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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 89 here. smile.gif

For info on the "Reading Reference", go to page 4.


Chapter 89 Raw can be found online Here biggrin.gif

So many people! So many questions!

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QUOTE(Animeoldtimer @ Nov 10 2008, 04:26 PM) *
Chapter 89 Raw can be found online here: biggrin.gif

Thank you!!!
You're welcome!

Now the big puzzle: Who's that guy on page 7, 8 , and 9???????

Thank you so much for the link!!! smile.gif

That is a big dose of Roy this month and I am trying (and failing) to not look at the chapter until a translation comes along. By my addiction to Roy is liklely to win the battle pretty soon.....
OMG, everyone is coming back !!!! Thank you so much Animeoldtimer.

And for the guy on page 8, 9 and 10, I think he's Sergent Brosh, isn't he ??
Thanks a million, Animeoldtimer!!!! happy.gif (BTW, the guy on page 6, 7, & 8 is Danny. biggrin.gif )
@acaray - Yes, he is. biggrin.gif
OMG, talking about the all star cast!!
Maria Ross!!! And, Havoc, too!!
This chapter is awesome!!! ^^

Translation is done!! biggrin.gif
(I will be back later and edit typos and others. ^^)

Chapter 89: "Return of the Warriors"

Page 1

(Kanama slum in the Central)
Caption: After the deadly battle with Pride...

Voice: "Whoa, what's this?"
Voice: "Was there a fire?"
Voice: "This is Kanama slum here, right?"
Marcoh: "What happened?"
Yoki: "And, what is this ..hill?"

Page 2

Darius: "Oh?" "Oh? " "Oh?"
Zampano: "Ah!!" "Darius?!"
Darius: "Gerso and Zampano!"
Gerso: "Have you been sent by Kimbley to get rid of us?!"
Darius: "What are you talking about?" "I've denounced being a subordinate of Kimbley a long time ago."
Ed: "Aw! Dr. Marcoh!"
Marcoh: "Edward!"
Gerso to Darius (In the background): "That's what you say! You're planning to kill us with that saw when we drop our guard, aren't you!?"
Darius: "You idiot! Did you hear what I just said?"
SFX: Gab Gab Gab
Ed: "And....I see Scar is here also..."
SFX: Gab Gab Gab

Page 3

Ed: "It is so noisy here." "You there. Hog, Fatso, and Gorilla-- don't you dare start fighting..."
Darius, Gerso & Zampano: "Watch your bad mouth, or we'll beat YOU up!!"
(Four Chimeras catch up with each others' situation)
Gerso: "So, you too?"
Darius: "Yeah, we're better off if we stop working as the henchmen of a guy like that."
Darius: "It's obvious that we will be used up and then discarded."
The rest of Chimeras: "You said it..."
Darius: "I ran away and became a misfit, but I feel much better now."
Heinkel: "Indeed."
Heinkel: "At least, we know they will not discard us."
(Heinkel sees Mr. Fuu leaving.)
Heinkel: "Oh?"

Page 4

Darius: "Where did grandpa go?"
Ed: "He went to check the situation in the town of Central."
Darius: "Alone?"
Ed: "Yeah. He said, that amongst all of us, his is the only face that is not known to the enemies, thus, it would be easier for him to move around town if none of us are with him."
Ed: "He said he will find out as much as he can about what Mustang and the gang are doing..." "But, more over, he must be worrying about where Ling is."
Darius: "Oh, I see..."
Gerso: "Have you finished the talk with Scar and the guys?"
Ed: "Yeah......"

Page 5

Ed: "The preparation has been all finished."
(Ed looks at the dome where Al, along with Pride have been sealed in.)
Gerso: "Your brother is an amazing guy."
Darius: "He volunteered to stay with that monster, alone, in the darkness. I would lose my mind if I stay alone with that monster."
Ed: ".......yeah."
Ed: "Al is doing all he can there."
Ed: "The rest is..."

Page 6

Ed: "....The rest is all up to us."
Chapter 89: "Return of the Warriors"

Page 7

Young one: "Brother, brother."
Young one: "Brother Danny!"
Danny: "Hmm, what is it?"
Young sister: "Can we borrow your telescope?!"
Young brother: "Where is it?" "Please show me!"
Danny: "I just finished the night duty, and I'm so sleepy~ You go ahead and search around~~~"
Young brother: "Aye, sir!"
Young sister: "Understood, Sergeant Denny Brosh, sir!"
FMX: Rattle Rattle Clatter
Danny: "What are you going to do with it?"
Young sister: "We are going to watch the Sun!"
Young ones: "There is going to be an 'Eclipse'!!

Page 8

Danny: "An eclipse?"
Danny: "Listen, you two..." "You can not watch the Sun with a telescope, or your eyes will go blind."
Young ones: "You kidding?!!"
SFX Shocking
Young sister: "Then, how do we watch it?"
Danny: "You can watch it through a piece of glass that's coated with soot."
Young brother: "Hmmm."
Young brother: "?"

Page 9

Young brother: "Look at this, brother!"
(Danny sees a bunch of soldiers getting off the military truck.)
Danny: "...You guys, don't get out of the house today."
Young brother: "Brother?"
Middle sister: "Brother?" "Are you getting up now? We don't have any breakfast left."
Danny: "I don't need it!"
SFX: Clomp Clomp Thump Thump

Page 10

Danny: "Everyone, stay quietly in the house today!"
Middle sister: "Why~~?"
Danny: "Just do!"
(Mustang is doing his Flame Alchemy)
SFX: Bang
Voice of Military Report: "In West district, Sady's squad has located Mustang and the gang." "Returning fire."

