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well persona is a spin off series of the shin megami tensei series. well shin megami tensei is a basic rpg series. and persona is about crwatures called shadows that appear in "the dark hour" the dark hour is a hidden hour in the day when normal people turn into coffins. they
forget all that they see in the dark hour. people with "the potential" can summon their persona with an object of their choice. when the dark hour starts the people with potential go out to destroy shadows. hope you guys like. i'm gonna start with the standard characters that anyone can play as.
btw: you can make 2 characters max and if you must know, your characters may have relationships. tell me which month your character is born in aswell

Wiki link:
you can play as the main character but in this you wouldn't be the main.
btw the "main character"'s name is minato arisato (his name in the manga)
well heres my character.
name: lunneth harmane
age:15 (15 nov)
eyes: originally gold but turn one green one blue
hair: long dirty blonde down to the middle on knees (ponytail)
personality: outgoing, hardworking, strong, honest.
history: his brother originally went to the shcool just before yukari joined but mysteriously dissapeared soon after an incident with a group called the haunting.
lunneth went to the same shcool to find out where his brother had gone. he eventually joins s.e.e.s (the orginisation in the shcool that eliminates the shadows) and found out he could use and fuse multiple persona. he used to be quiet and unstable but soon when his evoker broke it unleashed his full anger. he almost found the truth about his brother but the haunting member that knew was killed by another member called kosuke. he became open and outgoing and his spiritual pressure became less and less until he could summon his persona with ease.

persona info:
main element: light/dark
skills: varied. main ability is to fuse persona together to make new ones and even defuse them. he can fuse a persona with einherjah and change its appearance and abilities.
arcana: fortune

anywayz please join guys. thx tongue.gif
just curious...we can make our own characters or do we have to pick a character from the list provided?
you can make one but if you don't want to make one then you can chose one from the list. thx. (man it's been a long time)
That One Dude
Sounds pretty awesome biggrin.gif Could I join?
sure ting
That One Dude
Name: Rui Xun
Eyes: Blue, narrow eyes, thick eyelashes.
Hair: Black & Long, tied back in a ponytail.
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 102.4
Details: Not very powerful, but agile and trained in the ways of the Shaolin Monk. He suffers from anemia.
Personality: Has a bit of an asexual vibe, but shows attraction towards females. Rather disciplined, though hardheaded. He's also a bit of a know-it-all.
History: Rui'd led a rather normal life, mostly occupied by studies and training. Originally from China, Rui finds it a bit difficult to adapt to the new school and the new society.
He has yet to discover his true power.

(Good? o.o)
good good. thans for the join. we need a few more people yet
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