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Full Version: The Amestrian Prometheus
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Spoilers ahead; beware!
The alchemy of the Xing Empire is significantly different from the Amestrian alchemy used in the country of Amestris, taught to its people by Father, a great many years ago: Xingese alchemy, or 'RentanJutsu', uses the life-force or 'chi flow' of the Earth while 'RenkinJutsu' (Amestrian alchemy) runs on the energy of dead souls living inside Father, who lives underneath the country; while RenkinJutsu is used as an every-day tool for the average Alchemist for thing such as repairs, science, or a means to gain power, RentanJutsu is used as a sort of medical alchemy, derived from medicine, an alchemy used to 'benefit the people'.

However, there is no record whatsoever of RentanJutsu having ever been used to create a Philosopher's Stone, nor has it ever been rumored to create a Homunculus, a Chimera, etc.., unlike RenkinJutsu, which has been proven possible.
Thus, we are asked these questions: What would happen if such things were created with RentanJutsu, or, perhaps, a combination of both?! What would happen if dead souls were mixed with the natural energy of the world to create these things...? A calamity...? Failure? Loss of life..?

Indeed...what if...
Why the lengthy speech? I'll explain as it somewhat explains the plot of this role-play:
A Xingese alchemist who works for the Amestrian Military Force is sent on an assignment with a group of other State Alchemists to investigate a 'monster' sighting in one of the back-water towns of the North. Something that women described as a 'hunchback with one eye' while other descriptions of the creature (or creatures) include 'one eye' or 'missing both eyes', 'lacking an arm', 'armless', 'legless'...It's hard to believe which is which, but it has caught the eye of an Alchemist along with the Colonel, who sends the Alchemists on such an assignment as the police in the area are equally baffled and questionable.
Confusing? Yes, it is, which is where the role-play begins...
By the way, this is based on/inspired by the X-Files episode 'The Post-Modern Prometheus', which was in itself based on 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley.

1. Be literate/semi-literate; any one-liners and this will become another role-play sent to hell.
2. Keep language at a minimum.
3. Violence at a minimum, please.
4. Nothing over PG-13, please; be mindful of the younger ones here.
5. Romance is fine, but nothing potentially offensive (yaoi/yuri, sexual content, etc...)
6. Have fun!
Name: Ashley Ziwaki (sans Blair)
Alias: Ash, Ashy, Ash-chan
Age: Mid twenties
Gender: Female
Type: Human, former Homunculus
Race: Amestrian
Personality: Stern, eloquent, motherly, kind.
Strong points: Physical strength, strong-willed, stoic, intelligent.
Weak points: Soft-hearted, bad-tempered.
Occupation: State/Medical Alchemist
Rank: Major
Type of alchemy: RentanJutsu/Xingese
Tools: Xingese alchemy tattoos that are on her hands, arms, and stretch over her back.
Specialties: Medicine, alchemy, fluent in the Xingese language.
Hair: Dirty-blonde, shoulder-length, thick.
Eyes: Emerald
Clothing: Normally a black, long-sleeved v-neck t-shirt with a pair of dark-green cargo pants and boots; often wears a pair of gloves to cover tattoos.
Parents: Raito (deceased), Rem (deceased), Ryuk (step-father; deceased)
Infatuation: Virus Ziwaki
Children: Hiruko Ziwaki
Theme song: Dust in the Wind - Kansas
I'm in! Sounds fun!

Name:Kari Rika Neko.
Age:Ermmm mid 20's
Clothing:It changes but usually her black and white sleevless hoodie,black turtleneck,black cargo pants or camo,black combat boots,black and white fingerless gloves,and her cat collar.
Skin tone:Vampire white.
Hair:Black,naturally shaggy,shoulder length,usually kept in pig tails or down.
Eye:Dark pepper black,can't even tell the slitted pupil from the iris.
Other:Black cat ears and a bottle brush tail
Alchemic (and others) abilities:Good with technology,naturally has electricity in her body so can use that,expert gun user,makes things out of diamond or onyx stone.Extremely high senses.
Past:I'm pretty sure we all know this by now,if you don't ask me via PM and I'll tell but it's too long to type out right now.
Theme Songs:Gah....She has a lot but the main is Iris by the Goo Goo's.

