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On the world of Raznar, there is a large island by the name of Thorstril.

Thorstril is a barbaric land, the landscape ranges from barren fields, to large oak forests and mountains. But humans still live here. They live in clans, villages, if particularly lucky a city. These are surrounded by wooden walls, the buildings are made from roughly cut stone and hay for roofs and in the case of the warlords home, perhaps a wooden roof. The people do not have much luxury, they sleep on fur. These lands are very similar to the ancient lands of the Vikings or the Anglo Saxons.

And it is just as warlike.

This is a fantasy roleplay, but with a few twists, you can only play as humans, there are no dwarves, or elves etc. The only creatures that exist here are the monsters of myths like giants, goblins, redcaps, dragons, fenbeasts, spirits.

The other difference is magic, magic can be used by only a minority, so I want a larger number of warriors and assassins etc. Those that do use magic are often messengers of God, and the other thing is that the magic cannot just be produced: In this story, magic depends on someone's emotions and/or environments.

I would like the profiles to be like so:

Clan: (Make one up if you like, or join somebody else's clan, if you make your own clan, their way of life is totally up to you)
Clan Status: (Warrior, warlord, blacksmith, farmer, slave, etc.)
Magic: (If they can use it)
Weapons of choice: (The weapons cannot be crossbows etc. They are more likely to be bows, greataxes, greatswords (these would be VERY rare though), axes, shields, swords (rare), spears, daggers, etc.)
Armour: (Leather, chainmail, helmets, NO HEAVY ARMOUR PLATING)

I will put my characters down later.

Edit: Ok, some preset clans:

Asier: These are a mercenary clan, they fight for anyone and everyone, they are nomadic in lifestyle. If not working for anyone, then they will raid other clans. The way they gain respect is through great feats, so no experienced warrior is not with out the tooth of a dragon on his belt or the skulls of some of his victims. The only way to become their warlord is by killing the previous warlord.

Osrik: These are a clan who are rather superstitious, they are very into rituals and ceremonies, for almost any occassion. This is why wizards play a great part in their tribal lifestyle. The live near the forests, where they are closer to nature. To insult a wizard is punishable by death, in fact it has been know for these wizards to become their tribal leaders.

Drasna: The Drasna live in the marshes near the shore of the island. They are a sea faring tribe, but recently they fear the creatures in the swamp and the sea. They have been known to raid other clans in their ships.

Morins: These is a slowly growing kingdom, they are quite rich and warlike, and obsessed with honour and respect to one's tribe and leader. They have grown to despise wizards recently, they live in the barren wastelands. They are mostly herders, but they are not inexperienced warriors, for every man must join a warrior band for 5 years of his life when he comes of age. They guard the boarders against some of the barbarians.

Bashargo: These are one of the barbarian tribes, they are hunter gatherers, and their language is different to many of the other clans, hinting that the other clans were not the original owners of this large island. They do not trust any other clans or groups and will ambush anybody, the hide out in the mountains near the woods.

NEW CLANS: Skarl: The Skarl are one of the richest and most civilised clans, however they have grown tame compared to the other clans and so their warriors are quite inexperienced, however they do attract the attentions of mercenary groups.
hello. two chars will do

name: fefnir
age: 22
personality: calm and cunning, but at the same time shy and dominatable. however, he is very knowledgable for his age, and never backs down in talk, though fighting is different
clan: morin
clan status: hunter
magic: none
weapon of choice: fefnir is not one for massive bloodshed, so chooses a longbow as his weapon. he does carry a knife too, just in case
armour: not much, mostly cloth clothes so as not to make sound whilst hunting. occasioanlly he will don leather armour if needed
bio: fefnir grew up sheltered in the mostly peaceful morin clan, and grew up with thier strict codes of honour and respect. he joined a warrior band at the age of 20 as all youths do, making it now his second year of hunting. his pack respect him as a great archer and tracker, but he will never be a leader. however, he is very observant, and has retained all told to him. he is therefore one of the morins most potent authorities on all things wild
image: less elven, and forget the sword

