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Full Version: Found Awesome/silly/funny/etc Fma Fan Video On The Web
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~Fullmetal Alchemist........ffxi Style!, This had me rolling~

Was thinking of trying out FFXI again (Had a 51 dragoon) And I was searching for videos of FFXI.......and stumbled upon this! (LOL).

EDIT: I wonder why Ed was a tarutaru XD.
Sin Of Envy
This should be in fanworks board, Lawl....
QUOTE(Sin Of Envy @ May 1 2006, 06:20 PM) [snapback]389078[/snapback]

This should be in fanworks board, Lawl....

Oh, sorry, I thought it would probably go here since it includes the 4th intro.
That's funny! XD
~ Cute Fma Live Action FMA Fan Video: Prolgue - Mother ~

happy.gif A you tuber posted a video of a fan live action FMA video. It covers the mother anime arc. It's not the greatest but the little boys playing Ed and Alphonse are adorable.
@kag19 - wow. i can't believe the skill of the kid playing al. he memorised loads of words
edo little kid
~ Fan Fma Videos happy.gif, soooo funny ^^ ~

Hi everyone!!

I found some cute & funny videos

I hope you enjoy :

see ya wink.gif
@edo little kid - wow the vidoes are so cute and funny. thanks edo little kid. happy.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Merged edo little kid's thread here.

~ Full Metal Alchemist Live Teaser ~

I found on Youtube here: FMA Live action teaser
okay first of all this is fanmade (just look at the guy's other videos...)
Also moving this to the fanworks forum
@fullmetalalchemistfann - wow that is a good teaser. laugh.gif
Katya Martin
Here's an AMV I found:
It's interesting in that the song itself is a mashup of various songs (that go pretty well together IMO). The video draws from a number of series as well as FMA (it uses the first series and the movie.) I think parts of the video could have lined up better with the music, but other parts clicked really well.

Viva la Vida by Coldplay,
When You Were Young by The Killers,
Because of You by Kelly Clarkson,
Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi,
Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun,
Starlight by Muse,
and All of Your Love by Hellogoodbye.

and the video's from

Fullmetal Alchemist
Kingdom Hearts
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus)
Doctor Who
The Princess Bride
(I think it could've done without the live-action parts, they looked weird in comparison to the animation and CG.)

This is for FMA manga

^^ 'nuff said.
SnakeByte117, I have merged your topic with a previous one we have dedicated to such things. Thank-you for sharing!
I love this video:

skip to about 0:25. thats when the video actually starts.
there's 4 versions of al in this! =O <3
its not all about al.
just watch it.
it has other characters too I promise
^ I love that video! X3 LOL at Ed cheerleading and four Al's in the group shot. X'D kyaaaaa~ Roy!!

Ling is so cute in there :3
God how I wish these were mine. Sadly, they are not.
This Youtuber, Morningeee, does some fun stuff. This is my favorite.
Second favorite
Check this person out!

This one's a quickie, but makes me giggle.
^ Oh! I love morningeee's videos smile.gif she's one of my favorites, actually.

This video is epicly insane and made me laugh SO hard. Please, just watch:

Also, LOL:

Pride the Arrogant
Very well-done AMV (take it from the one who typically backpedals away from them):

The score is very well-matched, not only perfectly suiting the theme, but also the individual moments. It's a perfect musical telling of Hohenheim's story. happy.gif

And then, something silly I stumbled across by accident:
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