Page 11

Central Army commander: "A fool with his useless resistance." "Because of his foolish struggle these subordinates who are with him will lose their lives."
SFX: Clack Clack Clack (Foot steps)
Commander: "How many are they?"
Soldier: "Colonel Mustang, First Lieutenant Hawkeye, Second Lieutenant Breda, Master Sergeant Fuery..."
Soldier: "We can't attack them because Mrs. Bradley is taken as a hostage..."
Commander: "That's fine." "Don't worry about Mrs. Bradley."
Soldier: "Huh?"
Commander: "We only need Roy Mustang alive." "We have no use for Mrs. Bradley."

Page 12

Commander: "Get rid of her alongside Mustang's subordinates."
Soldier: "Ah, Aye, sir."
Soldier: "There are only five of them." "Overwhelm them with large number of soldiers on our side."
Soldier: "Only Five?" "We are sending out this many soldiers for that few enemies?"
Soldier: "Flame Alchemy... is that something like an attack by a powerful flamethrower?"
Soldier: "Ha," "I haven't seen it so I don't know."
Soldier: ""How are we supposed to fight it against?"
Soldier: "Sergeant, I heard you are a veteran of Ishval War."
Sergeant: "Yeah, and yes, I have seen it."

Page 13

Sergeant: "First, you see a small line of fire that uses a line of dust in the air as a fuel and run like a fuse line." "And, when that line reaches the intended target, you see the explosion at the end."
Soldier: "?"
Soldier A: "I'm not sure I understand it."
Soldier B: "Me, too."
SFX Hahaha Hahaha
SFX: Zzzz
SFX: Zappp
Soldiers: ".............."
Soldier: Whoa"
SFX: Rush Rush Rush
SFX: Bang

Page 14

Fuery: "This way!!" "Hurry!!"
SFX: Clack Clack Clack (footsteps)
SFX: (worker) Whoa
SFX: Clack Clack Clack (footsteps, in distance)
Captain: (sees Mustang and the gang running up the stairs) "!"
Captain: "Group C3, come down from the above!" Group C6, guard the exist!"
Captain: "They are taking Mrs. Bradley along!"
Captain: "They can not run fast!"

Page 15

SFX: Shutter
SFX Click Click
Soldier: "Don't move!!"
SFX: (Riza's gun) Click
Soldier: "He can not use the Flame Alchemy in this small room."

Page 16

Mustang: "...Are you going to shoot us?"
Captain: "Avoid Colonel Mustang." "You may shoot the rest."
SFX: Aim
SFX: Bang Bang Bang

Page 17

Man on a beam above: (in small letters) "Did I get the bull's eye?"
SFX: (gun on the captain soldier's head) Shove

Page 18

Charie (Mustang's Ishval War Soldier): "'You may shoot the rest except Mustang,' does that mean they may shoot Mrs. Bradley also?" "Does it?"
Mustang: "We wanted to find out..." "But, I wish we wouldn't have heard these words."
Mustang's Soldier: "Are they insane?" "Were you going to shoot your boss's wife along with us rebels?"
Mrs. Bradley: "Am I...." "Or, is my husband..." "Is he being abandoned by our country?"

Page 19

Mrs. Bradley: "Or," "Am I abandoned by my husband?"
Mustang: "I do not know."
Mustang: "I do not know, but we will protect your life."
Mustang: "When everything is over we need you to prove that we were not wrong."

Page 20

Mustang's soldier B: "More soldiers are coming!" "Hurry!"
Charlie: "You saved your life." "If we were Brigs' Soldiers you would have been dead."
Central Army soldier: "What?"
SFX: Bang
Central Army soldier: "Aaaaaagggggg"
Charlie: "Colonel,"

Page 21

Charlie: "You haven't yet told Mrs. Bradley that Bradley has been missing?"
Mustang: "Not yet." "I figured if we tell her and she passes out it would make it difficult for us to move around."
Mustang's soldier C: "Or, maybe it's easier for us to move her with her being passed out."
Mustang's soldier D: "I see lots of new companies." "You're being dearly wanted, Colonel."
Mustang: "Bring them closer, as closer as possible."
Mustang: "It's around the time they would make their move."
SFX: Snap
SFX: Zap

Page 22

SFX: Bang
Central Army soldier: "Ugh"
Central Army Commander: "You haven't taken care of them yet?"
SFX: Bang
Commander: "What have you been doing?!! There are only Five of them!!"
Radio Soldier: "The enemy has increased in numbers!" "It seems there is at least about one platoon of soldiers with them now!"
Commander: "Where has he hidden that many soldiers till now.....?"
SFX: Grind (Commander's teeth)
Commander: "Our casualties?
Radio soldier: "Ah," "Yes," "59 injured!"
Radio soldier: "Zero casualty!"

Page 23

SFX: Bang Bang
SFX: Bang Bang
SFX: Bang
SFX: Bomb
Central soldier: "Waah"
Central soldier A: "Pfffs."
Central soldier B: "Danger, danger."
Soldier A: "Hey, I heard about the Flame Alchemist before..." "I heard that he was a tremendous force in Ishval war...."
SFX: Cough

Page 24

SFX: Cough Cough
Central soldier C: "From what we see, it's not that much of a force now..."
Central soldier D: "Yeah, we have been gettin gonly some monor explosions."
SFX: Cough
SFX: Zap
Soldier: "!!"
SFX: Bang
Soldier: "Agh!!!"
Soldier: "Jess!" "Barky!"
Soldier: "Gha"
SFX: Cough

Page 25

Soldier: "Damn! The explosion has damaged my eardrum!"
Captain soldier: "Casualties?!"
Soldier: "Five injured!" "Zero casualty!"
Captain: "We're lucky that we didn;t have any casualties..." ".....!"
Soldier: "Bha"
Soldier: "I though we would die!"
Soldier: "Quick, make a retreat!"
Captain: "They got the 'Hero of Ishval' with them. And, the 'Hawk Eye' also..." "It is rather strange that we don't have any casualties."
Captain: "Is it, by any chance....."
SFX: Bang

