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Full Version: Can Anyone Recommend Me A Good Shoujo Manga?
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I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good shoujo manga for me to read (online).
I have already read Fruits Basket,Absolute Boyfriend,and Imadoki .
Nana, Marmite, Berserk, Ouran hostclub, Beck, His and Her circumstances, Narutaru (aka: Shadow star).
Little Washu
Fall In Love Like A Comic

Just finished it myself. Very good~
Prince the Ripper
Here's a few I've been reading =)

Land of the Blindfolded
Koukou Debut (High School Debut)
I second Ouran. It's a really enjoyable series.
Little Washu
Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha). Comedy, drama, romance, my favorite shoujo.
I am not the biggest fan of shoujo manga, but I enjoyed reading Ouran High School Host Club, which I found to be absolutely hilarious. It is much more on the comedy side, and it basically parodies and satorizes all of the shoujo stereotypes that you could possibly think of. Still, the manga manages to retain the "warm and fuzzy" feeling of a good shoujo manga. Yes, there is romance- both you typical shoujo romance and :cough: some very funny parodies of shonen-ai. Despite the comedy aspect of the series, Ouran still manages to retain many of the life lessons found in shoujo manga, such as first love and discovering who you truly are as a person. Definitely worth the read in my opinion. More Info on the Series
Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been reading Hana Kimi for a while now.
If I can recommend you a really good shojo, I will say Special A all the way ! That serie is so funny !! This is a story where a girl named Hikari has always had as rival a boy named Kei who was always look full of himself. When she was young, she was beating by him in pro-westling (not sure about the spelling) and because it was her first humiliation, she took him as her biggest rival. Since that, she went to his rich school in hope to beat him one day. Now, she's in the top seven students who have the better grades. They call them special a or S.A. for shorter.
Hikari is so funny because she always put herself in weird situation to try to beat Kei but same of that, she always goes second. The characters are great because they've all kind of personnality. I'm absolutely sure that you will love the serie.

That is the link to read it on onemanga (happy.gif)
Don't go with Rumiko Takahashi's series unless you wanna read a redundant series for 10 years. I suggest Skip Beat. A funny, romantic NON-redudant series for you to read for 10 years! XD
Kaichou wa maid-sama! (*Checks whether it really is shoujo* Yes it is) and Full Moon Wo Saga....e. 1/2 Prince... Wait, it's mangwa and propably shonen... dry.gif Well... Yotsuba&! and Azumanga Daioh.
Shoujo Kakumei Utena :}
its so great.
Sukitte Ii na yo is a really sweet, shoujo manga
and momo has great art.
There's a lot of good manga out there.
I could ercommend a few:

Ouran High School
Dear School Gang Leader
School Rumble (i believe the name is)
Kaichou wa maid-sama
1/2 Prince
Fairy Tail
Arina Tanemura does a lot of good shoujo series, like Full Moon wo Saga....e and Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. Her art is really good too. happy.gif Oh, and Vampire Knight is a great one! biggrin.gif
Forsaken Love
I also recomend Ouran because its hilarious, vampire knight is also good and i love D N Angel thats pretty awesome (allthough I think its randomly stopped T_T)
I recommend shugo chara!. biggrin.gif
it's so cute with a very hot bishie ikuto tsukiyomi! happy.gif
EniviD EiraM
I like Zettai Kakusei(Mistress Fortune) but it's only compose of 3 chapters.. soo short !

Anyway, I wanna see Tomodachi , Cherry Juice and the continuation of YNSH as anime.... ! I'm hungry for more and more anime !!
You can read . .
Chibi Vampire
Ouran High
Tora Dora
Love Hina
Uhh . . Bad Kitty . . .
And more others . . .
Best shoujo I have ever read by far: Ouran High School Host Club. The manga's funny, but if you want the romance to be, um, decent, READ IT.

It's hilarious, but also really sweet reguarding love, family, and friendship. It's extremely clever and original because it's a sattire of other shoujo cliches, and Haruhi, the main character, is anything but a Mary Sue, making her funny and admirable at the same time. Also, the plot deveops more as it goes and has some angst as well, so there's a little bit of everything in Ouran happy.gif
EniviD EiraM
beast master, tanshin no kajitsu, gyuuto ....te chuu (not sure about the spelling), and Zettai Kakusei Mistress Fortune ... hope you like it !

I strongly recommend Dengeki is not a typical shoujo manga you have read. It's hilarious with drama and some sort of action. The plot itself was so interesting and once you read it you can't stop and craving for more <3
Forsaken Love
just finished watchin and now readin lovely complex (aka love com) , it's ascended extreamly high on my list of shoujo favourites XD it is REALLY funny, so i definatly recomend that
absolute boyfriend's a good one
kaichou wa maid sama is okay...and it sells big tooo
-Ouran High School Host Club -- definitley read it!
-Skip Beat -- great main characters and bishounen
-Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne -- beautiful art and original plotline
-Dengeki Daisy -- awesome plot and really emotional
-Kaichou wa Maid-sama -- funny and cute
-Kitchen Princess -- great art, plot, and emotional
-The One -- beautiful art, amazing plot
-Special A -- absolutely hilarious, love the pairing

-Absolute Boyfriend -- omg, really funny and sweet
-Kimi ni Todoke -- LOVE the romance development, it's very realistic
-Shugo Chara -- absolutely adorable
-Beauty Pop -- love the main character, great plot
-Beast Master -- short and sweet
A good one that I'm almost done with is Skip Beat!. I love that one, *cough* sig/avitar *cough* laugh.gif
QUOTE (ScarMySoul @ Jan 9 2011, 08:11 PM) *
A good one that I'm almost done with is Skip Beat!. I love that one, *cough* sig/avitar *cough* laugh.gif

That is a great manga! It's so funny and has really pretty art. happy.gif
@ rosiechan: I know!! I love it when she freaks out or when Ren is got his "i don't believe you look" laugh.gif

Another good manga is Captive Hearts as well as Vampire Knight smile.gif
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