well i'm not sure this is in the right place...not sure if this is even allowed. well a friend of mine on deviant art wrote this.
Hearts beats like one
Like you'res and mine.
Even though we have to walk in line.
Doesn't mean I can't be close.

How can I just pass you?...
Without feeling my heart tingle?
Your always busy 'mingling'
While I stand at the side.

Great minds think alike
What would happen if I told you I loved you with all my might?
Will you say the same thing tonight?
If minds think alike...why can't you see?

well if you liked that then check this.

Everyday drags on & on...
Why can't we just go?
We'll wait til the day is done...
And hide, high and low.

Sneek away at night
Even though I can't wait that long...
To love you with all my might
...Or do I have to wait till day light?

OUR day is getting closer
Can't we jump forward to that time?

Or do I have to wait for you to be mine?

well thats kp's stuff. oh btw kp is the inittials for koala princess. she's a friend of mine on deviant art.

heres mine
The paranoia cast on my ever taken life.
I try to ignore it and drown it in insanityís fame only then to drown in my shame.
Donít just ignore me like Iím nothing.
Donít insult for no reason. When will it be written? Or is my life meant to be something, like my neck to be bitten.
When will I be whole? Donít hold me down or a life cast to shame of ďneeded, unessential, unattainable fameĒ.
If I ask you to stop, dose that mean hate me.
Or is this pain caused by a minority.
My life isnít epic, just walking fingers on the strings of a guitar.
Donít douse my flame, and donít think of me from a far.
Ashes maybe not a purpose trampled by non existing strife.
Maybe to be left, maybe for a while, but I canít help but think when these scars will heal.
Blonde to brown.
Thatís how I feel.
But you feel closer now.
Age is no matterÖnot when this isnít real.
I will grow, as the earth knows.
Donít fear me. Donít reject me. Just respect me and I might relate to you.
As I try to throw, my solemn wishes out the window, I truly think of being me, the chemicals rise and I feel free, the never knowing, the never loving, the never flowing.
This is the me yet to be shown

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