(I'll join in but will probolly only make 1 post per day sad.gif )
If you like, could I join in too? If I can, here's my character.

Name: Alphonse Wheeler
Age: 17
Gender: Male/Wolf
Clothing: White button down shirt with a long black jacket over it, dark pants, black boots, and a hat. His hat usually changes day by day, but for now let's make it a top hat with holes cut out of it for his wolf ears.
Hair: Sort of light brown with some dark natural highlights in it, just a little shorter than shoulder-length
Eyes: Hazel, have a cloudy appearance
Personality: Pretty laid-back, can be extremely serious at time, seems to never hold a grudge. (Basically, it's the exact opposite of Allen)
Good Points: Intelligent, very tactical, friendly to anyone who he gets to know, VERY trustworthy
Bad Points: Cares sometimes too much, can forget things sort of quickly
Alchemy: Sort of like Edward's, except just a little more refined in detail. Doesn't have to draw transmutation circles. Knows how to make a philospher's stone, but chooses not to.
Family: Allen Wheeler (brother, deceased)
Past: Well...basically Allen's up to when he was fourteen. Then around that time, he started learning more alchemy, and began some research with the philospher's stone. When he finally figured out how to create it, he abandoned his research in a kept secret place and started traveling around helping out anyone and everyone.
Theme Song:.......crap, give me a minute. I guess it would have to be Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance

I'm back! :3 I'll join! Hmm... Guess this means I'll be using Virus if you're using Ash... ^^"

I'll post my profile soon, just, not right now. ^^;
ooc| *w* Red-chan, you return!! *huggles tightly* I'll also be using Jett, Red-chan, so you could use Kyo as well *nods* I just forgot to put up his statistics because of...laziness *shot*
He's in the intro, anyway. XD
And sure, Matt-Matt, ye can join! 8D
...Aww, DNA-kun...;_; At least you're still with us and not lying in an internet-less ditch somewhere XD;

Alrighty...I shall edit this post with the intro when I have it written *nods*

Intro is now :3 The man she's treating is Jett, who's profile I'll post soon XD

"Ouch! Dammit, do you have to be so rough?!" Jett grumbled as Ash examined his broken ribs. He was seated on a chair in a doctor's office, his buttoned shirt lying in a heap on the ground as the blonde woman touched the bruised areas of his scarred chest gently, checking the damage. Ash's brow furrowed in slight frustration, shooting a glare at the Ishbalan.
"Quit being a baby, Jett," she grumbled as he flinched in reaction to her touching yet another tender bruise.

Jett just clenched his teeth, staring at her through the thick mess of black hair that hung in front of his narrowed, red eyes, clearly irritated. "I already told you, you didn't need to exam--OUCH!!" He nearly jumped when she stuck a finger into a large gash that cut his side. Ash tsked, shaking her head as she pressed her hand against the wound, that had still been bleeding, and used her alchemy to staunch it, the tattoos on her hands glowing a light purple for a brief moment. Jett sighed somewhat in relief...until she touched another bruise she found in his lower back.

"Gah...could you please quit touching those?!" he snapped, though hadn't meant to sound harsh. Ash just sighed, glaring up at him, then stood up. "Now, tell me were attacked by a 'monster'? Are you sure it wasn't Envy?" she asked as she walked over to a counter in the office to grab an ice pack. Jett grumbled, sitting still in his seat now, fingers clenching the knees of his pants. He nodded slightly, "I'm sure. And I don't think it was a chimera; it didn't look anything...'normal'." He sighed and scratched the back of his head while Ash slowly nodded.

ooc| Alright! Time for a first post here on the boards in a long time people! 8D I'm sure everyone knows Kyo and Virus? XD If not, I'll post references later.

