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Full Version: Odin Sphere
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well i can't say much but odin sphere is a great game with some unique quality and some clasic rpg material that makes it visually retro yet briliant and combines smooth gameplay with the upmost intricacy on the sprites. this game should matter to any rpg fan, especially if you like the ol steryotype norse/japanese olden days stuff with cackling wizards and people being turned into toads. its all around pleasing everywhere you turn. so please discuss it tongue.gif
wow i never heard of this game. i might have to get it and play it. smile.gif
well i highly recomend it. btw try not to get the order wrong at the end. when figting the final boses you have to pic one character for each. its a certain order for each ending and most likely by curious guessing that you'll mess up. well if you get it you know what to do now. just a heads up. i can't remember where i am on this game now.
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