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Full Version: Kannazuki No Miko
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Kannazuki no Miko (神無月の巫女?, lit. Priestesses of the Godless Month) produced by NHK and animated by Rondo Robe. It was directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa with music by Mina Kubota and character designs by Maki Fujii. The series was broadcast in Japan by NHK in twelve episodes between October 2 and December 15, 2004.
(Source - Wiki)

Plot Summary: The highborn Himemiya Chikane is cool and aloof, the perfect young lady of good breeding. Kurusegawa Himeko is devoted to her, and secretly her friend. Their lives are undisturbed in their school, until an ancient evil suddenly rears its head. To combat it, Chikane and Himeko must take on the roles of shrine maidens of the Moon and Sun.

Genres: action, drama, magic, psychological, romance, supernatural
Themes: mecha, yuri
Episodes: 12
Age Rating: Older Teen
(Source - ANN)


well i was browsing some yuri and i found this. i watched the first episode in english dub and i really liked it.
so what do you guys think.
Little Washu
Didn't you say you hated yuri?
changed my mind. just dont like konosetsu. it screws up my fics
Prince the Ripper
I found it kinda cute yet I only have volume one of the anime and manga =/ *can't find the manga anywhere it seems =.=*

But it's a pretty neat series ^^
i found it when i was browsing. it is a pretty neat series and i would recomend.btw chikane kicks [All hail lord Xenu]
Prince the Ripper
I randomly found the first volume while looking at the anime section at Best Buy and it seemed interesting enough so I got it.

I kinda like Himeko a little bit more...I don't know why though.
it seems with me that when i go to watch an anime i always find another series sooner or later. ussually on impulse and thats how i found kannazuki no miko. me and my bro were completely immersed in fma before we actually tried naruto and now we have all the boxsets to date.
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