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Full Version: I Can't View New Posts...
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I'm not sure but for some reason new posts aren't showing up normally for me. Is there something I've done wrong? It looks like this when I try and view new posts:

For some reason I can only see the first post that was made and then below that the 2nd image I've posted is all I see. I can't see any of the older posts or new posts at all. o_o
@Kyelinn - The board has a two kind of forum viewing options, one is the way we normally see, listing the all the posts, and the other viewing option is the one you are getting right now. On that option, if you click on the link for the post you like to read, it will display that particular post. But, I know we are all used to the other viewing option. ^^ I know there is a toggle switch somewhere to switch back to the viewing option you're accustomed to... tho I can't remember where that change option button is at the top of my head ... or, just log out, turn off the computer, turn it on again, and log back on to our board, and see if that works, for now, and let us know how it goes? unsure.gif
See the Box in the top right corner called "Options" (To the right of the ratings)
Click that and a drop down menu should appear.
Under Display Modes -> Click "Switch to Standard"
Thank you so much, asunder!!! happy.gif (Yap, I just found that one, too ^^)
Nope I don't see where it says Ratings or Options...o_o am I missing something? Also, I tried logging out, logging back in, restarting my browser and my computer and no luck. I didn't even change any of the settings. It just automatically did this on it's own...I thought maybe there was a glitch or something.

edit: omg nevermind...i found it. I'm so sorry *facepalm* I'm such an idiot. I still can't figure out how I got to viewing the forum like that o_o Anyway, thanks so much Tombow and Asunder for your help. ^^;
You're very welcome, (and, the big thanks goes to asunder!! ^^) When the board switched to the latest version the same thing happened to me a couple of times (my computer is pretty antique and often has a trouble adopting anything new ^^) Anyway, now you know how to switch it back. biggrin.gif

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