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Full Version: Sacred Simplicity - My Ed X Winry Mmv (friendship/romance)
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Hi everyone! biggrin.gif This is my first manga music video, so any feedback or advice for future reference would be great. Or if you have a YouTube account, comments would be lovely!

Have any of you heard of Vienna Teng? (If not, please check out her stuff; Vienna's music is absolutely gorgeous. She's a brilliant composer and her lyrics are pure poetry.) Anyway, I got into the FMA manga and Vienna Teng's music around the same time. When I first heard this particular song, I immediately thought of Ed and Winry's relationship in the of course I had to do something with it. (And whew, I had no idea an MMV could be so time-consuming!)

This could be seen as either romance or close friendship; whichever you prefer. smile.gif Hope you enjoy it! (And I double, triple insist that you watch it in high quality.) tongue.gif
mellow.gif all i can say is "WOW!!!!!" that is the most beautiful amv that i have every seen. you were right Vienna Teng music is so sweet and i like it.
Wow, thank you! *blushes* I'm glad you liked it so much. I tried to make it as deep and meaningful as I could. smile.gif And yes, Vienna Teng's music is always nop-notch. I'm happy to hear you liked her song!

Thanks again for the great feedback; it made we feel warm and fuzzy inside. biggrin.gif
Sweet mmv! biggrin.gif
manga obsession
that is SO NICE
it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

edit: whoops, someone already said that
its still true tho... <3
*gasp* YOU STOLE MY WARM FUZZIES!!! tongue.gif Lol, just kidding. I'm glad you liked it! smile.gif
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