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Full Version: Chimera Round-up!
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Well, I haven't made a role-play for awhile, and this topic came up when I was role-playing with Rosicrucian. Here it is:

The Military has had their eyes on all the chimeras in Amestris for awhile. Finally, they've decided.

It's time to get rid of them all. No exceptions.

Everyone with even a little bit of chimera blood in them, or with a loved one in this condition- is in danger. What will happen as the battle rages - Military against Chimera?


Alright, you may go ahead and post your characters. If you've used the characters enough times - a reference sheet's not nessicary. *nods* Alright, now... join!
I JOIN! 8D With Kari-chan and ghostie Naru XD both are chimera's,even though Naru's well dead and a ghost but still! XD
I'm in! 8D With Ash, of course!

And what time does this take place, Red-chan? In our RP, it happened during Kayden's time *nods*
And that was when Ash was...50-something XD
So...will this happen earlier, before Kayden's birth or something, even though his chimera characteristics are more noticeable than Hiruko's?
(Hm...L's In...though How this could be mangaed confuses me as he is the Fuhrer...)
He's having people rebel?XD yay! L!
(Yep! and were on at the same time!!!)
For once XD *shot* And since we're the only ones on we got nothin to do sleep.gif let's continue this in PM so we stop spamming XD
(Kay smile.gif )
I'm in. I'll post my information sheet 'cause Al is still relatively new.

Name: Alphonse Wheeler
Age: 17
Type/Gender: Wolf Chimera/male
Clothing: White button down shirt with a long black jacket over it, dark pants, black boots, and a hat. His hat usually changes day by day, but for now let's make it a top hat with holes cut out of it for his wolf ears.
Hair: Sort of light brown with some dark natural highlights in it, just a little shorter than shoulder-length
Eyes: Hazel, have a cloudy appearance
Personality: Pretty laid-back, can be extremely serious at time, seems to never hold a grudge. (Basically, it's the exact opposite of Allen)
Good Points: Intelligent, very tactical, friendly to anyone who he gets to know, VERY trustworthy
Bad Points: Cares sometimes too much, can forget things sort of quickly
Alchemy: Sort of like Edward's, except just a little more refined in detail. Doesn't have to draw transmutation circles. Knows how to make a philospher's stone, but chooses not to.
Family: Allen Wheeler (brother, deceased)
Past: Well...basically Allen's up to when he was fourteen. Then around that time, he started learning more alchemy, and began some research with the philospher's stone. When he finally figured out how to create it, he abandoned his research in a kept secret place and started traveling around helping out anyone and everyone.
Theme Song: I guess it would have to be Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance.
(...Wolf isn't a gender lol... (Not to be nitpiky. this is just a little jab...) smile.gif )
*Sweat drops* Maddie probably meant to put wolf as chimera type
(Yeah I know....)
((I fixed it...haha. XD))
XD Okay,should we start or wait for Red-chan?
Nah, wait for Red; this is -her- role-play, after all.

She told me she'd be posting soon, so be patient *nods*
(Hurray! )


A young boy around the age of 16 was walking around Central as usual. He looked a lot like his father, Virus, and wore a hat on his head. Suddenly, he stopped, eyes wide.

In the heart of Central, military guards swarmed along with chimeras of every type. His eyes widened in horror as he saw a guard come toward him. He quickly asked what was going on and was answered. A chimera round up issued by the military. He sighed, knowing he himself was a chimera, and his hat hid his own wolf ears.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew his hat off, making his ears shown. His eyes widened and he quickly put the hat back on. He yelped in shock when a guard grabbed him and dragged him to the military, eyes wide in horror.
ooc| ABOUT TIME *shot*
Alright, so, if Kayden is 16 in this then that makes Ash...59-60 o_______o; DAMN SHE'S OLD XD
Ash: I AM NOT!!!!! D< *snarls*

BiC| "What. The hell. Is this...?"

The middle-aged State Alchemist stared at the flier in her hand. Her dirty-blonde hair, once shoulder-length and dark, was now streaked with silvery hairs and fell in thick locks down her back to her waist, tied back into a loose ponytail. Ash, as she was normally called, felt something twist in her stomach as she read about the chimera round up that the flier reported. She exhaled slowly and rubbed her eyes with one hand as she leaned against the wall in her office. A chimera round-up...why on earth would they do this?

"Damn...if I'm lucky they don't know about Virus and the kids..." she muttered, hoping that her family, Virus, her husband, and Kayden and Hiruko, their children, would be left alone as they were, themselves, wolf/human chimeras while she was a full human. Then, anger replaced her concern and she cursed under her breath, remembering that some of her extended family members were also chimeras. Clearly in a bad mood, she punched her fist into her desk, flinching, forgetting for a moment, that she was no longer as strong as she used to be, and sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"...I wonder if I can talk some sense into them..." Ash wondered allowed as she rose up from her chair and slipped on her black trench coat, and stepped out of her office and through the halls of Central City's Military Headquarters, expression calm as she walked, looking for someone she could speak to regarding the matter.

