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QUOTE (MsLinn @ Feb 24 2010, 06:18 PM) *
Anyone know where I could watch/get the dub with subtitles in english? ^^U Or swedish? I really wanna try to dubs but I'm not very good at spoken english and it's really hard to hear what they're saying if they whisper or shout...I kinda know what they're about to say, but still...
I will be very grateful!

You probably won't find anything like that. I guess you gotta download English or Swedish subs in softsub (mkv), mux the scripts off (with mkvtoolnix, for example), and use with dubbed episodes. Timing will be "little" off, though, but you can change it easily with Aegisub (until they cuts anything besides of OP&ED...). ^^

Already been asked, but does anyone know if they're going to be streaming the English dub online (outside US)? I live in Australia, and I can't really stomach the Japanese version, so my options here are somewhat limited.

^ @Saving_Grace - Send PM to Broken Chouchou and ask for the info on the streaming of dubbed episode. smile.gif


As posted here.

There will be re-broadcasting of FMA:Brotherhood episode 46 "Looming Shadows" in Japan, that was originally aired in Japan on Sunday, Feb. 28.

* For TBS network: Sunday, March 7, 2010, 4:20 AM ~ 4:50 AM Japan time.
* For MBS network: Sunday, March 7, 2010, 4:33 AM ~ 5:03 AM Japan time.

I'm hoping Key-hole TV would do the streaming for this also, although not 100% sure...if anyone can get on Key-hole TV programing and confirm this, please post and let us know. ^^
any subs for episode 48?
I don't know if this was mentioned, but now the UK viewers can watch FMA:B episodes online:
QUOTE (Kasumisty @ Mar 18 2010, 03:56 PM) *
I don't know if this was mentioned, but now the UK viewers can watch FMA:B episodes online:[

The British anime distributor Manga Entertainment has begun streaming the first five episodes of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime series for audiences in the United Kingdom. Each week the company's website will add five more episodes of the series, which will replace the previous ones. Manga Entertainment's YouTube channel will run the same episodes for one week after they are taken down from Manga Entertainment's website.

Once the streaming episodes catch up with the Japanese broadcast, the company will then stream one episode per week, one week after each episode airs in Japan.


Thank you, Kasumisty for the news!! biggrin.gif
Finally!! This is a great news for UK viewers!!!

ETA: April 9, 2010

As posted by Kasumisty here, episode 55, scheduled to be aired in Japan on May 2, 2010, will be aired 30 minutes late.
QUOTE (Kasumisty @ Apr 9 2010, 04:18 AM) *
The 55th episode will be aired at 17:30 japanese time, instead of 17:00.
Tales of the Master should be released now.

Has anyone found it yet?

Edit: Found the raw smile.gif And glancing at Hiyono Fansubs, it seems like the sub won't be far behind.
Does anyone know of a site that is allowing viewing in Canada?

It can be viewed in: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, etc... But not in Canada... What do they have against Canadians???

Can anyone help me? I am getting sad and frustrated crybaby.gif blowup.gif
It's probably been asked before, but does anybody know a decent place to download good quality raws?

I know they've got to be out there somewhere, considering the number of amvs of this series.
Does anybody know a good place to download the Raws but with the commercials on them?
I been looking a lot for one and I just want to know.
Does anybody know where I can watch the latest OVA (The meeting of Roy and Hughes). It should be out already.
Been looking as well. Haven't found it yet.
It's been a while, but I updated the first page with the current viewing info. Currently, FMA:Brotherhood is re-airing in Japan on TokyoMX. smile.gif

I'd like to update the info for official viewing options for other countries as well.

If you're living in outside of U.S. or Japan, and has official/licensed viewing options to watch FMA:Brotherhood episodes currently available, please post here and share! biggrin.gif

ETA: For a limited time, Gyao in Japan will re-run full 64 episodes of FMA:Brotherhood through Aug. 8.
(Source: Ad in GanGan July issue that will come out in June 11)
Pride the Arrogant
The first 39 episodes are available for streaming on Netflix, if you want to include that. They're all dubs and keep the bubbles in Japanese (with a translation appearing overhead).
Thank you for the info, Pride the Arrogant! Updated the info on the first page. happy.gif
Pride the Arrogant
Bad news: Funimation has removed ALL dubbed episodes from Youtube.
Ouch. Hope they will bring them back sometime. sad.gif
Anyway, thank you, Pride the Arrogant for letting us know. smile.gif
Pride the Arrogant
Oh, har har, Funimation. Within a week of me posting, you decided to put the first 4 dub episodes back up. dry.gif

Yes, you heard (read?) right; the first 4 dub episodes are back up on Youtube. happy.gif
I take that gladly. Thank you for the news! biggrin.gif
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