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Full Version: Do Your Friends/family Know About Fma?
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A lot of my friends and family know about it because I never shut up about it (they think I'm VERY annoying!), but as far as I know, my best friend and my sister's boyfriend are the only ones who have watched/watch it. My mom keeps trying to watch it, but I'm scared to let her...
My parents know nothing about it.

BUT my six-year-old sister loves FMA almost as much as I do. You gotta start training them early! laugh.gif But it's really nice, having someone in your family share the love (even if she is six years old XD). She loves pretty much the same characters I do, except she loves Ed the most (surprise! biggrin.gif) but not for his looks like you would normally expect (on the other hand, she's too young to think like that anyway lmao)...apparently because he's "so funny and silly". That's my girl! happy.gif

Ah, influence. Really handy when it comes to little kids.

And basically almost all of my friends know about it. ^.^
My mom knows it exists. She's been the one taking me to BestBuy to pick up the DVDs, and has seen me reading the manga. As for someone who actually knows what it is, only two of my friends do. One hasn't really been keeping up, and the other is following the dubbed episodes.
My friends and family know. My high school friends are ambivalent, most of my family doesn't really get it but accepts it, and most of my college friends have read it and love it (almost) as much as I.
My mun kinda knows about it, i tried to make her watch a episode but she wasnt interested.
She doesnt seem too bothered by it all and buys me the manga as long as i behave, Lunar_crescent_45 actually got me into fma, i thought it was stupid before i watched it then i was hooked and its all i think about now
Yeah my mum knows but she doesn't really care, most of my friends think I'm a little crazy o.0 but I have one friend who introduced me to FMA so we're just otaku's together and talk about manga/anime, mostly fullmetal, as much as we possibly can! biggrin.gif
my family makes fun of me for it XD im the only one that watches anime in the family
I got my sister into it not long after I started watching, so we both love it. Me, a little more, but it's nice to have another crazy fan to talk to. (Of course, I've brainwashed my sister into liking most of my fandoms, mwahaha.)

My mom knows about it because I talk about it a lot, but she just sees it as another 'cartoon' that I watch. I told her that it's not like a typical cartoon (like, for the kiddies or Family Guy or something), so she kinda gets that. But she does appreciate how much I love it. And my dad just thinks it's cool that I like anime, but he isn't into animation. (I did get him to watch some of Bleach, now I'm working on getting him into FMA. I know he'll like it, the action is his kind of thing.)

My friends know I love it, and I did get one of my best friends to watch it. She loves it now. xD
The Stubborn Alchemist
I have no one to share Fullmetal, that's why I joined the board. But my friends, parents and even my grandparents know about the 'handsome alchemist' xp I couldn't stop talking about it, asked things for my birthday, drew Ed, created posters, freaked out every now and then,... I couldn't persuade anyone to watch the anime or read the manga though -.- I still didn't find the trick to get them into it ^^
My mum loves FMA (I even got her to start reading the manga), she's a huge Mustang fangirl. XD

My brother likes it too, though to a lesser extent- he still hasn't seen the last half of 'Brotherhood' because he's too lazy to bother.
Lol mustang fangirl, i didint know parents were into mustang smile.gif
Hmm, my friends don't really know about it. Not that I'm embarrassed, it's just not their thing, so I keep it to myself. In fact, I'm pretty sure half my friends don't even know what anime is, haha.

My best friend knows I like it, but she's never seen it, not really her thing either. I got her hooked on Cowboy Bebop a few years ago, so she's a lot less cynical about anime than she used to be. We have Studio Ghibli marathons every now and then too.

I do have a friend who watches FMA, but he's like me, he's doesn't like anime much as a genre, just likes a couple of series. We tend to geek out more about Final Fantasy.

As for my family? I remember a year or so ago when my mum was helping me move, she picked up one of my fullmetal DVDs, frowned at it, and said, "Is this a video game?"
Sure, mum. It's a video game.

I did try to explain to her once the difference between Japanese anime and Western cartoons. It didn't quite sink in (or she didn't believe me), so I just told her, "Oh, it's like South Park." frusty.gif

Ooohhhhhh my friends sure know about it xD

Haha my friends and I are WICKED into FMA. I even recently got my boyfriend into it. We're all going to do a big group FMA cosplay this coming Anime Boston. My two best friends are going to be Al and Winry (yes, we're making the Al armor), we're hoping my super short friend will go as Ed, but she may or may not have the money for it (*sobs*), and my boyfriend and I are going to be Roy and Riza. Yeah. We're kind of silly and crazy like that >.>

As for my family, they're kind of... meh. My dad's stupid and he keeps asking what "FMA" is. I just stop telling him. He won't remember anyway. And my mom knows about it. I keep asking her if she wants to watch it, but she's pretty weird about it. I feel like she'd really like it if she watched it, but I haven't reached a breakthrough yet... Oh well.
QUOTE (Neurotripsy @ Jan 23 2011, 09:13 AM) *
My mum loves FMA (I even got her to start reading the manga), she's a huge Mustang fangirl. XD

Lol, that's pretty much awesome biggrin.gif

I have a few friends who are into friend encouraged me to read it (she had read the first few manga volumes), so I did and I also watched the first anime, which I then told my friend to watch. smile.gif
Well, my sister really likes it. My other sister was right into it before (collected almost the entire original anime+movie back when they were only sold as individual DVDs. She got up to episode 40 on them, so almost all of it... Plus collected about 10 volumes of manga and the first manga artbook) but I'm not sure if she still likes it or if her interest died.

My mom and dad don't know about it, but they wouldn't care. My mom would write it off as she's not at all interested in animation. My dad would probably think it's kinda neat and would probably wander into my room and watch a few minutes, and would probably flip through the manga too. He has a much higher appreciation for animation than my mom does. He's always up for watching a Disney movie with me whereas my mom is never in the mood for one (Unless it's Tangled, Beauty&the Beast, or Aladdin. My mom LOVES those ones).

I'm really lucky and don't have parents who think all of my interests are "BS" like some people.

My friend likes Roy because his name is Roy and he does stuff with fire. xD She loves fire. Otherwise she doesn't have any interest.
Lucky Lucy
My mom knows about it biggrin.gif We used to watch the first series together. It was really fun laugh.gif She kind of liked Mustang too. biggrin.gif She bought me the "state alchemist" watch so that means she really likes FMA biggrin.gif (actually she really likes anime)
My friends also know about it...that's cause I keep talking(more to myself actually) about how cute Ed is or how much I like FMA laugh.gif
Anyways I've got a friend who is really into manga and anime and she seemed really happy when I said "Fullmetal Alchemist". biggrin.gif
I watched the series because of a friend, and then we watched it together again with another friend...well.
My family. Hm, my mum always comes into my room without asking and then stares at the monitor. But that's it, she doesn't like manga and anime.
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