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Full Version: I Just Got Metal Gear Solid 4 Ps3 Game Signed By Hideo Kojima, The Original Developer Of The Metal Gear Game!
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Broken Chouchou
So.. here I am with a copy of Mgs4 with Hideo Kojimas autograph on it. I bought it this saturday when Kojima came to Stockholm to meet some of his fans.
Even though I don't have a Playstation 3, I bought a copy of the game and got his signature on it, along with getting to shake his hand and say "thank you" in japanese.

Obviously, having his autograph on the front cover is pretty cool, but to me, owning a PS3 would be worth a lot more.

So the qestion now is: How much do you think Hideo Kojimas autograph (and part of his fingerprint I think ^^ ) is worth? Think I could get some good money for it or should I just keep it for myself so I can brag a little whenever someone mentions Metal Gear or Kojima?
Well I'm a diehard metal gear fan, I'll buy it from you, I found someone with a copy of his mgs4 signed by kojima, he currently has no bids, and I think it's been up for three days. if it were me though I would keep it for sure
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