name: garratus
age: 60's
personality: garratus is a friendless mysterious wanderer, who bears the traits of a bashargo, but wanders away from his clan. he long grey hair is flecked with dirt, and his voice is croaky and tired at all time. he carries always a world weary demeanor, as if he hass seen everything and found nothing he likes
clan: basargo
clan status: unknown, possibly he was cast out
magic: simple fire tricks seem to be his limit
weapon of choice: he carries a wooden staff, possibly trying to imitate the image of great sorcerers of legend. however, it is of little real use other than as a walking aid.
armour: none, just simple white robes and a hood
bio: mostly unknown, he tells no one. he does however have a noticeably broken left hand that hasn't healed properly. possibly an old war wound?
image: white robes

name: kron
age: 31
personality: excitable and hysterical, but at the same time warlike and cruel. however, he does have a seldom seen merciful side. has a long scar on his scalp after an attack from a bear
clan: asier, but his father was a drasna
clan status: warrior
magic: basic stuff, like kindling fires and freezing meat. nothing out of the ordinary
weapon: capable of using most weapons, but prefers a hooked axe
armour: basic chainmail shirt, then leather. never wears a helmet, to show his scar as a badge of courage
bio: kron was born to a drasna father and an asier mother, but his father was killed soon after he was born, so he was raised an asier. kron is a very capable warrior and hunter, but has detested autority from a young age, so sets up his persona as one who despises being ordered and has an almost punk-like mentality. stubborn and steadfast, he is often given menial tasks by his superiors to try and "learn" him. it wont work.
image: the guy on the left
Ok, my characters:

Name: Hafmir
Age: 17
Personality: Calm, honour-bound, not yet use to the blood of war, enjoys dabbling with magic.
Clan: Morins
Status: Prince
Magic: Very basic level of magic, it's not really generalised. It's more sort of making a fire, he can't really use it to fight.
Weapons: A sword
Armour: Leather.
Bio: You shall see when the story begins
Image: But he has brown hair,

Name: Uktar
Age: 42
Personality: Cunning, bloodthirsty, merciless.
Clan: Asier
Status: Warlord
Magic: None
Weapons: An axe and a sword
Armour: Chainmail, covered in dragonscale, heads etc.
Bio: Uktar is the cunning leader of the Asier, he has their highest respect and is famous for his brutality. At the age of 12, he was already entering the Asier blood pit battles and winning spectacularly well. He then at the mere age of 13, killed both of his brothers brutally and when he became of age, he challenged his father for tribe ownership and won. Since then he has killed two of his own sons in these challenges and 20 other contenders to the throne. But the warlord grows tired of these petty battles and dreams of something more, to destroy and subdue all of the clans.
Image: Kaboom can I use the guy on the right on your photo. Like him but dark haired

Name: Raftur
Age: 79
Personality: Wise.
Clan: None
Status: Wizard
Magic: He is a skilled wizard, whose magic is wide and varied.
Weapons: Staff
Armour: Cloth
Bio: He is an old travelling wizard, who believes he has a message of the gods to proclaim, and although he is blind, apparently he sees the Gods around him, in what he calls the shadow world.
Yes it is gandalf, just put a blind fold on him and give him greener robes.

Now we play the waiting game
Everything is going according to plan
Hatred Incarnate
I need only one character.

Name: Jack Ishiro
Age: Unknown
Personality: Known to make jokes, loves song and dance
Bio: Jack was born in a hidden village just north of the wastelands. A village of assassins, Jack soon rose to be the best. Through deceit and treachery however, he was banished. A wanderer since then, he loves living from one generation to the next. He has yet to be defeated in battle, but will not kill. An unsung hero, he is the best of friends, or the worst of enemies. He has high codes of honor, and loves contests of strength and skill.
Clan: None.
Clan Status: Rogue drifter
Magic: Very little, only enough to heal.
Weapons of choice: Daggers, throwing knives, and a bow
Armor: Arm braces, and a light chest plate