Page 26

Captain: "Guaaaahhh"
Captain: "No doubt about it," "They are....."
Commander: "They are taking it easy with their attack?!"
Soldier: "Yes.
Soldier: "Our soldiers have suffered many injuries so far, yet no one has been killed." "Even the ones who have been shot by snipers, they are all non vital injuries."
Commander: "Are they...." "Are they taking light of us....?!"
Commander: "Send out Demetrios' squad, and Kim's squad also!!" "Hurry up, and bring the dead bodies of Mustang's subordinates and pile them up right here!!"
SFX: Grip

Page 27

Commander: "Do not let them get in a way of our sire...!!"
(Central HQ)
Bradley's Brass officer: "They haven't caught Mustang yet?" "What is Brigadier General Clemen doing?!"
Bradley's Officer: "I hear they are not killing any of our soldiers. and yet they have managed to nip all our forces we sent there to take them down..." "There is no way they can keep doing such a trick."
Olivier: "Colonel Mustang is such an inexperienced softy."
Bradley's officer: "Indeed." "I have no idea what he is thinking."

Page 28

Olivier: "In addition, the Central Army who can't take down that soft Mustang is an inexperienced softy as well." "This has been like watching children's play."
Bradley's officer: ".....What did you say?"
Olivier: "From the day this country has established, this Central Capital has never been attacked by a large force." "It sounds good to say that that's because of the presence of our sire," "But, this inexperience itself is the weakest point of this Army."
Olivier: "Central Army is good with attacks, but, incredibly unskilled at defense." "How about letting me train this Army for a while?"
Bradley's officer: "Don't let it come to your head, Armstrong."

Page 29

Bradley's officer: "Do you think you are being here in Central on your own merit?"
"You are simply being held here."
Bradley's officer: "We know you and Brigs' soldiers have a strong bond." "Therefore, holding you here will work as a strong deterrent to keep them from rebelling against us."
The officer who showed Olivier artificial soldiers: "Besides, you had seen the artificial soldiers in the basement." "After seeing that you wouldn't get any thought of rebelling against us...."
Olivier: "Hahaha!"
Olivier: "You do not understand us at all."
Bradley's officer: "What?"
Olivier: "I have given them a through instruction to 'abandon myself in case of any urgent situation.'" "'Survival of the fittest,' that is the law of Brigs." "Even if I die here, that would be taken as my failure to survive, as I was an weak one, that will be all."

Page 30

Olivier: "An army that is being able to move as if one solid monolith, even in the absence of my presence..." "That is the Brigs' Army."
Olivier: "Do not talk like you know the Brigs' Army with your superficial paper-thin understanding of my soldiers whom I have cultivated and trained myself."
Soldier: "Colonel Mustang and his gang is battling in the Western industrial district." "A large number of soldiers have been sent over there to take care of Mustang's gang."
Bucaneer: "Well," "It's our time to make a move,"
Bucaneer: "It's time to move out of this underground hole."

Page 31

Bucaneer: "Let's go and bite down the throats of Central Army's cowardly soldiers."
SFX (loud warning siren)
Bradley's officer: "?!"
Olivier: "Here they come."
Olivier: "The warriors who can fight the bears of the Briggs mountains with their bare hands."

Page 32

Olivier: "These worriers and your proud artificial soldiers, I wonder which ones will be stronger."
Central army soldier Captain: "The new force has arrived for the rebel?" "No way! Where are they from?!"
SFX: In the background, warning sirens throughout the city
Central Army soldier: "Well, they showed up out of nowhere all of a sudden in the middle of town....."
Captain soldier: "This isn't a magic world. That's impossible!!"
Captain: "Damn... And, of all the places, they show up in this West district where our forces are thin..."
SFX: In the background, warning siren
Captain: "How many are they?!"
Soldier: "Unknown!" "But, judging from their outfits, they appear to be-----"

Page 33

Soldier (continues from last page): "They are from Northern Army...."
SFX: sound of blood gushing out
Charlie: "Inside the Armstrong mansion?!"
Mustang: "Yes," "We moved in soldiers and the arms in the midst confusion during the repair of the mansion."
Charlie: "Just how large is that house?!"
SFX: Slide
Mustang's soldier: "Charlie, ammo, give me more ammo!"
Charlie: "I only have one round that's saved for using for myself."
SFX: (in small letters) No lie, you have no intention of killing yourself
SFX: Clank
Mustang: "Hmm, this is a trouble. We are running out of ammos."

Page 34

Mustang: "You two, when it comes to a time, abandon me and run for your life."
Charlie and another guy: "Understood!"
Mustang: "Umm... Isn't that supposed to be 'we'll stay with you to the end"?"
Charlie: "No way I'm going to commit a double suicide with a guy."
The other guy: "My wife is waiting for me at home."
Mustang: "Oh, all right then."
Central soldier in distance: "!"
SFX: Zap
SFX: Bang
Central soldiers: "Cough!!" "Cough" "Cough"

Page 35

Central soldier reporting: "They're rarely shooting back to us now."
Soldier: "It's around the time they run out of ammos."
SFX: Cough Cough
Captain: "Well! Fine!"
Captain: "Time to finish this!" "Prepare the rest of soldiers."
SFX: (in distance) Brrrrr
Soldier: "Whoa!!"
SFX: Screech Screech Screech

Page 36

SFX: Screech Screech Screech
Riza: "?!"
SFX: Screeeeech
SFX: Clank
SFX: Pop out
Rebecca: "Hiya, Riza!"
Riza: "Rebecca!!"
Rebecca: "I saw the flames so I though this might be the place where you guys are, and I see my guess was right on." "And, just in time when you guys are running out of ammos?"

Page 37

Rebecca: "We have presents for you."
SFX: Slide
SFX: "Ohhhhh"
Mustang's soldiers: "Is this an armored vehicle?!" "Nice job, Rebecca, I love you!!"
Rebecca: "Hash! Don't you try to seduce me if you're not rich."
Person in a driver seat, to Mustang: "Take this please, it's for you."
Mustang: "Oh," "Thank you."
Person: "Nice to see you again after such a long time, Colonel Mustang."

