. After working out the "invulnerability" bit, I think our Ed will make the connection and start using the trick he used on Greed. While landing hits on a mind-reader would be difficult, I think he'd still be able to do it; he'd be able to use physics and terrain to his advantage (even if you can tell that I'm going to make this massive hole under your feet, you can't dodge gravity, now can you?) After Fullmetal landed one good hit using carbon deconstruction, there would just be a bunch of sparkly pieces everywhere, which he could then easily turn into something that can't regenerate.
if edward cullens skin is like marble then thats an instant mary sue branded on his for head by yours truly. anyway. elric + alchemy = epic win. cullen + sparkle = epic fail. thats my methodology.
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
Whoa... .I like the results!

Edward Elric would totally SMASH Edward Cullen.

He's got his alchemy. What else do you need against a guy with glitter?
edward would be too quick for the vampire freako...(northern automail)..and BAM
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
Automail totally wins against granite :) It's a known fact!
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