I accept all challengers
Name:Kari Ookami
Personality:Unpredictable.She could be complimenting you and giving you food and being all nice and sweet one minute and the next she's literally trying to rip your head off.She's cold blooded when it comes to killing but won't kill a child.EVER.Warning,pretty angsty and revenge driven.
Bio:When she was around 10 or so she was a happy little girl with normal loving parents and a best friend,Saya,that she'd kill for...Little did she know back then that she really is.One day she ran in to Saya's house to go invite her to dinner and she walked in on some evil wizard standing over the girl,Saya's parents dead at her feet,and killed her right in front of Kari.Of course the 10 year old was in tramatic shock and couldn't move a muscle and the wizard decided to leave his witness alive,but cursed and the rest of the village up in flames.So now she's 15 and a cold blooded killer who uses the 'charm them and then kill them' technique and is still trying to find the old wizard for revenge and will kill anybody,but a child,who gets in her way and when she gets consumed in her anger and the darkness in her heart she ends up turning into a wolf.
Clan:Used to be a (an original clan who was a peaceful farming clan) Tsukoyomi but that one is completely extinct other than her and is currently in the Asier.
Clan Status:A rouge hunting for victims.
Magic:None,but her body can heal itself,over periods of time depending on how serious the wound is,from her curse.
Weapons of choice:Her razor sharp teeth and nails/claws,will use a dagger when she needs to parry a sword or her 'prey' is too far away.
Armour:Leather pants,and chain mail under her shirt
Looks:human form but her pants go down to her knee's Were-Wolf form
Ok, I know two more people who may want to join, I'll just clarify if they are joining and if they are then hoooray!

And japanese names, oh well, I'll let it slide. The characters are fine.
this is good. very good
Indeed it is, soon the world of Raznar will come to life.

Loving the pic of the saint Kaboom, well I'll add images to mine.
*drinking juice box* when are we gonna start the RP?
Hatred Incarnate
This sucks. I can't see anyone's pics.
As soon as my frickin' scanner gets running, I will scan my art of my character.
Soon, I guess we can start:


The night was dark, and terrifying, above the clouds blotted out the stars and the moon, and thunder shook the earth, as if a battle of the Gods was taking place. Many of the villagers in the Morin village of Rekja were hiding under their thatched roofs, huddling around fires and hoping that the final battle had not arrived.

But in the hall was a different atmosphere. On long tables, men danced and drank, boasting of their exploits and the future ahead of them. And the King sat there watching them grinning.

Hafnir sat away from his father with the other warriors, he had just come of age and was sitting with his future comrades. He enjoyed his first beer, but felt slightly discomforted by the old sorceress next to him.

"Don't you want to celebrate?" he asked her, looking at her in a puzzled manner, but the woman said nothing and continued to stare at the doorway. Hafnir slowly looked at the door way and suddenly saw a flash of lightening and then two shadowy figures at the doorway.

The figures entered, it was Lady Greta and her new husband, Lord Traal. Hafnir smiled but heard the sorceress murmer to herself,

"Evil has entered the room..."

Hafnir looked at her once more, what was she on about. The whole room stood and greeted the Lord and Lady, the King pulling out his sword and shouting out

"Welcome, fair guests! Come and feast!! There's plenty for all of us! And the way the weather is, this could be our last feast according to some! So drink and feast as if you're about to drop dead!"

The room cheered and Hafnir sat down and continued to enjoy the food.


Uktar sat in his tent on his furry throne, he slowly stroked the blade of his axe in front of him, whilst his 4 wives massaged his muscular and scarred upper torso, and stroked his large black beard.

He looked at the doorway, waiting... wouldn't anything exciting happen... the boredom was going to kill him at this rate.


In the countryside watching the storm, the old wizard stood... his blind eyes surveyed the area...

"No... the God's are at peace... the world does not end today... but... they tell me that... something is about to happen..."
fefnir took a breath, and ran forwards. holding his soaking cloak about himself, the ran full into the pelting rain, mud splashing over his leather boots. thunder cracked above him, and the heavens roared in anger. fefnir quickly dived through the doorway into the hall, shaking himself off before walking towards a tale.
ducking in and out of peoples groups, dodging servants with food and drink, he sat down with the other warriors to watch the specatcle. after a quick look around, he noticed who was here. the king was merrily sipping beer, the other digniatries were alo enjoying the festivities. a few chairs down from him he noticed the old prophetess. her peering eyes had always spooked him, so fefnir turned away, focusing on the king and grabbing a chikcen leg to chew on. holding it in one hand, and clasping a tankard of beer in the other, he watched the feast unfold.


the storn may be kept outside by walls, but its fury tore through the forests and roads beyond. somewhere, in a craggy cave damp and cold, garratus lay. his horse whined outside, tethered to a tree and tugging to try and break free. however, the old man was asleep in a fur blanket, ignorant of the worries of the world


in the asier hall, many warriors were gathered, imiating thier king in toying with weapons and being silent, ever ready for his word. kron sat to the left of the king, leaning against the wall. his fur jerkin was slung casually over a crossed beam, and kron occupied himself by quietly taking sinew and strapping arrowheads to thier shafts. testing each point on his finger, before placing it in his quiver. he has a large hooked axe propped up against the wall beside him, within arms reach.
Hafnir looked at the latest addition to the party, he looked like a decent guy and with his warrior group.

