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There are 3 different worlds: The Otherworld, Mata (Like Earth) and Oblivion.

The Otherworld is full of human creatures called Ridrifet, the live in a more dreamlike world, with two large stone blocks with mysterious writing on them! The Commandment which holds a mysterious code, and the tomb...

The Otherworld and Mata are starting to join together (side note: This means that crossing from the Otherworld to Mata is easy) and certain laws of physics are starting to change, due to someone using the tomb... the world's are to be "reset"...

Some people in Mata are noticing something, a dream in which they see the otherworld (but they don't know what it is) and they meet themselves there... for Ridrifet have Mata (human) counterparts and vice versa!

Will the world's plummet into Oblivion and be recreated? Who will fight for the worlds' survival? Who will fight for the worlds' destruction?

Ok, I'd like the char biographies to look like this:

Race: (Ridrifet or human)
Powers: (the laws of physics are changing so people are getting abilities)

And you can have as many chars as you like!

Ok, so here's mine:

Name: Dr. Jacobite
Race: Human
Age: 56
Personality: Serious, stern. He is concerned with current events.
Powers: He is psychic, he can read minds and pick up items with his mind.

Name: Tim Yolder
Race: Human
Age: 18
Personality: Fun loving, but confused by current events.
Powers: Super Strength.

Name: Dr. Joabite
Race: Ridrifet
Age: 56 (looks 18)
Personality: Mad and evil, he is the counterpart of Jacobite, and he knows something of the tomb and commandment.
Powers: ???????
Image: (from a Prison database)
three cars:

name: carl draconis
race: human
age: mid 20s
personality: carl is a regular manual labourer, working in the railways at the moment hauling freight on and onto the cars. he's a realist, with a gruff demeanor and a bleak outlook on the life that has given him no favours. however, his life in the underbelly of the city has made him appreciate the little things in life, the warmth of the sun and the cool summer breeze
powers: nothing supernatural, but is experienced in barfights and is never far from a useful crowbar or lead pipe

name: shei fir dennik
race: human
age: 43
personality: shei is an outsider. people can tell by his pale-tinged skin, by his slight accent, his different name. he has tried to make his way in the city. he became a priest, even got his own temple. but he gets few visitors in these times, it seems the gods want him to fail, despite his faithfulness

name: legion
race: probably ridrifet, but hard to know for sure
age: impossible to know
personality: "my name is legion, for we are many". that phrase describes the being titled legion well. appearing as a man, he speaks with the voices of many. he, or they, maintains this by wearing a plain white mask. this makes them wear a permenant look of blankness but also devious attentivness. to look into the eyes of the mask, the light always seems to shine in a way that obscures the eyes from inside.
powers: seems able to read what one not only thinks, but ones deepest feelings and motivations. perhaps even alter them....
image: my avatar
I don't think these are selling.
(Will restart soon)
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