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Full Version: Capturing Momentsl: Dearheart's Fma Icons And Graphics
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Hi there, and welcome to my little corner of the FMA world. biggrin.gif These are all graphics I've made, mostly icons/avatars, but I've also done a few siggies. And one wallpaper. (True excitement.) tongue.gif They're fairly simple and straightforward, as I only have Paint and Photobucket to help me out, but still fun to make. I love to take my favorite FMA moments (in both anime and manga) and capture them in a single image and a few well-placed words.

Hope you enjoy this first anime-verse batch!

Eyes of Gold

Eyes of Silver

A Labor of Love

Two Boys

Too Close to the Sun

Almost Praying

Sealed In Blood

Don't Go

Any feedback or suggestions would make my day! biggrin.gif
Made this batch shortly after catching up with the manga. (Warning: a couple of EdWin ones! This IS the manga we're talking about.) tongue.gif




To Protect

Don't Shoot


Little Moments

Angel of Mercy

The Hands That Save

Is It Just Me...?

Equals On This Ground

That last one was partly inspired by this WONDERFUL EdWin drabble by Tobu Ishi. If you like EdWin (or good-quality fan fiction in general), you'll LOVE her stuff.
More avatars, this time starring the Elric brothers! (Not that anyone's interested in them or anything...) tongue.gif

Again, any feedback would be great! biggrin.gif
Cool! smile.gif
I've only made one so far, and it doesn't say anything, but I still think it's kinda cool.
That 'Lost' one scares the crap outta me! D: Good job!!
Thanks, Rain Alchemist! And lol Blysse, I'm flattered. Hope it didn't scare you too much! biggrin.gif

More avis and a couple of EdWin avatar/siggy sets...



This Is Me

Gentle Strength

Helpless Power

Thanks again for the nice comments! And yes, I submitted those signatures to the gallery; so if you've seen them before, don't be surprised.
Ahaha, I can't stand EdWin, but those are adorable! ohmy.gif
Awesome. biggrin.gif

Aha! I finally found the gallery!! happy.gif

<<Ish Intelligent.
@Dearheart - I added your thread to FM-A Board: Sig, Avatar, Wallpaper Shop Directory. Hope you don't mind. biggrin.gif
Hope you can share some more of your icons with us!! smile.gif
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