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Full Version: Do You Have Any Tattoos (non-fma Related) On You?
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Anyone on here got any tattoos?

I've got 3.

My first was two interlinking hearts on the inside of my ankle.

The second I got was this one:

And this is my third:

Please post yours smile.gif
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If your tattoo is FMA related, then please post that on

I got/am getting FMA tatoo on me
Yes I have a cherry on my stomach and will be getting a claddagh on my back. My other tattoo is FMA related.
Its Cloud And Sephiroths wings

First was a homemade tatt done by my buddy Rabbit. It is a dedication to my buddy Bert, who died of lung cancer a few years ago. It is a swirling pair of skulls with the Metallica star in the middle, and his birthday/deathday and name on the ribbon around it.

My second was a dedication to my enlistment into the Army, as well as my Texas pride.

Lastly is just a dragon. Got this one (as well as the Texas Army star) during AIT while I was drunk, and going with a couple buddies who were also getting tattoos that day. Had to get something on my left leg to coincide with the right, so I'd be symmetrical.
cool tattoos. thanks for sharing guys
Meitantei Conan
Yes I got a tattoo, I got it like a few weeks ago.

here it is

I have two, my first one is a star on my shoulder:

The second one I got on my wrist was the writing that is on the ring from LOTR:

I got a tattoo on my ankle in May. My Mom let me get it when I turned 17. When I turn 18 I'm gonna get another one.

Click to view attachment

I took this pic right after I got it done. Not the best pic. and you can tell it hadn't healed yet.
Envy's Lady
Nope I don't have any and I don't really plan on getting any.

If I ever do, it would be small.

I have thought of getting Envy's oroborus tattoo actually placed for real on my leg but I doubt I'll actually truly do that.
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