Page 38

Ross: "Second Lieutenant Maria Ross," "Came home without your order, and reporting for duty!!"
SFX: Salute
Rebecca: "Why aren't they charging in here?"
Fuery: "We have the Flame Alchemist on our side, so they don't want to just charge in carelessly." "But, the Colonel also, he can't make any large explosions as this is in the city."
Rebecca: "Oh my," "I came all the way to Central to catch some dandy guy, and finding out they are all spineless."
Rebecca: "Take this."
SFX: Bang

Page 39

Central soldier: "Huh?"
SFX: (the bomb flying) Shrrrrrrr
SFX: Thud
Central soldiers: "Ugh" "Ugha......"
SFX Brrrrrmmmmm
Central soldier: "They are getting away..." "Cough"
Soldier: "Damn."
SFX: Bang Bang
SFX: Cough Cough

Page 40

Rebecca: "These are tear-gas bombs from Xing." "They have extra servings of peppers inside."
Mustang's soldier: "Oh?" "By any chance you got all these from Xing?"
Mustang: "I haven't sent you any message for help." "Who has directed you to do all these?"
SFX: (the vehicle's engine running) Brrrrr
Ross: "Would like to talk to the person? "Directly?"
SFX: (the vehicle's engine running) Brrrrr

Page 41

Ross: "Here you go, sir."
Mustang: (thinking) he some higher-up person in Xing county?
Mustang: "This is Colonel Mustang of Amestris National Army." "We appreciate your support in this endeavor...."
Voice on the phone: "Bwahaha"
Voice on the phone: "Ku kukuku hehehe....."
Havoc: "Oh lord, you sound so formal." "Please get back to our usual, Colonel."

Page 42

Havoc: "Serving you for over 80 years with all your dry goods needs," "This is Havoc grocery for your town!" "From an elastic for your underwear to an armored vehicle," "We deliver anywhere anytime with your phone order!"

Page 43

Havoc: "So," "How would you like us to arrange your payment terms?"
Mustang: "Payable upon success." "Charge it on my bill!"
Caption: Understand each other even when being separated far away apart, that bond would underwrite promises between them!!

(End of chapter 89)
Chapter 90 will be out in Japan on Fri. Dec. 12
QUOTE(Tombow @ Nov 10 2008, 04:54 PM) *
Thanks a million, Animeoldtimer!!!! happy.gif


QUOTE(Tombow @ Nov 10 2008, 04:54 PM) *
OMG, talking about the all star cast!!
Maria Ross!!! And, Havoc, too!!
This chapter is awesome!!! ^^

Certainly, The warriors' return, isn't it? happy.gif

How did Havoc get in contact with Ross? o_O

Brosh seems to be the oldest of... 6 siblings? Aawwww... XD

Awesome "Just as Planned" chapter! Distracting maneuvers and no soldiers killed: amazing Mustang's men cool.gif
Briggs', on the other hand, are more down to business. ů.u

Only one complaint... Why did it have to be an eclipse? sleep.gif So stereotypical...
^ Haha, yeah that's true. XD

Anyway, as usual.. anyone who can make it into a downloadable package will be highly appreciated!!! happy.gif

Here is the download link ^^
Oh, that helps!!! Thanks a bunch, Aizen!!! happy.gif

Yay for Maria Ross's return!!! And, OMG, Havoc!!
Even Danny is getting some nice moment in this chapter!!
Everyone is converging!! This chapter is simply awesome!!! ^^

Oh, and people who guessed that the "Day" will happen on the same day of some astronomic event such as Solar Eclipse (including myself biggrin.gif ) we were correct!! happy.gif
And, in the chapter when Olivier took over the Armstrong mansion I said that they are going to use it by secretly housing soldiers for them!!! I was right about that one, too!! ^^
QUOTE(acaray @ Nov 10 2008, 10:50 AM) *
And for the guy on page 8, 9 and 10, I think he's Sergent Brosh, isn't he ??

blush.gif Whoops!

Brosh! Of course! I'm embarrassed. I forgot about him. I won't tell you what I was thinking.

The gang's all back together, yeah!
OMG! This chap looks AMAZING! XD

Can't wait to read it all!
Reunion and a half, good to see so many of the characters back, really is pacing things along now.
My friend read the chapter before me while I was at work and she freaked out and called me and said, "OMG ED HAD CHILLINS WITH WINRY." I was like lolwut? Kind of had my hopes up when I came home... ;_;

ANYWAYS, god the chapter is AWESOME. Thanks so much for the links, Animeoldtimer and Aizen! And thank you for the translation, Tombow, as always!

I totally fangasm'd over page six. It is now my wallpaper. Srsly.
Thanks for the upload!!! Yay, I'm so happy there's some military action again! And a lot too ^0^ It's about time! wink.gif
Haven't taken a look at the chapter yet, but made some mirrors. Now to get to looking at this month's chapter!

Thanks, Aizen, AnimeOldTime, and Tombow!




edit: Havoc! Brain has melted.

Poor Mrs. Bradley. At least they're protecting her. Now, when will Bradley turn up. He couldn't have been that easy to kill.
AA battery
... can't help but screamed SAIGA MITSUKIIIIII~! when Maria Ross appeared XD; *gets shot* Can't help to see that in anime =w= *hopeless*

But awesome military chapter filled with bloody (yet not deadly) actions 8D
The pacing is so fast that it didn't even felt like it had 40 pages. XD
Colored the last page! XD

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Page 1:
Gang: Whoa-
What happened?
A fire?
This's where that slum Kanama's supposed to be, right?

Marcoh: What happened here?
Yoki: ...And what's that big mound?

Page 2:
Darius: Wha?

Zanpano: AH!
Darius: Jelso! Zanpano!