The middle aged,yet still looked 20 other than the gray streaks (which on her probably looked like all the other high lights XDDD) in her pitch black hair,Kari screamed kicking off a guard,her flat on her back from him tackling her to the ground,and bolted off again towards the current Fuher's office,dodging guards,while wondering why the freakin hell there would be a chimera round up.About 20 of the best military officers,herself included,were chimera's and they were getting EVERYBODY?What had this world come to now?
((Ok, so Al's not 17 anymore because of the time change....I think I can work around this. XD))

"What the hell is going on around here?"

Alphonse said as he stared wide-eyed on top of a tall building at the commotion occuring in Central. All the chimeras, some that he knew, were being rounded up for who knows what. Why now? he thought to himself. Why now would they have a round up now, and for what purpose? Some of the greatest military officers are chimeras!

Confused, Alphonse then jumped off the roof, holding onto his top hat so that no one could see his ears, and started to see what they were doing to the chimeras. A few of the guards came up to look at him, but he still remained normal, and simply walked towards Central base. He had a friend there who he could talk to about this whole situation.
Kayden sat in one of the jail cells, shaking with nervousness. His black, soft wolf ears were flattened against his head in terror as he watched two guards talk; one was also loading a gun. Kayden looked around, trying to find any possible way out, and found none - adding to his fear.

Virus on the other hand, was sitting at home, hiding under the bed. He listened to the soldiers bang on his door loudly.

Kyo paced at home, wondering how her family was doing - acting pretty nervous. "Everything alright mom?" Io, one of Kyo's older children, asked. He was sitting calmly on the cough with his girlfriend, Dana, holding in his automail hand a photo album that he had been looking at with her. "Fine," Kyo said nervously, then quickly turned to Cecy, one of her daughters. "Cecy, call Logan."

Logan, a vampire-bat chimera, and homunculus, was walking around town, watching the insanity unfold. He was thankful that the only think recognizable about his chimera blood was his teeth.
ooc| *w* IO-KUN AND DANA-CHAN!! 8D
ALONG WITH LOGAN biggrin.gif
*excited* X3
And because I'm lazy...Jett will not be present for a while; he's on another assignment in Briggs *shot*
And this also means that we can bring in Hiruko and Nina! *w* *dances*

BiC| The guards around Kayden were talking amongst themselves, mentioning that they would also need to arrest the chimera's mother, a State/Medical Alchemist, despite her enrollment in the military.

Cecy, a pale-skinned, mid-teen girl with long, black hair worn in twin ponytails and piercing red eyes, both features inherited from her Ishbalan father while the skin was from her Amestrian mother, looked up from her books. She seemed unaware of the current situation and gave her mother a quizzical look, "Hm? Why?"

(Grah...shortness DX)
bic| Can't... get... to sleep... o___o Gah, might as well post. ^^;

ooc| Kayden's eyes widened in horror at the guards. "You can't!" he yelped, shaking, "A-ash didn't do anything! She married Virus before this even happened! It's not fair! A-and you can't kill me! I'm still human! I'm not even 40% wolf!" His words trembled, fear of death seeping into them.

Kyo sighed, and explained the situation to Cecy. Clearly, she was concerned about her two brothers and sister, them all being chimera.

Logan was stopped suddenly, and questioned by guards. Smoothly, he talked his way out, but was not aware that they noticed the difference of his teeth from normal human teeth.

Kisha sat next to Roy's desk nervously, her fluffy, white muzzle pressed into the flank of Shade, scared. "Roy, are you sure we're safe?" Kisha asked, clearly terrified.
ooc| XD Nice *shot*
But isn't it, like, around 1:30am in your area now, Red-chan??? o___O;

BiC| One of the guards glared down at Kayden. "You're a chimera either way, little one," he replied curtly, eyes narrowed as he loaded his rifle. He sighed, then stared at Kayden again, "She'll be arrested as well, regardless, along with that father of yours." He smirked, seeming entertained by the fear clearly visible in Kayden.

Cecy flinched, staring wide-eyed at her mother. "Seriously?!" she exclaimed, jumping up now. Concerned for her boyfriend, the vampire-bat chimera, Logan, along with her cousin, Kayden, she immediately bolted for the phone and dialed Logan's number, waiting for him to answer.

One of the guards with Logan raised a brow at his teeth, blinking, noticing how sharp and abnormal they were from the average human. His eyes narrowed suspiciously as he stared at the young man. "Those are some pretty sharp teeth," he commented with a smirk. keeping a hand on his pistol.

Shade blinked, nodding, and nuzzled Kisha back, lying quietly and stretching. Roy looked up from his paperwork and nodded, "Yes, I'm sure."

(short again...*shot*)

Kari screamed running right into the other group of guards that was holding Kayden there and sweat dropped with a classic 'crap' expression since she couldn't go back since the very pissed,and physically hurt,guards were catching up and managed to squeak before running off in the other direction that was guardless with double the guards after her tail,literally.L was gonna get it when she got her hands on him.
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