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Please post the discussions on episode 1 "To Challenge the Sun" here. smile.gif

I thought it was great. It flowed great with the voices and though sometimes it seemed a little weird it was good.
They didn't even take out any gore that I had expected *tee hee*

Also Major Armstrong will you please remove or greatly lower your sig?
I mean geeez that's outrageous by how big it is.
For people who are watching this the first time with this U.S. premier of FMA, I can assure you people that you won't get disappointed.
The plot, animation, everything only gets better as the series moves along.
It gets to the point where you can't react because its so good.

Seriously, the first episodes, though amazing themselves, are nothing compared to the later episodes.
Let me just put it this way, after you watch FMA you'll be so spoiled that you can't watch a regular television series again.

Something does really bother me though... Will they use the Kesenai Tsumi ending or not?

OMG!! Seeing the old episodes brings back such good memories... rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Lunar Alchemist
I've not seen the Japanese version so as a first time viewer in America I love it!
Though I don't have anything to base it on.

It's now my new favorite anime.
I honestly cannot get enough of this show.

I think Al's voice is awesome.
It seems too "tiny" for him being what, 14 years old?
And even though I've not seen the original I think they did a good job in selecting the voice actor for Ed.
It just feels that he would have a voice like that.
Technically Al is 14. But he got sealed when he was only 10.
Thus, he couldn't mature and his voice stayed the same. Ya get it? o_o
I'm a big Adult Swim fan, but I hardly expected such a great show from it.
I mean sure, it's had its wonders, like FLCL, and a few others, but I wanted some SERIOUS Anime classics.

FMA is the Best Anime I have seen yet!
Well, maybe not the best, I've only seen the first ep, but it leaves Lasting impressions.

I'm just hoping it'll keep the story line as good as it started from the beging,
I can hardly sleep at night!
It was FANTASTIC, Funi out did themselves and I expect the acting (as well as the show) to only get better in time.
Lunar Alchemist
I agree with crachal that this is one of the best anime shown on Adult Swim.
I like a lot of the anime shown Adult Swim, but there were a few they could've done without.
Like Kikaider. Didn't care much for that one.

But I'm anxiously looking forward to next Saturday when a new episode of FMA will be on!
Finally....some positive reviews!
I liked it as well.
I've seen most of the episodes...up untill 26 or something and I must say that it does get better and better along the way.
I'm glad that new viewers of the show can get a feel for the characters and what not.
And I assure you that it only gets hang on to your seats!
I just saw my first episode of Full Metal Alchemist on Adult Swim on Saturday.

So far, I LOVE the series!!!! laugh.gif

who is ed and al?
which is which?
i didn't catch the names.

the show was great though i love it.
@edward_54481 - wow that's wonderful!
(When I watched this series with English subbed Japanese episodes) I've only started to like it after ep 7 ohmy.gif

@metalalchemistfromabove - ed is the ripped 15 year old hot blondie with mechanic limbs
and al is the suit of armor, btw
Lunar Alchemist
Wow, you guys keep saying such overwhelmingly positive things about this show that I can't wait for new episodes!

I'm so excited now for this series.
I can't wait until the english dvds are released.

I can't watch anime in japanese with sub-titles.
I just can't connect with the characters the same way as I can when they're speaking english.
It's probably like that for many people, but I don't know.

I'm watching Episode One again on Thursday on [adult swim] since Thursdays have become 'premier day'.
Then Episode Two on Saturday.

I want to see the third episode.
A lot of people say that's one of the best, if not THE best.
That's because it IS the best.

For me, actually, one episode was really all it took for me to know that FMA is going to be one of the BEST anime I'll ever watch in my entire life.
True FMA
The first episode rocked my socks.
I don't really care too much about voices, except if the script gets a little repetitive.
I wish adult swim wasn't just on Saturdays!
Yah ! am glad to see FMA is well recived by our new US watchers just on the frist ep.
not that i was worrired really cause the show is just that good.
trust me as many ppl have said the show will only get better.
i just finished the show a couple a weeks ago and it only took seeing the frist ep again on Adult Swim to remind me why this has become my fav anime!
keep watching and you'll soon find why its one of japan's most popular anime to date!^______________^

I loved the show.
It was great.
All of my friends think so as well.
my first impression of this show was that after propper advertising it could be one of the most watched animes ever

I love it smile.gif
It most certainly could. An earlier time slot could help too, IMHO.

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