Hi! I writing this fanfic now!
Here's what it's about!

Title: A Golden Heart
Author: Jayfeather (Pantalaimon Heart)
Characters/: Edward, OC
Rating: T
Summary: Edward Elric comes across a young girl in trouble in Munich Germany, hurt badly over something she can't control, being a Gypsy. Edward can't leave her alone and hurt and rescues her and does everything he can to help and protect her.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4605164/1/A_Golden_Heart

Please check it out, I really appreciate it! The idea for it came into my head on the weekend. I always like to write stories about my favourite characters helping someone who needs it. It shows a caring side to them. Heehee, and my favourite traits in a guy is being protective and caring. Which is why I love Edward Elric!

Thanks for checking it out! ^^