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I have a project in progress called "Fortified Angel" (behold ye teh crappy name)
I have a lot of story for it already and i plan to have it published as a text format book with manga illustrations and then i might make it into a manga.

Heres the explanation of my story.

chytians: average humans who don't know about shinriki or shinjuki.

internal clocks: ones amount of life stream keeping them alive for a certain amount of time.

universal links and lifestream: the balance of the ratio of shinriki, shinjuki, humans and cythians alive being supplied with life essence from the lifestream.

shinriki: these beings are manifestations of ones souls. they grant the user powers and weapons for fighting shinjuki. they only reveal themselves when one is attacked by a shinjuki.

shinjuki: a dead soul that has been harvested and severed from their original bodies. these creatures are essentially the oposite of shinriki but are just as powerful

shinkai: neither dead nor alive souls. their existance was only a theory but recent resarch proved they existed. they are far more powerful than normal shinriki or shinjuki. no one see's them and so they are called a part of nature.

fuzetsu: an area that can be controlled by the user. it shuts off all cythian life and stops them from getting in. it allows for a battle ground for shinriki and shinjuki.

master god shinriki: these shinriki are named behamut, ragnarok and kona. they hold imense power.

mana kehmia: a creature that takes body and kills.

thats all for now
Why do they fight?
the characters fight because the universal links become severed when a soul is reeved from ones body and they become a completly independant life form and don't need any form of symbiosis. i would prefer this was moved. thanks tombow.

alright heres the actual story

istuki kanato is an ordinary 15 year old reaching the end of his 4th year at his school. however he is invited to the roof of his school on the first day of the last term. he is then attacked by a shinjuki. he is saved by a class mate called keihiro seiji. he simply leaves itsuki to not know a thing about the shinjuki. when itsuki goes home though he is attacked again. this time by multiple shinjuki. he is now saved by a girl in his class called asuka akuramasa. she eventually tells him about the truth. itsuki asks her to train him to hunt shinjuki.
well there are more characters in the series
gelske kajima (2nd half of series)
irihara kazumi )(all series)
amane fujiwarashi (first half of series)
willse kajima(second half)
kohila kilaka (second half)
and many more to follow.
well guys i have here the first chapter of my book. hope people read.

We can never be what we want. That is when fortification takes over. Our souls join the life stream after we die. The only set back is that we humans are the main product of misery, not to mention the level of anguish we cause. People cause turmoil and betrayal amongst their own men…and sometimes amongst themselves. But I still strongly believe that we of the world are just a bunch of clowns standing on their tiptoes on the edge of an abyss that would only purge us into a state of eternal sleep.
This is the harsh thing that reality is. But this is only the beginning. What if you knew the truth? Well this book is for you. For everyone who rested at the end of the white hallways, for those of us that thought that return was impossible, for those who were scared for their love and life and for those that were just in love…and for those who saw death and starred it straight in the eyes. Welcome. I hope you enjoy this, for this is a book on which I have devoted my philosophy to.
And last of all
Here’s some music.
Swing, swing, swing
from the tangles of
my heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
to carry on again?

The all American rejects
Swing swing.

Itsuki groaned as he rolled out of his bed and on to the wooden floor. The morning sun had risen for quite some time now and its rays hit his head like spears from heaven. He turned his head to the mirror on the other side of the wall. He could have sworn that the light formed a symbol of some sort on his forehead. They didn’t. The day so far was as normal as it would ever be and so he got up and tried to brush his dirty brown hair back to its original position, instead of the normal homeless person impression, his pillow had seemingly tried to make every night. He finished waking himself up and wondered down stairs to find his older brother about to leave. “Hey, Yuri” he waved to his brother as he had turned to leave. Then Itsuki noticed something. “Is that a gun” he pointed to his brothers belt which bore a brand new holster, complete with ammo clips. He tried to hide it from his brothers prying eyes. “Sorry bro, maybe another time” he replied as he turned to leave. Yuri had always been secretive. He ascended the hallway steps and went into the kitchen. A day as normal as it got was simply welcomed by his mother’s warm smile. “Hey” Itsuki spoke as he unfolded a news paper from the table. “Your mid term exam results are in by the way” Emiko replied as Itsuki turned to her. “Nuts, we’ve got cram sessions today as well” he slapped his face hard. The rule was that he only got his results later on in the day. “Well just don’t kill your self today” she spoke to him sarcastically. Itsuki crammed his food down his throat and then finished his daily routine. Running out the door today made him feel good. He still had half a slice of toast in his mouth. He dashed down the streets of his home town until he got to the train station. He felt invigorated. The sun light was like a steroid, pushing him further than ever. The train doors slid closed as he squeezed in through the tiny gap. “Made it” he told himself under his breath. This day was going perfect.