Jelso: Did Kimblee send you to finish us off?!
Darius: Gimme a break.
We're done being Kimblee's flunkies.

Ed: Hey, Doctor Marcoh!
Jelso: ...You're just saying that so we'll turn around and you can clobber us with that saw!
Darius: Listen to me, ....!
Marcoh: Edward!

Ed: ...and Scar.

Page 3:
Ed: Shut UP.
Porky, Fattie, Donkey. Stop fighting.

Heinkel: So you guys, too?
Zanpano: Yeah, we're done working for scum like him.

Darius: Boy, you can really tell we've all been tossed aside, huh?
All3: Seriously.

Darius: But it feels good, ditching Kimblee and living in the shadows.
Heinkel: Yup.

At least they wouldn't leave us for dead.


Page 4:
Darius: Where's the old guy going?
Ed: To check out what's going on in Central.

Darius: Alone?
Ed: He's the only one who can move around without any of them recognizing him.

He said he'd try and learn as much about what Colonel Mustang's doing as possible...
But I'm more concerned about what Lin's up to.
Darius: Yeah...

Jelso: You done talking to Scar?
Ed: Yeah...

Page 5:
Ed: We've done all we can to prepare.

Jelso: Your brother's one hell of a guy.
Darius: I'd lose my mind if I was trapped in there in the dark with that demon.

Ed: Al's a true survivor.


Page 6:
Ed: We just need to finish the job.
Title: Chapter 89 - Soldiers Come Marching Home

Page 7:
Kids: Big bruddieeeee!

Denny: Whaaaat... [Denny is future Ed O.o]
Girl: Give us your tello-scope!
Boy: Where is it,

Denny: Guys, I work nights, I need my sleep...
just look for it yourselves.
Boy: Aye, sir!
Girl: Roger that, Sgt. Denny Broche!

Denny: What're you gonna look at?
Kids: The sun!

Kids: There's gonna be an eclipse.

Page 8:
Denny: An ECLIPSE?

Guys...if you look at the sun through a telescope, you'll burn your eyes to a crisp.
Kids: No way!
SFX: Gasp!

Girl: Then how do we see it?
Denny: Uhh...I think you need a board and a piece of dark glass...
Boy: Laaaame...

Page 9:
Boy: Hey, look at this!

Denny: You guys stay inside today, got it?
Boy: Denny?

Sister: What's up, bro?
You're up early, don't you wanna eat?
Denny: Not today!

Page 10:
Denny: None of you are to leave the house!
Sister: Why?
Denny: Because!

Radio: Sadie Squad has spotted and engaged Mustang's group
in the West Block.

Page 11:
Clemin: Fool's putting up one last futile struggle...
His precious little helpers would've been left alone if he'd just stayed quiet.

How many?
Soldier: Colonel Mustang, Lt. Hawkeye, 2nd Lt. Breda, Sgt. Fuery...

We haven't been able to take them down, as they have the Fuhrer's wife as a host-
Clemin: Ignore her.
Ignore the wife.

Soldier: Sir?

Clemin: We only need Mustang alive.
The housewife's life holds no value to us.

Page 12:
Clemin: Eradicate the Colonel's men.
Soldier: Y-
Yes, sir.

Clemin: There's only five of them.
Use our numbers and overhwhelm then.

Soldier: Five?
They're making their move with a single platoon?

Soldier2: The Flame Alchemist uses long-range incendiary attacks, yeah?
Soldier3: Dunno,
ain't never seen it.
Soldier4: How do we defend against that?

Soldier5: Sarge was there during the Ishval war.
Sarge: Yep, I saw him go to work.

Page 13:
Sarge: First, he transmuted all the dust in the air into a big fuse, sent it flyin'
and the target went BOOM.

Soldier: Heheh, I don't get it...
Soldier 2: Me neither!


Page 14:
Fuery: This way!

Soldier: C3, cover from above!
C6, get the exit!

They have the Fuhrer's wife with them!

They won't be able to move fast enough!

Page 15:
Soldier: FREEZE!

You can't light any flames in a room this small, can you?

Page 16:
Mustang: ...But are YOU free to shoot?

Soldier: Free to shoot anyone
EXCEPT you, Colonel Mustang.

Page 17:
Helper: Got 'em!

Page 18:
Charlie: EXCEPT the you're allowed to shoot Mrs. Bradley?

Mustang: That's the one question I wanted to ask the most...
and the least.

Breda: Are you off rocker?
You're gonna kill your boss's wife along to get to little group of rebels?

Mrs. B: Am I...
Has my husband...
been abandoned by his own country?

Page 19:
Mrs. B: Or have I...
been abandoned by him? [Poor Mrs. B. T_T]

Mustang: I don't know.

I don't now, but we will protect your life with ours.

And when all is said and done, we'll prove to you that our side is in the right.

Page 20:
Helper3: More of 'em coming!
Hurry it up!

Charlie: You're damn lucky.
If we were from Briggs, I'd be putting you down permanently.
Soldier: Huh?

Charlie: Colonel.

Page 21:
Charlie: You haven't told her that the Fuhrer's gone missing?
Mustang: No.
We can't afford to have her faint and make moving even more difficult.
Helper4: Ain't someone who's passed out MORE easy to move around, sir?

Helper5: They're crawling all over this place.
You're a popular guy, Colonel.

Colonel: Lure as many of them away as you can.

THEY'RE going to make their move any time no.

Page 22:
Clemin: You STILL haven't finished them off?!

What is WRONG with you maggots?! There's only five of them!
Radio: They called in reinforcements!
There's at least one other platoons worth of men with them!

Clemin: Where did those bastards get soldiers like this...

What're our losses?
Radio: S-
59 wounded!

0 dead!

Page 23:
Soldiers: Wwaaaah!


So that's the Flame Alchemist, huh?
Soldier2: I always heard he was amazing in Ishval...

