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(Ok heres my idea.

Fuhrer President L. Lawliet has died 3 years ago of natural causes and has left a power struggle in his wake. Many are scrambleing for power to the point where the country has been split in diffrent reigions all wanting a certain one of there citizens to be Fuhrer. and now theres a civil War for the spot.

Alright this takes place during Cold war area FMA and most charicters should be old or dead so make new ones. if you can find an excuse for a charicter to be alive. Start out on a convoy to the site of the Ishvalian War with a bunch of troops. here are the 2 sides you can start out chooseing for. You can make your own and other stuff as well

PMS: A group of Mercenarys fighting for Powerful corrupt sociopathic, politisons. Winning the war.
r a o
a n i
y t d
i s e
n r
g s

Millita: Thoughs loyal to the previous Furher, L. Lawliet and like the way things have gone. loseing the war.

SOG: Soilders of God. Ishbalaians Attempting to take over the country and abolish alchemy and great a religious nation. Extreamists. not all Ishvalians rally under it's flag. )
ooc| Before I join, how old was L before he died? *pokes*
(...hmm..78...I may change it later though..)
ooc| Eh...that's too old XD
Lessee...for my characters...lemme think for a second.
If Jett was 40 when Cecy was born and Jett was 2-3 years younger than L, so...that would make her thirties o.o;
Along with Kayden, Ash's future son, and Hiruko would be a lot older...
...GAH!!! DX *thinking of what characters to use* Cecy would be too old...DX
(Make new ones. and Ash = Immortal and I have someone that can still be used. changeing It to 65 now kay? it'll be easy for you)
ooc| Yay! X3
Eh, Ash became a human a while before marrying Virus so that she could have a family.
So she isn't a Homunculus anymore. Muaha.
Alrighty, so...I'll use Cecy. I've been dying to role-play her as an adult (her 4-year-old self is...a trouble-maker. Har.)
Now...I need to write her profile/status *starts writing*
Ash: ...I feel old...
Jett: You're not alone...;.;
(so is Ash dead or something?)
ooc| No, she's very much alive; just...old XD
*still writing Cecy's profile*

Name: Cecilia Faolan
Alias: Cecy, 'the Devil' (by her older brother, Kich), 'Sadako'.
Age: 22 yrs old
Race: Human
Bloodline: Amestrian, quarter-Ishballan
Occupation: State Alchemist
Title: The Shadow Alchemist
Rank: Major
Hair: Thick and black; worn in two ponytails; falls to her waist.
Eyes: Red; wide and always curious.
Skin tone: Normal, white-pink complexion.
Personality: Poetic, strange, curious, whimsical, stoic, solemn.
Strong points: Quick-witted, kind, intelligent, quiet, creative.
Weak points: Short-tempered, eerie/creepy, prankster.
Alchemical style: Wears a pair of black, leather bike-gloves with transmutation circles engraved into the palms; most familiar with metallurgy alchemy.
Family: Jett and Kyo Faolan (father and mother), Kich Faolan (older brother), Ken Faolan (older brother), Akane Raff (older step-sister), Kayden Ziwaki (cousin of same age), Hiruko Ziwaki (older cousin), Virus and Ash Ziwaki (uncle and aunt; parents of Kayden and Hiruko), Shadow Ziwaki (uncle), Kisha Ziwaki (aunt), Susi Faolan (aunt), 'Mello' (pet cat; deceased), 'Kanda' (pet cat).
Clothing: Mostly dark colors; preference for black, white, and gray, though will wear dark-blue at times. Outfits consist of jeans, t-shirts, long skirts, and boots. Wears an assortment of accessories with outfits.
Specializes in: Trap-setting, swords play, Amestrian alchemy.
History: As a child, Cecy was a trouble-maker, constantly pulling pranks on her family members. Her favorite target? The oldest of her twin brothers, Kich, the one who always mentioned her 'creepiness' and always wound up either hanging in the air by some rope or lying in a crater created with alchemy. In short, she was a creative and intelligent child.
She'd always been an outcast because of her eerie appearance (black hair and red eyes), traits that she'd inherited from her father, though holds no resentment against him for it and has rarely been alone, having normally hung out with her cousins.
As she grew into a teenager, her social improved somewhat and she gained a few friends, though was still seen as the 'loner' and, often times, the 'witch'.
Cecy decided to join the Military since her parents and older brother, Ken, were enrolled, becoming a State Alchemist at the age of 19 and continues her studies, often traveling to Xing with her aunt to study their healing alchemy, though is more skilled with Amestrian alchemy.
Theme song: 'Winter' - Tori Amos

GRAH!!! That was a lot. Heh. Sorry there isn't much in her history; in mine and Red's role-plays, she's still a toddler *nods* But, this is her at this age.
(Alright start on a truck convoy going into An Ishvalian Battle Zone.)
ooc| Roger that! *salutes*

BiC| Dust and debris blew all around the convoy as it drove into Ishbalan territory, causing the knots in Cecy's stomach to tighten. It only made sense for her to be nervous; she did, after all, have Isbalan blood in her, along with most of her family. But the only sign of that blood that could be seen on her would've been her eyes: she had red eyes, Ishbalan eyes, the eyes that'd plagued her since birth, but she didn't mine them despite the reputation they'd earned her.