The gates of the school lay wide open as the students went past them into their domain. The sky was unusually lit by the sun and the air tasted as bitter as over ripe grapes. Itsuki couldn’t help but notice that certain people were acting strange. “Hey Istu” Nagasi Momuri and Ishida Sasaki called over to him. “Hey Nagasi, Ishida, how are you doing” he wondered over to them, curious about his friends state. “Hey we were wondering whether you wanted to come with us after school” Nagasi put it simply. He didn’t even answer his question. “Sure” Itsuki couldn’t think of anything else to say, the sun was doing his head in. “hey Keihiro” Ishida called to the solemn boy who had just come in through the gates. Keihiro had long jet black hair, in downward spikes and half of his fringe covering his eye. “You want to come with?” Ishida added. Keihiro just ignored the friends and walked off. “What do you think he’s gonna do Ishida. He’d never hang out with us” Nagasi told him sternly. “Well I thought I might ask anyway” Ishida replied disappointed. The day went on as it normally did. The heat was getting to everyone since second period…all except Keihiro. He just stared straight out the window. “Mister Kanato?” the teacher questioned. “Oh right sorry sir” Itsuki apologized, flicking through the pages of the text book.

The bell rang dismissing the students from their oven of a class room. “So are you still coming?” Nagasi questioned. “Yeah hang on” Itsuki shuffled round the literally paper clad waste land inside his desk. He felt his hand go over a small piece of paper. It had a sort of silver trim which pricked at his finger as he ran over it. “What the” he murmured to himself as he pulled it out. He was curious to what it was and so decided to wait instead of going with the others. He made his way to the roof that day and waited. The clouds had enveloped the city in an ominous glow. It shone and spread a sense of loneliness on Itsuki. He looked down at the gates. He saw only one person: Keihiro. It amazed him. What was he doing here? Itsuki heard the sound of the door swinging open…but no one was there. He looked down as well. The ground below became a deep void. He turned round. He saw glistening silver, seeping through the rust…but of what. It loomed. It loomed over him like a tower. Itsuki slowly looked up. What he saw was a mask covering a bleeding face. It amazed him. In shock and horror, Itsuki stumbled back and would almost have fallen off over the edge if he hadn’t darted for the side of the creature. He walked back as it approached. He felt the adrenaline rush to his head in a flash of realisation. This is really happening. He thought to himself as he tried to grasp a good solution to the situation. He felt bile rise in his throat as he thought what it might do to him. He saw the blade that its hand was comprised of, rise into the air as his vision went fuzzy. The end was here and it was him he wanted dead. But why? He saw it collide with the air and slide through to him. A sudden gust of wind was the only thing that made him stop thinking of the fate that he had been allotted. He blinked. Had it hit him? Had it shattered? Why wasn’t he dead? He let go of his head and looked at his savoir. A strange blue light had enveloped the hand of the person in front of him and the blade was struggling to cut through it. Itsuki looked in awe at keihiro. His eyes were filled with what looked like determination, an unusual thing to be seen on Keihiro. He pushed the blade away and slammed his fist into the creature’s stomach. It almost flew off the edge as keihiro kicked it at least three times in mid air. Finally he smashed its head into the floor and disintegrated it. The only remnants of its existence were Itsuki’s memories of it and its blood splattered on the floor. Keihiro turned to Itsuki and spoke. “Don’t follow me” he spoke before jumping off the edge. Suddenly as he hit the floor the sky became blue again and everyone suddenly appeared, like they had just been let out of some secret revision class. Was it all a joke? A dream maybe? But it felt real. There was no doubt that he had had just had a super natural experience. As Itsuki walked home he wondered whether he should talk it over with Yuri. No. He would never believe him. Itsuki kept on walking on. He looked around and asked himself. Does this happen to everyone? It was insanity