"Hey, are you part of the warrior group I'm about to join?" he asked looking at the the new guy.

The Lord looked around suspiciously at everyone... he was waiting for something.


Uktar looked from the corner of his eye at the warrior... he noticed it was Kron... the half Drasna... it was time to test him, or had his Drasna blood tamed him. Uktar without warning threw his axe at kron's head waiting for a reaction, his wives screamed, some of the warriors looked up, but none of them were too suprised.

The Old Wizard continued to wander around the wasteland, but he somehow knew where he was going, for he knew this whole island, not through memory but through a much darker presence.
fefnir looked at hafnir. he knew him, he was the prince. turning to him. he said "uh, yeah...i'm fefnir. i guess you'll be hunting with us then" he said, taking a drink of beer
fefnir didn't notice anything strange in the atmosphere of the party.


seeing a spark out of the corner of his eye, kron looked up. shocked, he jumped back in surprise, just avoiding the axe as it skimmed inches from his face and clattered into the stone wall, before falling harmlessly to the floor with a clang. kron stared in amazement and shock at the axe on the floor. he went down to grab it, noticing that in the shock he had cut his hand with an arrow tip. kron clenched the axe tightly and turned towards the king.

the others now watched. they couldnt tell if kron was simply returning the axe, or was intending to throw it back at his king...

Kari was sitting in a tree branch a fair distance away from the palace her large blood eyes staring through the windows as she moved from branch to branch her finger and toe nails clawed and helping her stay on the slippery branches since it was starting to drip raining and she mumbled to herself in amusement feeling her ears perk

"Wonder who'll be my poor victim tonight....One of the nobles or a slave maybe?Or a waiter?So much to choose....Though parties at the palace always has interesting prey."
Uktar stood up staring at Kron, he chuckled quietly through his large beard and said in his deep and booming voice:

"Well done impure one, just making sure you weren't becoming a coward like your father was... HA! Drasna are useless sea rats, and apparently now they cannot even get into the waters for the tiny creatures are apparetly hurting them! Useless whelps!"

He held out his hand, but remained prepared, he was going to try and aggravate this warrior enough for a brawl.

"So, wanna be a Drasna, or a Aesir? Warrior or... vermin?" he asked.


Hafnir nodded at Fefnir

"Yeah, my father has been training me, hopefully I'll make him proud" he replied, suddenly the King got up and smashed the table.

"Now, we begin the formalities!" he said, the crowd groaned "Ha ha, come now! Today is a momentous occasion! And it won't be too long! I would just like to congratulate the new younglings, including my son, Hafnir! Who as we know is not being corrupted any more by his disgusting ex tutor, the traitorous Yorick!"

It was then that Hafnir noticed something wierd... the Lord for a split second had changed appearance! He looked at the beer and then asked Fefnir "Did you see something strange about the lord?"


The wizard slowly walked past a tree and sat under it, but once again he got messages.

"Someone nearby... cursed?"
kron was angry, a firm scowl crossed his face. it wasn't at the insult of his father, that bastard had never done anything for him. it wasn't the insult for his blood, he cared little for his ancestors. it was just that he hated being told what to do and what to be.

walking forwards, kron spun the axe in his hand, as if preparing to throw it. he peered deeply at his king, all logic having left his mind.


fefnir looked up, then back at hafnir. he hadn't seen anything. he then said "you're not used to beer, are you"

Uktar spat on the ground and banged his chest.

"Come on, whelp" he said mockingly, grinning as he pulled out his sword.


Hafnir scowled at Fefnir "I'm fine with beer!"

The King had finished his speech and finally said "I would like Lord Traal, to make a speech!"

The warriors cheered and Lord Traal stood up and looked around the room, it all went silent.

"There's something... strange about him..."
"Hmmmm?Mr.Axe is angry at the King?Maybe I won't even have to do anything at all to have somebody killed tonight."

