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(Recentlly Promoted General L. Lawliet has been put in charge of the entire MPS And has been Made Second in command of the Millitary next only to the Fuhrer and has recived Whereabouts of the base of the Leader of the Homunculi and reviled the Secert of the Fuhrer to the world. This is where the Storys of L. Lawliet, Kari Neko, and everyone else change from the path of the FMA manga. All Cannon Charicters other then Roy and Ed (Kari will screw up roy and Ed and Al don't quite seem suited for this) are allowed. start off in a big autotorim. I'm only useing my Charicters and Wraith so everyone else use whatever but everyone must be at least one cannon char.)
ooc| I return from beyond ze grave! 8D Or, in this case...the Gate!
Anyway...I'll use just Ash in this one, but lemme some point Ash becomes human, so...should she be human or homunculus in this role-play...? *thinks*
(Well we'll be attacking all of The Homunculi so it will help to have a Homunculi on our side.)
ooc| Alrighty, gotcha! She'll be a Homunculus, then.
Hotaru won't be in this role-play.
But I might bring in Susi since both she and Ash know Xingese martial arts and, although Ash is a Homunculus with superhuman strength...Susi is a better fighter than she is XD

Susi: It's only because I'm older *nods*
Ash: By a year sleep.gif;
Jett: No complaining, Ash; you're not the one constantly losing when sparring with her *sips soda*
(But L beat Susi so...

L: Before I was heavelly weakened from the circle idiot.

anyway just start in a Huge assemblly room with a Buncha other Military people
ooc| XD Alright, alright *nodnod*
And Jett might come in. Might. I seem to fail role-playing him with people other than Ash, Virus, Kyo, and Susi, so...maybe not.

BiC| Ash stood in the large crowd of other Military members, most of which wore the usual navy-blue uniform and black boots, though a few other women wore instead of the common pants skirts with high-heels, which were black as well.

Being a State Alchemist, she was not required to wear such a uniform, which made her stand out in the crowd as she leaned against the wall, wearing her long-sleeved black t-shirt and green cargo pants. She wore a pair of white gloves over her hands to cover her alchemy tattoos, as was the purpose of her long-sleeves as the tattoos covered her arms and shoulders as well.

She sighed, not in the mood to talk to anyone in particular and scratched the back of her head, bored.
there was a large Stage near by her. it was vacent. untill a man in a white lab coat, a man in a Black Combat Suit and a Man in a green Uniform walked on stage. then after they appeared L did in a Blue Uniform being worn with his hands out of the sleeves and in his pockets. he said a single sentince. "King Bradley is a Homunculious"

BiC| Everyone on the room below the stage fell silent and stared up at L while Ash nearly choked on the mini sandwich she'd been given. After performing a self-inflicting heimlich maneuver, she stared up at L, eyes wide. "L..." she murmured, standing at the edge of the stage now, "are you serious...?"

ooc| Note: Since Bradley was once a human, his Homunculus aura is hidden behind his human one, unlike Lust and the others, who were made from scratch.
(I know that.)

"Yes I am." he said as a projecter showed King Bradleys Ouborus marked eye
ooc| Just in case *nodnod*
Grah...going to bed after this post; sorry, pall ^^; But I need sleep...
"So long and goodnight!"

BiC| "A homunculus...surely he must be lying," someone murmured while other people whispered and muttered amongst themselves, some leaning towards the fact while others thought L crazy.

Ash's brow furrowed. "But...why didn't I sense his aura, then...?" she murmured, clearly baffled and confused by this little detail.
Then the man in the white coat spoke. "We've looked at all of his Personal Objects and have discovered that he was created from a Human and thus would have the Aura of a Human. we've also found His son Selim is also a Homunculious." he added
ooc| ...Last post for tonight; I swear it XD

BiC| "...Well, that I DID know, actually," Ash murmured, rubbing her chin as she recalled the night her fiancee, Virus, had been attacked and nearly killed by Selim/Pride. She blinked, eyes narrowed, then looked up at L and the white-coated man. "Used to be human so his aura remains the same...What 'Sin' is Bradley?" she finally asked, raising a brow.