Page 24:
Soldier: But...
it's not nearly as impressive as in the stories.
Soldier2: Yeah...
it's all been little pops and bangs...


Leader: Jess!

Page 25:
Soldier: ...., mu eardrum's busted!
Soldier2: What's the damage!
Soldier3: 5 wounded!
0 dead!

Leader: No deaths...we were lucky...

Hurry, get down!
I thought we were dead!

Leader: The "Hero of Ishval" had the "Eye of the Hawk" watching him...
And there've been no deaths...
Don't tell me...

Page 26:

There's no doubt
about it...

Clemin: They're taking it easy on us?!
Radio: Yes, sir.

We have tons of injuries, but no deaths.
Even their snipers are clearly avoiding lethal shots.

Clemin: Sons...
of bitches...

Send out Dimitri Squad and Kim Squad!
I want the heads of Mustang's subordinates on my desk NOW!

Page 27:
Clemin: We can NOT let them get in "HIS" way!

Wiener: They still haven't caught Mustang?
What is Brigadier General Clemin DOING out there?

I hear they're making their way through without killing our men...just pure military skill.
There's no way they'll be able to keep THAT up.

Armstrong: Mustang's gone soft, too.
Wiener: I'll say.
What's going through his mind?

Page 28:
Armstrong: And the Cental army can't even stop him...they're even worse.
Like little boys playing war.

Wiener: What was that?

Armstrong: Central has never once seen an attack from a serious threat since it was founded.
It SOUNDS nice to say it's "Thanks to HIM,"
but I consider the lack of experience to be a weakness.

He may have a powerful offense, but his defense isn't up to snuff.

Why don't you put ME in charge of Central's forces for a bit?

Wiener: Don't get ahead of yourself, Armstrong.

Page 29:
Wiener: You think you're here because you EARNED your spot?
You're our CAPTIVE, sweetheart.

We know your bonds with the soldiers of Briggs are strongs.
And you're ONLY here because YOU are the one thing keeping them from rebelling.

Old Falman: Plus, you saw what we have in the underground labs.
You would still defy us, knowing what's down there?
Armstrong: AHAHAHA!

You don't know me at all, do you, gentlemen?
Wiener: What?!

Armstrong: One of our final contingencies is, "If the situation calls for it, leave me behind."
"Survival of the fittest" is the iron law of Briggs!
If I bite the dust here, it would only prove that I wasn't fit, and they would cast me aside.

Page 30:
Armstrong: They are unflappable. Undeterrable. And they can act with or WITHOUT me.
THAT is what makes a Briggs soldier.

Don't treat the idea that I've "raised" them as superficial.

Radio: We've engaged Colonel Mustang's group inside a west-block factory.
We've got a number of soldiers spread out over the area.

Buccaneer: Okay.
Time to move.

Wave goodbye to this dingy cellar, men.

Page 31:
Buccaneer: Sink your fangs into these Central cowards' throats, and don't let go.

Armstrong: Right on cue.

You're nothing but bait for the bears of Mount Briggs.

Page 32:
Armstrong: I wonder if your precious dolls will be able to stand up to them?

Soldier: New enemies?!
Impossible! Where'd they come from?!

Soldier2: Th-they just sprang out from the middle of town...
Soldier: How, with MAGIC?! Don't be ridiculous!

Damn it all...
They had the West Block spread thin enough as it was...

Solider2: How many of them are there?
Soldier: We don't know!
But judging from their weaponry, they're from

Page 33:
Solider: The north-

Charlie: From INSIDE the Armstrong Estate?!

Mustang: Yep.
We snuck in all our men and arms during the reconstruction hubub.
Charlie: How big IS that mansion?

Helper: Charlie, I need more rounds, now!

Charlie: I've only got one left...for the coward's way out.
Small text: Liar,you'd never stoop that low.
Helper: Ahh man, everyone's almost out of ammo.

Page 34:Mustang: Listen, if things get really hairy, you two are to leave me behind and run.
Both: Roger that!

Mustang: ...You're SUPPOSED to say, "Well stay with you to the bitter end, sir."
Charlie: We don't get that attached to other men, sir.
Helper: Cammy's waiting for me at home.

Mustang: I see, I see!

Soldier: BWAH-

Page 35:
Soldier: They're not returning fire with bullets as often as they were before!
Soldier2: They must be running out.
Soldier3: All right!

Soldier: We hit 'em hard!
Tell everyone left to get ready!


Page 36:
Rebecca: Hihi, Riza!

Hawkeye: Rebecca!
Rebecca: When I saw the flames, I was like, "Over there", and I totally called it!
And you're in a tough spot, too?

Page 37:
Rebecca: Well, here're some presents for ya!

Guys: This's thing's armored?!
Nice! I love you, Rebecca!
Rebecca: Clam it, I'm not into broke guys!
????: Here sir.
Mustang: Mmm. Thanks!

????: Good to see you again, Colonel Mustang.

Page 38:
Maria: 2nd Lieutenant Maria Ross,
reporting for duty of my own free will!

Rebecca: How come they're not advancing on us?
Fuery: With the Flame Alchemist on our side, they can only get so clonse.
But the Colonel can't go around burning everything when we're in the middle of town...

Rebecca: Oh, boo.
I came here to find a good man, and all Central's got are

Page 39:
Solider: Uhh-

Soldiers: GHACK-

They're getting...

Page 40:
Rebecca: Xingese tear gas canisters.
PACKED with capiscum.
Helper: Huh?
You brought this all the way from Xing?

Mustang: I didn't want you to be involved in this.
Who ordered you out here?

Maria: Would you like
to speak to him?

Page 41:
Maria: Here.

Mustang: Is he some Xingese big shot?
This is Army Colonel Roy Mustang.
Sir, I am grateful for-
Phone: Snxx-


This ain't gonna work.
Let's keep the tone the way it's always been, Colonel.

Page 42:
Havoc: Serving the community for 80 years,
this is Havoc Sundries.