for sure…but it kept coming back for more. It was like he had just witnessed a murder and hadn’t told anyone. He looked up at the sky as slowly it began to change. He searched around for more of the creatures as he uttered the words “What? Not again”. He saw sudden lashings of flame in the distance as the growls and screams of more creatures echoed around the deep black bubble that surrounded them. He rushed off into the distance to see the one casting the flame from an exceptionally decorated sword. A girl with long, deep, golden hair was the one causing it. She was tearing apart many creatures. Some looked deathly similar to the one he saw earlier. He looked in awe before being spotted by one. It charged at him before it was sliced in two. Itsuki looked at the blood as it spilled on the floor and over his shoes. The girl had stopped. Itsuki recognised her. She was in his classes. Asuka Akuramasa. She looked at him with surprise spreading across her face as she whispered “you”. The war cry of a creature behind her re-alerted her. She destroyed it and broke the bubble. She looked at him and spoke. “Listen, just forget what you’ve seen” she walked off after an awkward silence had come over them. “Wait. Asuka” Itsuki called to her. After at least an hour of following her and asking her questions about what he had seen she decided to tell him. “Okay well what you saw was a creature called Shinjuki. It is created from when a person is killed by another one and then harvested. You see the stream of life that connects all things and people in the, universe keeps us to this world. Gradually it de-creases and we die. How ever, if one is to survive an attack by one, they are given the ability to use their Shinriki. A Shinriki is a person’s complete self and allows the user the power needed to kill Shinjuki, and so that what I have and how I fight them. What you were in is called a fuzetsu. It has different effects depending on what the user wants to happen. It just so happens that you have the potential to kill them. Happy now” she finished the longest monologue Itsuki had ever heard and began to walk off. “Asuka. Let me join you” he called to her as she walked off. She stopped walking and paused for words. “I might” she told him before walking off.
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QUOTE (Lunneth elric @ Aug 20 2009, 10:10 AM) *
well you can post your own story idea here. i wanted others to show their own stuff. i will be doing a manga version its just cause i don't have enough perseverance to actually draw a good manga.

@Lunneth elric - Here is the situation as I see it.. ^^

If you'd like to write and post your "Fortified Angel" on this thread, then I recommend making this thread for just your story where readers of your story would come and can expect to read your story only.

On the other hand, if you'd like to have a thread where multiple "would-be writers" would post own story ideas that are not ready for productions, then I think it's better to open that as a SEPARATE thread, so that both of these things (your own story, and multiple would-be writers posting their own story ideas) are NOT going on on the same thread simultaneously, as that would get awfully confusing for the readers of this thread and readers of your story.
(ETA: Actually, we DO have an existing thread for sharing story ideas already. ^^ )

And, since you went on and actually started posting chapters of your "Fortified Angel" story, I recommend you to keep this thread as a thread for you to write and post chapters of your "Fortified Angel" story. smile.gif


QUOTE (Hagaren_4ever @ Aug 18 2009, 08:29 PM) *
Ah! You don't say! Must have been a miscommunication, sorry Lunneth, I thought you were opening a thread for people to talk about their book ideas. Well, in that case, maybe I will open my own thread. ..... sorry. ^^''

@Hagaren_4ever - No problem! ^^ And, since I found an already existing thread where would-be writers can post and share his/her fic ideas, I moved your March 9 post with your fanfic/manga idea to Ideas, ideas, fanfic ideas thread. smile.gif


Also, I moved this thread from Fanart forum to Fanfics forum, and took out some of the OT-Program Note posts to clean out the clutter on the thread.


~ Now, let's all concentrate on enjoying this story, shall we? biggrin.gif
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