The people in the crowd, meanwhile, were becoming less convinced once the mention of Selim being a Homunculus was brought up. Some of them even laughed.
"He is Called 'Wraith'." he said. then when he heard laughing.."Idiots.." He said. then he pointed to his Jacket and showed that is was sliced at and covered in blood. and it had the Fuhrers inisgnia on it.
"Oh dear......What is he getting everybody into this time?"

Kari grumbled standing out from the mass of blue as well,she was wearing much to her dislike a black turtleneck and a black and red plaid mini skirt,the worst part,and black and red socks that went a little past her knee's and her sneakers.She could only wonder what in the world he had been doing when she was ACTUALLY doing her desk job instead of following him around everywhere.
Ash turned her head to look at Kari. "The Fuher is a Homunculus," she said calmly with a brief nod before turning back to L, as did everyone else, staring at the jacket.

"...Ah, so you've already fought with him," Ash murmured, rubbing her chin.
"not really. just walked in. and took his jacket as proof. this happened like 5 minutes ago." he said
Ash blinked again. "Has anyone ever told you how bold you are, L?" she inquired in a sarcastic tone, rolling her eyes as she studied the jacket from where she stood at the edge of the stage below.

"Oi, you did?!" someone else asked, raising a fist.
"YES FOR THE BILLITINTH TIME." L said annoyed. "Anyway we've found where the leader of the most dangerous force threating lives to day is." he said
"Oh? And where is that?" another soldier asked, obviously still suspicious of the accusation against the President. Ash snorted, not waiting for L to answer, and yelled at the disbelieving soldier in annoyance, "Right below your feet, Private!"

She'd, of course, known where they'd been; she could sense them, after all, and had been down there a few times.
"exactlly. and guess what? Since the fuhrer can no longer be is now basiclly..disqualified from being the Fuhrer i am now the Fuhrer president." he said
"...Wait, repeat that, please," Ash asked, raising a finger, wondering if she'd heard her friend right. Her eyes narrowed while everyone else looked confused, staring at L.
"......I really do not get paid enough at this point."

Kari said sweat dropping,it was basically the calm before the storm in the room.
"I'm in command of The MPs before. and next in line to fuhrer. unless you want the soruce of all evil as you leader then I'm it. take your pick." he said
The crowd groaned but nodded,they were irritated since the new Fuher's well social habits were not top notch at all but he was a good alchemist....And smart?Kari though sighed,this meant harder,more challenging,more life threatening things to do when L now has ALOT of people after his head.
((May I join? happy.gif ))

"This is new."

Mat-Mat said as she appeared right next to Kari. "I didn't figure that L would be this high in power so soon."
"This is L-kun we're talking about,everything is surprising."

Kari said with a groan,continuing to hit her head on the wall and then she mumbled under her breath sighing

"This is what I thought,I thought you need me,This is what I thought so think me naive."
"Hey Kitty-lady, don't kill yourself now. It's just weird that all of this is going on."

Allen said as he appeared right above her on the wall.

"How....did you do that?"

Mat-Mat asked with a 'O_O' face.
"Allen,do not test my patience right now."

Kari snarled,clearly more than a little agitated this fine rainy afternoon as she grumbled something or another and grabbed her coat and left the building,all the officers having they're 'gossip' faces on and a couple started betting on whether a fight or not would happen at the Whammy house.
"Hmm? I don't know what you're talking about. I was being serious."

Allen said confused as he walked besides her. "The only reason we're here is because of something going on in the military, and we instantly thought of you. We're just trying to see what's the big picture."

"If we don't, what do you think that'll do to us? We've got to come back every once in a while and check up on you and L."

Mat-Mat said as she walked, staring off into space.


Kari yelled half in Japanese half in Amestranian with an anime big head,clearly that was what pissed her off moments before
"It's what I've always called you. It's an extremely bad habit. I'm sorry."

Allen said with a serious face, not laughing.

"He's trying to be more serious about things. It's very hard for him, but it's weird to see him like this."

Mat-Mat whispered to Kari, sighing.
"Allen,you don't have to be that serious.You can laugh at when I get mad at you for calling me that,you do the same when I call you wolfie man."

Kari said sweat dropping at him,it had become a habit of hers just to yell right when he called her that.And she started shaking rain out of her hair and onto his face like a dog.
"Thank God. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore....that's ok with you too, right?"