From underpants to armored cars,
we're your one-stop shop for anything and everything! AND we deliver!

Page 43:
Havoc: So?
How will you be paying?

Mustang: The owner's treating me.
And he's not getting out of it!
N. Havoc J.
f*!@ Yeah!!! Pardon my french. tongue.gif

Awesome goatee Havoc. laugh.gif
Animeoldtimer, weren't you thinking the same as Alchemical's friend ?? lol. I've got to say that I, too, wasn't able to recognize Brosh at first....and my imagination was running ^^

Armstrong is awesome, she's so .....I can't find the word, but she is !! Ho and havoc is great too !
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Thanks for raw, .rar, translations and others!!!
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It's chapters like these that remind me (as if I need it) why I love FMA so much. I love how everyone's making their return and picking sides. And how Havoc's back-- did I mention that yet? wink.gif

My only concern from this chapter is Olivier. I've never particularly liked her, and don't really trust her intentions. She's said she'll do what it takes to survive, whatever that may be. Well, fromt he way things are looking, Mustang needs to watch his back.

Sooo... thanks very much Tombow and HhisshouBuraiKen for the translations, and thanks to those who provided the raw!
Man, I can't wait to read this chapter! It looks sooooo good! It's about TIME all those people came back. I thought Arakawa had forgotten about Maria tongue.gif

Thanks to all who supplied Raws and translations!

That chapter was awesome! I'm so happy that Havoc and 2 lieutenant Ross is back! X3 Just as jacksparrow589 said "I really like when everyone's making their return and picking sides!" I can't wait for the next chapter to come out!
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I really hope there is at least a little bit of Edwin before 2009! (in the next chapter)
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It's probably because I'm more attracted to the military stuff that goes on in FMA, though. I think almost every major character in the military is in this chapter except for Armstrong and King Bradley.
I really like how everybody is coming back. And the Funny Bear ice-cream truck. 8D

Also, it's kinda nice to see Ed in that gaudy red coat again.

QUOTE (edxwinryfan @ Nov 12 2008, 08:14 AM) *
I really hope there is at least a little bit of Edwin before 2009! (in the next chapter)
I don't think that's too likely unless it's in some form of thought or message or whatever, since Winry's at home and I think Ed's probably going off to face Father/some big bad guy or something.
And now that you all are mentioning things about Winry, I wonder what's up with her. We haven't seen any of her, and if they're gonna have absolutely everyone and their brother make their appearance, where's Winry?

I'm reluctant to say that she's just sitting back and waiting, but if she gets involved again, the risk factor for her is going to shoot through the roof.

Any chance Wrath really is alive and that he's gonna come back through Risembool, grab Winry, and be all, "So, give up now or your girlfriend here gets it!" in the next couple chapters?

Yeah, bad idea.

One thing I forgot to add earlier: That thing with Rebecca showing up made me laugh. The expressions on her face were very amusing.
[/quote]I don't think that's too likely unless it's in some form of thought or message or whatever, since Winry's at home and I think Ed's probably going off to face Father/some big bad guy or something.
I think you are probably right sad.gif ,but i would even be happy with Winry saying I miss Ed, or something like that.
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I really want to know what's going on with Mei and Envy; we haven't seen them in quite a while. I'm also pretty interested in Kimbley...

QUOTE (Hey @ Nov 12 2008, 12:21 PM) *
Also, it's kinda nice to see Ed in that gaudy red coat again.

Really? See, I loved the shirt and jacket. The coat is iconic though...

I'm not big on Havoc's goatee. Boy should shave that crap off his face (tee-hee!).
I love that Havoc was the one that brought in the female reinforcements!

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Looks fantastic!

Is there a scanlation yet?
Edit: No matter, I found one.

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Totally wasn't expecting to see Maria!
QUOTE (FailToImpress @ Nov 12 2008, 12:54 AM) *
Ooh wow, only just remembered that this was out...
Looks fantastic!

Is there a scanlation yet?

Yep, it's up over at onemanga.
^Hehe yeah, that's where I found it.
Thanks anyway!

I loved this chapter, it's so good!
Rebecca cracks me up, pity we don't see her more often.
I would recommend michellethemit's scans, she usually does good work.

So in this chapter of epic entrances, I have to vote for the Funny Bear truck as the best XD
QUOTE (Causmicfire @ Nov 12 2008, 03:35 AM) *
I love that Havoc was the one that brought in the female reinforcements!

Winry's going to pop up, claiming she can't have Ed go into the final battle without his trusted mechanic! I really don't think she'd risk getting caught as a hostage again, though.

Not to mention, RanFan needs a check-up on her automail.

Where is Mei? I hope Kimblee doesn't find her and the shrimp in a jar. I certainly don't want Kimblee to happen across Al and Pride, either.

What really bugs me is Wrath. Where is he? Surely, he couldn't have died that easily, and he still needs to have an awesome sword fight with Olivier!

Putting all these thoughts together I can can come up with 3 possible scenarios where Winry comes back and doesn't just wait:

1. Ran Fan goes to Winry for repairs (least likely situation IMO, but I could be wrong)

2. Winry just shows up but it is actually a restored Envy disguised as her. (too cliche for me)

3. Wrath takes her hostage (real possibility, also too predictable)I

I can't believe Wrath is dead though. I'd like to see a three way fight with Wrath, Olivier, and Roy. That would be cool. wink.gif

I would like to see Winry again. However, I do like how the story is going.

Now all we need is a fan art picture of Havoc with the ladies! tongue.gif cool.gif
But the fact that we've to wait so long to see Winry again is really boring ! Since the chapter 84, I always waited to see more Edwin... I'm really disapointed to see it didn't in this one too. God ! For the fans of Edwin, please put more hints... crying_anim02.gif
For the scenario of Wrath who takes hostage of Winry and he use the word girlfriend to describe the relationship of Ed with her... I approve it totally! I really love the idea ! biggrin.gif
I will laugh so much if it happen like this ! laugh.gif
Come on ! It has to happen before the end ! It has to be official between those two ! Just a kiss or something like this ! Come on ! For the fans ! laugh.gif
QUOTE (Saving_Grace @ Nov 12 2008, 04:16 PM) *
Really? See, I loved the shirt and jacket. The coat is iconic though...

