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Anyone like or even heard of the pillows (they did the flcl music) please post here can...make a tear gas grenade out of an MRE and coke bottle.
yeah i listen to them all the time.i really love to watch furi kuri(or flcl)myself..although its real short.I like ride on shooting star and little busters the most though biggrin.gif
i like the pillows to! i finally got a chance to download four of there songs today! *proud*
I started listening to the pillows recently. I like some of their songs, but not all. Still a pretty good group though. smile.gif
Who doesn;t liek Little Busters?

Most is good, but not all.
Artemis Winter
Ooh! The Pillows OWN you. They are so awesome. ^^
Hey man, where did you get that stuff at, I got Shooting Star, but I'm looking for some other stuff.
The Pillows are awesome my fav J-Rock band yet. I usually listen to Instant Music, Hybrid rainbow, or Little busters
PK Rockin'
Heh. As I'm typing this up I'm listening to Beautiful Morning with You, the FULL version. I love the Pillows and have a LOT of their songs. If anyone wants a zipped file, just PM me and I'll hook you up.

Yes, they are MP3s.
Artemis Winter
"The Lorelei" amuses me. ^^
The Pillows are cool. They're one of my favorite bands. My favorite song is Hybrid Rainbow.
Roy's Fire
I downloaded 31 of their songs on Sunday. Out of them I like Back Seat Dog, Carnival, Enegy, Fool on The Planet, Funny Bunny, I think I can, Ice Pick, Little Busters, Wake up Frenzy, and Wonderful Sight. Sad Sad Kittie and Sleepy Head have no words but they rock! I already had Ride On Shooting Star. Their voices are funny when they say "yeah" They still totally rock! I'm a newbie so help me out here please. How do I put up an arvatar and one of those tags at the bottom? I have my own pitures of Roy that I want to put up so can you guys help me? happy.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I really like the Pillows. I've only heard their FLCL stuff but I like what I hear. They are coming to town here the end of March with a couple of other bands (sorry, forgot who.) Can't wait to see them!
are you serious? ohmy.gif where?? (maybe i'll be able to go... ph34r.gif )

i think i dLed the good dreams album, but i only kept good dreams, new year's eve, sono mirai wa ima, tenshi mitai na kimi ga tattei, and walkin on the spiral. where are you guys dLing songs from?
Envy's lil' miniskirt
QUOTE(xrninja @ Mar 6 2005, 11:26 PM)
are you serious? ohmy.gif where?? (maybe i'll be able to go... ph34r.gif )

Here is the tour website. I'll be at the SF show. I'm soooo tempted to wear my Haruko costume. tongue.gif
Son Goshin
i love the pillows, they're definitely my favorite j-rock band ever. their music is just awesome and sounds really mellow. my favorites are ride on shooting star and crazy sunshine. and i'm also goin to one oft heir shows soon. they're playing at an anime convention this may in downtown chicago. i can't wait to see them! biggrin.gif
'__' I have basically only heard their stuff from Furi Kuri as well, but I also like the Pillows. Hehe, I am obsessed with Subhuman. I can always get more songs from my Pillows dtictionary though (AKA: Goldfish-kun). I also like the OP and ED, Ride on Shooting Star and Little Busters tongue.gif
I have really heard the stuff from Furi Kuri, cept for one song (forget the name of it), but i think that the pillows are a great band, theyre one of my favorites.
The pillows are wonderful... I hope that I'm not the only one who bought the FLCL soundtracks unsure.gif
See avatar and signature.

The Pillows are definately one of the most influential bands of Japan for such artists like Mr. Children, GLAY, STRAIGHTENER, BUMP OF CHICKEN, GOING UNDER GROUND, and more.

They've worked very hard from their first album, Pantomime, in 1990 to Thank You My Twilight in 2002, making it very enjoyable to listen to. They've experimented with many types of genre, most noticeably with jazz [Living Field and Kool Spice and some of White Incarnation], progressive rock, and a little reggae.

The Pillows deserve my respect, but unfortunately their recent stuff just doesn't appeal to myself and other serious fans. Penalty Life was where it started, showing signs of weariness; GOOD DREAMS brought that weariness into mediocrity; and their most recent album, MY FOOT, was a mix of the two, also showcasing Sawao Yamanka's [Vocal, harmony guitar] age with his voice. Combining the three weak albums would make one pretty decent album overall.

The Pillows will always be remembered for their great work, and will be recognized worldwide.
The Full Metal Pianist
Newcomer alert!

The Pillows is my favorite band. Ever.

I love playing Hybrid Rainbow and Ride on Shooting Star. Beautiful Morning With You is also fun to play.

I recorded a cover of Ride on Shooting Star, anyone wanna hear it?
Le Monkey
I like them stuff from FLCL, Thats ll I have herd from them, ^^

And Mini Were they good?
QUOTE(The Full Metal Pianist @ Mar 28 2006, 04:45 AM) [snapback]370523[/snapback]

Newcomer alert!

The Pillows is my favorite band. Ever.

I love playing Hybrid Rainbow and Ride on Shooting Star. Beautiful Morning With You is also fun to play.

The tab on sounds wrong. :/

We'd love to hear your cover.
I liked the song Ride on Shooting Star when I watched FLCL so when my friend introduced me to I downloaded all of their music.

Twas wonderful.
MY FOOT USA and Mexico Tour

June 17. Mexico Circo Volador.
June 18. Mexico Circo Volador.
June 20. Chicago.
June 22. NY The Knitting Factory.
June 24. Seattle The crocodile cafe.
June 25 or 26. SF or LA.
June 26 or 27. SF or LA.

MY FOOT was their most successful album in Japan. I guess it's the reason why they're doing it in the USA too.

EDIT: They also have an official MySpace page too. Join up.
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