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Full Version: Live Albums
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Do you like live albums? Theres only one I like and that's Skin and Bones, the Foo Fighters album.
Everyone else I ever get annoyed because I wasn't there (pathetic but true) or the crowds really annoy me...

The only one I'm really into is Metallica's S&M. I agree with the crowds annoying thing. I do like live videos, though. And for some reason, I always thought Iron Maiden's 'Fear of the Dark' sounded better live than the album track.
If I could get live albums from all the concerts I've actually been to, it might make a difference, though.
Same. I need to by Bullet for my valentines dvd, because im in that for a milli second tongue.gif
I'm pretty sure I'm in a Kittie DVD somewhere, because the camera was all over me and a group of friends for a while at one of their concerts. Haven't seen it, though.
Live albums are merely a money making tool. Nothing really compares to the actual live experience. Also, I'd much prefer listening to a song without the constant cheering of crowded fans in the background.
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