Kari said to herself more than anything while giggling softly jumping to a different branch,'ironically' in the tree the old wizard was under,and was staring at the scene in the palace through the windows unconsciously itching her scarred eye where the old bastard cursed her.
The wizard looked at the girl through his blind eyes.

"Girl... you seem troubled..." he said "you seem... to be cursed..."
"Really?Never would of noticed."

Kari grumbled under her breath sarcastically not looking down to the old man while watching the merriment and the soon to be violence in the palace while her tail swished making the leaves fall down all around her and the old wizard
"Hmm... you should learn to find inner peaces, the god's tell me that would be teh best way for you to try and cure it..." he said, his looked at her, "You are wishing to do evil though, I shall not stop you..."


"I would like to thank his majesty and this wonderful crowd of people for treating me here as one of their own!" he said, the crowd shouted in agreement and thumped the tables. BUt they were interrupted.

"But I would like to add how... disgusted I was by this clan... my whole tribe was annilhated two generations ago by the Morins, and I lived with the Morins as one of them disguised as one of them, I worked my bones off for the Morins, gained tribal status..." he started to say, slowly walking towards teh king, and as he walked towards him and got closer, he slowly started to turn older and older.

"I even got to work as the Prince's tutor..." he said, as he was now in his true form, a grotesque old man with a scarred eye, the King slowly said "Y-yorick!" but before anyone could protect him, the old man pulled out his sword and stabbed the King in the stomach.

As the whole crowed went into a commotion, Prince Hafnir watched in horror... he had begged for that man to live... and in return he killed his father... he was shocked...

Kari replied before dropping down to the ground on her feet gracefully and walking into the palace sneaking in,in her wolf form,and played her 'I'm just an innocent over larged puppy' trick making the guards feel sorry for her and let her into the kitchen to eat and when they turned their backs she ran into the main dining room where the assassination of the king was and hid in the shadows waiting for a chance to sink her teeth into the grotesque man.
fefnir realised the situation first. there were guests screaming and shouting. fefnir shouted "get down!" and drew and arrow from his quiver and readied his bow, intending to shoot yorick.


kron grinned, feigning amusement at the king, then swung his axe slowly to cross blades with the king. he looked at the king with a daring grin, as if to say "try it"
Yorick stared down at the crowd of people and looked at Hafnir, he grinned.

"Thank you Hafnir, I now leave this kingdom with you..." he said, suddenly his face grew angry and he started to create a large ball of fire, expanding in the room, the drunken warriors got their shields out...


Uktar blocked it with his sword, grinned, and using his other hand went to strike Kron in the face.


The wizard watched the hall, as it started to go alight... he was not to interfere, for it was the god's will, but how he wish he could have stopped this chaos from happening.
Kari's eyes widened as she saw the fire and whimpered softly racing out the back door to the kitchen's and running outside away a good 50 feet away from the aflame palace and next to a small pond and turned back into her human form and just stared at the fire in surprise while mumbling under her breath checking for any burns

"I hate wizards.Especially pyro's."
The wizard laughed as the place began to set a light, it was then that Hafnir lost control, grabbing a sword off of a warrior he ran up to the Wizard and cut off his arm. The wizard howled in pain and his emotion of anger was stopped as the pain took over. He could no longer control the fire and they seeped back into his body.

"You're lucky I was an amateur wizard boy" he said, raising his sword to hit Hafnir, but Hafnir parried it and jumped back.

Yorick noticed that he was to be shot at by Fefnir and dropped his sword.

"Finish my life, I already told you, thank you, all of this is now yours!" he said, he stood their waiting. Hafnir shouted out "Why?! Why did you betray me!?"


The wizard watched Kari and using his tranquil emotion started to heal her burns.

After he had done this, he got up.

"I'm afraid I am being beckoned elsewhere, please do be careful, that is dark sorcery, and I know the source of it... control your emotions and don't go out at night if you want to stay human."
Kari resisted giving the old blind man a venom death glare,then again he probably wouldn't even notice,and said a strained 'thank you' for fixing the couple burns she had and added as he left with her eye twitching


Then ran in and getting the couple kids out of there through the back kitchen door,ignoring the adults since they could take care of themselves,and glared at the wizard about to die before running off to get the kids to the small pond and having them cough out all the smoke and make them drink water while coughing herself and sighed when the kids ran off,first noticing her curse,in fright.
Hatred Incarnate
Outside the hall, Jack took stock of his surroundings. The storm had gotten him quite hopelessly lost. At last, he heard the sounds of the fire above the noise of the storm. He quickly slipped in a side door, wondering if could possibly help. Seeing the situation was about to turn quite hopeless, he watched a woman take small children to a pond.