She exhaled coolly and adjust her uniform. Sure, she was a State Alchemist, but since they were going to war she felt she needed the uniform. Her had her long, black hair wrapped in a tight bun so that it wouldn't get in her face at all. Her expression remained calm despite the conflicting emotions inside her while she fingered with the sword at her hip, one of her father's swords.

"Geez...what a stroke of luck, fighting Ishbalans again," she muttered sarcastically, rolling her eyes as the convoy drove farther, bumping over bumps in the dirt road while its passengers baked in the summer sun that hung high above them.
"War..War has changed." An elderly man spoke covered in a black hood and grey robes.
Cecy glanced over at the elderly man as did a few of the other attentive soldiers that rode with them on the rattling convoy. "How so, old man?" one of the soldiers asked, staring at him while Cecy kept her eyes on him, blinking.
"It's no longer about Nationality or longer on views or's only about a single powerful postion..and fought useing thoughs whouse Ideals change with the Currencey." he said as he polished a rifle.
"Wise words," Cecy acknowledged, blinking, looking indifferent. "Yeah, since Fuher-President L. Lawliet died..." she said, sighing. She'd never met the man, but knew he'd been a friend of her father as well as a good friend of her aunt Ash.

Cecy scratched the top of her head in thought.
"the PMS has started there walk on the plane of Steam Enginering..and have been on it the past decade. theve been able to but machines on the battlefield as well as mercanrys...13 years time and they'll be more machines then men on the battlefield.." he said
One of the soldiers gave the man a strange look, head cocked to the side while an all-too-knowing smirk crossed his lips. "13 years?! I expect it to happen in 5, at least," he countered, "It's almost scary just how advanced technology is becoming every day."

Cecy just nodded; she'd never gained an interest in the quickly-advancing weapons of their time. She used a sword, for crying out loud, along with alchemy. She felt they were weapons enough, if used the proper way.
then they adavnced toward a gate with Ishvalians fireing at them with Snipers. one fired an RPG (role playing game j/k) at them kiling most of the truck and fliping them over to another path. "Oi girl. you ok?" asked the old man who had fallen near her
ooc| XD 'RPG'.

BiC| Cecy groaned lightly and touched her scalp, thinking there'd be blood from where she'd hit her head, but found none and sighed in relief. "Yeah, I'm fine. How about you?" she asked as she sat up, tightening the sandy cloak around her that most of the other soldiers had been given.

The soldiers in the convoy, most of them had been killed; only a couple others survived, thought barely.
there were Snipers fireing at other Soilders and More RPGs destorying another truck or 2 before the man tried fireing his AK-47 at them. however it was jammed and he casted it aside. "C'mon." he said showing that there was a small slit that they could crawl through to the other side.
Cecy flinched, though didn't look at all frightened or shaken, and followed the man through the small opening, quickly and easily, while more snipers were fired, bullets flying everywhere.
he did a roll as he grabbed a fallen soilder's ak and shoot the snipers
ooc| Happy Halloween, DNA-kun :3

BiC| Cecy flinched as more bullets flew by them, one grazing her shoulder but she ignored the pain, numb to it as she slapped her palm to the ground, wearing her leather bike gloves with transmutation circles engraved into them, and transmuted a line of stone spikes from the ground, racing toward the enemy soldiers.
The old man then fired at the rest of the soilders untill an Odd noise was heard. like a giant Cow.
"Um...Old Man, what was that?" Cecy asked, turning her head to glance over at him, not moving her hand from the ground in case she needed to use her alchemy again right away.

ooc| Good night, DNA-kun!
before he could answer a large Bidpedial Machine landed on friendlly soilders. and then shoot down several other friendlies. "Gekko..PMCs are here." he said as he rolled down an ally way hopeing for cecy to follow
Cecy's eyes were wide with shock at the machine, having never seen anything of its kind before. Catching sight of the old man, she quickly ran and followed him into the alley way.
"Gekko...Un-manned Bipedial Weapons." he explained as he snuck past 3 of them untill he came out the other side of a building and shoot a small point on the back on one causeing it to fall on the other 2 in a Final Moo. But more were comeing.
Cecy stared at him incredulously for a moment, brow furrowed while her bottom eyelid twitched involuntarily. " they run by themselves," she murmured, biting her bottom lip as she turned this information over in her head.
"Yeah. soon they be more of them then Tanks." The older man said.

