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Full Version: The Sanguine Red
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Search for the sanguine red stone that has eluded alchemists for centuries continues. They each have their own motives, but who will actually find it?


Name: Knaivre Skye
Age: 19
Title: Chain Lightning Alchemist
Alchemical Style: Carries his own battery powered lightning rod, by adjusting certain components of air, he can make it conduct, creating a controlled lightning strike, which he can send back to his rod if it's close enough.

Bio: -not much known- seeks the philosopher's stone.
Battler Blade Alchemist
Name: John Morrill
Age: 21
Title: The Battler Blade Alchemist
Alchemic Style: Metals mostly. Uses 2 sword hilts that look like giant lollipops. The round part is a transmutation circle. Uses these by putting the tc on whatever is available and transmutes it into a blade for whatever the situation demands (A gun, a fan, a hook, etc.).
Bio: To make a long story short:

- Found to be good at alchemy at preteen age
- Taken interest in by the military at 17
- Became a state alchemist at 21
- Now usually resides in the State Alchemist Dueling Arena, challenging everyone and anyone, but avoids fight with women officers if at all possible.
Name: Emily Jones
Age: 20
Title: The Dark Alchemist
Alchemic style: Deals with Telepathic/ mind control alchemy. She can seek out someones deepest fears and use that fear against her opponents. Uses two butterflyswords for hand-to-hand combat. Wears a Amethyst point pendant which amplifies her mind control abilities.

Bio: Not very much is known on her. She is a traveller.
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