bic| A tall, slender but burly man walked in through the doors into the room. His pitch black hair was in a mess, and in his arms he carried a small child who looked a lot like himself. The man's eyes were a lime green, showing a little rim of purple around the edges from being a former homunculus. He wore baggy clothes, and grey sneakers. He smiled happily at Ash, and casually walked to her side. "Hello, love," he whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek, then looking at Jett. He simply blinked and frowned. "What the hell happened to you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

A younger woman followed behind the man, her crystal, icy blue eyes fixed on Jett in horror as she looked over his wounds. She was taller then Ash, and rather slender, carrying her her arms two twins looking like her orange-haired father. They were less then a year old, and eyes were big and curious, looking around the room. The woman had a bright blue bow tying her dirty blonde hair back in a ponytail. She quickly set down the two twin boys at the end of the hospital bed and leaned over Jett. "What happened, Jett-kun?" she asked, horrified, counting all the bruises all over him.

"Calm down Kyo," the man next to Ash said, rolling his eyes and holding the child still in his arms. Kyo shot him a harsh glare. "This doesn't concern you, Virus," she snapped, then turned back to Jett for an answer to her previous question.

(Woo, long. xD)
((XDD nice))

A girl with messy/shaggy/whatever you wanna call it black/dark brown shoulder length hair came in yawning,and with her left leg looking like it got torn to ribbons with porcupine needles sticking out of it,pushing her glasses up to see through her pepper black eyes and she sweat dropped with her feline ears going down in sheepishness before finally seeing somebody she knew and asked Ash looking at Jett raising an eye brow and sitting down on the bed next to him,with a noticeable limp,to wait for her turn with the doctor

"What the hell happened to him?"
ooc| Wheee, I get to RP Hiruko in here! X3
Let's see...if Ken and Kich aren't even a year old...then Hiruko is...2-3 years old biggrin.gif
Grah...and if Jett's in the RP, then Susi's bound to be in it somehow XD
...It appears the chimeras have synchronized minds *shot*

BiC| Jett glanced at Kari, feeling himself blush slightly from being without a shirt in the presence of a woman apart from his wife and Ash, and sighed, frowning slightly. "I was up North in one of the towns near Briggs when this...I think it could be clarified as a 'monster' caught me off guard and attacked me," he explained as he took the ice pack Ash handed to him and applied it to a large bruise on the back of his neck. Hoping to calm Kyo down, he took her hand in his free one and held it, "I'm fine, though I would've been better off without the examination."

Ash rolled her eyes as Jett complained, then smiled at Virus. "Hi, Virus-kun; what brings you here? You rarely visit me at work," she said as she ruffled her son's hair who was clinging to Virus, a little boy named Hiruko, then started examining Kari's leg, eyes widening at the damage.

"...Actually, maybe you should tell me what happened first," Ash corrected, looking up at Kari as she studied her limp leg.
"Well you see funny story..."

Kari said sweat dropping with a sheepish look on her face before sighing knowing that Ash was gonna scold her either way while cringing at her every touch

"I was at the park eating lunch and these two grizzly cubs came and tried to pull a Yogi on me and stole my sandwich and well I wrestled it back and sent them back off into the forest and then the mama came and well.....And after that I freaked out a porcupine from my swearing and it got me."

((XD I watched Homeward Bound yesterday so I couldn't resist))
Then something unseen brushed aganist jett's side and a red spot seeming floated in the air. Then an odd accent spoke. "Ughh. You got blood on my suit." said the disembodied voice

(Sorry For the pitiful post....Writers block.....)

Kari sweat dropped and mumbled looking at the seemingly invisible man with Jett's blood on his 'suit' with a curious look on her face while everybody else looked at it too

"If it wasn't for the fact that I deal with this every day I'd be surprised,now Mr.Invisible mind telling us who ya are?"
"You could always just reflect the light in another way to see who this invisible man is. It's really not that hard. Nothing in this entire world is invisible."