(You can make your own Plot lines in this thing Ya know.)
ooc| I will. At some point.
When I'm not so tired; sleeping after a few more posts *nodnod*

BiC| Cecy grunted, exhaling as she crouched in the shadows, watching the wild machinery and so forth pass by, then glanced back up at the old man. "May I ask what your name is?" she inquired, blinking some dust from her red eyes before narrowing them.
"My name is...Snake." he said. as he huffed a bit and took out a Cigar then lit it.

(Same here XD)
"...'Snake'?" Cecy repeated, quirking a brow as she ran her fingers through her black hair, undoing the bun it'd been tied up in and letting it fall to her shoulders before pulling it back up into a low-hanging ponytail. "Odd name; kinda nice, though," she commented with a nod.
"And yours?" Snake asked as he puffed out more of his cigar
Cecy blinked, rubbing some dust out of her eyes now. "Um, Cecy. Cecy Faolan," she answered, blinking her eyes a few more times before looking back up at him, looking not-at-all bothered by the smoke from the cigar.

ooc| post.
"Huh." Snake said as he heard a small Noise. then a Drop of blood appeared on his soilder. as he looked up a Gekko had a Fallen Soilder in hand and was looming over him about to stike.
ooc| Obama's in the lead...
...and somehow, I can't get that stupid dance he did with Ellen Degenerate out of my head XD
Damn, though...long night, I can sense...

BiC| Cecy's eyes widened at the looming Gekko, but she was quick to act and pressed her palms to the earth again, transmuting a large spike that pierced through it, causing the Gekko to drop the soldier.
The Gekko Triped but soon Got up. "Let me Handle the Gekko!" Yelled Old Snake as he did a Back flip to a house and ran up the Stairs to have another Gekko's Head pop through to him and Grab him with a tenticle. he Sliced at it with a Combat Knife untill he decided to twist around. it Gripped the Gekko's Small Neck and Hung it and in it's fall Shoot the other one. Then Old Snakes Cloak Fell off Revieling a Black Muscle Suit and a Black Advanced, Futuristic looking eye pacth
ooc| Didja hear? The writers for 'Heroes' were fired ;.;
Dammit! And I just started watching the first episode today! DX

BiC| Cecy had leaped out of the way of some falling rubble from the fight and managed to catch sight of the Old Man when his cloak fell off. Her eyes widened as she stared at the suit, then at the eye patch, bewildered. "What on earth...?" she murmured before dodging what appeared to be a bullet flying from somewhere north.
"My name..Is Soild Snake." He said as he quicklly reliased them. "One of the Founding Members Of Philanthropy and Allie to The Millita and to the preivious Furher." he said
The young woman's eyes were still wide as she blinked and slowly nodded, turning what he just said over in her head. "I see...and you knew Fuhrer Lawliet..." she murmured quietly, remembering what she'd read and heard about him in books and from her father and aunt.

Cecy was now standing in the shelter of a large wall, in the shadows, where her red-eyes seemed to glow in the dark shadow. "I'm not surprised that you were an ally to the former Fuhrer...where are you from, anyway?" she asked, curious.
"Les Enfants Terribles." He said as he sat down
Cecy raised a brow. Les Enfants Terribles?, she thought to herself, her expression revealing only a bit of her confusion. "Um...translation?" she asked, not at all understanding what the words meant or if they were just a name.
"A test Tube." he said as he Took another breath of his cigar
"A test tube...wait," Cecy murmured, rubbing her chin. She sighed, feeling that he'd taken her question too literally. "Um...a test, what you're saying is that you're an 'artificial human'? A Homunculus?" she inquired, speaking each word carefully.
"No Kiddo. I'm no Homunculious. I'm a Clone." He said
'Kiddo'?, Cecy thought, eyes narrowing. She hated being thought of as a 'kid'; she was 22 years old! Adulthood! However, she maintained a calm expression as she exhaled coolly and cocked her head to the side. "So, there are more of you running around?" she inquired, scratching her chin.
"Just the origonal and My Counterpart, Liquid. Though he's a Terrorist and the Other is a Member of an Organisation I've devoted my life to fighting." He said
Cecy nodded. "Interesting...three of, and ones the enemy," she murmured, blinking as she scratched the back of her head in thought. "And, forgive me if I'm probing, but...what's the organization you're fighting?" she inquired.
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