"Crap," he said. " Another mess I gotta stick my head into."

As he turned back, he noticed a man with a bow aimed at another. Without thinking, he got between the two. He held up his arms and shouted:

"Wait! What is the meaning of this violence?"

Just then the lightning outside came to a climax as a tremendous roar filled the hall. The sounds of celebration and the wizards' antics had attracted a hunting party of Hai-uri. Vicious little creatures resembling half of a human, the kill and eat anything they can find. Jack looked to the man with the bow.

"We must put our quarrels aside for now. We have bigger issues to deal with."
"Gods above!THIS AIN'T MY DAY!"

Kari groaned seeing the Hai-uri come snapping towards her and she transformed back into her silver and purple wolf form and had the hair on her back stand up on end and she snapped and snarled showing agressiveness towards the Hai-uri,they only seemed to be more annoyed so it ended up with her pouncing and ripping out most of their throats via her claws and nearly foot long dagger like teeth.It was definitely a very gory fight.
fefnir growled in frustration. he couldn't get a shot at yorik now this stranger had blocked his path. at that moment, a hai-uri lunged at him. fefnir turned at punched it in the face, then retreated backwards. kicking over a burning table for cover, he pulled an arrow from his quiver and took aim. loose. it thudded into a hai-uri, sending it slumping into the floor. fefnir called to others "keep them back, get the guests out!". he then drew a second arrow.


kron hadn't been prepared, and the punch from uktar hit him full on the cheek. he reeled backwards, though remained standing and didn't drop his weapon. enraged, kron charged at uktar once more, axe raised.
Uktar did not hesitate at this and went to strike his stomach with his knee.


Hafnir ignored the new guest and quickly stabbed Yorick... tears streaming down his face... he kneeled in the hall as it began to fall down from the fire, ignoring the Hai- uri (I did say this was an anglo-saxon viking world, curious to know what the famed south african creature is doing here).

The Wizard sensed the Hai-Uri and the falling building, things had gotten out of hand, he was to interfere from the distance...

"Otherworld... Gods, hear me... I need the spirit of a man in there... I need to possess him only for a moment..." he said, and with that he began to meditate and his spirit felt around and felt Hafnir... the soul slowly entered Hafnir and soon the wizard felt his sorrow, he had to keep this emotion running for him to keep control...

Hafnir stood up, now under the possession of the wizard, and picked up his sword, the wizard filled his mind with the pain of death and distress, keeping Hafnir in a sad but controllable state... he struck at one of the Hai-uri with the sword he held.
kron tried and fialed to doge this, but the blow left him on the floor, fumbling for his axe.


fefnir dispatched three more hai-uri with arrows. one leapt over the table, and he wrestled it, eventually dispathing it by throwing it into a burning curtain. dodging some falling masonry, fefnir found the smoke had now obscured most of the room. arrow notched, fefnir moved through the building, watching for any movement. he saw some, and shot. a hai-uri crumpled to the floor dead.
moving through more smoke, he could still hear the sounds of chaos around him. he saw a shodw approaching, and shot. the warrior blocked with his shield, and ran to fefnir. the burly man reached him, and shouted out, dispatching an oncoming hai-uri with his spear "bloody, skraggs".
fefnir killed another with an arrow plunged into thier chest "you mean the hai-uri?"
"hai-uir? that's the dirty western name for them! they're skraggs to me"

skragg or hai-uri. fefnir didn't care what they were called, he just had to kill them. he head a clatter behind him, and saw the warrior had been killed, axe embedded in his back. fefnir ran, knife drawn, to face this attacker. however, as he reached through the smoke, he found hafnir instead
Uktar picked up the axe and raised it, turning over Kron, he went to slam it into the face, but purposefully embedded it in the ground next to Kron's face.

"Good one, you're one of us!" he said, as he got up.

