Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in its world and annoy the canon characters for awhile.
Author's note: Sort of a sequel to "Wedding Night". Based on a piece of Japanese fanart.
Warning: general newlywed silliness; plus vague mentions of sex.
Beta: Took-baggins

They walked hand in hand on the white sand of a beach in Creta, kicked salt water at each other, showed one another interesting shells picked up at the water's edge and examined strange sea creatures in clear tidal pools. They built a sandcastle on the beach and next to it, he wrote in the sand with a stick Edward loves Winry loves Edward before a wave came in and dissolved their work. Both became good and sunburned.

Neither had ever seen an ocean before and they sat together on a beach towel to watch the sun set in a brilliant array of colors. The resort staff lit a bonfire on the beach once the sky was dark, and then they and the other guests danced to native Cretan music until supper. They fed each other strange dishes like oysters on the half shell, crab legs and sea bass before they toasted everyone's health with so much champagne, both felt all floaty like the bubbles.

He had a camera along, but never took any photos himself. The only exposure on the entire roll was taken by an obliging elderly couple they met on the beach. They are standing back to back, the fingers of his left hand and her right tightly entwined. Dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, he smiles up at the gulls as his hair blows about. She's pushing her hair out of her eyes and laughing while the frilly skirt of her white halter-style sundress rides high on her thighs in the wind.

The rest of their honeymoon consisted of whispers and sighs, lips and tongues searching, bodies molded to each other, skin sliding against skin, cries of passion and climax. Well, those memories weren't suitable for framing. But Edward and Winry would remember those nights every time they looked at the souvenir which arrived nine months later.

Author's note #2: Things didn't work out so well with my 2nd beta, so I had to find a new one. Took-baggins is an accomplished and acclaimed fanfiction author in her own right, as well as a great artist. Which means the next chapter of The Waters of Lethe should be posted in the next few weeks.