Alphonse said popping into the room in a corner. He wore his black top hat on top of his scraggily light brown hair covering his face. He then looked up and smiled at the Kari. "Kitty-Lady, it's been a while. What the hell happened to you?"
"Oi it's Kari!Not Kitty Lady!And I kinda pissed off a mama grizzly bear from taking my food back from her cubs and then I scared a porcu-OW!ASH!"

Kari said/yelled clearly in pain when Ash started taking out the porcupine quills in her leg,though the bones weren't broken a good some of the muscles got torn from 'mama grizzly bear's' claws so this was gonna be painful.
"Fine, Kari. You really are a death magnet, aren't you?"

Alphonse said laughing. "By the way, I know Kari, but I believe I've never met anyone else. I'm Alphonse Wheeler, pleasure to meet" he added in taking off his top hat and bowing.
(....really? Alphonse Wheeler? Lol.)

The man sighed. "I'm insulted due to your gross underestamation of my cloak. The Light would do nothing to make myself visable." said the werid accent. then a man appeared in a red suit and an odd mask over his face. "Stupid Laborer." he said

(*points at avatar*)
Kyo looked strangely at the man who had just appeared, looked curiously at the man in the top hat, then back to Jett, clearly much more concerned about him. Her hand gently touched one of his many bruises, careful not to cause him any pain. She sighed, then laughed a little. "We always have the worst of luck, don't we love?" Kyo said, snickering and smiling at him.

The two baby twins, Kich and Ken, looked around the room, curious at who the two new men were in the room, and the cat lady.

Virus looked up and smiled at Ash. "She brought me here," he said, clearly talking about Kyo. He then looked up at Kari, smiling. "Hey Kari! Long time no see!" he beamed, taking Hiruko from Ash and showing Kari. "Shocking huh? I never thought I'd have a kid." Virus laughed and smiled at Kari, and then blinked and turned to Kyo and Jett. "You remember them, don't you Kari? Kyo my sister?" He blinked, twitching a little from Hiruko tugging on his messy black hair.

(Snow day today! Woo!)
(Lucky.....Nothing but Churches and Dirt here in txs sad.gif )

"A Child?" asked the red suited man as he pulled out a ciggerte. "I did not anticapate this." he said as he lit it, the crimson flare warming and enlighting his face and features. His Charcol mask fit skin tight and fit to the stucture of his bone, yet, still hid his facial stucture. He gripped a sliver knife in his free hand.
"Yeah,and your kids are adorable you four!And yes Al,I'm cursed with being unlucky,it comes with being a black cat.And mister,no smoking.There's kids,and my lungs are sensitive."

Kari said sweat dropping and cringing at the porcupine quills being taken out
Kyo's eyes widened at the smell of smoke, quickly covering her mouth with her hands, coughing into them. "Could you do that somewhere else?" she hissed, coughing in between words. Kyo didn't go well with smoke, in fact - the two did not go at all together.
"It's rude to smoke in public."

Alphonse said coughing as he put out the cigarette for him. "There now, all better for of us."
"All better indeed."

Kari mumbled coughing into her hand as well with her nose and lungs itching from the smoke,she was still in rehab from her lung problems so smoke+Kari=not good.
Kyo took a deep breath, frowning and glaring at the man in the red suit, still recovering from the smoke a bit. THe twins didn't seem to notice really, looking around curiously. The slightly taller one, Kich, looked up at Kari, smiled, and put his arms out for her to pick him up.

Virus sighed and waited, clearly wanting to get home with Ash for reasons only he knew about. (You don't wanna know XDD)
ooc| ...@.@ Overload...
Alright, new rule added: do not reply until everyone has replied or at least can follow what's going on.
Ash: o///////////o *sighs* Virus...surely you can control yourself for just a little while...? *rubs eyes*
Rosi: XD

BIC| Ash glared at the red-suited man as well. "It would be wise to not smoke in a doctor's office," she grumbled, her tone less than kind as she plucked a few more quills from Kari's leg. Finally, after removing the last of the quills, she disposed of them in a trash can, then pressed her hand gently against the wounds on her friend's legs to staunch the bleeding with her alchemy, as she had done with the Ishbalan.