"Now men! This man! Half Drasna! Has proved to have more guts than the lot of you! He is a warrior! He's better than all you pups running around to your mothers screaming! We are warriors! From now on this man is your second in command! Grab your weapons! We do not go this time for money, but to start Ragnarok!"

The warriors cheered and banged their chests, picking up their armour and numerous regalia.


The wizard let go of Hafnir, and hoped that the smoke would bring him back to his senses. He had to sort this out.

His soul left as he thought about doing this, he had distracted himself, making the magic wear off... Hafnir had now come to his senses, he fell to the ground as if for a loss of air and then looked up at the stranger...

"WHo are you?" he asked.

fefnir shot another hai-uri. he drew his knife once more in one hand, and with the other helped hafnir to his feet. holding him up, he said "no time for that now, come on" he pulled hafnir towards the exit, or aty least hwere he thought the exit should be


kron got to his feet, at a loss for what had happened. as he realised what was going on, he grabbed his axe off the floor and raised it high. he was determined to keep his position now he had it.

watching the warriors grab thier gear to serve the king, kron walked past them, and took for himself a shield for himself, and also took a fresh bow. however, he kept the kings axe and his own quiver of arrows. after taking a sword as well, he went to stand by the king and his chieftains
The warriors gathered outside, and Uktar stepped out of his tent with his cheiftains by him. Uktar laughed and raised his axe and his sword. Whilst the group cheered Uktar went and whispered to kron.

"Now then, you have to do the typical Aesir stuff Kron, to truly become my second in command, I need you to do something interesting... so you can have 6 warriors and you must kill something big, or kill loads of stuff, I don't care as long as their blood, but for now I must train this useless rabble!" he said, as he finished he looked ahead of him to see a young one who was not as eager as the others, in fact he looked rather worried, Uktar walked up to him.

"Are you scared?" he asked the warrior. The warrior stuttered and tried to say no, but it was all too obvious. Uktar smiled and patted the warrior and walked past him as if he was to carry on inspecting the troops, but before the warrior could sigh, Uktar grabbed his sword, and spinning round beheaded the warrior.

"No cowards!" he shouted to his warriors as he continued his "inspection".


Hafnir looked ahead of him and saw this wasn't the exit... and those weren't guards, the hai uri stood there and looked at Fefnir and Hafnir with a desire... to eat. They jumped, but Hafnir was ready this time, his royal training would come in handy, he clumsily stabbed one of the beasts and then stabbed another... but more started to arrive, they just had to make a break for it...

Kari stood there on all fours with a couple dozen hai-uri or skraggs or whatever they were dead around her and with blood all over her shiny silver and purple coat and noticed that there was more towards the door,where Hafnir and Fefnir were,and bolted to it and tackled one of the beasts wrestling it down to the floor,savagely,and ripped it's throat out via her teeth and started on the next couple.She'd clearly had dealt with these 'things' before.
fefnir drew an arrow and aimed at the mysterious attacker. however, he saw that she had killed the hai-uri ahead, so he grabbed hafnir and simply bolted for the door. the pair dived outside, and fefnir coughed, glad to be in the fresh air once more.


kron bowed a little "as you wish my lord". he then picked a group of six warriors to follow him, all heavily armed and experienced. one was a tracker. as they saddled up, kron turned to him "ok, find me a dragon. i want its hide to grace my shield. shouting back to the others, he said "theres a dragon tooth in it for you each. one who draws blood first gets the skull"

the warriors roared in appreciation, then they followed kron as they rode out of the gates into the forests outside the camp.
Hatred Incarnate
As the hai-uri struck, (they were all that I could come up with...*sob*), Jack pulled out his dagger. Bows were useless at the proximity, but if he could get out, then he was free to vent his fury. As he battled his way to the door, he saw a lone wolf battling it out with the creatures. "
What could such a strange wolf be doing here?" He wondered.
He stabbed a hai-uri in the face and lept through the door. Then, he climbed his way to the top of the hall and let loose a hail of arrows.
Then, as the last hai-uri fell, he took careful aim at the wolf.
ts the last moment before he released, the wolf bolted for the door.
" Darn," Jack said. "I missed."
Seeing that the battle was done, he jumped off the building.
"I'm in way over my head," he thought.
Spying a small, dark niche, he decided to hide himself and watch what happened. Before he could properly adjust himself however, two men suddenly came stumbling out of the door, nearly running him over.
"Careful there stranger, he said. "Are you all right?"
I gotta be more careful,I almost got an arrow in my back just now.

