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Full Version: Hellfire Calamity
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This story is set in the Universe of AlphaOmega, a totally seperate world to our own, where humans have succeeded in setting up on other planets, under the watchful eye of the Kami, a God King of enormous power. The humans have succeeded in living peacefully and fighting off barbarian races but recently something terrible has been happening. Monsters of all different kinds, large or small, human or monstrous, intelligent or stupid, have been appearing, and attacking the humans, causing a massive amount of danger. So an Organization was set up known as "The Angels of the crescent". These people are humans with amazing abilities. They are fighting in secret the monsters when the army cannot get rid of them.

Where are these monsters coming from? Will "The Angels of the Crescent" stop them?

Ok, basically if you want to be a good guy then you'll probably work in the organization. the higher the rank, the older the character. Oh and you can have as many chars as you like.

The ranks are: Apostle

If you work in the organization you don't have to have powers. Magic is elemental based, and weapons can have powers too. Weapons can be anything from swords to guns.

All you bad guys, you will want to be Apprentices if you choose to be this I will tell you what you are doing and your ability, or monsters, which can be anything but you work for apprentices.

Here are my characters as examples

Name: Alan Moore
Age: 29
Rank: Bishop
Personality: Calm and collected, serious.
Powers: Ice
Weapons: Carries two swords, one bright and multicoloured the other black and white.
Bio: Alan Moore joined the organization when he realised that he had an ability and therefore he was "Chosen" (this is what the Angels of teh Crescent" supposedly are, chosen by King Kami). He realised he had this ability when fighting a monster in his home city.

Name: King Ignatius Kami
Age: ???
Rank: He is the God King.
Personality: Impatient
Powers: Immense destructive power.
Weapons: None.
Bio: This is the God King ruling over the human empire, he is all powerful and all seeing, he is growing angry at these monsters and wants his organization to get rid of them. He is worshipped as a god, just as his father was.

Name: Rex Chella
Age: 18
Rank: Deacon
Personality: Ridiculously happy go lucky in all situations, naive, innocent.
Powers: Energy based.
Weapon: Small throwing daggers.
Bio: Rex was found to be chosen at the age of 16, when he accidently blasted a shop door down when subliminally using his energy power, he was arrested but bailed out as he was entered into "The Angels of the Crescent"

I'm joining as always ;D

Name:Kari Neko As usual XD *shot*
Personality:'Rude',very sarcastic,impatient,and likes to annoy people.
Weapons:Her gun Hades (ignore the guy XDD) which can absorb her lightening/electricity and power up her bullet's speed/strength.
Bio:Is a monster made by the evil sorcerer but is being used by the government since she A)ran away by the man who created her and barely remembers him and B)is very useful.She's strong sure but with her big mouth she never gets promoted beyond Disciple.
Looks:Her 'human' form and Her animal form
Extra info:Likes to give nick names to people,her current one for the king is 'Chibito-sama' aka Squirt-sama.
Name: Amy Mills
Age: 22
Rank: Priestess
Personality: calm, polite, cold
Powers: Shadows, telepathic
Weapons: Iron black Katana with a white and black handle which enhance her shadow ablilites
Bio: Amy was found at the age 4 by a bishop and was taken in by him. She has lived in the church her whole life and doesn't know her real parents.
Will start soon! Just a bit busy with exams!
happy.gif awesome
Joining if Possible

Useing Wesker at least...

Name: ??? 'The Spy'
Age: 32
Appearence: A red baclava covers his face and a red suit over the rest of his body
Powers: Light, Smoke, and fire
Weapons: Knife, 'Ambassador', PDA
Bio: He is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, express mailed to Mystery, Alaska, and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! But it is too late. You're dead. For he is the Spy—globetrotting rogue, lady killer (metaphorically) and mankiller (for real)
Quote: "Gentlemen..."
Rank: Neutral
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