Jett nodded, sighing, then feeling that his injuries weren't so serious to keep him from moving, he rose from his seat, revealing him to be the tallest person in the room, and slipped on his shirt and vest, albeit carefully.

Hiruko chewed on a strand of his father's hair, though stared at Kari, curious.

(I fail DX)
ooc| Alright. I'll post then wait for others. :3
Virus: No, of course not. You should know by now I'm a pervert. ^^ *wags wolf tail happily*

bic| Virus blinked, watching Ash work carefully, flinching now from Hiruko chewing on his hair. "Hiruko stop..." he murmured, pulling his hair away. That was a mistake. Suddenly, Virus felt Hiruko tugged harder, and thus began the battle between father and son; Hiruko tugging on hair, Virus tugging on Hiruko.

Kyo looked alarmed when Jett got up so suddenly, but seeing he was fine, sighed and handed him Ken, scooping up Kich carefully. "I'm guessing alchemists are going to be sent out to search for this so called 'monster'?" she asked Ash, raising an eyebrow curiously, frowning. Kich looked at Kari still, arms out; wanting to go into her arms.
ooc| Alright ^-^
...Though I fear I may be breaking that rule myself. Crap.
Ash: ...-////////////////////-; *gently tugs on his tail* Bad wolf.

BiC| As she bandaged up Kari's leg, Ash nodded in answer to Kyo's inquiry, then stood up. "Done, though you'll have the limp for a couple days," she said with a small smile and brief nod. Then, she glanced over at Virus and Hiruko with amusement, raising a brow before finally sighing in annoyance and pulling her son from his father's arms. "Knock it off, you two," she said in a monotone voice, Hiruko pouting as he hung in his mother's arms, upset that he'd been pulled from his new toy.

"Yeah, they're planning on sending some alchemists up there," Ash murmured, speaking to Kyo now as she thought for a moment, recalling the other incidents she'd heard regarding this so-called 'monster'. Jett, at the time, seemed a bit preoccupied, holding his own child, Ken, while sitting back down and watching Kyo and Ash talk, seeming bored as he let his son grab at his fingers.

"Hai hai,I can deal with limping.Thanks Ash."

Kari said with a small grin before sitting up and noticed Kich wanted her to pick him up and she blinked,that was new.But regardless she picked up the little child and set him onto her lap and asked with a small smile

"Hiya little guy.This better?"
Alphonse just stood in the corner watching them blinking. He didn't want to just interupt them talking, so he just sat in the back thinking about curious things. His wolf ears started to twitch out of complete boredom, not knowing what was going on, but still trying to listen and figure anything out.

((I've got nothing....dang writer's block...DX))
The masked man sighed as he threw his smoke on the floor. "I've been here for hours smokeing, and you've never felt a diffrence or anything since then." said the red suited man. then he walked to Ash and Jett. "How is the Forgienor holding up Doctor?" he asked
((Sorry about not posting! Been busy and forgetful. ^^; Blech... I don't feel good today....))

Kich smiled happily, playing with Kari's hands and laughing- completely unaware of the situation with his father and Kari and their wounds.

Kyo nodded, biting her lip a little and frowning. "Alright, good," she murmured, blinking.

Virus looked over at Alphonse, raising an eyebrow curiously. "And you are...?" he asked, blinking. He was taller then him, and almost Jett's height, who was the tallest in the room.
"Oh, sorry I didn't explain myself earlier..."

Alphonse said quickly coughing a little. "My name is Alphonse Wheeler. I'm a friend of Kari's who knew my brother really well. And, if I may ask, you are....?"
(...unable to post...and am awaiting peeople to figure out who the f**k I am...)
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