Kari thought to herself shaking her fur to get as much blood out as possible and ran into the tree's changing back and jumped up into a tree branch over looking all the people running out to get away from the fire while mumbling to herself with a sadistic expression on her face while combing her shoulder length purple hair to get most of the Hai-uri blood out

"I guess I didn't get any human blood,but Hai-uri blood will do for tonight."

fefnir spun to face the stranger. examining his features for a while, he was brought around by a group of morin warriors arriving, come to try and help with the fight.

one, a large man carring a club, shouted aout "damn, they're all gone. we missed it." he then turned to hafnir, ignoring fefnir and jack "how many we lose? anyone important?"

(don't worry, Hai Uri are cool)

"Except my honour... nothing..." Hafnir said, he turned to the others in the room.

One of the warriors nodded "Your majesty, I'm afraid that the people believe you organised the murder..."

Hafnir looked at the warrior, and said sternly "Is that what you believe too?"

The warrior looked down at the ground and paused "I'm afraid such matters are unimportant, only the prophetess will be able to help you..."

Hafnir sighed and pulled out his sword, ready to fight the Hai Uri...

"Maybe I can regain honour!" he shouted, and with that charged into a group of Hai Uri, clumsily hacking at them, he was certainly strong enough, and his techniques were reasonable but just ungraceful.


Uktar returned to his tent, and put on his dragon scales and armour. Sharpening his blade he soon nodded to a warrior in his room. The warrior in return quickly pulled out a Goblin from the cage along with a human prisoner, the goblin snarled violently but otherwise posed no threat, whilst the man trembled.

"Excuse me..." said Uktar, throwing an axe slam into the face of the goblin. The human jumped in horror.

"Now, as my last prisoner, this is my favourite game... you've got to try and escape..." he said, grinning evilly at the prisoner.

The Prisoner did not hesisitate to run, and Uktar counted 10 seconds. He looked outside, the prisoner had gotten quite far, but no problem... he started to sprint after the man... and threw his axe, cutting off the prisoner's leg...
Kari swore as Hafnir and his warriors only seemed to chop their way over to her through the Hai-Uri,she was silently wondering how many there could possibly be,and as quick as a flash she changed back into her wolf form,for the third time today,and started going through the Hai-Uri pile on her end and ended up standing right in front of Hafnir,eventually,and blinked and stepped back a little ready to move out of the way if he swung at her.
Hafnir looked down at the wolf and made sure not to swing at it.

"Go, you might get hurt," he said, not realising who he was talking to.
The wolf Kari raised her eye brows as if saying 'And you won't Mr ungraceful?' before leaping up,looking as if she was gonna tackle him,and landed on his shoulder's pouncing on a Hai-Uri that came up behind him by behind before it could try to eat him while ripping it's throat out with her teeth.
Hafnir looked at the wolf puzzingly... he looked around and noticed the exit was about to fall...

"Fefnir, Stragner! ... Wolf! We've got to get out before the exit falls and eats both us and the Hai Uri!"
The wolf's ears perked and she abandoned the already half dead Hai-Uri and started running towards the exit while she could while jumping over the still on flame ceiling boards and managed to get out the door with the rest of them before the whole building collapsed and Kari sat down just staring at Hafnir,Fefnir,and 'stranger' ignoring how much blood was dripping from her usually silver and purple coat,it looked as if it was originally tomato red and she had started melting from how much blood there was on her.
Hatred Incarnate
Jack stood there panting as the building collapsed. Then he walked over to the wolf, just now noticing the strange colorings she had.
"Hmmm... quite interesting." He said.
Then, turning to the man he ran into, he threw open his arms.
"So," he said, "Anyone want to tell me just exactly what happened here?"
"Loss of honour..." said Hafnir, soldiers surrounded the warriors.

"This man plotted with a wizard the death of the king!" he said, the warriors agreed, raising their axes.

"But, we cannot kill him... for he is our prince... that is why we are giving you a day to leave..." he said, the warriors walked away.

Hafnir sat there and looked at the strangers "Do not look at me, I leave for repentance, I thank you for your help stranger, I think we'd best introduce ourselves."
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