Allen said/asked Mat-Mat as he fell on his back with relief.

"I've been begging you to stop, so yes."

Mat-Mat said smiling.

"Good. And Kitty-Lady, you're becoming more of a puppy." Allen said; he couldn't resist.
Kari twitched and she kicked him HARD in the shins making him double over in pain and she growled cracking her knuckles and putting her foot on his head comically

"Kneel dog."

((XD Ranka and Tamaki moment from Ouran))
((Lol. XD))

"OWWW!!!!!! You little kitty!!!! You deserve this!"

Allen yelped as he picked her up and threw her in the air. She then fell into a nearby tree, crashing into the limbs.

"Never tell me to kneel ever again, got it?" Allen growled.

"Now now, no fighting." Mat-Mat said shaking her head. Everything was back to normal again.
Kari had landed gracefully on her hands on a tree branch and she yelled doing 'Kari-chan twilight kick' to his head making him smash into the wall with her sitting on his back triumphantly

"Never throw a cat in a tree,it only screws you up worse than you already are in a fight."
"Get the hell off of me."

Allen said as he pushed her off. "Little kitties like you are supposed to be with their masters and be lap cats. Only the dogs need to fight. Then again, you do remind me of some rabid dogs I know."

"Allen, not now."

Mat-Mat said shaking her head.
"..........Allen.It might not have occurred to you but I'm a panther type chimera,NOT A DAMN HOUSE CAT!"

Kari yelled with an anime vein smacking him upside the head again
"I know. That's why you have rabies."

Allen said grinning, kicking her legs, making her fall over. Mat-Mat just closed her eyes for the moment and tried to zone them out.
Kari was anime white and then she started beating the living crap out of him,Kari style,which included slaps smacks punches and kicks to the sensitive areas while yelling

Allen kept fighting back, yelling, "YES YOU DO!!!! All wild cats do!!!!"

Mat-Mat finally couldn't take anymore. She used her alchemy to create a lightning bolt between them, seperating them from each other. "Both of you, shut the hell up. You're giving me a headache." Mat-Mat said calmly as she created two mini storms over their heads, bringing lightning, thunder, and lots of rain on top of them. Wherever they went, the storms followed them.

Kari yelled using the 'blasphemy' of her full name as she tried staying out of the mini storm over her head,starting to sneeze and cough violently
"Then both of you apologize and shut up. I've been really tired of all my friends fighting."

Mat-Mat said, letting the storm die down a bit on Kari's part.

"Do I have to?" Allen complained. "Yes. If you don't, I'll send a category 5 hurricane above you." Mat-Mat said grinning. "Gah....fine." Allen growled as he held out his hand for Kari to shake. "Kitty-Lady, I'm sorry that I threw you into a tree and fought with you."
"Wolf-Man,sorry that I beat the crap out of you and almost neutered you."

Kari replied shaking quickly,wanting the extra rain to stop ASAP

Mat-Mat said as she stopped the rain, but kicked them both in the shins for what they did.

"What was that for?"

Allen said rubbing his shin. It was already sore from Kari nearly breaking them.
"For us being idi-ACHOO!"

Kari said interrupted by a sneeze and then started coughing again and then she had an 'Oh god' expression on her face as she noticed that there was blood on her hand from coughing it up,this wasn't going to be good.
"Dang it, Kari."

Allen said as he put her onto his back and him and Mat-Mat both ran to the Whammy house. "Do you always have to do this right after we fight?"

"You started it though."

Mat-Mat said sighing.
"I can't help the fact that I have cancer and being stuck in rain is a no no since I get sicker."

Kari said sneezing some more and popping her ears and whining in pain,she hated rain.It seemed to hate her as well as it seemed since she was getting sicker by the minute and the risk of her getting so sick and dieing was raising along with her temperature.
"Anyway, we really don't have time to just open the door, so we'll just go in the way we always come in."

Allen said as they got to the Whammy house. Both Allen and Mat-Mat then seemed to walk through the walls, then they were suddenly inside the house. "You should be happier now. It's dry in here."

"I'll get you a towel."

Mat-Mat said as she ran to find a towel.
"Dry is helpful,cold medicine and a blanket would be better."

Kari said shivering and shaking,even when she was a little over 100 degrees,as he put her on the couch and curled up in a ball
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