I liked the shirt and jacket too. I guess the coat has some 'nostalgic' feeling to it (I can't think of a better word). D8

I was expecting Kimbley and May Chang to be in this chapter, actually, with the ending of the last chapter. Oh well. They'll probably appear sooner or later anyway.

Btw, I don't like the idea of Wrath taking Winry as a hostage and referring to her as Ed's 'girlfriend'. To me, it doesn't seem like Wrath to do that, or at least not the 'girlfriend' part. Plus it's boring, Winry as the hostage again. Try Pinako for the hostage instead

On the whole coat thing: I saw it and went, "Yessss! He's ba-ack!" You know, all sing-song-y. I just loved it, though.

And the "girlfriend" thing was a totally unlikely scenario, I know, but it was me poking fun at Wrath for his kind of... formality, I guess. I don't see Winry as being a likely hostage since she was one once already, either, as I believe I mentioned as well.

Anything's possible, though.
Aw come on, all you EdWin fans. I'm an EdWin fan, too, but the story is moving forward quickly. Don't be impatient! Enjoy the action going on now.

About Mrs. Bradley being taken hostage: Suppose that Wrath comes back to Central and hears what is going on. Do you think he will resent that the army had the freedom to shoot his wife? He might turn his anger on Mustang and the gang, for making her a hostage in the first place, though. That won't help at all. What if he is reunited with his wife and she tells him what went on? What if... what if...

I am imagining an anime-like scene with Bradley (when he remorselessly killed Selim for disadvantaging him). Where do you think Arakawa is going with Mrs. Bradley's character? Right now, Mrs. Bradley is built up to be the victim. She is naive, scared, and powerless. Even so, I can't drop the feeling that she knows more than she is letting on. Perhaps she knows that Bradley is not human and loves him anyway? She did witness the Greed-Wrath fight after all. Surely she does not think that her husband's superhuman fighting abilities are normal?
Mrs. Bradley has to be a really good actress if she knows more than what is going on.

Hmm, if Havoc has been in touch with Maria and Rebecca, maybe he's kept in contact with Winry, too.

Falman needs to reunite with the team, too.
Social Alchemist
QUOTE (ehxhfdl14 @ Nov 12 2008, 09:07 AM) *
Ah, everyone's making comebacks! This chapter just might be one of my favorites smile.gif

Yeah, I love this chapter as well seeming majority of the military cast is starting to get some action time now. Hopefully Major Armstrong appears in the next chapter seeming he hasn't really done that much during the recent chapters.
QUOTE (Causmicfire @ Nov 12 2008, 04:11 AM) *
QUOTE (FailToImpress @ Nov 12 2008, 12:54 AM) *
Ooh wow, only just remembered that this was out...
Looks fantastic!

Is there a scanlation yet?

Yep, it's up over at onemanga.

OH HAI THAR, guys...

This capter was sooo awesome i was so glad to see Maria and Havoc back and Rebecca is awesome. Roy has been so badass in this chapter all he had to do was *SNAP* and the bad guys all go away. Roy makes me swoon. I do wish that Winry would come back but that's kinda unlikely. IMO. I do want her back though because it's gonna be a long time until the end of FMA. Then again I don't want FMA to end ever. sad.gif
QUOTE (Cece @ Nov 14 2008, 06:42 PM) *
Roy makes me swoon.

OMG, he's depriving you of oxygen, like in that Perfect Guide 2 explanation! ohmy.gif biggrin.gif

Also: Another comment for this chapter: I love that Arakawa gave us a more detailed view into Mustang's alchemy. I always wondered how the long-distance explosions worked. He has said something before about manipulating the concentrations of the gases in the air, but that didn't explain how he was able to light a fire without getting burned at his end.

Now I'm wondering what exactly from the dust he is combusting. If it were household dust, it would obviously be carbon since most of household dust is dead cells and stuff. He could also transmute the phosphorus from destroyed DNA in dead cells, since elemental phosphorus is crazy-combustible (P.S. add The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus by John Emsley to your reading lists, everyone).

Sand, though. Sand is mostly oxidized silicon. How the heck does that work for combustion? Unless he separates the silicon out of SiO2 and then recombusts it, which is what he did with the hydrogen in water when he burned Lust.

Oh my goodness, you guys, I'm totally going to calculate the enthalpy of silicon combustion when I get back to my pchem textbook. laugh.gif

Edit: Oh wait, it just occurred to me that sand is heavy. That's probably not what he used to funnel fire through the air in Ishval. Hehehe, nvm.
edo little kid
Oh havoc grew hair in his beard!! Poor man
I loved the emergence of Maria!!!
I hope she meet with Ed and hugging him!! happy.gif
Like I said before, it was good to see Maria Ross again. smile.gif
I had wondered what was going to happen to her.

I like her character better in the manga, somehow she's more... likeable as a person.
Sword Alchemist
YAY! Maria and Denny are back in the story.

And Denny has younger siblings. It doesn't seem like there's any parents though. Wonder if Denny is taking care of all of them. Hmmmm. he works nights, sleeps all day and it looks like his house is a mess. Hopefully Child Protection Services dont hear about that. tongue.gif
Ooh, the return of...well, everyone. This chapter could pretty much be summed up in one word for me: epic. Seeing everyone fighting and returning (Maria! Denny! Jean!) is amazing. I do especially like Riza's role. She didn't speak, but she didnt have to. Her sniper skills do all the talking for her.

And the red coat is back! I've missed seeing Ed wear that red coat. *sigh* This chapter was amazing.
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